Frank And Oak presents the other 9 to 5 with Tegan and Sara

Inspired by classic menswear tailoring, Frank and Oak’s  women’s suiting collection was designed to reinvent the familiar 9 to 5 office aesthetic. Canadian musicians and face of the collection,Tegan and Sara, know a thing or two about breaking away from mainstream fashion standards. “We believe that mixing and matching feminine and masculine silhouettes is for anybody,” says the indie pop duo. “We aren’t afraid to look pretty or be styled in a feminine way, however the gender juxtaposition of this collection is very important to us.” Starting their careers in an era of rigid societal expectations, Tegan and Sara thrived on the support and respect they received from their fans, which empowered them to embrace their unique, androgynous style and rectify conventional fashion norms.

The 5 sku line features modern silhouettes, constructed in a stretch-wool flannel-blend fabric for a sophisticated, yet edgy look. Pair the pieces for a polished head-to-toe uniform or mix and match with wardrobe basics and put your own personal spin on it. Each style was created for day-to-night versatility, whether that be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or in the case of Tegan and Sara,9 p.m. to 5 a.m.!

Sharpe Suiting Helping you Look your best



Leon Wu, tired of corporate IT in Los Angeles, California, decided to pursue his passion in making the world a better place, by making people look their absolute best, and curing his own frustration of not having a suit to wear for different occasions. And not just stopping at revamping the classic suit attire for himself, Wu wants, and continues to push, for every, and anybody, to look and feel comfortable in a suit. Wu, founder and CEO of Sharpe Suiting, wants both men and women to look sharp in unisex suits and everyday clothing.

With the concept of Sharpe suiting emerging in 2012 and coming into fruition in 2013, the business not just caters to selling suits off the rack, but creating a one-on-one customer clientele experience where customers could create their own suits. Choosing from a variety of wool blends, and colour wheel of colours, the clientele of Sharpe have the option to make whatever suit, shirt, or trouser they prefer for whatever function.


Co-designing every suit with his clients, Wu helps everyone from men wanting a suit for work or a wedding, to business women needing a statement power suit for the office. “The suit is perfect for a working woman because it is cut in a way where it drapes be kind of androgynous but yet feminine. And it’s also cut in a way, same suit but different cut and size, for a man to wear it. It’s got more of a tapered look to it, more modern kind of cut,” explains Wu. Also catering to celebrities, such as Kendrick Samson from Vampire Diaries, every Sharpe Suit has an essence of star quality when leaving the creative space.


Having sold 250 suits within the two year time span of being in business, Sharpe Suits continues to bring awareness to the ever changing styles of suits by catering to the LGBTQ community, and that both men and women can feel confident, sexy, and overall powerful in a suit. Shooting with popular online publication Buzzfeed, as well as their online store, Sharpe Suiting helps showcase to future, and current, clients the many styles the Bespoke suiting business has to offer.

Helping Novella readers get a better understanding of the brand, and suits as a whole, Leon Wu explains the aim for his diverse brand, and what his five essentials are when fitting a suit.


Novella: What do your celebrity clients look for in a suit?

Wu: Fit. A lot of celebrities are looking for something made to fit them. That’s the first thing you look for when you look for a good suit, whether it’s on the red carpet or just every day, it supposed to look like it is tailored to that person. It has a higher tine of luxury and personalization. The one thing we are aiming to have here at Sharpe, is that they are given the choice to choose everything from the fabric, to the design and we’re looking to provide that level of customization with our Bespoke line, and with our ready-to-wear line that just launched online. We’ve picked precious pieces that clients have liked and we’re bringing that to market on a global level.

Novella: What sets Sharpe suiting apart from other made-to-measure suit retailers?

Wu: We just launched online, and the thing that makes us different is our trademark formula, Andro Pometrics, that is the way we fit the suits to people’s individual identity and style.

Novella: Which colours do you like to work with the most?

Wu: We work with all types of colours. Right now for fall, mainly grey scale but we do have a tinge of maroon in there. All the styles seen on our website are made to fit a man and a woman.

Novella: What styles do people tend to gravitate towards when it comes to suiting?

Wu: People are looking for more tapered looks. We’ve seen some clients that have come in that would like a little bit of a higher tapered look or a high watered look; a slim fit in terms of patterns. Also single breasted blazers. Our clients are very creative. We’ve seen a lot of mixing and matching and contrasting double breasted vest, and a lot of contrasting lapels and collars.

Novella: What are some suit accessories that compliment a suit?

Wu: It really depends on the person, but some people like to wear a neck tie or a bow tie, that’s not necessarily what a lot of Sharpe clients need to add to the look. We’ve had people wear bolo ties, cravats, sport a mandarin collar. Shoes are a very big part of it you can mix and match with boots or an oxford. Depending on what you’re style is you can add jewelry such as cufflinks.


5 tips to a well fitted suit


1.Most important part of a suit that’s on top of the blazer is the shoulders. You want to make sure that fits very well. The shoulders are very important because that part of the suit is not recommended to be altered. Altering the shoulders jeopardizes that part of the suit the most out of any other alteration. So the shoulders, you want to make sure that fits.

2. A lot of people think a suit is tapered and is fit to your body and that is the best fitting suit, but that’s not necessarily correct. There is a certain extent that you can do for a suit to a person’s body and have it look a certain way.

3. Draping is very important for a suit. The way a suit drapes your body is going to basically be the difference between a suit that looks like it doesn’t fit you, and a suit that hangs well.

4. Another part of the suit that’s important for fit is the butt of the suit; also important. You want to make sure that it fits very well. And everything other than that just depends on the style of the slacks the person wants. Whether they want tapered or straight leg. Today, people like more of a tapered fit at the bottom of their slacks.

5. Also, the general length of the suit. You want to make sure that the arms and the legs are tapered to the right fit, and that is depending on the kind of shoes you want to wear with the suit. It should also be depending, on the sleeves, for instance your dress shirt, or whatever you’re wearing underneath to show or not.


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