What Novella Loves — Spring Edition

Our content team is a motley crew, each member with their own quirks and stories that define our stranger than usual weirdness in the ways they clash and meet over pitches and wine at every meeting. But if there is a consistency in the diversity, it is our impeccable — yes, impeccable — taste in all things stylish and beautiful. What Novella Loves showcases these two defining qualities of our team.

It’s April, and for those of you who’ve been bemoaning the lack of definitive Spring signs, we bring to you this Spring Edition.

Even though I don’t own one, I believe it’s a must-have accessory. I am obsessed with the timeless and chic design by Chanel. What I love most about a classic black Chanel bag is its versatility. It can be worn with anything and never go out of style. I love the chicness it can bring to an edgier look like we saw on the streets during NYFW. A real original, the classic Chanel flap bag is something every girl should own.  Claire Ball, Editorial Contributor

Victoria Beckham which has recently announced her new collaboration with Target with a cool graphic T-shirt from her collection in LAX that was printed with the slogan “Fashion Stole My Smile”. I found this tee fun and amusing, as it shows a sense of humour concerning her poker face that has become her trademark. This shirt comes in black or white and is available for around $150, which might be a bit expensive for a graphic T-shirt but a reasonable price for a designer one.  Liat Neuman, Fashion Contributor   

I have to convince myself that it’s actually spring everyday. With the still inconsistent temps, if I am forced to bundle up, why not still be stylish. Montreal-based designer Xian’s wool blend coat with 4 snap detail closure can keep me warm and still looking good on the days where we go from sunny to grey and chilly in one day to the next.  Drew Brown, Editor-in-Chief

My pick for my spring must have is definitely going to be The Enchanted Forest by the Vagabond Prince.  The unisex scent comes from a very niche perfumer, so it isn’t the easiest scent to get your hands on outside of the US. However, I’m hopeful that one day I’ll be able to snag a bottle of this mysterious blackcurrant fragrance that has reviewers mesmerized by its fairytale scent!  Chris Zaghi, Fashion Editor

I love my Mer Bag. As our editor-in-chief likes to point out, I can fit my studio apartment in my backpack and still have room left — the smallest size available for a basic backpack is H24 W12, so you can imagine the possibilities. It’s waterproof, weatherproof, and made with industrial materials to last. The highly functional bags come with simple designs best suited for any purpose other than a gala dinner, unless the gala dinner involves cycling, bmx, or skateboarding, in which case, it’s even good for that. Every time you order a Mer Bag, Rob Nelson, who founded the company back in 2001, hand makes it himself at his studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Rob is also a really nice guy with an adorable dog the size of a bicycle.  — Hoon Ji, Managing Editor

The best bags are the ones that keep getting better with each wear. For the past two years, my go-to has been the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag. The New York based company started with these iconic bags in 2012 and became the instant must-have items on social media. The bag comes in different variations with a wide range of colours for exteriors and interiors. The materials used in the bag are high-quality leather crafted in Italy. Over time the leather becomes buttery soft and makes you want to wear it more.  I love throwing everything in my purse rather than digging through compartments to find my keys; this bag is just effortless cool. — Michelle Cheung, Social Media Coordinator

LFW – Seduction and the look of love at Roland Mouret

“This collection is about living for the one you love, and taking the risks that you have to take for that love,” said Roland Mouret backstage right after the presentation of his Autumn/Winter 2017 collection at the National Theatre, in London.

It was grey Sunday when on the 20th anniversary of his career, the French designer returned to London, the city where he started his journey in the fashion industry. After that many times showcasing his collections in Paris, this was a paradox full of meaning, and he made it clearer when revealing “I had to come back to remember why I still love fashion and who I am as a designer.”

Minutes before the show started, an entire array of editors and big names from the industry couldn’t hide their excitement and expectation. Everybody was there, and, of course, the most VIP’s filled up the front row. Fashion oracles such as Tim Blanks and Suzy Menkes had their notebooks ready – and phone in Suzy’s case as she is a Social Media avid user -, and the founder of Net-A-Porter Natalie Massenet chatted with her friend Caroline Rush, CEO of the British Fashion Council. The British Vogue team? None of the titans missed the show. A bench just for them where we were able to spot: the soon-to-be former Editor-in-Chief, Alexandra Shulman, Deputy Editor Emily Sheffield (who might be the one replacing Alexandra), Fashion Director Lucinda Chambers, and the incredibly stylish Sarah Harris, Fashion Features Director. All of them were there and, then, the show started.

The theme of the collection was, clearly, love and seduction, and elements from the iconic Galaxy dress were updated for 2017. Gold Diamond mesh knits, off-shoulder dresses, and metallic sheer knits were part of the reinterpretation of the dress that Roland Mouret designed ten years ago. Victoria Beckham, Cameron Díaz, Scarlett Johansson and Nigella Lawson, are part of the women who fell in love with the sexy confidence that the Galaxy has injected, and what remains intact in the designer’s work.

Is that confidence the result of the sense of utility and engagement that Roland Mouret has with the women that he designs for. The models looked strong and powerful as opposed to “foolish and stupid,” in Suzy Menkes’ words. Fluid and soft fabrics like hammered satin or velvet added the sophisticated touch to a collection made to celebrate maturity in love, and life. The colour palette ranged from dark shades like navy, charcoal or black, to Pacific blue, clementine, and silver.

With 38 looks, Roland Mouret also created a story about taking risks and being willing to face the best and worst on our journey. A contrast present in some pieces made out of double wool crepe coats, and wool twill jackets. Soft, yet stable.

The whole collection was a visual juxtaposition between seduction and serenity, and encapsulated the essential ingredients for anyone who dares to wear the look of love.

Photography Courtesy of London Fashion Week