Summer Shoe Essentials: Lacoste Spring/Summer 2017 is here!

With the warm summer sun just around the corner, the time has finally come for everyone to start making the switch from their winter wardrobes, to their summer ones. And with the change in clothes comes the big accessories change. Gone are the gloves and boots, and in come the sandals and sneakers. Luckily, Lacoste has just released a beautiful collection of spring/summer footwear that’s bound to liven up anyone’s summer wardrobe this season. Filled with many revamped classics and tons of new styles. Lacoste is ready to update your summer shoe game in fresh and exciting ways!

Cambrai 117 2 and Laccord 117 1

Top: Ladies Cambrai 117 2 – Bottom: Mens Laccord 117 1 | Photos: Lacoste

Heels can be one of the most empowering pieces of footwear a woman can buy. That’s why they’ve become synonymous with the office workplace power shoe. However, the heat and humidity that comes with the warmer weather can sometimes make a beloved pair of heels the most unbearable pair of shoes to wear. Luckily heels aren’t the only option you have for the workplace. The ladies Lacoste’s Cambrai 117 2 in Light Grey gives you the perfect balance between formal and sporty. The shoe can be easily paired with jeans or dress pants and a blazer. Allowing the wearer to mix and match the shoe for whatever situation their workplace calls for. For men, the Laccord 117 1 in Tan is the perfect versatile office shoe. Taking you from meeting to after work drinks. Depending on your workplace environment, the Laccord can be worn in perfect harmony with anything from a pair of dark coloured jeans or casual pants, to a navy suit or sand coloured suit. Giving you the perfect dress down or dress up shoe for your work day.

Carnaby Evo 117 3 and Carnaby Evo 217 1

Top: Ladies Carnaby Evo 117 3 – Bottom: Mens Carnaby Evo 217 1 | Photos: Lacoste

When looking for an ever day shoe. It’s important to look for something that not only works well with your entire wardrobe but also showcases your personality through colour, detail, and style. The ladies Lacoste Carnaby Evo 117 3 in Metallic Pink is the perfect casual shoe that does just that. Easily going from workplace to weekend and back again. The Carnaby Evo 117 3 meshes the classic crispness of a Lacoste sneaker with a fresh and modern hint of trendy metallic pink. Allowing you to move from outfit to outfit without compromising style and comfort. For men, Lacoste’s Carnaby Evo 217 1 in White and Blue gives you an updated take on a classic style that goes with just about everything. The crisp whiteness of the shoe mixed with that beautiful pop of denim blue gives you the perfect cool summer shoe to showcase around town, at work, and whatever other fun summer activities you may find yourself getting up to.

Promenade Ace 217 1 and L.30 Sport Slide

Top: Ladies Promenade Ace 217 1 – Bottom: Mens L.30 Sport Slide | Photos: Lacoste

The perfect summer wardrobe is never complete without a comfortable and stylish pair of sandals. The key to finding the perfect pair is to go for staple colours like black, white, and navy or punchy colours like jewel tones and pastels. This season, Lacoste has sweet summers styles for everyone’s needs. The ladies Promenade Ace 217 1 in light Orange and White are the perfect shade of sherbet orange to add a soft jolt of colour to any summertime wardrobe. Easily paired with jeans, shorts, and dressier slacks. The fresh combination of orange and white give you the versatility of wearing the sandal casually or more formal depending on your outfit choice. On the men’s side, the L.30 Sport Slide in Black gives you a simple and classic silhouette that pairs perfectly with a vast array of summer outfits. The simplistic minimalist style and colour mean you won’t have to take time out of your day to worry about what outfit goes with what shoe. Just throw on your slide and your ready for the day!

One month, One Style – Bras Out

Its finally starting to feel like spring and we are more then ready to refresh our wardrobe for the warmer season ahead. Now is the time to say goodbye to all the heavy layers and be prepared to reveal some great amount of skin. Or, in other words, sun out, bras out.

