What I Wear To Work: Brodie Lawson, CFL Host

Wardrobe Essentials 

For the most part my style is pretty laid back, tomboy with a little something girly. My essentials are J.Crew white v-necks, GAP or Paige jeans, Adidas sneakers, cute espadrilles in the summer, booties in the fall, a big pair of sunglasses, a CFL ball cap, pink lipstick, and a feminine jacket or an oversized sweater (I love Zara jackets and Aritzia sweaters). My go-to handbag is an oversized tote — I am six feet tall so the scale works and they fit all the stuff. All of it.

Favourite Item in your closet

  • Preppy — a soft pink Cupcakes and Cashmere knee-length topper coat
  • Sporty — adidas leggings

The Purge Rule

At this point it’s the most cliché, but it’s the honest truth — I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo two summers ago and it changed my whole perspective on purging. Her philosophy is to categorically dump everything you own onto the floor (shirts, then pants, then dresses etc..), go through it item by item and only keep the stuff that brings you joy. Sounds out there, I know, but it actually worked for me and I was left with a tidy closet with the things I enjoyed wearing most. Since that huge purge, I try to only buy and keep stuff I truly love. If I try it on and take it off more than once a season, or there’s something I’m holding onto only “incase I need it,” I donate it. I still use her method at least once a year because things accumulate. I know this method doesn’t appeal to everyone, but if you’re struggling in this area I would highly recommend giving it a try!

Describe your work uniform

I would describe my work uniform as preppy/sporty! I tend to pair preppy styles and colour combinations with something sporty to keep it casual (and practical) for the football field and our show, CFL This Week. I gravitate towards feminine prints and styles which can look a little too precious on camera, so I try and contrast that with clean lines and athletic details. Adding a cute sneaker to basically any outfit has been my favourite way to achieve this feel. My favourites: a colourful pair of Stella McCartney’s for an athletic look and a textured black pair of Gazelle’s that are a little trendier and sleeker.

From interviewing the league’s top players and coaches to sharing behind-the-scenes moments with fans, Brodie Lawson holds the job that many dream of. The host of Canadian Football League’s digital properties, including CFL.ca and all other CFL Channels, Brodie shares the lessons she’s learned on and off camera in her career to help encourage young people to find their strength, set goals, and follow their dreams. In addition, Brodie is a dynamic and energetic host of events, who brings her enthusiasm to every stage.

What I Wear To Work: Liem Vu, Global News’ The Morning Show

Photo Credit: Nick Pimenoff

Wardrobe Essentials

My wardrobe essentials are black shoes, black joggers, and a black t-shirt. See a theme there? No, I’m not trying to be your friendly neighbourhood fashion blogger with minimalist and monochromatic fashion. I’m the complete opposite, actually. I love loud patterns, bright shirts, and architectural jackets, but the only way to pull those off is to have a solid fashion anchor. By wearing black shoes and black pants, you can go super loud and outlandish on top without being too distracting or workplace inappropriate.

Favourite Item in Your Closet

Definitely my black and white Saturdays NYC button up (seen in the picture). The shirt is inspired by the glaze brush pattern often seen in ceramic work. It’s bold and brash yet minimalist at the same time. It’s easy to dress up (with a blazer) or down (with jeans) and that versatility is what I look for in all my shirts.

The Purge Rule

One for one. If you buy something new, get rid of something old. It’s a rule that I’m still trying to commit to. Everyone has a bad habit of holding on to things they don’t need. Unless it’s a staple like a blazer or jacket, it’s always best to consider whether or not an old item in your closet is worth holding on to.

Describe Your Work Uniform

Thankfully, The Morning Show really supports my outlandish fashion choices. Heck, I wore overalls on the show once. My daily work outfit usually starts with a pair of black golf joggers and then I pair them with a bold and bright short-sleeved button up shirt.

Liem Vu is a Toronto-based journalist and television personality. He can be seen weekdays on The Morning Show. Vu’s sense of curiosity and passion for storytelling bring him to the front lines of breaking news. Liem has written for both local and national publications including The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, and The National Post. In 2011, he produced and hosted a series of investigative features for MTV News, focusing on hot-button sociopolitical issues aimed at Canadian youth. 

Liem is an avid music fan, insatiable foodie, and all-around nerd. Prior to his career as a journalist, he moonlighted as the lead singer of a barbershop quartet called ‘The TemptAsians’ and has seen every episode of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer at least twice.

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What I Wear To Work: Kate Makinson, PR Rock Star


Kate Makinson


Senior Director of Communications

and Client Relations

Wardrobe Essentials

Leather Jackets Galore – I have a black moto from Nasty Gal, baby blue and bright yellow ones from Zara, and a hot pink moto from GAP.

JENNY BIRD – not only is Jenny a dear friend and all around amazing human being, but I can’t live without her gypset jewelry pieces. I am never without a wrist stack, ring or necklace of hers on at all times.

