5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Apartment (On a Budget)

If you fall prey to the time-honoured tradition of spring cleaning, you may inevitably fall into another annual spring home ritual: thinking that your place is actually pretty boring, and that it’s time to give it a makeover.

I usually partake in this by browsing expensive furniture sites until I’m depressed enough to give up,  but there actually are ways to give your living space a refresher without dropping thousands of dollars. We’ve got five of those ways here.

1. Go Green

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Dare I say it, but plants are trendy right now. Adding a little green to your home is a great way to add some life to empty spaces and freshen up a cramped space. Some may go all out with plants, filling their places with mini-trees with huge, sprawling leaves, or with something nearly impossible to care for like orchids.

The rest of us are going the way of the succulent and it’s easy to see why. Succulents are affordable and relatively easy to care for. (They actually DO need to be watered, just not as often as other plants.) You can get some teeny-tiny fellas to pop into a windowsill and call it a day, or go with something a bit more extravagant. As someone who is terrible at keeping things alive and has two succulents, it is important to do a bit of research into their care before you get one. If I’m being entirely honest, both my plants have one foot in the grave at this point.

If any level of plant care is too much, there are always fake ones. And honestly, with some of them, you can’t even tell the difference right away. No care required, but your apartment will still look fresh and fancy af.

2. Art

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Let me be very clear. When I’m talking about art, I’m not talking about art. I don’t mean you can finally put up that original Rothko you inherited or anything, but if you have lots of blank wall space, why not fill it?

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You can decorate your walls with anything. Maps, photographs, old postcards. I have a penchant for space-related posters and charts. You could put up old movies posters (ask at independent theatres if they keep their old posters, and if they have any you can take). If you can find an antique market near where you live, a quick browse there could give you lots of ideas.

It’s a way of decorating your place, sure, but these are the kinds of things that make the place you live your home. It’s glimpses into your personality, your interests and likes, and it adds character to a place that could very well be boring.

3. Scent

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You ever have that moment where you’re walking through your apartment and something just smells…off? Nine times out of ten it’s the garbage you’ve been meaning to take out for like, three days, or it’s your neighbours experimenting with cooking again. I’m a person who likes my apartment to smell good, if I can help it. I’ll open windows to get fresh air inside, I’ll spray Febreeze all over my pillows and I’ll light candles.

Candles are my way of adding a little extra to my apartment. They’re a really nice touch on a cool, rainy day and I always have one going when I’m expecting company. It’s the perfect way for people to assume you have your life together.

If you’re scared of fire or candles in general are not a good option for you, may I recommend diffusers, a flame-free way to bring scent into your space. If you don’t like artificial scents at all, there’s the option of sticking some bounce sheets into choice places: one in your bed, tucked into the sofa, behind a pillow.

Last but to leas,t may I reinforce, do not underestimate the power of opening a window. Getting a breeze going through a stuffy apartment is like an I.V. for the soul.

4. Revamping Your Furniture

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No one can afford new furniture. Or at least some of us can’t. Most of the apartments I lived in while at university came with their living room and dining room furniture already there, and at the time that was a godsend.

If you are living at a place where the furniture was already there, or you’ve bought your own older, maybe second-hand stuff, there are still so many ways to make them seem new. Re-varnish your dining room table, or at least throughly clean it. Get a cover for your sofa, or even use a cool curtain you found at Value Village. This is especially helpful in covering up mysterious stains on couches.

If you have some cash to spare, pick up some throw pillows or a blanket to add some comfort to the living room. These things are also helpful in the event of unexpected overnight guests.

If your bed is feeling a bit old or unappealing, consider some new pillowcases or a duvet cover. You don’t have to break bank on bedding. There are so many places you can find affordable and nice stuff, such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Society6, Urban Outfitters and yes, Ikea.

5. Storage

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Every apartment has something akin to The Corner or The Chair, a place where everything that does not have a place winds up. It can be an eyesore in your space and is a black hole of miscellaneous paraphernalia. Event though you know what lies there, you can never seem to find it.

Storage solutions doesn’t sound fun. It sounds like buying a giant plastic bin and putting everything in that bin and leaving it in a closet somewhere.