The old days when you had to hide your bra from peeking out from your shirt is over. One of the seasonal highlight this spring summer included bringing out our intimate garments into the spotlight. Surprisingly there are several ways to wear the bra as part of your outfit without feeling too out there. It all depends on how you wear it. It is quite challenging to draw the line between the fashionable and the jarring. To help you find the right balance, here are five cool options:

Over Your Shirt

If you are still not ready to wear undergarment on its own, there is another way to rock this bold trend. Bralettes and bras, which have been seen everywhere lately, can be worn on top of your favourite t-shirt or, on colder days, on top of a light weight turtleneck. For a fashion forward statement, pair it with a strong-shouldered blouse. This is also a great way to show off your new bra in public without feeling that you went too far with this fashion forward trendy piece.

Photo: Kenzo, Vouge

With a transparent shirt

The sheer trend is still going strong this season, so here is your chance to combine between these two hot trends together and create a daring statement. There is no doubt that this trend is undeniably sexy and therefore we suggest to reserve it for off-duty hours. To make things more interesting and to create a bold statement, simply choose a colourful bra underneath any delicately transparent shirt.

Photo: Carven, Vogue

The power suit

One of the unforgettable moments of the ’90s fashion is when Madonna showed off her pinstripe suit with the iconic cone bra in her Blond Ambition tour. Well, nowadays this look is no longer guarded only for the stage or for the runway. It has been seen on the streets among fashion bloggers and celebs. alike. We all agree that a power suit creates a strong and powerful appearance, so to soften up the sharp look, a full coverage bra that peekaboos underneath is the perfect solution. We suggest to pair it with a waist-high trousers and a fitted blazer or with a silky suit for a feminine appeal.

Photo: Les Compains, Vouge

Just a hint

Bralettes can be visibly hidden under a low cut blouse, a buttoned-down shirt, or with a deep v neck sweater. Every kind of bralette is welcome here, from lacy bras to satin, corset or even frilly patterned ones as long as you don’t expose too much skin. Otherwise you are taking the  risk of looking inappropriate (too cheap). To make the look daytime acceptable, keep the rest of the styling minimal.

Nina Ricci – Vogue

Sporty spice 

Exploring the current street style leads us to one conclusion: the ’90s trend is as relevant as ever. The nostalgic references taken from the fashion icons of the ’90s like Spice Girls, Gwen Stefani, or TLC are proving that the sports bra is having a moment and that it’s a must have item to embrace the urban sporty look. The athletic bra is definitely less boudoir and therefore you should treat it as you would a crop top. To complete the effortless look, simply pair it with sweatpants and accessorize with cool sneakers, a statement clutch, or even with an oversized kimono in order to give your outfit a fashion-forward vibe.

Photo: Etro, Vouge

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Tried and Tested – Spring Fashion Trends at Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue has finally arrived in Toronto, and there is no better time then now to check out all the fashion trends the high-end department store has to offer for spring 2017. In case even the prospect of browsing through the new season makes you feel exhausted, I took it upon myself to try on all the hottest trends for your entertainment.

Walking into Saks Fifth Avenue made me feel like a kid in a candy store. With more than 60 well known designers including Gucci, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Fendi, Prada, and so many more featuring all their newest collection, it was hard for me to stay indifferent.

The boho skirt is back

I don’t know about you, but my gypsy soul and I are defiantly ready for Spring. I had my eyes on this tiered silky skirt, which is not only eye catching but totally wearable. As you know, the coolest way to up your style game is to play with different textures or elements. To give the hippy skirt a cool twist, I paired it with a crop denim jacket with a studded point collar. I love the edgy jacket against the flowy femme flare of the skirt.

Jacket: Alice+Olivia Skirt: Tanya Taylor

The blooming season 

Even though mixing prints can be tricky, there are some ways to pull off this trend like a pro. Since head-to-toe florals are a key trend for spring 2017, I decided to pair the off the shoulder floral top with an embroidered chambray mini skirt, both from Alice+Olivia. This is the coolest way to embrace Spring without feeling like you are trying too hard. The easy breezy relaxed top balances out the A-line mini skirt.

