10 must-have items for Spring

With Christmas dinner barely digested, we are already thinking about spring.

This is not our fault, though, and we shouldn’t feel guilty about it since brands put their spring collection in store in January. Even if you are not the kind to go crazy for the winter sales, you may have seen some spring items online or even on the streets. Yes, some of us are trying to avoid winter with wishful thinking. Anyways, if you are getting tired of winter clothes, this article is for you.

What’s in this spring? Here are the 10 must have items for the next season.


1. The brand logo T-shirt

If you think that sportswear style wouldn’t be a thing next spring, you are wrong. The ’90s style still a trend. You can play with it even more than you did in 2017 because brand logos are back and will turn our boring clothes into catchy must-haves. This FILA t-shirt from Topshop is the kind you need to look cool and stylish.

2. The little black dress

Every season should have its own little black dress. For this spring, we found the perfect one from Laisure. It’s actually difficult to find a black dress that doesn’t make you look overdressed or too formal. For this season, this one will give you the fresh look you are looking for this spring.

3. The lavender lipstick

Remember the last makeup trends? Zigzag eyebrows, snogging lipstick… weird right?! Well, this season won’t go that far. Seen on the runways at Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors, and Bottega Veneta’s fashion shows, lavender is going to be the next it-color and we thought it will be even trendier to wear it on your lips. We found this Barry M matte lipstick on Asos.

4. The cabbie hat

Already seen last season, the cabbie hat is still fashionable this spring. We really love this trend because it makes you look like a supermodel and gives you this fancy twist even if you are wearing a pair of jeans. If you didn’t have the occasion to wear one during the cold season, or if you preferred wearing a warm beanie which is understandable, spring will give you the chance to give it a shot. Get this one at Forever 21.

5. The pair of mules

Again, this piece is not a new trend but wearing mules in 2018 is going to be a must!!! Almost every shoe brand has one in its collection. Make your feet ready and do your nails because your toes are going to need to show-off. This season, we have so many choices, different colors, materials and shapes. Whatever you like wearing during sunny days, you will find the pair for you. You will find this satin one with pearls at Le Château.


6. Flower printed accessories

Prints are really interesting this season. Unlike past years, the bigger the better! Brand logos, stripes, but also tartan and dots, we have seen everything on tge runways. Because it’s not easy to wear them, we suggest you to go for floral print on accessories. Choose between big ’60s floral prints, soft floral prints, or micro floral prints: Yes, you will have the choice. We found this perfect handbag at Nine West.


7. The denim jacket

You probably already have a denim jacket in your closet but this spring, this must have has to be oversize. You can borrow your boyfriend’s or go for this piece from Urban Outfitters. If you are still not convinced about the oversize trend and feel like it doesn’t flatter you, wear it with a skin-tight t-shirt and roll up the sleeves. Also, don’t be afraid to go for a denim on denim outfit, this will actually be the best way to wear it.

8. Tiny sunglasses

Sometimes, trends come from celebrities and not brands. This one in particular has been launched by Bella Hadid. After the stupefaction and after seeing them on every Stars as Kim Kardashian or her little sister Kendall, we finally agree that this trend makes you feel cooler than ever. Get yours at Roberi and Fraud.

9. The plastic jacket

Also seen on the runways, transparency jackets are one of the biggest season trends. No excuses, you can’t look ugly under your jacket anymore! This trend has actually been seen on severals items during fashion week. Simone Rochas, Burberry and Calvin Klein used the trend to create beautiful dresses and Emporio Armani played transparency on a cardigan. You will find this funny poncho at Topshop.


10. The embroidery dress

This last trend is probably the best. No need to wait for a proposal, we can now wear an embroidery white dress anywhere: Yup yup! Well, we still advise that you wear it as a cocktail dress but, anyway, put your heel on, grab your flower crown and be the most stylish girl of the street. Get yours at Zalando.



For Heron Preston’s second collection, the designer developed pieces with a subversive sense of humor. Preston dipped into his personal history to create a graphics-heavy, referential collection inspired by kitsch and fine art, from Jeff Koons’s ceramic sculptures to the designer’s own memories of paintings in display homes in the Northern California suburbs. This season also marks the debut of Heron Preston womenswear, presented alongside the men’s collection.

