Summer Shoe Essentials: Lacoste Spring/Summer 2017 is here!

With the warm summer sun just around the corner, the time has finally come for everyone to start making the switch from their winter wardrobes, to their summer ones. And with the change in clothes comes the big accessories change. Gone are the gloves and boots, and in come the sandals and sneakers. Luckily, Lacoste has just released a beautiful collection of spring/summer footwear that’s bound to liven up anyone’s summer wardrobe this season. Filled with many revamped classics and tons of new styles. Lacoste is ready to update your summer shoe game in fresh and exciting ways!

Cambrai 117 2 and Laccord 117 1

Top: Ladies Cambrai 117 2 – Bottom: Mens Laccord 117 1 | Photos: Lacoste

Heels can be one of the most empowering pieces of footwear a woman can buy. That’s why they’ve become synonymous with the office workplace power shoe. However, the heat and humidity that comes with the warmer weather can sometimes make a beloved pair of heels the most unbearable pair of shoes to wear. Luckily heels aren’t the only option you have for the workplace. The ladies Lacoste’s Cambrai 117 2 in Light Grey gives you the perfect balance between formal and sporty. The shoe can be easily paired with jeans or dress pants and a blazer. Allowing the wearer to mix and match the shoe for whatever situation their workplace calls for. For men, the Laccord 117 1 in Tan is the perfect versatile office shoe. Taking you from meeting to after work drinks. Depending on your workplace environment, the Laccord can be worn in perfect harmony with anything from a pair of dark coloured jeans or casual pants, to a navy suit or sand coloured suit. Giving you the perfect dress down or dress up shoe for your work day.

Carnaby Evo 117 3 and Carnaby Evo 217 1

Top: Ladies Carnaby Evo 117 3 – Bottom: Mens Carnaby Evo 217 1 | Photos: Lacoste

When looking for an ever day shoe. It’s important to look for something that not only works well with your entire wardrobe but also showcases your personality through colour, detail, and style. The ladies Lacoste Carnaby Evo 117 3 in Metallic Pink is the perfect casual shoe that does just that. Easily going from workplace to weekend and back again. The Carnaby Evo 117 3 meshes the classic crispness of a Lacoste sneaker with a fresh and modern hint of trendy metallic pink. Allowing you to move from outfit to outfit without compromising style and comfort. For men, Lacoste’s Carnaby Evo 217 1 in White and Blue gives you an updated take on a classic style that goes with just about everything. The crisp whiteness of the shoe mixed with that beautiful pop of denim blue gives you the perfect cool summer shoe to showcase around town, at work, and whatever other fun summer activities you may find yourself getting up to.

Promenade Ace 217 1 and L.30 Sport Slide

Top: Ladies Promenade Ace 217 1 – Bottom: Mens L.30 Sport Slide | Photos: Lacoste

The perfect summer wardrobe is never complete without a comfortable and stylish pair of sandals. The key to finding the perfect pair is to go for staple colours like black, white, and navy or punchy colours like jewel tones and pastels. This season, Lacoste has sweet summers styles for everyone’s needs. The ladies Promenade Ace 217 1 in light Orange and White are the perfect shade of sherbet orange to add a soft jolt of colour to any summertime wardrobe. Easily paired with jeans, shorts, and dressier slacks. The fresh combination of orange and white give you the versatility of wearing the sandal casually or more formal depending on your outfit choice. On the men’s side, the L.30 Sport Slide in Black gives you a simple and classic silhouette that pairs perfectly with a vast array of summer outfits. The simplistic minimalist style and colour mean you won’t have to take time out of your day to worry about what outfit goes with what shoe. Just throw on your slide and your ready for the day!

One month, One Style – Bras Out

Its finally starting to feel like spring and we are more then ready to refresh our wardrobe for the warmer season ahead. Now is the time to say goodbye to all the heavy layers and be prepared to reveal some great amount of skin. Or, in other words, sun out, bras out.

