Top 10 Designers from Vancouver Fashion Week

With six days showcasing Vancouver’s rising up comers in the fashion world, Vancouver Fashion Week brought out what seemed like a consistent theme of an array of colour for the Fall/Winter 2016 collection season. Among the 96 designers showcased throughout the week, Novella has their eyes on 10 designers that seemed to make the cut in colour, design, and overall aesthetic when they graced the catwalk during Vancouver Fashion Week.


VFW 2016-03-16 Photo by Dale Rollings- IMG_0301
Ed Ng Photography

Showcasing evening elegance with a hint of sexy, Lesley Hampton shows the runway how to work sequence and patterns cohesively. ,making what looks like liquid metal as the gowns cascade down the runway, Lesley Hampton dresses male a great choice when wanting to stand out in a crowd.


VFW 2016-03-16 Photo by Dale Rollings- IMG_9268
Ed Ng Photography

Showing everyone how to layer for the chiller seasons, NOCTEX brings the layering aesthetic to the runway with the use of neutral tones such as beige, black and grey. Even though these shades may seem like a major bore, the way NOCTEX blends the shades with the use of flowy fabrics and layers creates an aura of comfy chic.


Bernardo Moura Photography

Bringing South Asia to the catwalk, Akshay Wadhwa exudes a sense of royalty in her Fall/Winter 2016 collection with the rich colours of gold and navy blue. The traditional South Asian embroidery on the various pants, skirts and tops, with the accompaniment of draping in the pants and capes gives an international feel that is needed on North American runways.


Bernardo Moura Photography

Cut and sophistication are the two words that come to mind when looking at Danya Weevers Fall/Winter 2016 collection. Giving off a “first lady” appeal with the use of structured coats, skirts and culottes, the eclectic collection would be admired by the elegant woman wanting to make a statement with bold and solid colours.


Vancouver Fashion Week
Bernardo Moura Photography

Fusing the male tuxedo aesthetic with the femininity of the female dress, Melanie Dylis flawlessly combines the two in her collection for Vancouver Fashion Week. A highlight piece of the collection is a button down, long sleeve pleated dress that has velvet accents and an array of other material aspects.


VFW 2016-03-19 photo by Dale Rollings-IMG_1787
Dale Rollings Photography

Fur, tassels, and intricate embroidery is the eye opening and jaw dropping factor that had many at the edge of their seats for Noe Bernacelli collection during Vancouver Fashion Week. Reminiscent of Balmain’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection with the use of layers, embroidery and textures, Bernacelli puts his own twits on the collection by staying with dark colours with the pop of neon greens and pearly whites. Still very chic and show stopping, Noe Bernacelli is definitely one to watch!


Kerp Photography - Encima_97A5086
Kerp Photography

Not forgetting about the men collections during the week, Enicma brings traditional pieces with a homegrown label. With trench coats, long sleeves, and a variety of basic everyday essentials, the collection is one of timelessness and practicality.


VFW 2016-03-20 Photo by Dale Rollings- IMG_9358
Dale Rollings Photography

Think modern western with a couture aspect and you have Evan Clayton’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection. With ruffles and off the shoulder styles being a consistent theme, the brand uses a lot of neutral colour such as olive green and white to show versatility with the pieces in regards to switching up the style and making them your own.


Kerp Photography - Heill_97A7314
Kerp Photography

By designers Nicole and Nathan, the duo want to showcase the versatility of the tuxedo, for both men and women, and that the traditional piece can be styled and combined in a variety of ways. Ranging in patterns and textures, the brand showcases the potential that a traditional suit has when cut to the body and accompanied by stand out accessories.


Kerp Photography - Samuel Yeung - _97A4018
Kerp Photography

Continuing with the print and textile theme of the week, Samuel Yeung brings his take of graffiti art on dress for his collection for Vancouver Fashion Week. And not just keeping with the bright colours that the textiles bring, he also incorporates a woven textured dress to begin the show. The see-through frock with a ruffled bottom is a staple for the warmer season despite its Fall/Winter collection debut. Paired well with either a trendy sneaker for a day on the town or heels for an evening out, the versatility of the dress goes above and beyond for any season.