The Best Rooftop Views Of Toronto

Have you ever looked around the city, and suddenly, you experienced a new perspective of Toronto? I recently had the opportunity to travel to new heights, and from these quaint views, and behind closed doors, lay the beautiful secrets gardens of the metropolis.


Photography by Lauren Martin

Five Environmental Fun Facts:

These hidden green oases have proven benefits, including:
1) Aesthetic improvement provides a space for employees and clients to enjoy.
2) Storm water management will not only retain rainwater, but it will moderate the temperature of the water, acting as a natural filter.
3) Green roofs, whether it is a botanical garden or a vegetable garden, can help with the improvement of air quality by capturing pollutants.
4) These green spaces provide excellent noise reduction.
5) The benefits for the building include energy efficiency from the green space, as well as the insulation it provides, which in turns reduces the amount of energy used.


Above is a self-guided living architectural TOur, designed by Jonathan Silver, that gives a birds eye view of twenty-six of the city’s vegetative roofs and walls.

A collection of our favourite rooftops include:

215 Spadina Avenue: The beautiful gardens atop the Robertson Building remove you from the busy streets of Spadina and Queen below, and you are transported to a serene space, in which you can admire the view, as well as the colourful flowers being grown there.


Photograph by Jonathan Silver


401 Richmond Street West: As the home to our magazine, the patios and gardens double as a workspace, with the flexibility to conduct small meetings and business lunches, then skirt away for an hour of relaxation and admiration of the skyline.


Photography by Lauren Martin


123 Queen Street West: It’s hard to believe this secret green space is in our downtown core. It’s a perfect, still getaway, if only for an hour, to recollect your thoughts and recharge for the day.



Photography by Urban Toronto


25 Dockside DriveWith its natural light, massive windows, and spectacular view of the waterfront, the Corus Entertainment Centre is an amazing green space, as well as a lovely centre to host events.


corus entertainment

 Photograph by iPick

4 Avenue Road: The rooftop of the luxurious Park Hyatt is spacious and hosts a different view of the city, compared to our other downtown favourites. With a view from Yorkville, south to the CN Tower, it is a perfect location for a guest visiting, whether it is for a quick evening cocktail or an all night event.


Photography by Thompson Hotel


20 St. Andrews Street: Maybe not everyone would have thought to check atop parking garages, but once you reach the top this one, you will not be disappointed. With a look at the urban side of the city, you will be sure to see lots of wall art, as well as artists, hanging around this area.



 Photography by Urban Toronto

145 Queen Street West: The secret courtyard at the Canadian Opera Company is filled with greenery and it is so silent, you can hear your heartbeat.


Photography by Music of Toronto & George Pechtol