The old days when you had to hide your bra from peeking out from your shirt is over. One of the seasonal highlight this spring summer included bringing out our intimate garments into the spotlight. Surprisingly there are several ways to wear the bra as part of your outfit without feeling too out there. It all depends on how you wear it. It is quite challenging to draw the line between the fashionable and the jarring. To help you find the right balance, here are five cool options:

Over Your Shirt

If you are still not ready to wear undergarment on its own, there is another way to rock this bold trend. Bralettes and bras, which have been seen everywhere lately, can be worn on top of your favourite t-shirt or, on colder days, on top of a light weight turtleneck. For a fashion forward statement, pair it with a strong-shouldered blouse. This is also a great way to show off your new bra in public without feeling that you went too far with this fashion forward trendy piece.

Photo: Kenzo, Vouge

With a transparent shirt

The sheer trend is still going strong this season, so here is your chance to combine between these two hot trends together and create a daring statement. There is no doubt that this trend is undeniably sexy and therefore we suggest to reserve it for off-duty hours. To make things more interesting and to create a bold statement, simply choose a colourful bra underneath any delicately transparent shirt.

Photo: Carven, Vogue

The power suit

One of the unforgettable moments of the ’90s fashion is when Madonna showed off her pinstripe suit with the iconic cone bra in her Blond Ambition tour. Well, nowadays this look is no longer guarded only for the stage or for the runway. It has been seen on the streets among fashion bloggers and celebs. alike. We all agree that a power suit creates a strong and powerful appearance, so to soften up the sharp look, a full coverage bra that peekaboos underneath is the perfect solution. We suggest to pair it with a waist-high trousers and a fitted blazer or with a silky suit for a feminine appeal.

Photo: Les Compains, Vouge

Just a hint

Bralettes can be visibly hidden under a low cut blouse, a buttoned-down shirt, or with a deep v neck sweater. Every kind of bralette is welcome here, from lacy bras to satin, corset or even frilly patterned ones as long as you don’t expose too much skin. Otherwise you are taking the  risk of looking inappropriate (too cheap). To make the look daytime acceptable, keep the rest of the styling minimal.

Nina Ricci – Vogue

Sporty spice 

Exploring the current street style leads us to one conclusion: the ’90s trend is as relevant as ever. The nostalgic references taken from the fashion icons of the ’90s like Spice Girls, Gwen Stefani, or TLC are proving that the sports bra is having a moment and that it’s a must have item to embrace the urban sporty look. The athletic bra is definitely less boudoir and therefore you should treat it as you would a crop top. To complete the effortless look, simply pair it with sweatpants and accessorize with cool sneakers, a statement clutch, or even with an oversized kimono in order to give your outfit a fashion-forward vibe.

Photo: Etro, Vouge

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Haute Couture Spr 2017 Highlights

Couture week is one of the most anticipated weeks on the fashion yearly calendar. It’s that special time of year when designers can truly flex their designer muscles and showcase exactly what they’re made of. It’s in these two weeks that the biggest and most illustrious fashion are given the budget and the audience to create the most elaborate and extravagant of collections. But it isn’t about creating sellable collections, as most spring, fall, resort, and pre-fall collections are about. No, Couture week is about creating a fantasy. It’s about weaving a dream together and wrapping that dream in a neat bow for the houses’ exclusive list of clientele. This season, audiences were treated to some of the greatest haute couture produced in recent years. Designers must have taken note of the underwhelming response they were getting from fashion lovers around the world because this season marked the return of theatrics to the haute couture stage; something that hasn’t been seen since the heyday of Galliano at Dior and Valentino Garavani at the helm of his namesake brand.

Photo by Marcus Tondo


Bertrand Geyon of Schiaparelli truly is a force to be reckoned with. Since his debut at Schiaparelli not too long ago, Bertrand has managed to not only recreate Elsa Schiaparelli’s iconic graphic aesthetic, he’s also found a way to make the brand fit in perfectly with today’s contemporary fashion trends. Geyon’s strong east Asian influences are bright as day when held against the collection’s crisp whites. Patterned garments are smartly sprinkled throughout the collection, to ground the audiences in between the sea of pristine white and scarlet. Another standout aspect of the collection is the emphasis on tailoring. As all great couturiers do, Bertrand has created a collection with such precise silhouettes and cuts that it’s impossible to find a garment that looks disproportionate on the model’s body. The suiting, in the case, works in perfect harmony with the tailoring to create a streamlined silhouette that’s bound to suit the wearer, no matter their size.

