5 Spring Trends We Are In Love With In Spain

One of the greatest perks of living in Spain is that you get to enjoy sunny weather almost all year round. When April arrives, spring has sprung and the city is an explosion of color and joy. The temperature is warm enough to even wear full-on summer clothes, but in cities like Madrid, where it gets chilly in the first and last hours of the day, throwing on a jacket is a must — plus, it adds an extra fashion touch to our look. Here are my 5 favorite spring items that we are already styling here in Spain.


Transitioning from cold and dark winter to warm and sunny spring might not be easy for one reason: we are not yet ready to show some flesh. If you feel like you need more time to get rid of the winter layers, there is no hurry to wear mini dresses this season. Maxi lengths, inspired by Coachella’s festive spirit, are flattering and elegant and at the same time allow you to gradually adapt to higher temperatures. If you want to add an extra sexy vibe to the look, slits that go up your leg are a good choice.

Model: Claudia Peris | Credit: Lucía Peris


Denim never goes out of style, and it is a must-have in every wardrobe. For the past seasons, we’ve witnessed an evolution in classical denim pieces — playing with hems, cutouts, and lengths that surprise both the wearer and the viewer. This spring, embroidery has blossomed as the favourite trend, and it takes form as beautiful flowers that recreate a magical garden in denim pieces from jeans to jackets.

Model: Claudia Peris | Credit: Lucía Peris


When we think about our spring looks, florals come to mind. Although this always will be the print of the season (we’ll talk about it later), stars are actually the ones that are going to brighten up our spring and summer looks. They mostly come in gold, as on this bomber jacket, and grey, and some of them even have an extra sparkly touch with glitter. The perfect print to shine with this season!

Model: Claudia Peris | Credit: Lucía Peris


This is one of favourite items for the season. The classic aviator style comes back this spring but with an unexpected shift: see-through lenses in bright yellow. It automatically upgrades any look, giving an extra cool vibe to the overall outfit. It matches with everything — colors, textures, and styles — but the winning combo is a total white look like this one.

Model: Claudia Peris | Credit: Lucía Peris


As Miranda Priestly would say, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” However, there is no other print that has conquered everyone’s wardrobe and that keeps coming back every spring — from small and colorful flowers against bright backgrounds such as yellow or green, to big ones that dramatically blossom in every piece you can imagine.

Model: Claudia Peris | Credit: Lucía Peris

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What Movies Should You Be Looking Forward To This Spring?

This year’s Oscar season is behind us: you have shed your tears, contemplated the state of race relations in America, and watched a telecast notable for its amount of politically charged speeches and a historical screw-up that will live on in the hearts and minds of viewers as one of the best embarrassing moments the Oscars has ever given us (Warren Beatty’s look of crippling embarrassment thinly hidden behind false good humour is burned in my mind forever). This was an emotional Oscar season for sure, but it is now time to look forward. Spring is the slow kick-off to that time of the year littered with more big-budgeted fare, often depicting superheroes, the destruction of cities, space exploration adventures that are both vibrant and terrifying as well as the odd indie with some intriguing film festival buzz thrown in for good measure. So put away those tissues, get the extra large bag of popcorn, and check out some of these films that are to be released in the coming months.

The Lost City of Z. April 21

It seems as though for the past few years Charlie Hunnam has been making calculated gains towards his slow ascension from “charismatic television star” to “multi-faceted film icon.” Initially making a name for himself through roles in notable dramas such as Queer as Folk, Nicholas Nickleby, and Cold Mountain, he eventually gained a higher level of mainstream success with the FX series, Sons of Anarchy. As such, by the time he appeared in Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, it was clear that he was likely to be on a career track similar to that of Tom Hardy or Channing Tatum’s, as he is able to take on roles that illustrate an ability for physically demanding work as well as for emotional depth and gravitas behind that tough-guy exterior. In May, Hunnam will be appearing in Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, but, frankly, The Lost City of Z, based on David Grann’s 2009 book, is much more intriguing. The film, set in the 1920’s, will focus on the true story of the British explorer Percy Fawcett who set out to find the remains of an advanced civilization that supposedly once existed in the Amazon. Moments in the trailer that show Percy (Hunnam) travelling by boat with his son (Tom Holland of the new Spider-man) while battling his own unhealthy obsessions, and perhaps growing more mentality unhinged, have a certain Apocalypse Now vibe. On top of that, the director, James Gray, who is more well-known for his smaller budgeted dramas such as We Own the Night and Two lovers, will hopefully add a degree of emotional heft not usually seen in recent adventure films.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume. May 2

Comic book fans and their classic rock-loving dads can rejoice as the clear front-runner for the biggest movie of the season is set to be released in less than a month. The first Guardians of the Galaxy seemed to be a case of capturing lightning in a bottle; it proved to be the perfect light and breezy counter-programming to the progressively convoluted Marvel’s Cinematic Universe; it introduced the world to Action Star-era Chris Pratt; it was seemingly the perfect big-budget property for director James Gunn, who made a name for himself with smaller genre-bending films like Slither (2006) and Super (2010); and it mined comedy from the idiosyncrasies of lovable characters. Even if the sequel struggles to retain the same amount of freshness, one is still just as likely to sit back and enjoy the comedic chemistry between the cast, while also being reintroduced to songs that were feared to haven been forgotten by all but the listeners of afternoon classic rock radio. And it’s science: Kurt Russell makes any movie more watchable.

