Slay: Kendal Jenner, Nay : Bella Hadid

If it was a battle, the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister would’ve definitely won. The total sportswear look is pretty trendy at the moment, and being able to do it well not only shows an ability to be feminine in men’s clothes, but also look fashionable no matter what.

While Kendall looks super chic with her sunglasses, Bella looks like she has been dressed with her security guard’s clothes. The combo of voluminous pants + enormous sneakers usually works better in editorials than in real life!


Slay: Gigi Hadid. Nay: Rihanna

Wearing a total pastel outfit usually makes you look younger and more innocent. Even if Rihanna’s outfit is gorgeous, the color, the fabric, the shape… her chest doesn’t fit in this bra. Also, the fur handbag is probably not necessary with an outfit like that — it would have been trendier without!

As for Gigi, she looks more ingenuous than ever!!! The oversized short sleeves tee-shirt and the straight fit pants could have appeared too messy, but styled up with these sunglasses and her red lips, they actually look perfect.


Slay: Hailey Baldwin. Nay: Kourtney Kardashian.

Hailey rocks this outfit. Leather + sweater is a classic combo that always works. It gives to this street style a street spirit.

The Kardashian older sister went wrong on this one. Even if her style evolved in a good way these past years, I wonder if her stylist was on vacation that day! The denim jacket is not matching and doesn’t reach to make the look more casual. You should know it Kourt, a sexy bodysuit would never go with leather pants except if you plan to finish the day in a strip club!


Slay: Sarah Jessica Parker. Nay: Céline Dion

To play with this one you really have to be confident because if it turns wrong, you can easily look like you dressed up for a carnival.

As a fashionista, Sarah Jessica always manages shapes and colors like no one else. She looks absolutely fabulous in this color block outfit.

Céline went a bit too far this time. The dress comes straight from Queen Victoria’s wardrobe, its color is giving me an epileptic seizure and the flower just looks as though it was placed below her head to replace her neck.

The Most Stylish and Stunning Drag Instagram Looks of 2017… So Far

Ever since the rise of social media and queer-centered programming such as RuPaul’s Drag Race (airs Fridays at 8 pm if anyone is interested). The global appreciation for drag and drag culture has shot to astronomical heights over the last few years. However, drag has been an important form of entertainment and expression since ancient times. These days, drag and drag culture have expanded to become a very inclusive and supportive network of artists that bring their own styles and flavours to the broad spectrum of drag culture. For this round of Top 10 Instagram Moments, we’ve found a group of queens and drag artists whose stunning personal styles and personas have made for some really amazing Instagram moments. Here are the most stylish and stunning drag moments of 2017 so far!


Valentina‘s has quickly stolen the hearts of drag race fans and social media perusers alike. With her infectious personality and uplifting optimism, Valentina has already shown herself to be a clear front-runner among the shows pick of stunning queens… and only two episodes too! Apart from her showstopping appearances on Drag Race, Valentina recently appeared on Access Hollywood for an interview about her career and experiences on drag race. It seems that this queen is making herself right at home in the spotlight where she belongs.



A staple of modern club kid culture, Ryan Burke is the go to Instagram account to follow if you’d like to see everything from Leigh Bowery inspired costumes to high fashion glamour looks. This look right here really encapsulates what Ryan is all about; graphic avant-garde looks are what she does best!


Milk is another queen that came from the new era of club kids. Her conceptual, and more recently, gender fluid and androgynous looks always have either a political or social motive behind them. Recently, Milk showed the world just how she felt about her home country’s current president. Now, this look isn’t the most glamorous, but it serves to show that drag can be more than just female impersonation. It can be a cry for justice and truth in uncertain times.



It seems like this season of Drag Race is going to have it’s most recognisable, copied, and envied queens of all the seasons. One perfect example of this is Sasha Velour. This New York city drag icon has been the face of Brooklyn for years now. Proving that New York produces some of the best drag acts in the world. And for good reason, just look at her fashion sense. It looks like she has Manhattan oversized Comme Des Garcon realness on lock.



The most beautiful thing about today’s drag scene is that inclusivity has become a main focal point for many of the world’s queer havens. In the past, drag itself was a strictly cis white male profession., now, drag has evolved to include everyone. No matter their age, body shape, skin colour, religion, and gender. Yes, that’s right, even gender too! Never has there been such a rise in women taking interest in drag like there is now. Take the ever stunning Sigourney Beaver. Who’s out of this world glamour and curvaceous body were the perfect mix to create this picture perfect Jessica Rabbit meets Daenerys Targaryen outfit.



