Best Fall Fashion Ads… So Far

To some, the outlandish tactics used to garner attention within the fashion industry may seem like ridiculous attempts to either shock or put out confusing jumbles and present them as art. And though that may be true to a certain extent, there is one area where designers, film makers, photographers, and artists all agree: that bigger and bolder is always better. Fashion ad campaigns are one of the most important things that brands put out throughout the year, second only to the products made by the brand itself. They showcase the created message that may not have reached its audience during the initial runway show. Here, the entire creative team can create a fantasy world based on the collection, fragrance, cosmetic, or accessory that the ad is based on, taking whatever unanswered questions the collection left behind and filling in the blank spots on the canvas.

Christian Dior Fall 2017-18

Although some may say that Maria Grazia Chiuri’s work at the iconic house of Dior is lacklustre, it’s undeniable that this ad campaign injects brute strength that may have been missing during the show. With Dior favourites like Ruth Bell and Fernanda Ly, the original idea of outfitting a strong and unapologetic woman in Dior is completely evident in this campaign. The pulsing, industrial music and stark black and white create an air of strength that follows each model as they twirl, stomp, and pose in their black leather berets.

Valentino Menswear Fall 2017-18

Menswear sometimes gets a bad rep of being the less inspired and completely out of touch brother to high fashion womenswear. However, many brands are starting to take notice on how important the men’s fashion has become. Valentino is definitely one of those brands. In recent years, Valentino has made amazing strides in taking their brand from luxury tailoring to here and now men’s fashion. Valentino is no longer your rich grandfather’s go-to suit, and their campaign for fall proves just that. Placing their models in a modernized version of punk London, the ad pushes the idea that Valentino is a brand that’s as fresh and as new as the millennials it wants to attract.

Gucci Fall 2017-18

Gucci‘s creative head, Alessandro Michelle, is no stranger to transforming a brand into a contemporary go-to. Not long after joining the brand, Michelle was able to turn the ever increasingly forgettable brand into the most talked about and coveted Italian name in the fashion industry today. For their Fall campaign, Gucci not only channelled the same cacophonic parade of colour and texture that’s brought it back to life, but also channelled something that’s become a staple in millennial style; nostalgia for times far before their childhood. The ad features the all too familiar setting of a psychedelic ’70s like space adventure that mirrors the bright rainbow of colour, texture, and inspiration that Gucci is all about.

Oscar De La Renta Fall 2018-17

Since taking the helm at Oscar De La Renta almost a year ago, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia have thrust the brand into an interesting place. Hovering delicately between modern edge and old world glamour, the brand that has dressed the likes of Laura Bush and Sarah Jessica Parker is eagerly awaiting to see whether the fashion world buys into its new image. One key element in helping its audience understand the new De La Renta image is fashion icon Mariacarla Boscono who was the face of Renta’s fall campaign. Her strikingly alien face and sharp gaze helped sew together the contemporary edge that Kim and Garcia wish to bring to the brand with the grace and glamour that Oscar established years ago.

Miu Miu Fall 2017-18

Miuccia Prada is a fashion genius. No one is able to reinvent two brands simultaneously every season and keep the look and the ideas of the brands fresh and exciting the way she does. So it comes as no surprise that her brilliant collection for Miu Miu now comes with a brilliant ad campaign. Borrowing heavily from the collections fuzzy bubblegum-60s mod fusion, the ad takes its viewer through a pastel coloured journey that takes place in an old movie theatre where models (including Kate Moss!) all sit and watch a grainy Lousiana Bayou short film featuring the models themselves. And if seeing Kate Moss decked out it groovy Miu Miu is not enough, then seeing Adwoah Aboah and other stunning models of colour dominate the ad should be more than enough incentive to fall in love with this light hearted ad!

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Fashion Month Winners: 5 people who wowed at New York, London, and Paris

Fashion has always been a melting pot for art. Painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, music, etc. Have all been mixed together by designers at one point or another. This mix of art, along with culture and everyday life, produces winning moments that go down in fashion history. Now these days, fashion’s biggest wow moments aren’t usually caused by who put on the biggest show, or who made the biggest gown rather, fashion wows are now made with simple gestures that entice the viewer to look deeper into the collection and the inspiration. Instead of just the superficial. Here are some of fashion month’s biggest winners.