Top and skirt: Alice+Olivia

When in doubt wear stripes

Stripes lovers, I have fashion forward news for you: Spring 2017 is all about bold and bright — stripes in primary colours like red, blue, and yellow are having their moments. The clever way to do it is by sticking to one item that will be the focal point in your outfit, while keeping the rest of your outfit in a neutral hue. I have tried to take it one step further in the spice level, pairing the colourful top with a crochet skirt with fringed trim.

Top: Opening Ceremony Skirt: See By Chloe

Head to toe Ruffles

Ruffles is one of those trends that we’ve seen everywhere, but it seems like we just can’t get enough of them. I guess some of you are still concerned about incorporating frills pieces into your wardrobe, but trust me, you can rock ruffles from head to toe without looking too girly. This look from Phillip Lam proves it. The statement making pants and top with the side ruffles give the entire look an edgy spin, while keeping it effortless and casual.

Top and Pants: 3.1 Phillip Lim

The little blue dress

A classy blue dress is a fresh take to the little black dress. Since LBD is a Spring-Summer staple, which can also be flattering for events like weddings, I thought it might be a great idea to consider switching to blue. The monochromatic colour looks classy and timeless. I choose this dress because it is a perfect spring dress that you can wear with layers: over a turtleneck when it’s chilly or with bare arms when it’s warm.

Dress: Saks Fifth Avenue collection

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London Fashion Week Street Style 2017

It’s no secret that London Fashion Week is well known well as a capital of creativity, and for their eclectic style which contains edgy silhouettes, explosions of colour. Londoners’ tends to be more daring and extravagant compared to the New Yorkers. The city turns into a colorful carnival and despite London’s climatic reputation, they aren’t letting a little rain get in the way of their sartorial spirits. From punk rock to anti-fashion inspired pieces mixed with plenty of bright colours and textures, there is no doubt  that Londoners know how to make a strong entrance.

Here are some of the best street styles spotted during London Fashion week:

Sneakers with everything

Photo: Kuba-Dabrowski

It’s already known that sneakers aren’t just for the gym anymore and these fashionistas surely know how to pull it off. Sneakers can add a funky touch to any outfit and can create an effortless carefree look with a cool attitude.

Photo: JonarhanKuba-Dabrowski

Photo: Kuba-Dabrowski
Photo: Getty Image

Frills and Ruffles

Lots of ruffles were spotted appeared on the streets of London during fashion week and it seems as if it will continue to be a massive hit for the upcoming season. The flirty detail has been seen on many garments, like multiple ruffles on the sleeves, whether if it’s on a jacket, dress or a top. We absolutely think it’s a perfect way to uplift any look.

Photo: Diego Zuko
Photo: Sandra Sumberg
Photo: Julian Boudet

Dress over jeans

The 90s are still here and London street style definitely proves it. The “Drouser” was seen everywhere in the British capital, so don’t hesitate to adopt this trend and wear your maxi dress over a pair of blue jeans.

Photo: Sandra Sumberg
Photo: Getty Image
Photo: Sandra Sumberg
Photo: Diego Zuko

Punk Rock

Photo: withJulien Boudet

London’s punk rock roots definitely plays a role in their street style. During LFW ’17, We saw a lot of punk references, which seemed to be more inspired by 90s grunge than traditional punk. Brooches attached to denim jackets, chunky ankle boots, and chunky bangles all helped evoke a rock and roll vibe.

Photo: Nabil Quenum
Photo: Julien Boudet
Photo: Nabil Quenum

Mix and Match

From the catwalk to the street, the fashion industry is all about pushing its boundaries with the modern concept of mix and match. The new wave of eclecticism means that you can combine prints and texture without any rule, just follow your fashionable instinct.

Photo: Getty Image
Photo: Getty Image
Photo: Getty Image
Photo: Sandra Sumberg

Statement stripes

Bold stripes in any size are having their moment right now and it seems like Londoners are more than happy to adopt this bold trend. For a sporty cool vibe pair it with denim, or add a pair of classy heels for a fancier touch. This helps create a perfect contrast.

Photo: Sandra Sumberg
Photo: Sandra Sumberg
Photo: Styleograph
Photo: Styleograph

The extra long coat

From trench coats to coats made from velvet and wool, all of the fashionistas are wearing it extra long. The classic streamlined silhouette is feminine and flattering and it can also function as a transitional piece between seasons.

