Magical landscapes and fashion in the Canary Islands

Volcanic sceneries, sunsets in the desert, black sand… They are beautiful gifts from nature that’s not always easy to capture in a single shot. However, this Canary Islands blogger excels in the art of fusing fashion and nature in a creative way that will take your breath away.

Marta Purriños from Addict Be Iconic

Marta Purriños, the talent behind the site Addict Be Iconic, is not the average blogger. Of an enigmatic beauty herself, she constantly surprises her followers by playing with different styles — from boyish and super casual boyfriend looks to the most feminine dresses you could imagine —, which makes her and her blog difficult to categorize. Is it about fashion? Or maybe about travels? What comes first?

Marta Purriños from Addict Be Iconic

To answer these questions, it is necessary to get to know Marta a bit more. Online, she found the tool to channel her curiosity about the world and her interest in investigation. Marta soon realized that the web fostered her creativity in an unexpected way, and that’s why she decided to embark on her very own adventure.

“I created my blog with the objective of inspiring people. At first, it was all about fashion, one of my greatest passions, but as time went by and I was finishing my university studies in tourism, I felt the need [to focus] more on experiences, since my real passion is travelling and learning from new cultures, worlds and different perspectives,” Marta explains.

Marta Purriños from Addict Be Iconic

Living in the Canary Islands — where you can enjoy a full-on summer all year round — has also contributed to her concept. “I am convinced that everything that surrounds us influences our minds in an almost unconscious way. We are determined by our climate and our circumstances,” she says. In fact, what surrounded her became so important in her work and her creative concept of Addict Be Iconic that those magical landscapes, her experiences, and new cultures are now completely integrated into her fashion.

The explosion of color and contrasts in her pictures is a reflection of that great interest in nature and travel and of her understanding of fashion. “[It] has a very important role for me in the sense of the functionality of the product and in helping making a destination more attractive; talking about why I am wearing one piece or another, and linking it to utility, sensations, and moments,” Marta says.

Indeed, when you scroll down both Addict Be Iconic and her Instagram account @addictbeiconic, you immediately find yourself captivated by the magic of her pictures — breathtaking sceneries that do more than complement the pieces she is wearing act as the main force of the shot. They not only make you want to wear what she is wearing, but also be where she is.

Marta Purriños from Addict Be Iconic

These passions are also areas that have experienced huge changes in the past few decades. Social Media has reshaped both the fashion and the travel industry and our social media accounts became almost, as Marta puts it, “our second skin.” And that’s why we want to “always present ourselves to the world the best we can.” It is a powerful tool but it is also a super competitive world and it is not easy to break into the industry.

Marta also works as a freelancer for other clients and digital media companies. “It is hard to be a full-time blogger. I compete with a lot of people, not only regionally but internationally,” she explains. “Sometimes companies don’t understand that sometimes quality is better than the number of followers,” Marta adds.

However, her blog is succeeding — she is attending numerous events and is followed by important fashion companies and influencers in Spain. Step by step, and with hard work and dedication, Addict Be Iconic, which advocates for high quality photos and a thought-out creative concept behind them, will continue to inspire and make us dream with its every beautiful picture.

Marta Purriños from Addict Be Iconic

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5 Spring Trends We Are In Love With In Spain

One of the greatest perks of living in Spain is that you get to enjoy sunny weather almost all year round. When April arrives, spring has sprung and the city is an explosion of color and joy. The temperature is warm enough to even wear full-on summer clothes, but in cities like Madrid, where it gets chilly in the first and last hours of the day, throwing on a jacket is a must — plus, it adds an extra fashion touch to our look. Here are my 5 favorite spring items that we are already styling here in Spain.


Transitioning from cold and dark winter to warm and sunny spring might not be easy for one reason: we are not yet ready to show some flesh. If you feel like you need more time to get rid of the winter layers, there is no hurry to wear mini dresses this season. Maxi lengths, inspired by Coachella’s festive spirit, are flattering and elegant and at the same time allow you to gradually adapt to higher temperatures. If you want to add an extra sexy vibe to the look, slits that go up your leg are a good choice.

Model: Claudia Peris | Credit: Lucía Peris


Denim never goes out of style, and it is a must-have in every wardrobe. For the past seasons, we’ve witnessed an evolution in classical denim pieces — playing with hems, cutouts, and lengths that surprise both the wearer and the viewer. This spring, embroidery has blossomed as the favourite trend, and it takes form as beautiful flowers that recreate a magical garden in denim pieces from jeans to jackets.

Model: Claudia Peris | Credit: Lucía Peris


When we think about our spring looks, florals come to mind. Although this always will be the print of the season (we’ll talk about it later), stars are actually the ones that are going to brighten up our spring and summer looks. They mostly come in gold, as on this bomber jacket, and grey, and some of them even have an extra sparkly touch with glitter. The perfect print to shine with this season!

