5 Lessons to Learn from New York Street Style

There’s no question about it, New York is the epicentre of fashion in the United States. But unlike other fashion capitals around the world, New York doesn’t get its fashion inspirations from the select few at the very top of the fashion industry. Instead, the very lifeblood of the City’s fashion comes from the people, from the everyday fashion lovers that walk the streets of the bustling city. Which is exactly why the fashion community should look towards not only the City itself but the people within it to mould and create their own personal styles. Because when it comes to style, New York’s got it going on!

A little bit of Rock & Roll

New York has always been a rebel city at heart. And the same goes for its citizens. Here, fashion blogger Sirin adds the perfect amount of punk rock to an everyday look by adding a simple black motorcycle jacket and a pair of black ankle boots to a pinstripe blue dress. It’s a look that balances rock glam and everyday wearability into one easy to digest package.

Be As Eccentric As You’d Like

The beauty of New York is that you can be whoever you want to be and no one will love you any less for it. Unlike other places in the United States, New York is a dizzying melting pot of sights, sounds, lights, and people. Where everyone can come together and share a little bit about themselves without fear of prejudice. And Farfetch style and creative VP Yasmin Sewell understands just that. Pair prints, colours, and wild accessories together to create a cacophonic fashion moment. You just might inspire someone else to come out of their fashion shell!

Hip Hop Never Dies

To say that New York lives and breathes Hip Hop would be an understatement. Hip Hop has been part of the cultural fibre that makes up New York City since rhymes were first spit back in the early days of the genre. So it comes as no surprise to see that same influence walking the streets of the Big Apple during fashion week. Now Hip Hop based fashion has evolved from the days of wearing Karl Kani jeans and Baby Phat hoodies, and Rapper Dej Loaf is showcasing just that by adding elements of old school Hip Hop and R & B (the elastic waistband sweats and subtle nod to Queen Mary J. Blige) and pairing them with modern fashion staples like the metallic puffer and sneaker boot.

The Wolf of 5th Avenue

If there’s one thing New York has taught business world well (apart from good business itself) is how to pick and wear the perfect suit. It comes as no surprise that those who live in the arguably the largest business trading centre in the world are going to pick up a little something here and there about dressing in dapper duds. Here, author Aimee Song takes the regular everyday suit and injects a whole lot of New York attitude in it by opting for a velvet jewel tone blazer and high waisted short — making the suit look less like Goldman Sachs and more like a Vogue after party ensemble.

Upper East Side Classic

Model Irene Kim perfectly encompasses what it’s like to dress like New York’s most affluent half in this all-black private school number. However, preppy Upper East Side dressing can sometimes be tricky, and teetering into the realm of comical school girl costume may be something that most people fall into. But Kim pulls it off beautifully. When aiming for a preppier look, try to think less “Lunch on the steps of the Met” à la Gossip Girl and more squeaky clean and pristine debutant with an edge.

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London Fashion Week Street Style 2017

It’s no secret that London Fashion Week is well known well as a capital of creativity, and for their eclectic style which contains edgy silhouettes, explosions of colour. Londoners’ tends to be more daring and extravagant compared to the New Yorkers. The city turns into a colorful carnival and despite London’s climatic reputation, they aren’t letting a little rain get in the way of their sartorial spirits. From punk rock to anti-fashion inspired pieces mixed with plenty of bright colours and textures, there is no doubt  that Londoners know how to make a strong entrance.

Here are some of the best street styles spotted during London Fashion week:

Sneakers with everything

Photo: Kuba-Dabrowski

It’s already known that sneakers aren’t just for the gym anymore and these fashionistas surely know how to pull it off. Sneakers can add a funky touch to any outfit and can create an effortless carefree look with a cool attitude.

Photo: JonarhanKuba-Dabrowski

Photo: Kuba-Dabrowski
Photo: Getty Image

Frills and Ruffles

Lots of ruffles were spotted appeared on the streets of London during fashion week and it seems as if it will continue to be a massive hit for the upcoming season. The flirty detail has been seen on many garments, like multiple ruffles on the sleeves, whether if it’s on a jacket, dress or a top. We absolutely think it’s a perfect way to uplift any look.

Photo: Diego Zuko
Photo: Sandra Sumberg
Photo: Julian Boudet
Photo: DailyNewlLook.com

Dress over jeans

The 90s are still here and London street style definitely proves it. The “Drouser” was seen everywhere in the British capital, so don’t hesitate to adopt this trend and wear your maxi dress over a pair of blue jeans.

Photo: Sandra Sumberg
Photo: Getty Image
Photo: Sandra Sumberg
Photo: Diego Zuko

Punk Rock

Photo: withJulien Boudet

London’s punk rock roots definitely plays a role in their street style. During LFW ’17, We saw a lot of punk references, which seemed to be more inspired by 90s grunge than traditional punk. Brooches attached to denim jackets, chunky ankle boots, and chunky bangles all helped evoke a rock and roll vibe.