Alien: Covenant. May 19

You may have thought you were done with the revival of the Alien franchise following Prometheus in 2012, but with reported plans of the Covenant being the second installment of a planned prequel trilogy, Ridley Scott is not. And be honest with yourself, you’re also cautiously curious to see what exactly he has planned out. Although Prometheus was conceptually ambitious, providing new and interesting corners into this film universe, it was pretty difficult to ignore moments of thinly-written character development and the wide ratio of questions concerning the plot to actual answers, which, combined, ultimately resulted in the film not reaching its full potential. However, there are some reasons to be hopeful this time around. From the footage already released involving facehuggers and Xenomorphs tearing through crew members’ bodies in new and exciting ways, it’s clear that this story, involving a new crew stumbling upon a seemingly ideal planet for colonization, is planted more firmly in the horror roots that made the franchise successful. Hopefully this will result in a more entertaining balance between the beloved claustrophobic, haunted house scares of the original and the philosophical musings on the nature of life and God, which were so prevalent in Prometheus; which, if successful, could make this new trilogy stand separately from the previous installments. There has also been quite the upgrade in the cast department, this time it includes Michael Fassbender (returning as another android, Walter, while also reprising his previous role), Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, James Franco, and Damian Bachir. The writing credits also are nothing to scoff at either, with a story credit to Michael Green (whose most recent credit was for Logan) and a screenplay credit to John Logan (whose other works include Gladiator, The Aviator, as well as the last two James Bond films). The television spots released have also been appropriately eerie and unsettling as well, especially those featuring Walter. Ridley Scott is clearly working towards perfecting his vision for this trilogy. Let’s hope this time around he nails the landing.

Wonder Woman. June 2

I am by no stretch of the imagination an avid watcher of any sports, but I assume being a fan of DC, in the context of an overcrowded superhero-movie landscape, is kind of like being a passionately die-hard fan of a sports team no matter how many times they let you down. But, like the good fan that I am, I will likely end up seeing Wonder Woman opening weekend, while bracing for impact if the film does not meet my already sober expectations. However, despite being burned from previous DC Comic movie outings, there is reason enough to believe that this may be primed for success. Judging from the trailers that have been released thus far, there seems to be a better marriage here between the edgier, brutal action elements that were also seen in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice — which certainly work towards helping to establish a tone and feel to this universe that is completely separate from that of Marvel — as well as a brighter lets-not-take-ourselves-too-seriously-this-time-around sensibility to the proceedings. Charisma machine Chris Pine has some good underplayed comedic bits in the trailer. Lucy Davis, probably best known for her role in The Office, is charmingly silly. And the writers even let Gal Gadot have moments playing up her own fish-out-of-water position in the plot, as she works alongside the Americans during World War I, presumably to protect not only their world but also that of Themyscira. And thankfully, those moments poking fun at her character do no take away from how ridiculously badass she looks as she nonchalantly bats away a mortar using her shield or slides on the ground towards an adversary with her sword pointed towards his chest. For me, moments like these turn those gritting teeth into an impressed and delighted smile. With beloved Golden Age characters such as these, DC deserves a win. Here’s to hoping the Warner Bros. has gotten their act together.

The Beguiled. June 30

At the moment, this film falls into the category of “I Have No Idea What Is Happening I just Know I Want More of This.” Based on a novel by Thomas Cullinan, this is the latest feature directed by Sofia Coppola, who has not released a film since the tepidly received The Bling Ring in 2013. Also intriguing is Colin Farrell, who seems to be having a nice comeback, as he has been taking on more interesting character roles in recent years in films such as Saving Mr. Banks, The Lobster, and The Killing of a Sacred Deer, also to be released later this year (are we in the midst of a Farrelssance?). The plot revolves around a wounded Confederate soldier taken in by a group of women — among them Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, and Elle Fanning — who are sheltered from the outside world. Sexual tensions and psychologically unsettling moments quickly develop in the trailer, perhaps made to create a sense of ambiguity as to who “the beguiled” actually are. Check it out, feel uncomfortable, and mark it on your calendar.