Model: Claudia Peris | Credit: Lucía Peris


This is one of favourite items for the season. The classic aviator style comes back this spring but with an unexpected shift: see-through lenses in bright yellow. It automatically upgrades any look, giving an extra cool vibe to the overall outfit. It matches with everything — colors, textures, and styles — but the winning combo is a total white look like this one.

Model: Claudia Peris | Credit: Lucía Peris


As Miranda Priestly would say, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” However, there is no other print that has conquered everyone’s wardrobe and that keeps coming back every spring — from small and colorful flowers against bright backgrounds such as yellow or green, to big ones that dramatically blossom in every piece you can imagine.

Model: Claudia Peris | Credit: Lucía Peris

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María Magdalena; Subversive Fashion With Spanish Flavor

Designer Alejandra Jaime Mendoza | Credit: María Magdalena

“Symbolic, metaphoric, surrealistic, and subversive” — that’s how Alejandra Jaime Mendoza the Spanish designer behind María Magdalena of the controversial name describes the essence of her brand. Only two seasons into hitting the catwalk of the main events for emerging fashion designers in Spain, Mendoza’s understanding of fashion is already making headlines.

Mendoza has recently showed her second collection for Samsung EGO, the platform dedicated exclusively to emerging talents during Madrid Fashion Week. María Magdalena added that Spanish flavor to the event with ruffles and silhouettes that resemble those of the traditional ‘Sevillana.’ Baroque-inspired pieces like silky dolly dresses with puffed sleeves, shiny fabrics, and metallic sets contrasted with hoodies and fishnet tights, exhibiting the clash of cultures that inspired her collection Integration.

Credit: María Magdalena

The concept goes back to the 2000s in Seville when two social groups with different styles were in opposition. Mendoza wanted to highlight the importance of integration in today’s society, so she took details of both styles and fused them to create a single and unique collection. “I love to make an impact on my audience, to make people have fun, but also to make them think about the issue I’m talking about,” she explains.

Mendoza says that she always works from an idea that she wants to transmit — something that she has the need to share with other people. That’s why there is always a powerful symbolic meaning behind her collection. Even the name of her brand, María Magdalena, which doesn’t go unnoticed, has a connotation.

María Magdalena represents to me the role that unfortunately has been attributed to women over the years in the sense that she has always been in inequality in relation to men,” Mendoza explains. The designer wanted to shed some light on the figure of the woman, letting her have the position she deserves: equal to men.

Credit: María Magdalena

Fashion acts for Mendoza as a platform to channel her inner world and discuss social issues along with psychological and philosophical matters. “My goal is to create useful things for society as well,” the designer explains.

When she has the concept in mind, Mendoza develops it and tries to find a way to translate it aesthetically into draws and fabrics. In fact, materializing the idea is her favourite part of the whole design process. The worst bit? Promotion. But that’s just because, contrary to what you may think, Alejandra Jaime Mendoza is a very shy person. However, she is slowly coming to terms with being in the spotlight from time to time.

“Integration”; the latest collection of María Magdalena | Credit: María Magdalena

Before tapping into fashion design, she studied at a law school for two years to later realize that it wasn’t for her. She decided to change the course of her life and enrolled in Design and Fashion Management at CEADE. It was there that Mendoza found her powerful creative side and focused more on design.

Today, at only 26 years old with a lot of stories, experiences, and anecdotes, Alejandra Jaime Menzoda has her feet on the ground and loves to share her achievements with her team and friends who always support her and make her fight for her dreams as the talent behind María Magdalena.

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Shirting The Issue: SUNAD, Slow Fashion Made In Spain

SUNAD | Credit : Rosa Copado

Monegros, Gobi, Kalahari — if you were good at geography in school or you simply are familiar with deserts, you probably recognize these names. But here we are talking about shirts. Paloma Canut and Ana Marroquín, the duo behind the emerging Spanish brand SUNAD, took their shared love of deserts and nature a step further to create a concept that is rocketing them to success. Here are 5 things you should know about SUNAD:


The idea of a shirts-only brand, all named after deserts, came to their minds when they were having a hard time finding the perfect classic shirt. From that nostalgia, the duo behind SUNAD got down to business and developed a whole new concept that filled that market gap: timeless shirts made in Spain with only natural fabrics.

The designs of these ethically-made shirts evoke the desert, the dunes, the sun; their enigmatic color combinations and the quality of the materials produce a timeless and lasting shirt made with great detail.

Paloma and Ana have plans to expand their brand in the future — probably a men’s collection —, providing that every piece they make is related in some way to shirtmaking — the essence of SUNAD.

SUNAD | Credit : Rosa Copado


SUNAD is like an oasis in this fast-paced fashion industry. It advocates a concept that’s become revolutionary today: slow fashion. “[It] was born out of nostalgia of those pieces of clothing that were worn back in the days. Good quality clothes that lasted years and years as the very first day; that were well crafted and never became outdated,” Paloma and Ana explain.