Photo: Yannis Vlamos
Photo: Yannis Vlamos

1. Whoopi Goldberg

With brands like Marc Jacobs, Jeremy Scott, and The Blonds all showing their collections in the city every season, New York fashion week has always been the home of eccentric and border pushing fashion. This “anything goes” atmosphere results in front rows being packed with the most fashion forward (and eccentric) celebrities in the business. This season, in a surprising turn, It was actress and TV host Whoopi Goldberg who took the NYFW spotlight. Having been spotted at major shows around New York throughout the week. Whoopi became the talk of the fashion community when she was seen attending shows like J.Crew and Hood By Air, among others. However, the real magic happened when Whoopi stormed down the runway at this season’s Opening Ceremony show. The show, which featured a politically charged theme, saw Goldberg closing the runway show in a black ruffled dress and all the confidence in the world. The real shining moment is the message this sends. Whoopi walked the runway for one of the most high-profile shows during fashion week, all at the wonderful age of 60. If she can do it, so can anyone.

Photo: Yannis Vlamos
Photo: Yannis Vlamos

2. Christopher Bailey

Fashion has been changing quite rapidly in the past few years. At one point, customers had to wait months for their favourite pieces from a collection to hit stores. Now, certain brands are allowing their customers to purchase pieces as soon as they hit the runway. The “see now, buy now” trend has quickly been picking up steam within the last few seasons, with brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Tom Ford spearheading the trend. This season, Burberry’s CEO and creative director, Christopher Bailey, set out to showcase a stunning collection of ready-to-wear garments that would be put up for sale as soon as they were shown on the runway. And stunning it was. Burberry fw16 has not only been regarded as one of the best shows at London fashion week this season, it’s also being regarded as one of Bailey’s greatest achievements as of yet. The collection, which features pieces inspired by Virginia Woolf’s novel “Orlando,” has since become a success. With analysts at Burberry and The Business of fashion stating that certain pieces from the show have sold out, causing well-deserved spikes in sales


Photo: IMAXtree
Photo: IMAXtree

3. Kenzo’s Runway

Kenzo has been a fashion power player since it’s birth in 1970, and it seems the progressive brand is refusing to slow down in terms of innovation and fresh design. Surprisingly, this season at Kenzo wasn’t remarkable for only the clothes, but for the runway presentation as well. For their spring-summer 2017 collection, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim created a beautifully intriguing space that showcased the brand’s knack for always adding the unexpected to its designs. The runway space, which invoked a feeling of the renaissance, was littered with “human statues.” But these human statues weren’t your typical models. Some of the models seen on the runway were plus size and even had amputated limbs, this just further added to the surrealism of the entire show. Apart from having models in every shape and size, the use of a human museum set alongside a predominantly disco themed collection actually fed into the theme. In the eyes of the designers, what could be more excessive than disco? A museum with living artifacts, that’s what.


Photo: Umberto Fratini
Photo: Umberto Fratini

4. Pierpaolo Piccioli

2016 has been a year of major changes within the fashion industry. Houses like Lanvin and Dior were all put into situations where their futures as fashion powerhouses were placed into question. Valentino was one of the major design house whose future was called into question. Since 2008, the house of Valentino had been headed by design duo Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri. The two have since led the brand into new found success, propelling Valentino Garvani’s iconic brand into the 21st century. However, when Valentino announced that Maria Grazia would be leaving the house to become the creative director at Dior, many believed that the split would leave Valentino in a fashion grey area. Alas, this was the stepping stone for Pierpaolo needed to truly showcase his vision. For his ss17 collection, Piccioli was able to break free from the constraints set by designing as a pair and created a collection completely inspired by his singular vision. The collection, which is bathed in hues of pink, green, and black, was deeply inspired by the renaissance and beyond. The collection has ultimately allowed Valentino to open a new chapter within the house’s already historic book.


Photo: Yannis Vlamos
Photo: Yannis Vlamos

5. Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Statement Shirt

Big changes came to the house of Dior this year. The wheels were set in motion at the historic house when Raf Simon’s departed late last year. Since then, the house of Dior spent half a year trying to find a designer with enough skill to take the reigns for future collections. Following a brief period spent in fashion limbo, where the house asked it’s ateliers to spearhead its collections, Maria Grazia Chiuri was finally given the daunting task of designing for the massive brand. With her signature sense of femininity and movement that she honed at Valentino, Maria was able to create a decent enough collection for the brand. The stylistic change left many either in love, or wanting more from the designer. But this isn’t to say that Dior didn’t wow this season. During her predominately soft and demure collection, Maria decided to throw in a curve ball. A t-shirt which had the words “We should all be feminists” boldly printed on its fabric. Now to some, this may just be a way of garnering attention for the brand, but in reality, this simple gesture poses a big question. Has fashion finally come to a place where it can make social and political statements? Of course fashion has always made artistic statements, but fashion has never really been blatant when making statements on social justice issues. The beauty of what Maria Grazia did wasn’t in the article of clothing itself, but rather, in the seed she’s embedded. Will this moment mark a change where designers begin creating socially aware fashion? We’ll have to wait and see.