The Body Shop never seems to disappoint as they are always launching spectacular products that meet the needs of their customers.

Many of their products are used to combat skin issues that a person may have such as dry skin, oily skin, acne prone skin, or even dark spots. But whatever the case may be, the company also adds a fun side to it, with it’s many sweet, smelling body sprays, moisturizers and body butters.

New scents are constantly being released to match a new season or holiday, so that you can get into the spirit of that particular time in the year. So with that being said, here is a mini Body Shop haul that will not only help your skin, but also make you smell better than any rose out there.

Piñita Colada Fresh Body Sorbet


It’s not exactly summer yet, but you can only dream, right? Lets try making that dream come alive with The Body Shop Piñita Colada Fresh Body Sorbet. This moisturizer is an exact replica of the highly popular drink. When rubbed into the skin, it not only hydrates, but also gives you that summer time glow. Made with pineapple and coconut extracts from the Caribbean, you’re going to completely forget you’re in Canada, and feeling you are at a resort in Jamaica.

Available soon

Piñita Colada Body Butter


If your skin is more on the dry side, then you can never go wrong with a body butter. The Body Shop Piñita Colada Body Butter has the same hypnotizing scent as the sorbet, but is made with even more moisture and hydration. Since the body butters are much thicker, it will leave your skin with 24 hour moisture, and is ideal for normal to dry skin.

Available soon

 Tea Tree 3-In-1 Wash, Scrub, Mask


Tea Tree is becoming one of my favourite skincare products because of the many values and healing properties it has. The Body Shop Tea Tree 3-In-1 Wash, Scrub, Mask, will make your skin feel fresh and brand new. With purifying tea tree oil, this 3-in-1 product is most suitable for blemish prone skin. You are able to use it as a wash by applying to a wet face, then rinsing off. You can use it as a scrub by applying to a wet face, while gently massaging the product into the skin, then rinsing off. Also, you are welcomed to use it as a weekly mask by applying it to your face, let it sit for five minutes and rinse it off once the time is up.

Price: $20.00

Vitamin E Aqua Boost Essence Lotion

vitamin e

Always remember that after washing your face, you want to follow up with a moisturizer. The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Essence Lotion can be used on your face or all over your body. This lightweight lotion has a similar scent to a gentle baby oil, and is made up of Vitamin E, wheatgerm oil and biofermented hyaluronic acid made from Pomacle, France. This product is sure to give your skin the 48 hour hydration it’s promised.

Price: $20.00

Honey Bronze Holiday Glow Creator

holiday glow

I don’t think we are at that stage where it’s exactly warm enough to get a proper tan. So if you’re still thinking about paradise up to this point and would like to take it a step further, then you must try The Body Shop Honey Bronze Holiday Glow Creator. This product from Drops of Sun, will give your complexion a glowing, bronzed finish. It’s an instant natural tan making you look sun-kissed, and is easy to wash off. You will really start making people think you just came back from a seven day vacay!

Price: $22.00

Excluding the Pinita Colada line, all products are now available at


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Mom’s put up with so much when it comes to us: messy rooms, not taking the dog out for its daily walk, or coming home with a bad grade! But whatever the case may be, this is their one day to catch a deserving break. Even though mom’s can also be some tough cookies, really and truly, they only want what’s best for us. They are nurturing, caring, supporting and, more importantly, the most loving human beings on earth. So with this Mother’s Day pretty much right around the corner, here is our gift guide with some of the best options that we found such an occasion.

If you plan on taking mom out for a beautiful evening in the city or to a nice restaurant, why not let her start her day off with an at-home spa day? We want her hands and feet looking their best, and she’ll be able to achieve beautiful results with these two products.

Micr O Nail

micro mani

The Micr O Nail device is a great tool to get the nails shiny and clean, just like they do at the nail salon. The electric nail polisher buffs and shines the surface of the nail, to reveal a super smooth surface. This will make applying nail polish much easier, as it will glide right on, and also prevents any clumping. This polisher comes with two AA batteries to help you get started, as well as two Micro Smooth Rollers and two Micro Shine Rollers, along with a string pouch so that you can take it on the go.

Price: $59.99

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart and online at

Micr O Pedi



The Micr O Pedi device is similar to the Micr O Nail with its electric abilities, except this one is strictly for the feet. The Micr O Pedi tackles hard, dry, and rough skin, to reveal a smooth, sandal ready surface. The roller spins 360 degrees at 30 times per second, so it doesn’t take long to buff away at each foot. Unlike the the Micr O Nail, the Micr O Pedi does not come with two AA batteries, so you will have to provide those yourself. However, it does come along with and extra cleaning brush to replace the first one, once the bristles have died down.

Price: $49.99

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart and online at

The Body Shop

body shop deluxe

Now when it comes time for pampering, The Body Shop has always got you covered. They have introduced their British Rose line, for the “Bloomin Marvellous” lady in your life. With this beautiful British Rose Deluxe Mother’s Day gift set, you receive The Body Shop British Rose Shower Gel, the British Rose Instant Glow Body Essence, the British Rose Instant Glow Body Butter, the British Rose Eau De Toilette Perfume and the Vitamin E Moisture Cream.