Photo by Marcus Tondo

Guo Pei

Guo Pei has solidified herself as the reigning queen of haute couture. Her impressive rake on modern couture is by far the closest humanity has to recreate the extravagant costumes and pieces once produced in Paris many moons ago. This season, Pei took her audience on another extravagant trip to the land of pure extravagance, when she chose to recreate classical renaissance and romantic paintings for her collection. The collection saw giant masterpieces by renaissance masters come to life right before the audience’s very eyes. Rich tones of gold were intricately woven into every outfit, making the entire collection glow, like a gilded frame of a masterpiece you’d find in the Louvre rather than the runway. However, even with its heavy influences, Guo Pei’s venture into spring couture wasn’t heavy at all. The charming outfits had a rather light-as-air feel about them that added to the magic of the show. A perfect example of this was Pei’s reinterpretation of the classic bubble skirt, made famous by fellow couturier Christian Lacroix, which billowed out and bobbed around the model like a chandelier made of clouds, as opposed to a tangle of fabric and boning.

Photos by Yannis Vlamos


It really is the moment every fashion lover around the world has been waiting for. After having to endure multiple seasons of lackluster collections,  Karl Lagerfeld has finally hunkered down and produced a collection for Chanel that would stop any critic dead in their tracks. Gone are the days of fashion critics asking “what happened to Chanel? What happened to Karl?” because the legend himself has created a monumental collection that returned the historic French house back to its roots. There were no overly elaborate runways and no gimmicky props, instead, Karl relied on the pure esprit of Coco Chanel to create a collection that manages to be modern and fresh, while retaining a sense of old world elegance. The classic Chanel tweed suit, seen in the sweetest shades of candied pastel, are brought back to life with retro styling via thick belts and hats, giving the classic silhouette a Jem and the Holograms-esque feel. However, the true stars of the show are the feathered numbers. Countless gowns came waltzing down the runway topped off with marabou accents that made the models look as if they were floating on a bed of air rather than walking. These feathered concoctions were the pinnacle of the show, proving that in one way or another, Uncle Karl’s still got, and whatever it is, he’s not letting it go anytime soon.

Photos by Ralph & Russo

Ralph & Russo

Always being a Couture week favourite, couture week newcomers Tamara Ralph and Micahel Russo seem to always hit the nail on the head when designing new collections, and this season was no exception. Opting for a wonderfully pleasant mix between edgy and classic, Ralph & Russo’s spring collection was a dazzling display of craftsmanship that keeps true to what couture is known for. Every garment that came down the runway was perfectly poised and ready to become a red carpet showstopper. But unlike previous collections, this season’s Ralph & Russo show seemed to be created with white in mind. Countless gowns billowed down the runway in a variety of fabrics that showcased unmatched embroidery against a creamy white canvas. But that isn’t to say that colour didn’t play a vital role in the collection. Sprinkled throughout were confections in navy, emerald, black and red along with soft pastel blues and lilacs that helped break up the multitude of white gowns that were storming the runway. One interesting look that really stood out from the pack was a sparkling metallic cocktail-length dress that looked as though finer optic lights had come to life and attached themselves to a dress, dancing at every chance they could.

Photos by Imaxtree

Yumi Katsura

While not officially on the couture week schedule, designer Yumi Katsura still managed to show a collection which burst at the seams with the same glamour and prestige that any of the big couture houses are known for. Which raises the question —  can couture still be couture even if it isn’t officially part of the group? The answer is yes. Even though Katsura’s brand isn’t part of the official couture roster, it still embraces and exemplifies the same high-quality craftsmanship that the big names do, which is enough to ensure Yumi a spot on this list. For her spring 2017 collection, Katsura took us on a trip through the time. Specifically Japan during the swinging 60’s. Now many designers have sought out Japan as an inspiration for their collections, but Katsura is really the first designer to showcase Japan’s western influences right after the war. 60’s style min-dresses were given a bold overhaul, with asymmetric hems and graphic Japanese silks, while traditional silk kimonos were paired with beautifully tailored silk pants and blouses, giving the collection a relaxed and retro feel that compliments the entire collection.

