VizEat: A Revolutionary Dining Experience

Ever find yourself searching online for the “most authentic” places to eat when traveling to a new place? What if you could have the most authentic dining experience? VizEat allows you to pick any country and search for the best food experiences.

Conceptually similar to Airbnb, users choose a city, then select an experience that best suits their style and taste — or something completely different for an experience out of their comfort zones. It could be a cheese and wine tasting in Paris or enjoying a feast on a rooftop in Istanbul.

Source: VizEat

As a host, you can sign up as a passionate home cook or amateur chef. After sharing your food story, the menu you want to create, and some other details, you’re on your way to cooking for travellers coming from all over the world! Love throwing dinner parties? This is a great way to share your love of food and cooking with people who are interested, while making some extra income.

Vizeat started in France in 2014, and then launched mid-February in Canada by Cristina Carpio- Canadian Food and Beverage Expert, TV Host, Going Global TV and Restaurant Operator/Brand Strategist/Entrepreneur. Highly invested in the Canadian Food and Beverage scene, Carpio’s goal is to “provide opportunities to fellow Canadians who love to cook as well as help attract tourists to our beautiful cities here in Canada.”

By downloading the app, anyone can access over 22,000 hosts in 100 countries.

 VizEat is bringing together people who share a love of food. According to Carpio, they “have from local celebrity chefs to master chefs to home cooks, dining platform provides opportunities to anyone who has a passion for cooking. We also have food tour companies, wine tour companies, and other food and beverage related businesses providing authentic experiences.” All menus are available with host profile so users will know exactly what they are booking.

In New Brunswick, they have a caviar education and tasting experience, In Toronto, Chef Scott Savoie, pioneer of food tours in Toronto offers a great package, in which he takes users to St. Lawrence Market, shops for ingredients with guests and tours the local city market. He and the diners then go back to the dinner location for a cooking class and to prepare the meal together. He also does Ontario wine pairings with dinner and cocktails to start the evening!

Source: Vizeat

VizEat offers various experiences such as a homemade meal. Experience lunch, brunch, dinner, aperitif, picnic, or tea time with your host in their home while sharing stories and cultures. This is also a great way to get advice and tips from a local about the city. You can also sign up for a cooking class. In these sessions, you can learn how to prepare authentic dishes with help from your host in a 2-3 hour culinary experience. You can also do a food tour. Your host will take you on a tour of their favourite foodie hotspots. This may include local markets, artisanal stalls and gourmet shops. You can taste local specialties and get to know the shopkeepers. Experiences also vary from cheap eats to a culinary Italian feast by MasterChef finalist Vince Spitale.

Carpio states “VizEat is all about cultural immersion and immersing yourself with locals and providing authentic experiences. This platform shows people that dining experiences are not only found in restaurants and hotels, resorts. VizEat experiences are only held in authentic locations and NEVER in restaurants. Cultural immersion is the future of dining and travel.”

An experience on its own, VizEat is a great way to meet people, and an out-of-the-box alternative to simply reserving a spot at the local restaurant.

Masterchef Canada Season 3 finalist Vince Spitale