Photo: Sandara Sumberg
Photo: Sandara Sumberg
Photo: Sandara Sumberg
Photo: Diego Zuko

Bright fur coat

A colourful fur coat is a staple piece that can refresh any outfit and bring some fun attitude to your wardrobe, especially in the gloomy weather. Whether it’s a bright magenta, a lemon yellow or a mint green, the joyful maximalist coat is all you need to turn heads on your way to a fashion show.

Photo: Getty Image
Photo: Diego Zuko
Photo: Jonathan Daniel Pryce
Photo: Kuba Dobrowski

Opposites Attract—Hugging Out Different Elements in Your Closet

It’s a well known fact that opposites attract. And we are not just talking about in terms of relationships. In the fashion world, the old and the new, the conservative and the daring, the sparkling and the minimalist hold hands and frolic toward the setting sun in harmony to live happily and trendily ever after.

Desire to be unique and stand out motivate the fashion industry to push the boundaries and to seek creative ways to invent and reinvent themselves. For instance, Gucci SS17 runway show was all about love and quirkiness, fierce and soft, all blended together in a seemingly impossible harmony that breaks every ‘rule’ we’ve learned about fashion. Fantastic motifs reinterpreted through modernism create elements of surprise and strength. It paves the way for others looking to reach for creative outfits that reflect their individuality.

Take hints from the latest trends and mix and match them that speaks to your sense of style — a defiant attitude is key when putting different elements together. But to avoid being on the fashion faux pas list and to keep away from screaming trends head to toe, it’s really important to choose the pieces wisely. Here is our guideline to putting together an outfit that straddles elements usually kept at a safe distance.

Sweet and Sour

Photo: The fashion Guitar

The trick to mastering the art of juxtaposing lies in pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. For example, keep a swingy lacy skirt from looking too cutesy by wearing it with a moto jaket that will toughen up your look. Or pair it with chain embellished ankle boots. Another option when putting on your peplum dress — coming back straight from the 80’s — is balancing it with sneakers for a cool edgy touch, or wearing it over your pants for a playful look that’s anything but cheesy.

Mute Your Sparkle

Photo: Getty/Vanni Bassetti

It’s a fact that in order to create a bold statement, which is all about grabbing attention, sequins and glitter are the way to go. But you don’t necessarily need to be an extrovert to wear this shiny fabric even during daytime. Simply stick to a monochromatic look and pair it with basic pieces to balance the glam effect. For instance, sequins jacket with a solid white tee or a loose fit sequin top styled with skinny jeans. The contrast between casual items and evening glow is what makes it so special.

Scream in Silence  

Photo – Icíar J. Carrasco

Here is another trend that was originally born in the 80’s — neons. The eye-catching colours can be intimidating for most of us, however there is a way to avoid looking like a three coloured traffic light: by simply pairing them with neutrals. The bright rainbow tones perfectly offset the the mute one, and create a cool contrast that complement each other for a refined look. For example, opt for bright pink pants with a grey top or a white jacket with an orange sweater.

Geek Meet Chic

Photo: Sandra Semburg

Another way of integrating your diverse pieces to clash them with panache is combining a touch of edginess with granny glam. This maximalist attitude requires of you to release your inner fashionista in order not to be deterred by the concept of ‘ugly pretty’. Think of a cool rock band tee that you can pair with quirky layers or just add a pair of geek glasses with thick black frames to a leopard or a snakeskin jacket. This contrast creates a strong statement that will certainly lift your spirit.

Feminine Tomboy

Photo: Yomanchic

Borrowing from the boys’ closet head to toe may look sloppy. Our solution: a touch a feminine twist. The arrangements here can come in many variations.To nail this look, you have to play with proportions — pair a fancy fitted top with oversized boyfriend jeans or a menswear-inspired trousers; men’s button down shirt paired with a billowy skirt; or a comfy cute denim overall with a pair of sexy stilettos. There is nothing quite like tomboy-edge-meets-feminine-touch. Streetwear accessories like a cap or a unisex watch will complete the look perfectly.

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