How to Wear Fashionable and Protective Eyewear

Ray-Ban Round Double Bridge $235

Most people buy sunglasses because they look good and keep the sun from blinding them while they sit by the pool or sip beers on a patio. But, little did we know, there are a lot more benefits to wearing sunglasses than just the “chic” factor.

Besides the obvious benefit of helping you see on a sunny day, sunglasses help protect you from permanent eye damage. “Sunglasses are important because they filter out UV and visible light,” says Dr. Janet Prystowsky. Both UV rays and visible light in the blue spectrum are what can cause permanent eye damage. “Sunglasses can also help minimize photodamage to the skin around your eyes.” Photodamage, the deterioration of sun-exposed skin, can cause wrinkles, age spots, and skin cancer.

Dr. Prystowsky’s moral of the story: anytime you should be wearing sunscreen, you should also be wearing sunglasses.

What to look for

With so many eyewear options out there, it’s hard to know what exactly to look for when shopping for sunglasses. According to Dr. Prystowsky, there are two major factors to keep in mind the next time you’re looking to purchase some new shades.

  1. Look for sunglasses that say they block 99-100% of UV rays
  2. Those that claim absorption up to 400nm

Make sure your sunglasses come with UV protection, because not all sunglasses do! When trying on different sizes and shapes, keep in mind that wrap around shades or wide temples will offer additional protection around the periphery as well. You can find proper protective sunglasses online or in many sports stores or sunglasses shops. Don’t let the prices fool you! Just because the price tag is high, doesn’t mean your shades will be doing you any favours. You can find a good inexpensive pair of sunglasses for under $15!

Having trouble finding some fashionable and protective sunglasses? Here are a few to help!

Quay Australia Paradiso 52mm Cat Eye Sunglasses $69

Tom Ford Sean Sunglasses $525

What Novella Loves This Week


Drew Brown – Editor-in-Chief

Absolutely Fabulous : The Movie

Sweetie darling! Patsy and Edina return in ‘Absolutely Fabulous: The movie’. I have loved following the antics of Edina and Patsy since the very beginning, so you can only imagine how excited I am about movie which will be released on this side of pond on July 22nd. In the movie, Kate Moss is presumed dead after Edina accidentally bumps into her, causing her to fall off the balcony into the Thames forcing our fab duo to be on the run. That’s enough for me to head to the theatre!

Liat Neuman – Fashion & Trends Writer

Red Sunnies by Céline

Summer is the right time of year to upgrade your sunglasses selection. Bold and bright colours are the perfect way to evoke the joyful of summer days. Recently I came across with these amazing Céline red sunglass, made from plastic frame. The futuristic and the modern shape along with the vibrant red can definitely make a statement and show off your playful side.

Chantelle Lee – Arts & Culture Writer

World’s Best Cities by National Geographic

World’s Best Cities is a photographic travel book created by National Geographic. The book displays stunning photographs of 220 cities around the world, and includes historical facts and must-see attractions in each location. Flip through this book to plan your next vacation, learn about different cultures, and admire beautiful photography.

Snigdha Koirala – Arts & Culture Writer

Penguin Clothbound Classics

Penguin Clothbound Classics are every bookworm’s dream. A curation of classics bound in cloth designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith, the collection ranges from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice to Jean Rhys’ Wide Sagrasso Sea. So in addition to being riveting reads, these books make a unique feature in any bookshelf or coffee table!

Joyce Li – Social Media Analyst

Defining Mascara by MAKE Beauty

Most of the mascara I’ve used often smudges or leaves prints on my under eye. I decided to try this brand that was recommended from a New York blogger. I am absolutely in love with it, the best part about this mascara is that it’s smudge-proof while hydrating and nourishes the lashes.

Ryan Wohlgemut – Men’s Fashion Writer

Embroidered Chuck Taylor All Star

As we all know white sneakers are a fan fave for everyone, especially in the summer. Myself being a fan of the trend, have been debating whether or not to expand my collection of white sneakers or not for a couple months and cannot decide. I recently stumbled across this pair of embroidered white high top chuck taylor’s and fell in love. I love the idea of personalizing or customizing clothing to make them fit accordingly to your own personal style. So this week my pick is the rose embroidered chuck taylor’s pictured above.

What I Wear To Work: John Wilk, Entrepreneur

John Wilk - Style Image


John Wilk




I’m always on the go, so simple staples make it easy to look good. I’m a casual dresser year-round, so on the day-to-day at Climax, you’ll catch me in a white tee with dark denim or Zanerobes’, my Zegna sport coat, D&G glasses, and sneakers (Converse or Nike). When I want to dress it up, I wear my dark tan Hugo Boss dress shoes.


I get a lot use out of my Balmain Biker Jacket, Zanerobes, and love to throw vibrant sneakers in the mix.


In the spring, you can catch me in a Burberry Trench – it’s classic.


I switch between different styles of TOMS depending on the vibe, casual or business, and love wearing my favourite pineapple print tee with my RETROSUPERFUTURE sunglasses.


Clean socks, got to keep it fresh

For John Wilk, style is subjective. As an entrepreneur, first impressions are everything – something he takes into account as the founder of Climax Media Inc. and a partner of Wildflower at the Thompson Hotel. Taking an easy and organic approach, John’s style depends on his mood and who he’ll encounter that day.

Day 3 Of TOM SS16 – Street Style By Chris Smart


After three intense days for all the people in the fashion industry in Toronto — especially for designers — Toronto Men’s Fashion Week SS16 has closed its doors till next season.

Exhaustion and pride were in the air during the third and final day, when most of the attendants picked two staple accessories to conceal that bittersweet feeling: Hats & Sunglasses.

Yesterday, as usual, Chris Smart spotted and captured the most spontaneous yet stylish looks and revealed through his lens the atmosphere outside of College Park building.

If you don’t want to miss all the best street style pictures from Day One, Day Two and Day Three check out Chris Smart’s Instagram at @csmartfx or visit his website at !








Photos by Chris Smart