For more information Heron Preston, please visit the designer’s website here

The best of Paris Men’s Fashion Week

Men’s fashion weeks around the world sometimes get a bad wrap as being mere fillers used to hold the fashion market between the ladies’ shows, which, to some extent, is true. With fashion being a predominantly female-focused industry, designers sometimes ended up creating menswear as a quick fix to engender male buyers’ interest in the brand. The result: lackluster and uninspired collections that really had nothing to do with the brand apart from carrying its name on the label. However, it seems as though many designers are finally understanding the power that a solid menswear line can have. Every season, it seems that more and more designers are popping up on the men’s week schedules, all with their own styles, twists, and innovative designs aimed at changing the face of menswear around the world.

Thom Browne

Photos: Vogue Runway

It looks as if the biggest trend this season is genderless clothing, the mixing and matching of men’s and women’s to create a new range of clothing that fit the term “humanwear” rather than menswear. At Thom Browne, the air was heavy with the idea of gender non-conformity. What was once seen as women’s clothing was quickly turned into a collection of genderless formal wear, at once crisp and heavily based on traditional tropes of masculinity, but also made soft and feminine through the use of tailoring and length. Thom Browne created a double image, almost like two images placed on top of one another. It isn’t either or, it’s about humanity and its similarities rather what makes what gender what.

Dior Homme

Photos: Vogue Runway

Now it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the spring collections are riddled with shorts. The whole point of a spring collection is to provide the customers with a seasonally appropriate outfit as the weather starts to warm up. However, it seems that, over the past few seasons, men’s shorts seemed to have been getting shorter and shorter. This is most likely due to the fact that menswear is only very rarely affected by the rules of masculinity and femininity. So it wasn’t in the least bit shocking to see designer Kris Van Ashe send out a flurry of cropped hems on the runway at Dior Homme. The beauty in this collection comes from the casualness of the shorts. Instead of creating a traditionally formal look for menswear, it creates a much more youthful and carefree silhouette.


Photos: Vogue Runway

Jun Takahashi is no stranger to creating interesting and fiercely modern knitwear for his collections at Undercover. His post-apocalyptic ’90s cyberpunk collection is very relevant to what’s been happening over the last year with the massive influx of punk, grunge, and metal in menswear. But it isn’t just the heavy knits that make this collection something worth looking into. The outerwear is exceptionally well made and eye-catching. Oversized garments also seemed to be a big selling point throughout the collection. Exaggerated trapeze style coats walked alongside massive, overstretched flannels, and sweaters add to the “I don’t care, I wear what I want!” attitude of the collection.

Lucien Pellat-Finet

Photos: Vogue Runway

“How do you do preppy in 2017 without having to resort to beige cargo shorts and a candy coloured polo shirt?” That must have been the question designer Lucien Pellat-Finet must have been asking himself when he designed this fun take on the varsity jock’s go-to for his Spring 2018 collection. What’s interesting about this collection is the subtle yet completely recognizable throwback to the early ’90s jock — the inviting pastels as well as the velours and gauzy prints that scream varsity loungewear. Think Mark Paul Gosslear in Saved by the Bell, just far more high fashion. Another statement that jumps out here is one that was being made at many of the other collections. There was a real sense of soft femininity which may have either been brought on by the pastels, or the subtle change in fit. While most of the garments looked to be normal length, some were designed to fit a tad bit on the cropped size; an ode to womenswear for sure.


Photos: Vogue Runway

One of the biggest surprises to come out of Paris menswear week this season had to be designer Juun. J’s “formless and genderless” collection. The collection, which featured men’s and women’s clothing, was created with the ultimate goal of being interchangeable, the line between menswear and womenswear virtually indistinguishable. There were clear men and ladies influences. The hard pinstripe suiting and outerwear and the soft flowing shirting and caftan style dresses meshed and interchanged beautifully with one another. The collection showed its audiences that interchangeable unisex collections aren’t something of science fiction. They’re very now and seem to be a driving force behind the engine that is fashion. Take the army green hoodie paired with the long white caftan dress that walked the show. The entire look is completely wearable for both men and women without altering the look of the outfit itself.

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