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Introducing LUSH Easter/Spring products!

LUSH has launched their exciting Easter-Spring collection of limited edition bath, body, and facial products! The unique invigorating products not only make you feel fresh, ready for Spring, but are also incredibly cute and fun.

LUSH Easter/Spring Collection — photo by Novella Magazine

Though the shapes and wonderful colors of the Easter products are sure to be the initial, if not the main, attraction, there’s more to LUSH to than the festivities. The clean and luxurious products are made according to the company’s ethical practices of never testing on animals. As such, they are vegetarian friendly, approximately 85% vegan, 40% preservative-free, and 35% unpackaged. Made with fresh fruits and vegetables, the finest essential oils, and other ingredients, they will also make you feel relaxed, fresh, and smooth all over your body and face.

LUSH Easter/Spring Collection — photo by Novella Magazine

Enjoy the transition into Spring with the blooming splashes of color and the fragrance to rival the best the season has to offer!

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Recap: S/S ’17 Men’s Accessories Trend Report

Well, it’s official: spring is here. For those who don’t live in the “Great White North” you may wonder what this strange season entails. For those who live in Toronto, we often find ourselves buried under snow with unforgivable temperatures, straight to scorching summers that will wrap you in humidity. We’ve pretty much seen it all.

At Novella, we’ve compiled a list of noteworthy spring/summer accessories for men that range from the early transition days of spring, to days under the relentless summer sun. So take out a pen and jot down your favourites in order to reach your full potential and make waves this coming season.


Photo: L to R Prada by Marcus Tondo, Lanvin by Luca Tombolini

We are often on-the-go and in order to get from point A to B, we require some assistance carrying around that extra baggage. Whether its school books, files from work, or your ex, we all have something we’re holding onto. For this spring/summer, we look to Prada who has inspired the traveler in all of us with their featured backpacks.


Photo Credit: Lto R Assembly New York, Stella McCartney

With spring, we are transitioning from our colder days and sometimes need a little help to stay warm on a particularly windy day. Toronto, we love you, but sometimes we need the extra protection from your cold touch. Designers like Stella McCartney and Assembly New York show us that we can be fashionable, while keeping warm.


Photo Credit: Lanvin by Luca Tombolini

We often find comfort in belts as a fashion staple because of its practicality and easy adaptation. The belt is a hallmark of anyone’s closet and the ways to style it are endless. Lanvin demonstrated this promptly — with shoelace belts, statement belts, and belts with beautiful details. We couldn’t help take note and hope to see more of this in our spring/summer fashion choices.


PhotoCredit: L to R Prada by Marcus Tondo Givenchy by Luca Tombolini

Reminiscent of our favorite 90’s era hip-hop artists, the bucket hat has resurfaced in all its glory. We can’t help but support Riccardo Tisci with his play on the bucket hat for this year’s spring/summer looks. Givenchy was not the only line to take note, as Prada, Gucci, and others adapted their own take on this trend.


Photo Credit: L to R Balmain by Monica Feudi, Palm Angels

Most of our favourite designers detail their models with dexterity and a delicate touch. On the runway for spring/summer, we took note of many designers including longer necklaces on their models. Most menswear shows produced their own adaptation of the necklace trend, and some were more pronounced than others. Balmain offered a stand-out array of necklaces to accompany their models for their spring/summer show, while other designers such as Palm Angels offer a much simpler design. However you decide to dress it up, this accessory adds a great touch to any look.

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20 Songs to Help You Get Over Winter

Winter is a fact of life for us in Canada. It’s long, harsh and hangs by its fingernails on the coattails of March, only to be finally dragged away by the wind and rain of April.

We’re finally in spring territory now. This first day of spring occurred earlier this week, the days are getting longer and the sun seems just a little higher in the sky.

Don’t get me wrong, I like living in a place that has four seasons – it makes you more appreciative of agreeable weather when we have it. It’s just that there are days when spring and summer are merely distant memories and not the very near future.

If you, like us, need a little post-winter, pre-summer music pick-me-up, we’ve got recommendations for you of sun-soaked tracks to take you into the lighter time of year.

Kings of Leon – “Back Down South”

Come Around Sundown is one of my all-time favourite summer albums, and “Back Down South” is one of my favourite tracks off of it. Due in part to their deep southern roots, Kings Of Leon always bring a summery, sweaty sound to the table, and this track is all of that, but tapped with a bit of nostalgia, for those warm nights when you’re thinking about home.

Frank Ocean – “Sweet Life”

I inherently associate Frank Ocean’s first album Channel Orange with warm weather because that’s when I first heard it. “Sweet Life” in particular is a slow, sultry jam begging to be played while lounging poolside or kicking back on a street curb with soft sunlight kissing your cheeks.