They were looking for those timeless pieces and never found anything that exactly followed that philosophy, so they set up their own brand. It was a brave move because embarking on this type of journey in Spain, where the financial crisis can still be felt, takes a lot of courage. But it paid off.

SUNAD | Credit: Rosa Copado


Before successfully venturing into the fashion industry, Paloma Canut was a concept and graphic designer and Ana Marroquín was working in the interior design business. “Although these two disciplines are very different, [we] have many things in common,” they say. In fact, their shared love of deserts and nature, as well as their work ethic, are at the core of their business.

When they launched SUNAD in August 2015, they decided to quit their jobs so they can focus full-time on getting their brand off the ground. Today, they continue working together hand in hand and both love “taking part in all the process.”

SUNAD | Credit : Rosa Copado


SUNAD makes its shirts entirely in Madrid, Spain, where the entire process — from the creative idea to the actual product — takes place. It is a small brand that is growing fast. And although Ana and Paloma are happy and proud of being able to produce their shirts in Madrid, they are aware of the difficult task of introducing the concept of “slow fashion,” especially in Spain.

“Our product works better outside our frontiers. It is a pity that the ‘Made in Spain‘ concept is more valued outside our own country than here,” they say. However, they feel optimistic about the future and strive toward being a game changer. “We want this to change. We want people from all over the world to be aware of the slow fashion movement and value the quality and durability of the clothes as a justification for the price.” The shirts cost from 110€ to 140€.

SUNAD | Credit : Rosa Copado


As deserts are the starting point for their business and an endless source of inspiration for their shirts, the name, SUNAD, has also something to do with them. Ana and Paloma wanted their love for nature and deserts to be represented in some way in the name of the brand. They came up with the idea of making an anagram of dunas, dunes in Spanish, to create a new and unique brand — hence, the enigmatic and lyrical, SUNAD.

SUNAD | Credit : Rosa Copado

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Fashion and Food Meet In Madrid

There is no doubt that the fashion blogging industry is changing and consequently the way we consume fashion is changing too. We are not just adding to our wish list what our favorite influencers wear to this or that event. We now want to go where they go, eat at the restaurants they eat, and have the cocktail they drink after a long day of work.

Restaurants are more aware now than ever of the important role influencers play — hence creating an appealing atmosphere with Instagram-friendly decoration has become one of their priorities. And it has proven very succesful as it attracts both established and new bloggers.

Since these places are of the latest Instagram trend, we’ve visited three of the top restaurants in Madrid that you should definitely stop by (and Instagram)!

Credit: Claudia Peris
Credit: Claudia Peris

El Invernadero Salvador Bachiller

If there is a restaurant that reflects the fusion of fashion and food, this is it. El Invernadero, which means the Greenhouse, is hidden in one of the fashion stores owned by that super famous accessories brand, Salvador Bachiller.

It goes completely unnoticed by the hundreds of tourists and citizens who walk up and down Gran Via, one of Madrid’s most commercial streets. Salvador Bachiller store is a normal shop with its colorful products displayed all over the place. However, if you walk through its doors and venture inward, right at the end you’ll see a stair that will lead you to a secret garden.

Once downstairs, this magical restaurant and bar are decorated with a wide range of different plants, from small trees to young bushes that create an enigmatic atmosphere perfect for surprising your date, hanging out with your friends, or simply spending a different day with your family.

Credit: Claudia Peris
Credit: Claudia Peris


Situated at the heart of Madrid’s poshest neighborhood with a beautiful view of the famous Puerta Alcalá and El Retiro park, this restaurant is the favorite of celebrities and the wealthy who gather here to enjoy delicious food, drinks, and music in good company.

Ramses, a fashionable restaurant par excellence, keeps the party going all day, from morning-afternoon brunch to cocktails at night. When lights go down for a subtler atmosphere, Ramses invites anyone to relax and have fun to the sound of a famous DJ (just mind the bill!).

The decoration is Instagram-friendly so you can go and take a cute selfie with a nice background or, if you are lucky, with some well-known Spanish artist. This place is just the spot to see and be seen in the capital.

Credit: Claudia Peris
Credit: Claudia Peris

Casa Lobo

This restaurant and cocktail bar situated in the beautiful residential area of Arturo Soria is the new favorite spot of Spanish fashion influencers and bloggers.

Casa Lobo’s different spaces — a cocktail bar area, a fancy restaurant, and two terraces —, all under the same atmosphere, offer great food and cocktails with beautiful presentations to boot, which incidentally make it easy to share photos of them on your social media accounts.

And after taking that photo, surprise your senses with its menu: a fusion of traditional Spanish food and international influences and avant-garde ideas.

Today, Casa Lobo is becoming so well known that a reservation in advance is necessary, but if you’d like a quick stop by for a drink and a catch up with some friends, there’s always their famous after-work cocktail time.

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