Fashion is not about what you where, but about the way you wear it. We all have that story about someone who wears an incredible piece in an unflattering way.

Sometimes I feel like people are trying their best to ruin their own outfits. They either don’t choose the right shoes or the right jacket or something else entirely and make things off. And the same thing goes for celebrities and their styles.

For this edition of Slays and Nays, let’s find out how our favorite stars made or failed to make the fall fashion trends their own!


Slay: Gizele Olivera. Nay: Rihanna

Years ago, wearing white boots was a shameful thing… This fall they are back!

If I say super mini denim shorts, white shirt, and white boots, who comes to mind? Probably Britney Spears, right? And if I add the American flag behind, you picture a cowgirl for sure! Well, look how beautiful this cowgirl is. Gizele is wearing these boots the easiest way you could wear them, but she looks stunning and fashionable.

Rihanna again went too far… Why do people think that being fashionable = being dressed up? With white boots, the shorter the better.


Slay: Bella hadid. Nay: Chiara Ferragni

How difficult it is to wear orange… However, it’s one of this fall’s colors. While Bella is killing it, Ciara looks like she is going to a Halloween party. Even though the shape of Ciara’s jacket is really interesting, this orange is too flashy for her skin tone.


Slay: Jeanne Damas. Nay: Gigi Hadid

Silk pyjamas shirts were already trendy last fall, and, guess what? Get ready to see them again this season.

The French it-girl Jeanne Damas looks fabulous in this outfit. The print could have been too much but it’s not. No big handbag, no jacket, and we barely see the shoes, which is a good thing.

Gigi is showing us what we shouldn’t do if we want to make this trend ours. First, the pants are too short, it’s more elegant to wear them really long. Second, never tuck the shirt in the pants. And finally, it’s better to go up one size for a loose fit.


Slay: Rihanna. Nay: Cara Delevingne

Whether we like it or not, the beret is a huge trend this fall and we won’t be able to escape it.

While Rihanna is just stunning in this all black everything outfit, Cara looks too retro in this dress and red beret. Her outfit is so cliché. Maybe a little bit of finesse would have brought more elegance.


Slay: Kendall (left). Nay: Kendall (right)

Ok, let’s make this a Kendall vs. Kendall. She obviously loves wearing metallic jackets more than everyone else, so let’s see when she slays and when she nays.

The aviator jacket is perfection… the shape is perfect, the gold not too aggressive, and the black details go very well with the overall outfit.

The puffer jacket is very cool to wear, too, but the material looks maybe a little bit too fake. The jacket goes really well with this scarf and the grey t-shirt she wears, but not that much with the pants, which accentuate this shiny material too much.

Style Slays and Nays: Celebrity Street Style Edition

Interest in celebrity street style is becoming increasingly more popular than the traditional buzz on celebrity red carpet styles or even runway fashion. Perhaps this is because we can relate more to their ‘off duty’ trends and can find similar items for ourselves. While some of these outfits might look just casually thrown together, the majority of the time, each outfit is thoughtfully put together by a stylist, whether the celebrity is out for coffee, gas, a casual stroll, or just looking regular. While even the most casual look takes effort, there is no denying that even a celebrity can miss the boat on a current trend. Here are some ‘off duty’ celebrities and their styles — the good, the not-so-good, and the wrong.

Statement Denim

Slay: Gigi Hadid & Nay:Diane Kruger When it comes to an all denim look, it is almost unfair to be compared to Gigi Hadid — the Tommy Hilfiger girls rocks this look frequently and flawlessly. The baggy fit of both the jacket and pants could have appeared drowning, but her tight red tank and matching boots give this look a fun and sexy feel. Diane Kruger’s take on this look is definitely more casual but could have been made better with a sleeker hairstyle and a pair of heels.

Styled Sweats

Slay: Kourtney Kardashian & Nay: Kendall Jenner  Sweats are trending everywhere right now and the Kardashian clan has been seen embodying the trend this past year. Both Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner went for a dressed up version of the sweats trend. However, Kourtney’s all white look with a pop of black heels and bag feels trendier than Kendall’s sloppy fur approach.

Vertical Stripe Pant

Slay: Rihanna & Nay: Vanessa Hudgens — Striped pants are a huge statement piece this season. Rihanna gave this trend a warmer feel while still keeping her classic flair with her pointed heels. Vanessa Hudgens took a lighter approach to the striped pants, but the contrast between her mustard yellow sweater, black and white pants, and tan wedges made the outfit look like a hodgepodge of colors and textures.

Mini Skirt

Slay: Blake Lively & Nay: Bella Hadid — The mini skirt is a fluctuating trend that is currently a much coveted item in any girl’s wardrobe. The trick with this look is to make it look trendy and not trashy. Blake Lively looked absolutely flawless in this polished outfit. Bella Hadid took a similar approach by matching her skirt to the jacket and pairing them with a pair of pointy boots. The rips and the length of the skirt are a definite nay as the model’s street style look does not reflect her usual elevated and classy style.

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