Adidas Stan Smiths – a sneaker that not only gives your feet a break but still elevates an outfit? Sign me up. I have a few different pairs #clientlove

Work Uniform

It really depends on the day – but 90% of the time, I’m partial to head-to-toe black. It’s the unofficial PR girl uniform.

A killer pair of heels (Isabel Marant Tacy boots are on regular rotation, currently) with leather pants or jeans is my most frequent go-to. If I have a client or new business meeting and need to look the part, I’ll pair this with a blouse from Tiger of Sweden and if not, I’m partial to a rock t-shirt.

Favourite Item in Your Closet

I found a vintage 1980 (the year I was born) Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band tour tee from House of Vintage a couple years ago that I LIVE in. It’s hands down, my favourite piece of clothing, ever.

The Purge Rule

I try (operative word) to do a major cull every change of season. There are things I will never part with (investment bags, coats, etc.) but the rest is up for grabs. There’s so much that I simply don’t wear or gets relegated to the back of my closet. Working in an office of all women, it’s pretty easy to get rid of stuff that I’m no longer wearing. 😉

Kate Makinson is the Senior Director of Communications and Client Relations at rock-it promotions. Based in Toronto, rock-it promotions is one of Canada’s leading boutique lifestyle PR agencies that provides public relations services to brands, people, and organizations across a range of industries including entertainment, travel, fashion, hospitality, consumer goods, beauty, wellness, fundraising events and more.

With more than ten years of media and influencer relations, social media engagement, brand ambassador programming and event management experience, Kate oversees a group of rock-it’s account teams and lifestyle clients including Adidas, REDKEN, Etsy, GUESS, Consonant Skincare, The Broadview Hotel, and Tiger of Sweden. She’s a rock and roll classicist (and can wax poetic about both Stevie Nicks and Bruce Springsteen), has a degree in Cultural Anthropology / Social Studies of Medicine, and she once owned her own flower shop. Kate’s simple-but-rock-bohemian-twist style is reflected throughout her Instagram, including lots of adorable pics of her puppy Blondie.

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My Capsule Wardrobe Diary Part 2

My Capsule Wardrobe Diary Part 2

It’s January 31st, and as promised, here is the update on my capsule wardrobe experiment. If you haven’t read my first post, click here so the rest of this makes sense. As mentioned before, I was allowed to wear 33 pieces for the month of January — this included clothing, accessories, and shoes. This part was fine for me. My outfits are already pretty monochromatic, and I wear the same thing everyday (not actually, but you know what I mean). The hardest part of this whole thing was actually putting on real clothes in the morning. I work from home so I’m usually in sweats and a baggy T-shirt. Honestly, I’m pretty stoked that this whole experiment is over. This is not to say I didn’t fail. There were 4 days I just didn’t want to leave my bed so I never bothered changing into civilian clothing. Don’t judge.

I did take a picture every day (except for the days I spent in bed — my bad) but I wore the same outfit a couple of times so I didn’t want to post doubles. I apologize for the dirt quality mirror pictures (and for never cleaning my mirror). However, sometimes I got my friend to come over and take pictures of me with her DSLR.

I did choose 33 pieces of clothing but I only ended up wearing 28:

Bottoms: A pair of leggings, a pair of tights, wide legged trousers, cinched waist trouser, and jeans —all black.

Tops: A sheer turtleneck, a black fitted tank top, a black chiffon v-neck tank, a black long-sleeve shirt, a black crop top, a black sweater, a white v-neck tank, and an LBD.

Coats and scarves: Two different black coats, a black blanket scarf, an oversized grey scarf, a light-weight military green coloured coat, and a black blazer.

Shoes and accessories: A pair of gold and black minimalist heels, black heeled boots with gold hardware, black mule shoes,  cherry Doc Martens (for when I had to go outside and shovel the snow), a black purse with gold hardware, a black envelope clutch, a gold cuff, a gold watch, and a choker necklace.

After this whole thing I learned some things:

  1. I should’ve maybe incorporated some colour. Literally everything was black, so it looked like I was wearing the same outfit all the time.
  2. I was basically wearing a scarf as an outfit a lot of the time. It was the easiest thing to do and in my head, if you wear one scarf ten different ways, it’s ten different outfits. I just wanted to be comfortable and the way to do that is to wear a blanket.
  3. I wish I had nicer pieces, and by that I mean better quality. I don’t have investment pieces and you can tell. I know I had to choose clothing I already had but if I was actually going to do this, I would hope I had some quality staple pieces.
  4. Going to the mall was the worst. I only went twice but I have no self control and wanted to buy everything, especially because I knew I couldn’t. If I buy something, I’ll want to wear it right away. Although the capsule wardrobe concept allow you to incorporate and replace pieces seasonally, you can’t keep adding to it. Going shopping was just dangerous.

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Treat Yourself Real in 2017

A couple of years ago, I used to close my eyes and imagine colourful videos. That was my reflection on the brightest moments of my life. Sadly, I notice that it’s getting harder and harder to do the same now. While images keep changing, I see less and less continuous scenes. Life becomes more of a picture rather than a video. A picture in a museum, a picture on the beach, a picture in a new cafe… We are trying to be everywhere and experience everything. But very often, instead of experiencing we get just another picture on Instagram.

