• Food

Anything with garlic is probably a no-go. Listen, I love garlic just as much as the next person, but if you plan on any kind of kissing, I sincerely doubt that your partner wants to smell garlic. Or maybe they do! I don’t know, it’s 2018, I guess anything is possible? But still, unless your partner has explicitly said “I love smelling someone’s garlic breath while making out!”, it’s best to avoid it altogether. While we’re on the subject, I’d avoid onions and pickles too. – Adina Heisler, Contributor

One must steer clear of the burrito. Delectable but messy. – Rachel, Contributor

There are no no-go zones when it comes to food. Eat your heart out. — Hoon, Managing Editor

  • Gifts

Avoid Lingerie.  It’s a little presumptuous.  Best to play it safe with a nice t-shirt or a funky new blazer. – Rachel, Contributor

Pets. Best not gamble with a live thing. — Hoon, Managing Editor

  • Songs

Paul Simon’s I Am a Rock wouldn’t be my first choice for serenade. – Rachel, Contributor

FKJ and Masego’s Tadow. It’s just too sexy that both of you might end up swooning. — Hoon, Managing Editor

  • Places

Chipotle? – Rachel, Contributor

Your mom’s. — Hoon, Managing Editor