Geowulf – “Saltwater”

“Saltwater” is a track that absolutely needs to be played on a sunny day (despite the music video taking place at night.) From the dreamy guitar riffs to the melancholic lyrics, it brings you right back to days at the beach, where it’s nothing but you, the sun and the waves.

Tinashe – “Flame”

Let me be clear: any Tinashe song is a good bet to play any day in the year. But I’ve got a feeling that “Flame” is going to be a real banger this spring, and what better way to welcome in the warmer weather than a hot track by the hottest of the hot herself.

Hinds – “San Diego”

Girl-band Hinds brings the perfect blend of youth-powered garage rock and beach boardwalk tunes to the scene. Their song “San Diego” has an unstoppable energy and all the attitude when you need to start wearing shorts again after going six months without.

Janet Jackson – “Escapade”

I mean. I MEAN. Do I even need to say anything else about the ultimate vacation jam from the ultimate dance-pop diva?

Lower Dens – “To Die in L.A.”

This is actually a sad song. It’s not about happy, spring-y feels. But sometimes the warmer seasons aren’t about running in a field or cuddling on a ferris wheel. Sometimes they’re about riding around downtown L.A. in your convertible moaning about the one that broke your heart. The lyrics are heart-wrenching, the vibe is ridiculously cool.

Alabama Shakes – “Hang Loose”

Alabama Shakes is a fantastic group. Brittany Howard’s voice alone could wake me from my wintery grave and have me born anew. “Hang Loose” is a loud, boisterous call to life, to hang on and hope. As Howard belts out in the chorus, “We’re gonna be alright.”

Khalid – “American Teen”

This entire album is AMAZING. And the entire album is summer vibes for sure. Khalid’s jams are  simultaneously smooth and cocky, fresh and shy, much like the actual experience of being a teenager. The title track off of American Teen to me, gives the ultimate throwback to teenage summers, when there was nothing to do but cause trouble.

Empire of the Sun – “Half Mast”

This song is a ridiculous, ridiculously catchy pop ride through space. That is exactly how I would describe it. Empire of the Sun take you through the trials and tribulations of love with an electro beat and punchy vocals. (This is another track that I absolutely need to listen to on sunny days.)

On June x KEVI – “Sunrise”

“Sunrise” is one of those essential tropical house tracks for parties on the beach and long, warm nights in good company. The whole song is just screaming “summer.”

Girlhood – “Say It”

The fact this video has so few views on YouTube is insane. This track is so good! It gives a sick throwback to the 90s while touching on the current mood and vibe of young women. It’s a slow and easy track, easy to get lost in when you close your eyes and just listen.

Sublime – “Doin’ Time”

Sublime is a bit of a strange group, but they make some awesome music. This offbeat track is a great companion to help get you into the mood for the carefree mood of the summertime.

Vampire Weekend – “Walcott”

There’s something about this song, maybe it’s the piano riff, maybe it’s Ezra Koenig’s voice, or maybe it’s the fact the song mentions Cape Cod; either way, there’s something about this song that makes it sound just like summer.

Swim Deep – “Honey”

“Honey” sounds like a trip to the beach. Do you know what I mean? And if the line “Don’t just dream in your sleep/it’s just lazy” doesn’t inspire you to daydream the day away, then I don’t know what will.

Real Estate – “Easy”

Every Real Estate song ever is about summer. Trust me. Any song from the album Days could’ve worked for this list. “Easy” was chosen because 1) it’s one of the beach-iest and 2) I just really like it.

RAC – “Hollywood” feat. Penguin Prison

I don’t consider this a warm-weather song per say, but it does make me think of L.A. an awful lot, which in turn makes me think of warm weather. And honestly, this tune is just so catchy and pop-y. It’s easy to listen to, easy to get stuck in your head, easy to bop around to.

Only Real – “Get It On”

This definitely isn’t a song for everyone. It’s a British, white boy rapping with 90s-sounding instrumentals. I love it, and for me, it’s brazen and weird enough to make it into my essential summer tracks playlist. I’ll warn you though: it may make you want to steal a shopping cart and ride it down a hill. For no reason at all.

The Marvelettes – “Playboy”

If you like girl groups, or specifically, if you like girl groups from the 60s, then The Marvelettes are your gals for chirpy songs about beautiful-yet-terrible boys. This is a good one to play whilst sitting outside in the sun with your friends, complaining about every person you know.

Yolanda B Cool & DCUP – “From Me to You”

Okay, so the music video for this song features palm trees and girls in bikinis. Even aside from that, this is another song that is the embodiment of summer parties, either on a beach, on a rooftop or in someone’s basement. You don’t need to actually be in paradise. Let the music take you there.