Each product is perfect to give our beloved mothers the ideal at-home spa day that they deserve. With the scent of British Rose, that are hand picked roses, air-dried, and infused into fresh mountain water, they’ll be on their way to relax and indulge. Thanks to the British Rose Shower Gel, Instant Glow Body Essence, the Instant Glow Body Butter and the Vitamin E Cream, their skin will look more hydrated, and with a final touch of the British Rose Eau De Toilette Perfume they will be ready to hit the town.

Price: $65.00

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Acne and, once in a while, blemishes can be such a pain! In most cases, you would seek help and treatment from a dermatologist to rid your skin of any blemish, and get it super clear. But sometimes the after math of acne can be a pain as well, and I am talking about dark spots. Dark spots can be caused by constantly picking and irritating a blemish, and while on any type of acne medication, it is highly recommended to apply sunscreen with a high SPF. If that is not done, you may also suffer from hyper-pigmentation. To revive your skin and get rid of marks and hyperpigmentation, it can get quite pricey. But have no fear, because The Body Shop is here once again, to save your day, and fulfill your needs.

The Body Shop recently came out with their new line, Drops of Light. The line is accumulated with four different products: the Pure Clarifying Foam Wash, the Pure Translucency Essence Lotion, the Pure Healthy Brightening Serum and the Pure Healthy Brightening Day Cream.

What makes this line unique is that it is geared towards all skin types, so even if you have the most sensitive skin, you can give it a go, and it doesn’t use any brightening agents that will damage your skin in the future. It is infused with natural ingredients such as North Atlantic red algae, which is an extract that helps brighten the skin to make it have a healthier glow. It also uses Vitamin C, which is a very popular ingredient that is used to help get rid of both dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

If you don’t feel like purchasing the entire set, the two products that I recommend the most are the Pure Translucency Essence Lotion and the Pure Healthy Brightening Day Cream.


The Body Shop: Drops of Light Pure Translucency Essence Lotion

Once you are finished cleansing your skin, you have to apply the Pure Translucency Essence Lotion. This lotion is basically the same as applying a toner. It is made as a gel-to-water texture to activate that well needed hydration. It dries very fast, and leaves your skin feeling very light with its divine scent.


The Body Shop: Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Day Cream

After applying your essence lotion, you need to use the Pure Healthy Brightening Day Cream. The texture of the cream feels thick and heavy, but once it is rubbed into the skin, it feels light as a feather. It is proven to significantly reduce the number of dark spots, pigmentation, and unevenness. In just four short weeks, your skin will appear plumper, more vibrant, and even toned.

All products are not yet available in store, but they can be purchased online at:


Photo Credit: The Body Shop
Photo Credit: The Body Shop

Trying to combat oily skin can get quite frustrating and annoying. You are either constantly re-powdering your face to take away the shine, or using blotting sheets to absorb all that grease off of your skin. And just when you thought there were no other solutions, here I am to give you answers, and save you from looking overly oily.

Tea tree oil has become very popular because of its various benefits to the skin. This oil is composed from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree, which can be found in Southeast Queensland, and Australia. Many people use this oil to help fight acne breakouts because it is said to be similar to benzyl peroxide, and helps to dry out blemishes. Since it can be drying, this can be a great solution for anyone that has extremely oily skin.

Before applying any makeup to your face, it is recommended to use a primer. This will help it last longer throughout the  day or night, and also minimizes your pores and evens out any fine lines. The Tea Tree Pore Minimizer from The Body Shop does a job well done by not only minimizing pores and fine lines, but by also completely mattifying your skin. Because of its drying properties, a little really does go a long way. You can apply it to your oiliest regions, which is usually the T-Zone, or all over if you feel that is best. I guarantee you will not go back to any other primer once you get your hands on this, especially with its amazing price!

So go ahead and get yourself this completely oil-free primer. It will save you from trips to the bathroom for blotting sessions, and constant oil control concerns. You’ll be able to enjoy the party for the entire night.

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Photo Credit: The Body Shop
Photo Credit: The Body Shop

Dry hands are extremely common and annoying around this time of the year. It seems as if the winter weather is finally in full gear, and with that, we must pay the unfortunate consequence. There are many different moisturizers on the market that targets dry and dull skin. Some may not give you the lasting results you were hoping for because of the watery consistency of the formula. So the moment you step outside in this frigid weather, your hands are back to looking problematic. But luckily for you, I have a solution.

The Body Shop is known for having some of the best moisturizers and body butters, that gives your skin a beautiful, bright glow. But one in particular is sure to give your hands a complete makeover. CHANGE Hemp Hand Protector is a cream that actually does protect your skin. It is super thick, and heavy duty, so it is sure to get the job done. This new limited edition hand protector contains 950 hemp seeds in every 100ml tube. These seeds contain fatty acids, which aids as the solution for nourished hands. Since the formula is also very thick, it gives your hands those long lasting results you have been searching for.

The Body Shop has teamed up with the well renowned street artist, Ben Eine, to not only give their customers satisfaction from the product, but to also give the eyes a unique vision to look at. The re-design of the tubes are made with Eine’s famous typography and distinctive packaging. The Body Shop is also very popular for their charitable work, and consistently giving to good causes. So with every purchase of one tube of Hemp Hand Protector, $3.00 will be donated to The Body Shop Foundation. This foundation is on a mission to reaching their goal of $600,000, to protect the planet, the oceans, animals, and people. So go ahead and grab yourself a tube of this amazing cream. Not only will you be helping your hands, but you will also be helping others in the process.

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