Photo: Nabil Quenum
Photo: Julien Boudet
Photo: Nabil Quenum

Mix and Match

From the catwalk to the street, the fashion industry is all about pushing its boundaries with the modern concept of mix and match. The new wave of eclecticism means that you can combine prints and texture without any rule, just follow your fashionable instinct.

Photo: Getty Image
Photo: Getty Image
Photo: Getty Image
Photo: Sandra Sumberg

Statement stripes

Bold stripes in any size are having their moment right now and it seems like Londoners are more than happy to adopt this bold trend. For a sporty cool vibe pair it with denim, or add a pair of classy heels for a fancier touch. This helps create a perfect contrast.

Photo: Sandra Sumberg
Photo: Sandra Sumberg
Photo: Styleograph
Photo: Styleograph

The extra long coat

From trench coats to coats made from velvet and wool, all of the fashionistas are wearing it extra long. The classic streamlined silhouette is feminine and flattering and it can also function as a transitional piece between seasons.

Photo: Sandara Sumberg
Photo: Sandara Sumberg
Photo: Sandara Sumberg
Photo: Diego Zuko

Bright fur coat

A colourful fur coat is a staple piece that can refresh any outfit and bring some fun attitude to your wardrobe, especially in the gloomy weather. Whether it’s a bright magenta, a lemon yellow or a mint green, the joyful maximalist coat is all you need to turn heads on your way to a fashion show.

Photo: Getty Image
Photo: Diego Zuko
Photo: Jonathan Daniel Pryce
Photo: Kuba Dobrowski

Five lessons to learn from Quebec street style

Paris may be the fashion capital of the world, but Quebec, the little sister of the chicest European city, definitely has her own charm and uniqueness.

It is so easy to fall under the spell of Quebec city, from the European architecture with splashes of colour, to the modern boutiques and sidewalk cafes. And, of course, the street style. The Quebecois citizens truly bring their own interpretation and their own individuality to what we call Parisian style.

The local fashionistas juggle between the effortless elegant style of the French women to the practical approach that resemble the typical Canadian women. The fashion scene in Quebec is pulling from two directions, Europe and North America, and that’s what makes it so special.

Photo Credit: Dentelle Et Fleurs


We thought it would be great to share some of the eclectic style, blended with electric cool elements, of the Quebecois woman:

Push the boundaries

The cosmopolitan city, which is influenced by both the French and American cultures, creates a unique style. The street style in Quebec is full of stylish girls who are known for their creativity and their mix and match approach, in the way they are dressing up. To adopt their boldness attitude, don’t be afraid to introduce colours or different patterns unexpectedly in your daily routine.

Photo Credit: Alex Closet

Learn the art of layering

Whatever Mother Nature throws at you, the typical Quebecois girl has developed excellent skills that make her the queen of layering. She knows how to layer in style throughout the day, so the craziness of the weather will not come to her as a surprise. To adopt this attitude choose the layers piece wisely, a classy trench coat or basic cardigan in neutrals colours that can be worn frequently. Try to combine between simple pieces and play up with patterns and different lengths

Photo Credit: Dynamite clothing (Julia Mateian)


Take it easy

The Quebecois appreciate the value of timeless pieces that are well fitted. Keep your look simple with a classic silhouette without being skin-tight. The keywords are sophistication and elegant blended with confidence and boldness, but keep in mind that looking chic doesn’t mean overdressing or revealing too much skin. Think somewhere between effortless chic that meets street look.

Photo Credit: Montreal In Style


Bring on the hipsters

Urban hipsters, androgyny and edgy are some of the words to describe the style and the fashion culture both in Montreal and Quebec City. They have the ability to take a bunch of individual components and mix them together. Be it vintage with designer pieces, or feminine with masculine elements, try bringing on your edgy grungy side with boy style dress shirts, oxford shoes and a cool hat.

Photo Credit: Lou Lou Magazine (Cœur de pirate)


Accessories it

The Quebec woman knows how to maintain a sense of confidence in her appearance. She is aware that attention to details is what make her look stands out, by building her outfit around some staple pieces. For instance, you can wear a white t-shirt, black jacket and skinny jeans with a pop of colour like a bold scarf, red lipstick or statement necklace. The entire concept however, is to keep the look simple and not to exaggerate with many accessories at once.

Photo Credit: Montreal In Style (Anik)



Chasing a dream with ‘Walking Canucks’


Nowadays street style plays a critical role in the fashion industry which makes street style photographers more influential than ever before.Bill Cunningham, who passed away recently at age 87, was considered the father of street style photography and paved the way for other young ambition photographers by defining street style photography as an artistic dimension of fashion.

