Extreme beauty trends

Have you noticed how the beauty world can be a little bit mysterious sometimes?! Shouldn’t beauty trends make us more attractive, more beautiful?

The new generation of beauty gurus are trying to break the traditional beauty standards and are using social media to talk about them. While laser hair removal has become the latest trend, social media is showing us that beauty gurus are not ready to get rid of hair and are, in fact, even developing a cult for keeping it around.

Everything began two years ago when female celebrities proudly showed their hairy underarms on red carpets. At the time, we were talking more about a movement than a trend. It was a way for women to get their power back and to act as they wanted.

Of course, Madonna was one of the first who decided to proudly show off her hairy armpits.

Back in 2016, models with furry nails were seen on the runway at the New York Fashion Week. We owe this incredible manicure trend to Jan Arnold, director and co-founder of CND Nail Polish. What a surprise it was to see hair on models’ hands, but, at the same time, it seemed to be an extension of nail art, something the fashion world could easily accept.

Earlier this year, Instagram showed us a new trend regarding hair: “Squiggle brows”!!! As weird as it sounds, the idea is to create a zig zag shape on your eyebrows. I don’t know about you, but I feel like doing your brows is difficult enough without having to adopt a trend that requires an entire day — especially if it makes you look like an alien.

Few weeks ago, another bizarre trend came up, and, if you have an Instagram account or a Facebook profile, you’ve probably seen this picture in your feed.

Yes, getting fake hair nose extensions is the new trend…!!!!!!!

@Gret_Chen_Chen probably didn’t imagine that the photo reposted a thousand times all over the world. But since then, the trend has taken hold, and is being spread by beauty gurus, and seems to mean something.

Again, isn’t beauty supposed to make you feel pretty? Is it going too far?

The more I ask myself, the more I understand that beauty shouldn’t be a standard but something that makes you feel good and confident. So if having a nose full of hair makes you feel awesome, why not?!

My Childhood Nightmare, The Puffer Coat, is the Trending Outwear Piece For Winter

Photo: Phil Oh

2016 has been a strange year, no doubt about it. To top it off and make the year even odder, a formerly categorized fashion faux pasthe puffer coat, is still the definitively trending outwear piece for FW16. I would like to say I am making this up, but it was seen on countless FW16 runways, endless street style shots, and Vogue.com has written about the trend three times (here, here, and here). Oof. And Marques Almeida wants you to wear in it in XXL.

Photos: Alexander McQueen, Kim Weston Arnold; Marques Almeida, Yannis Vlamos / Indigital.tv; Isa Arfen

Of course, the practicality is tempting, it’s like a wearing a sleeping bag, and adds to the list of practical trends. Like sneakers and hoodies, puffers have seamlessly transitioned from “fashion don’t” to ultimate cool item. But I can’t help but remember the traumas associated with the puffer.

Photo: Jsledge

What comes to mind when you think of puffer coats? The 90s hip hop scene? Feeling like Randy from A Christmas Story? Princess Di on the slopes? Perhaps, like me, your associations with puffers are more personal. I think of my childhood in the 90s and the countless times I would slyly leave the home in my glossy pink jacket and somehow wind up having to wear an undershirt, snow pants, and…a puffer coat. Parental echoes of, “Trust me, you’ll thank me later.” Pondering the puffer makes me recall Halloween night 1998 (aged 5) when I was given the choice to wear my parka (what I called a puffer coat) on top of my costume or under my costume and I chose the latter thinking that I had to show my costume off. The result was a much bulkier, inflated version of the princess I had hoped to be.

Photos: Vogue

Back to 2016, when the puffer is hot, hot, hot and the question of flattery comes to mind. Does this coat look good on people other than street style stars or models? Will I knock someone over riding the subway in my XXL puffer and not even feel it? Is wearing it off-the-shoulder à la Vetements completely useless? (Yes.) Should I buy a gold one from Uniqlo or should I hit up a thrift store and buy a huge one formerly used by a dad in Hamilton?

No doubt this trend comes with a lot of questions, but the big one remains: will you wear one this winter?


NYFW Spring/Summer ’17 Trend Report

Photo: via Vogue UK

Fashion month can always be a lot to digest, even if you aren’t an editor travelling around the world for weeks on end seeing an endless stream of shows. Even if you are just following the successive fashion weeks online at home, it can be a lot to process. So what’s up for Spring/Summer 2017 (though some are AW16 because of “see now, buy now”) according to New York Fashion Week? Let’s see, shall we?


Altuzarra | Photo: Vogue UK

The 80s are back in full swing, and ruffles are the trend at the forefront of the decade’s return. All I can say is ruffles are EVERYWHERE, WEAR THEM NOW.


Thakoon | Photo: Vogue UK

Thakoon showed a brilliant mustard, but any shade of yellow will see you through this trend. Runways are feeling optimistic for SS17, and yellow shines brightly with positivity.


Photo: Indigital, Vogue UK

So, dresses for summer isn’t an entirely new idea, but after seasons of athleisure and sneakers, elegance and refinement are making their way make into fashion vocabulary. Dresses, a classically elegant piece without a doubt, are an easy elegant piece. Proenza Schouler offered beautifully asymmetrical options.


Opening Ceremony | Photo: Indigital

This sounds like a cop-out trend, but I swear to you it’s real. In a world where bloggers have dominated with monotonous trends, it is as though designers are rebelling in favour of highlighting the individual. Brands like Opening Ceremony featured their friends (like Rashida Jones and Whoopi Goldberg) in their show, each bringing their unique personality to the looks on the runway. How does this translate into your personal style? Don’t be afraid to wear something unusual, or style something oddly.

Wacky, Wonderful Footwear

Hood By Air | Photo: Getty

Sorry Stan, but the time of uniform footwear is maybe coming to a close. That is, if you take the plethora of incredibly unique shoes spotted on ALL of the NYFW runways as a sign. For SS17, wear all white and let your shoes do the talking.