Photos by Yannis Vlamos

Maison Margiela

When it seems as if John Galliano has finally peaked, he comes back and hits the fashion world with another jaw-dropping collection, and spring 2017 artisanal was no exception. Drawing on the obsession with today’s youth and technology, it seemed that the collection was somewhat rooted in the contemporary obsession with oneself. Traditional Marginal deconstruction is met face to face with well. . .a face. Clothing seemed to take on a life of its own, it became sentient; a physical representation of our current obsession with ourselves. Faces were everywhere. They were crudely mapped out or delicately sewn into coats either using bits of string, any yarn, or clouds of black chiffon, sending a strong message about our times. Are we so obsessed with ourselves that even our clothes have to be a physical representation of how we see ourselves? Will we stop at nothing to prove to the world that we too fit its ideal of beauty? Who knows, but one thing is for sure — Galliano’s collection on the modern self ends with a warning. If we keep up our personal obsession with ourselves we just might end up emptier than when we started. We may end up formless and dark, like the foreboding black that closed the show, which although beautiful, wasn’t hard to see that that seemed to just swallow everything around it.

Photos by Alessandro Garofalo

Ulyana Sergeenko

Fashion, for the most part, has sadly been a man’s game. Yet sometimes a woman is able to slip through the cracks and prove to the world that women belong behind the scenes just as much as they belong on the runway. Ulyana Sergeenko is one of these women. Her couture collections are a constant reminder of the sheer brute force that a woman at the helm of a fashion house can be. She understands the essence of couture, the importance of cut and fit and understated luxury. She’s a woman who understands what women want from clothing, who adapts to her clientele’s needs and produces relevant and outstanding collections as a result. For her spring 2017 collection, Sergeenko relied heavily on corsetry and surprisingly, mixed it with sweet yet rebellious 80’s silhouettes, giving the entire collection a bubblegum pop star-meets-Russian aristocrat vibe that works beautifully for Ulyana. And even though the visual stimulation of the collection was enough to leave potential buyers wanting more, the true selling point of the collection is the haute couture itself. The tailoring and fit of the collection were undeniable. The corsetry and breast cups molded beautifully to the model’s bodies while the draping and ruffles seen throughout gave the collection the opulence it needed. A true Russian triumph in the world of couture.

Photos by Redemption


For designer Bebe Moratti’s first collection at Paris Haute Couture, he asked a simple question. What’s couture without a little rock and roll mixed in? The answer, nothing really. That’s because haute couture is essentially rock and roll. It’s the fashion version of a great heavy metal concert where anything goes and any mistakes are just part of the party. And what a party it was. For Bebe’s spring 2017 couture collection, the designer created a collection that marries two completely different eras harmoniously. On one hand, Moratti has the rococo. Known for its softness, its beauty, and its love for pastels and romance. And on the other, the cold steely blade of 70’s and 80’s rock. The two come together beautifully and create a collection that is perfectly Redemption. The mix of rococo inspired poet shirts, pants, and jackets pair seamlessly with the miniskirts and mullet dresses of the 80s. Creating a pure Steven Tyler-esque fantasy that everyone has, at one time or another, connected to. Yet even with its rebellious aesthetic, Moratti’s collection is still rooted in the same luxurious quality that couture should be rooted in. Making the eyes of a fashion lover, and a champion in the eyes of a libertine.

We Want Everything From The COS SS17 Lookbook

COS, the elder sister company of H&M, ticks every box of modern fashion desires. Notorious for their elegant, modern silhouettes, thick and textured fabrics, and minimalist design, COS is the wallet friendly version of The Row (and that is the highest of compliments). At the Novella offices we all let out a dreamy sigh when someone mentions the store. There is an artistic mindfulness to COS in everything they do, from their well-lit changing rooms to the colour coordinated racks of clothes. Mindfulness is at the centre of the SS17 collection, finding balance in every piece. The collection balances function with form, masculine with feminine, natural with industrial, and simplicity with intention.