Daniel Kim aka Walking Canucks, is one of the most promising Toronto-based street style photographers in the fashion industry. Daniel became a rising photographer through his street style coverages of international renowned fashion weeks such as New York, London, Paris, and Milan.

The up-and-coming street style photography star, Daniel Kim, was invited as a guest speaker in a summer seminar hosted by Coreators in Woodsworth College Residence. In the symposium, Daniel talked about his experience as the guy on the other side of the camera, his struggles in the fashion industry while holding down a 9-5 day job, and finished up with some useful tips for those considering entering this competitive field.

ss17 milan
Milan Fashion Week – Men SS17

Liat Neuman: How did you get started in photography?

Daniel Kim: I always knew that photography was my passion, and I wanted to give it a shot and experience things through it. I started just by collecting pictures that I liked, and I bought my professional camera on boxing day. My first experience with fashion week was TOM* and all the different fashion weeks in Toronto. At that time I didn’t have the exact concept of what I wanted to shoot, but I had the urge of doing something greater. I slowly built up the courage to experience in taking pictures and then I decided to take my dream to the next level and pursue the challenge. Therefore, I got a professional gear and in 2015 I flew to Paris Fashion Week. This experience changed my life. I learned so much from it, as how to communicate with people as well as with other photographers.

L.N.: Why did you decide to get into street style?

D.K.: I tried out different fields like fashion photography in a studio where you have to set up the light, and I realized that I like better the spontaneity of the streets vs. prettying everything up artificially. I like to shoot fashion in its natural environment and capture stylish people that I randomly bump into.

L.N.: What are the things you look for when taking street style pictures and how would you define your personal style?

D.K.: I think every street fashion photographer has their trigger point. I appreciate when people are wearing beautiful clothes and being creative, but it has to be something colourful, bright or patterned. Otherwise, it will not catch my eyes; this is my trigger point.

New York Fashion Week – SS16

L.N.: Where do you go to find stylish people to shoot when fashion week is over?

D.K.: Besides Toronto Fashion Week, there is the whole fashion scene in Toronto which includes events like TOM* and FAT (Fashion Art Toronto). Also, I have favourite places to capture this street style in this city. Usually, I go to Queen and Spadina street corner after work and shoot people passing by.

L.N.: How competitive is trying to get the best shot among so many other talented street style photographers?

D.K.: Every photographer is there for the same reason, to capture the best moment. For me, it’s a sport. It is like an African safari, the photographers are lions who eager to hunt, but I love running around, shooting and capturing the best moment at the right angle. 

L.N.: What is your favourite fashion week?

D.K.: The atmosphere is completely different in each city, but from all the fashion weeks around the world, I would say Paris. It’s the perfect place to get experience. Paris is more like the finale of fashion weeks, and there’s something special about this city, the background, the weather, the beautiful clothes and all these parties you can socialize.

paris fashion week
Paris Fashion Week – FW16

L.N.: Who do you look up to or inspires you?  

D.K.: Tommy Ton, Adam Katz, and Scott Schuman have been the biggest influence on me. I got a lot of inspiration from their work. From fashion blogger or influencer aspect,  I don’t have a favourite person who I admire the most; it’s different every time. I appreciate the style more than the person behind the name, and I will take his/her picture no matter if he/she famous or not.

L.N.: Do you have a piece of advice for other photographers trying to find their niche in this industry?

D.K.: I respect those who find their passion and turn it into their full-time job, so don’t be afraid to follow your dream and don’t give up because you will succeed eventually. Keep your primary job, because it is there to support and help you growing your passion. Also, I encourage other photographers to attend other fashion weeks around  the world. It does worth going there and experience the atmosphere with all the relevant people from fashion industry wearing the coolest clothes. Finally, I would like to say that it’s crucial too when you have a good friend or partner who supports your dream.

Milan Fashion Week – SS16

All the photos courtesy of Walking Canucks.

For more street style photos by Daniel Kim visit www.walkingcanucks.com

Street Style Recap – Toronto Fashion Week

Last week the city of Toronto once again hosted Canada’s leading fashion event, the Toronto Fashion Week (TFW). Both international and local media, as well as industry professionals were there to not only support all of the established Canadian designers, but also the emerging talent who took the stage in front of such an excited, yet typically critical, audience.

The shows and collections showcased at the tents radiated more talent than ever before, demonstrating that Toronto deserves to share the title of ‘fashion capital’ with London, Paris, or NYC.

Toronto Fashion Week is also the nexus of fashion and diversity. As a result, the best term to describe the style projected on the streets is eclectic.

As usual, we proudly partnered with acclaimed street style photographer Chris Smart who knows better than anybody how to capture the best looks that embrace everyone’s individuality.

These are the most relevant street style trends spotted at David Pecaut Square this season:













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