That’s why my biggest New Year’s resolution is to capture everything I do, wear, and experience in my heart. Here are some tips on how to treat yourself REAL in 2017.

Musician Oddane Taylor. Photo by Sveta Soloveva

Go for Music

You already know how to make Spotify and Soundcloud create a playlist that satisfies your musical tastes. However, you can make your musical experience even more entertaining by actually going to events. The fact that the Greater Toronto Area is a home to many talented producers, singers, and DJs makes your musical discovery not only exciting but also affordable. You don’t always need to spend hundreds of dollars on a ticket to see someone at the Air Canada Centre. A lot of musicians prefer to hit nightclubs. For example, a Brampton-based rapper Roy Woods has recently performed in Mod Club, while Tory Lanez (from Brampton as well) threw a dancehall party in Rebel. A $25-50 ticket for those shows buys you a party and adds many favourite songs to your playlist. The songs that you will have personal connections to.

Bonus: Check Red Bull Sound Select for more inspiration. Last fall, I explored Mick Jenkins and Smino, two cool hip hop artists on one of the Red Bull concerts.

Sousse, Tunisia

Make your travel destination your dream motherland

Instead of hitting multiple places, explore one place in depth. Saying you’ve been all over the world sounds cool, but saying it doesn’t make it real! Your trip doesn’t deserve a quick glance from bus windows or an impressive post on Facebook or Instagram.

Build a relationship with a place. Make a playlist of its music and listen to it on the plane. Meet the locals and go to their parties. Dance with them and listen to them talk. That will tell you a lot about the country.

Ask your new friends (not your tour guide) about the best places to eat, go for a picnic, and party. Keep your head up, don’t let the camera on your neck restrain you from looking around. Pick one or two days for a proper photoshoot, and forget about pictures for the rest of your trip. Breathe, take your time to stop and live in a moment. That’s what will make your travel experience unforgettable.

Last summer I made friends with Tunisian animators during my stay at a hotel in Sousse. I helped them host mini-disco for kids and entertain people on the beach. That experience made me closer to Tunisian culture and added many funny moments to my vacation.

Bonus: Explore the world through volunteering and educational programs. They will help you bring a positive change to the communities and make new friends. Volunteer Forever has recently posted 2017 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs, Organizations, & Projects.

Photo by Olga Rodionova

Build Your Dream Wardrobe

This year make your style iconic by purchasing only high-quality clothes and clothes that will tell a unique story about you. Don’t buy items because they are on sale or because you just need another sweater. Choose something you really love. Most of the time, it will be pricier, I agree. But with hundreds of fast fashion items in your wardrobe, you still complain about having nothing to wear — it’s worth a try.

I noticed that clothes that I usually buy in malls lose their attraction after a couple of weeks. But items such as overalls from Smoke + Ash or a Mischa Lampert fur-pom-pom beanie that I bought years ago, still give me confidence and a sense of beauty.

Items that I got when traveling to other countries make me feel special too. One of a kind leather gloves with orange ruffles that I bought in Venice seven years ago still get many compliments as well as a cheap scarf that I bought in Turkey.

Make your skin your sunshine

It’s fun to smell and try different skin products. But honestly ask yourself: Do you really need all those day and night creams, toners, and serums? Loading your face up with products or using many of them at the same time might cause irritations and breakouts.

Clean your beauty shelf out of everything that didn’t work for you last year and leave or add only those products that make your skin perfect.

If you still haven’t found your ideal skincare, you might want to check Mèreadesso, a new line that Novella reviewed last month.

The creator Linda Stephenson proposes a simple combination of products such as moisturizer, cleanser, and body balm that will replenish all the needs of your skin.

Bonus: DIY beauty hack recipes for fans of natural treats.

Photo: Tullahoma News

Don’t take your phone to the gym

Get better results from your workout by simply leaving your phone in a locker. My personal trainer in Russia always asked me if I was thinking about something else while exercising. He urged me to turn off my brain for half an hour and think only about the areas of my body I was working on. Exercises such as sculpting and stretching need your full attention. Checking your phone and messaging interrupts you from the process and extends your breaks between exercises, which can ruin the entire workout. If you already follow this phone etiquette, try to improve your results by shortening your breaks between exercises.

Photo: Food & Wine Magazine

Go on a food trip in your kitchen

Tired of your standard dinner recipes? Broaden your culinary horizons and take your family on a food trip! Ask your Italian friend about an authentic pasta recipe or get an Irish family to give you the secret for the best Shepherd’s Pie. You can also search for the recipes on the Internet. Write them on pieces of paper and throw them in a bowl. This is your new culinary globe! Each time you aren’t sure what to cook for dinner and thinking about ordering in a pizza, slip your hand into the bowl and cook whatever you get. Moroccan chicken tonight? Hawaiian poke bowl tomorrow? All countries come to your kitchen in homemade goodness.

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