Photo: COS SS17
Photo: COS SS17

Light is the focal inspiration for both the women and men’s collections. For the women’s collection, the inspiration for the colour palette was James Turrell’s work Within, Without which evokes light and optical effects. For the men, the brand found inspiration for the earthy hues in chiaroscuro effect in Liddy Scheffknecht’s work.

Photo: COS SS17
Photo: COS SS17

The COS Spring/Summer 2017 collection finds a romantic beauty in utility. Each piece has a function, a purpose, yet transcends classic “workwear.” This balance of beauty and utility comes through in the fabrics. Using linen and leather as the primary fabrics for the pieces, both traditional and beautiful fabrics that are made to last, are examples of that. Mixing in lighter fabrics, such as semi-transparent nylon and silk, emphasize the lightness. The ultimate balance in the collection though is that of comfort and style. In the opposite attitude of “beauty is pain,” the pieces have subtly styled details that do not take away from the wearer’s comfort.

Photo: COS SS17
Photo: COS SS17

There is an ease about each piece; it’s as easy as slipping something on and feeling entirely put together. Each piece is entirely complete, from the trousers, to the ruffled-sleeve trench, to the slip on sandals. In the world of COS, next spring will be a sigh of relief, worry free, and filled with optimism.


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Novella Editors Summarize Their Style Using SS17 Runway Looks

Inspired by Vogue, we loved the idea of summarizing our style in three runway looks. Because sometimes we feel like designers can see inside our heads and hearts and feel exactly what we need and throw it on the runway, the fashion team at Novella decided to mood board our style using Spring ’17 runway looks.

Isabel Mundigo-Moore, Fashion Editor

L to R: Creatures of Comfort (Luca Tombolini, Indigital), Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Rejina Pyo

I love a muted colour palette, loose silhouettes, and pieces that hold their structure and shape. Because I don’t wear too much colour, I like to play around with volume, shape, and layering. I love minimalist pieces with interesting design details–extra large pockets, tiny collars, long sleeves–or pieces that evoke a moment from the past. My style is centred on the idea of investing in pieces that will last forever, pieces that I will want to mend over and over, that are timeless (pardon the cliché). Above everything, I feel most confident when I comfortable.

Drew Brown, Editor-in-Chief 

L to R: Gucci, Raf Simons, Robert Geller | Photos: Vogue

My style changes daily based on mood. I am not a morning person, so picking out what to wear can be cumbersome. It’s important that each outfit can easily take me from day to night if needed. I choose looks from Gucci, Raf Simons, and Robert Geller spring ’17 collections. Each look to me feels effortless but still very fashionable.  I tend to buy and gravitate towards pieces that are interchangeable rather than the current trend.

Celia Fernandez, Fashion Features Editor

L to R: Beaufille, Valentino, J.Crew

Ever since culottes came back (around three or four seasons ago), I’ve been completely in love/obsessed with them. For the past two seasons I believe I bought around eight, and I’m not planning to stop. Culottes are cool in any format or version, but if we add a high waist and kick flare to the equation, the result is explosive. Given that my body type isn’t necessary curvy, when it comes to dresses, I love clean lines and simple shapes. However, I like the dress to have some character so, if I find an original fabric or a fun color combination, I’m sold! Finally, I have to talk about my dearest denim. Besides oxygen and water, the third element I need to survive is denim – and chocolate, probably -. I will never get enough of jeans and if you are wondering what I’ll keep buying till 2074, the answer is simple: high-waisted and cropped.

Claire Ball, Editorial Contributor

L to R: Saint Laurent, Band of Outsiders, Yeezy | Photos: Vogue

I tend to stick with what I know, so my style is very repetitive. I often purchase the same item in multiple colours because I know I like it. Overall my style is pretty casual, and I usually go for things that are easily interchangeable with other outfits. I like plain, basic t-shirts, tank tops, and dresses paired with some kind of layer on top, like a jacket or vest. I am really into outwear and layering. Layering oversized shirts (I’m a sucker for plaid), and dresses with hoodies, or leather, jean, or bomber jackets are my go-to. I love wearing all black. Nothing makes me feel more confident and on my game than wearing all black everything.