What it can be is reusing items you already have or finding inexpensive alternatives for storing things. Leftover baskets or containers from market produce can be washed and used to store small things. At one of my old apartments, I kept my books in milk crates that I stacked on their sides to create a makeshift bookshelf. When you hit the bottom of a candle, freeze it and then scrape out the wax so you can use it as storage for jewellery, hair accessories, anything you need.

And if all of this is sounding a bit too crafty, I will once again defer to the ever-wonderful Value Village, or any local thrift store, where you can find storage baskets, containers and old shelving units. When it comes to fixing up your apartment on a budget, secondhand is the only way to go. But also watch out for secondhand furniture that may be haunted. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but I am saying I’ve seen Oculus and you were warned.

New Year, New Apartment

It’s that time again — the holidays are over but you’re not ready to take down all the decorations and pack away the holiday cheer. The thing is, you don’t need tinsel and twine to make your apartment merry and bright! Something about adding new touches to your apartment can give it a whole new look and get you out of a post-holiday rut. Here are a few ways you can refresh and get your apartment in shape for 2017.

1. Get rid of things you don’t need/love

Before you start buying more pieces, get rid of the stuff you know you don’t need. If it’s not something you use regularly and is only taking up space, get rid of it. If you have multiples of the same thing, or the item is not worth the time you spend cleaning and storing it, say goodbye. One of the most important things is to know whether you love an item, or just feel obligated to love it. I find myself hoarding things because of sentiments. Truth is, half the time I don’t even remember where it came from.  If you don’t truly love something, or you feel you are keeping it out of obligation, do yourself a favour and just put it in the donation pile.

Another thing — throw out your old makeup. I can’t be the only one that still finds lip gloss from middle school when I’m going through stuff. For some reason, I never bother to throw it out — as if I need the glitter infused, cola-tasting lip concoction. Decluttering includes EVERYTHING, including your makeup brushes that have seen better days.

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2. Hide the ugly stuff/things that overwhelm you.

Not everything in your apartment can be beautiful. If possible, put those things away. There are necessary things and miscellaneous things that just don’t have a place to go.  Putting these things away will help clear your space. This doesn’t mean you have to store them in those big clunky storage boxes that belong in a garage. Use sleek office boxes to store files and documents and patterned shoe boxes to store photos and other knick-knacks. Make sure to label your boxes as well. Then put them away where you won’t see them. Out of site, out of mind.

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3. Change the paint/add some wallpaper.

Adding a fresh coat of  paint can really transform your space, even if it’s just one accent wall. If you need to revamp your apartment but it’s a rental, you can get removable wallpaper. It’s a hassle-free way to create a huge impact. Use wallpaper on a singular wall as an accent or cover any surface, such as a book shelf or table to give the room a pop. Moody florals have been around for a bit but I still love it.


4. Change the lighting.

Living in a space with dull lighting is terrible, and it’s only after you switch for brighter lighting that you notice the difference. If you don’t have enough sunlight coming through, get yourself a new lamp, or some under-the-cabinet lighting in the kitchen. Any sort of light will transform the space. I find it best to go with warm toned bulbs. It feels more homey, rather than cool toned lights which tend to make you feel like you’re in a hospital, or the grocery store. Fairy lights, candles, and even neon signs are all additional touches to your apartment that will help brighten it up, yet still feel cozy.


5. It’s all in the details.

The details are what make a house a home. Change up the details to change the whole tone of your space. Things like door handles, cabinet knobs,  and light switch covers can all be easily changed.  Anthropologie has some really unique doorknobs that you can mix and match. Get a new coffee table book, or a new candle. Switch out your curtains. Put up some new art, or prints. Personalize your home with framed photos. Create a gallery wall you can be proud of. Replace the pine and holiday garlands with hanging or climbing plants — these are super trendy right now and will bring some life into your space. There are so many little things you can do to your apartment that will impact the space as a whole.

Photo: thenectarcollective.com

Start off the year with these changes to your apartment. It doesn’t have to be a big project to have a big impact. Simple upgrades will help you get out of that post-holiday rut and start 2017 with a “new” space.