Jennifer Lee, Marketing Coordinator

L to R: Fendi, Isabel Marant, Christian Dior
L to R: Fendi, Isabel Marant, Christian Dior | Photo: Vogue

I’m often in one outfit from early in the morning until past midnight. Rather than taking too many factors like occasion or practicality into consideration, I try to get through my long days by wearing what best reflects my style. I’m happiest this way. Religiously gravitating towards romantic silhouettes, I find myself pairing blouses and denim or structured shorts like a uniform. If I could mix in all these details to any daily fits, they’d be: ruffles, bows, beaded details, silky PJs, and oversized sleeves. Oh, and all the looks I adore from Zimmermann, Chloe, and Isabel Marant runways.

I am currently layering camisoles and bralette tops over every single piece I pick up from my closet (everyday- it’s become a little obssessive). There are definitely some outfits that make me feel more like “me”, and I’m constantly reaching out to find more of these. My favourite thing to hear is, “you are wearing a very Jen outfit”. It’s one thing to put on clothes for the sake of walking out the door, but there is a distinctive narrative to one’s style, which I believe radiates naturally once one is  comfortable with their worldview towards fashion and the varying ways of portrayal. I remind myself to stay true to my own style, because I really believe in the power of connecting with others using outfits as the medium of message- like the time I wore the same shoes as Celia during my Novella interview!

Christopher Zaghi, Fashion Writer

L to R: Issey Miyake ss17, Comme Des Garcons Shirt ss17, Hopman Design ss17 / Photos: Vogue
L to R: Issey Miyake ss17, Comme Des Garcons Shirt ss17, Topman Design ss17 | Photos: Vogue

In my opinion, personal style is probably one of, if not the most important thing a person must discover if they’d like to work within the fashion industry. Anyone can wear trends as they’re put together by designers, but it’s personal style shows adaptability and freedom. It allows you to put your own personal touch into what’s being sent down the runway, rather than just wearing it straight off of the runway. However, building your own sense of personal style is a difficult talent to learn. Being able to pull things apart to make them your own is a skill that I’m always learning and developing. Often times, it’s hard for me to express my personal style; it’s something that’s ever changing. It’s almost liquid in a sense. One day I may lean towards something a tad bit gothic, other times I’ll lean towards softer, more effervescent looks, while other times it’s athletic wear that catches my eye. It’s this simple mish mash of style choices that truly defines me as a person. That’s why I chose three distinct looks that blend the light and airy colour pallet at Issey Miyake, the gothic elements at Comme Des Garcons Shirt, and a touch of sportswear from the Topman Design collection to truly showcase how flexible my personal style is.

Another aspect of my personal that plays a big part in how I dress is the fact that I’ve never really liked formal wear, so I tend to avoid it at all costs. Luckily, the ss17 collections for men seemed to separate themselves from traditional formal wear for men, and in turn, introduced a new idea for what can be considered luxurious and formal for a man. In the end, It’s really all of these elements that make me who I am style wise. I guess i’m just your average run-of-the-mill 80’s workout wear, suit hating, pastel loving, classic goth appreciating style icon – In my own mind that is!

Liat Neuman, Fashion Writer

L To R: Chloe, Rochas, Proenza Schouler

During the spring time, I love to wear easy breezy pieces and I also have a weakness to a pop of colour, which I know can add a fresh and playful touch to my appearance.

Chloe: The bohemian and free-spirited hippie vibes always inspired me. I love the delicate pieces, such as the airy maxi dress and  I admire the silhouettes that are voluminous yet relaxed.

Rochas: You can’t go wrong with a slip dress worn over a light sweater in shades of beige and the peplum details on top are instantly adding an edgy sophistication to the feminine springy look.

I adore this cool look from Proenza Schouler spring/summer 2017 collection. The bold colours, statement earrings, and the way they play with proportions are all things on my personal style checklist. This asymmetrical skirt paired with oversize sweatshirt is a great pick for an everyday look.