Queen Pearl is part of the iconic Drag Race alumni of season 6. Along with winner Violet Chachki, Pearl is regarded as one of the most original and iconic drag queens in recent history. Recently, Pearl drag persona has evolved from vava voom blonde bombshell to fully realised drag artist. In this look, you can see her vast theatrical influences. Pearl has everything covered here, from Venetian carnival sleeves to a gorgeous Midsummers Night Dream headpiece.



Peppermint landed her rightful place on this list for something extra special and important. Peppermint is actually the first contestant in Drag Race history to enter the competition as a transwoman. Unlike other contestants on the show who began their transitions after their appearances on the show, Peppermint walked into the workroom as a proud (and exceptionally stunning) transwoman of colour. Here we see Peppermint giving a taste of black culture and beauty, 1980’s flare, and New York spunk all in one.



Like I mentioned before, Drag and Drag culture are no longer identified in a singular form. These days, everyone can express their individuality through makeup and costume. Take Instagram user Ryan H. Who’s stunning makeup looks go far beyond the realm of his Instagram makeup artist contemporaries. I definitely think CoverGirl should open up another more spot on their Cover boy roster for this uber-talented lad.


More and more women are finding empowerment in their sexuality and femininity by doing drag. Queen Creme Fatale is one of them. With some of the most outrageously beautiful and versatile painting skills. Here we can see the extent of Creme’s skills, serving a high fashion, high glamour club kid fantasy.


Lastly, we have Urban Decay Cosmetics. Who have realised that queens aren’t just an entertainment highlights anymore but they’re also great business women and marketers as well. With the launch of their  Makeup Meltdown and Rehab cosmetics products, Urban Decay invited queens @THEONLYALASKA5000, @JIGGLYCALIENTEOFFICIAL, @SUTANAMRULL, and @KATYA_ZAMO to test drive their products to see if they work to prep and wipe away the toughest of makeup looks.

4 Anti-Modeling Agencies that are changing the face of fashion

In recent years, the fashion industry has grown leaps and bound to become more inclusive and accepting of visible minorities and gender nonconforming individuals. This has led to an insurgency against what is seen as normal and acceptable within the industry. It’s especially evident within the modeling industry. It seems that the rise in cultural, racial, and sexual acceptance has encouraged countless casting agents and modeling agencies to branch off and create boutique agencies that cater to specific subcultures, races, and peoples. This has made it easier for designers to find alternative models who fit perfectly into their campaigns and runway shows.

Like many things fueled by social trends, countless agencies are now popping up with claims on being unique enterprises geared to providing the fashion industry with alternative models who are worth talking about. However, the majority of such agencies being introduced as alternative boutique modeling agencies are merely ploys designed to get as much hype and social media attention as possible. Their main focus is not to encourage change and originality.

Despite that, there have been a few that have risen to the occasion to help redefine what a modeling agency can be. They’ve changed the tides and have truly contributed to the shifts seen in the modeling industry in recent years. Here are four agencies that have completely revolutionized the modern modeling agency.


Los Angeles-based modeling agency SLAY has quickly become a front-runner within the world of anti-modeling agencies. Their uniqueness can be accredited to their exclusive representation of transgender models in LA. Unlike traditional modeling agencies, SLAY aims to provide a safe space where transgender models can grow and become successful in today’s cutthroat modeling industry. With such a distinctive call to action, some may speculate that SLAY’s main goal is to nurture their models to become as feminine or “passing” as possible.

SLAY specifically states that their aim is not to quantify the model’s gender. Rather, the agency’s aim is to help each model become the best possible model they can be. Apart from their groundbreaking work for transgender individuals within the modeling industry, SLAY has also introduced the beauty and uniqueness of trans models to the global stage by being the star agency in new reality TV show, Strut, which aims to shed light on what it means and feels like to be a transgender model in a world that is slowly coming to understand and accept transpeople.

Tomorrow Is Another Day

Tomorrow Is Another Day or TIAD for short, is a boutique agency that started in 2010. TIAD, which focuses on discovering new talent on the streets of the world’s major cities, has become one of the leading representers of in-demand male talent within the fashion industry. But don’t expect your typical run of the mill muscle head to grace the agency’s model lineup. TIAD instead showcases models who are far more delicate looking than one would come to expect from a traditional men’s agency.

However, delicate does not mean what it used to in today’s fashion world. The models at TIAD represent a growing trend within the fashion industry to prefer softer, lankier, and skinnier men to walk runway shows as opposed to the traditional muscular models. This is where TIAD’s appeal lies. Although some of the biggest names in the male modeling are represented by more traditional agencies, TIAD represents a wide range of the freshest and most in demand faces the fashion industry has to offer.


As the name suggests, Anti-Agency was the agency that started it all. Having a vast repertoire of models that don’t fit the bill, Anti-Agency prides itself on representing models who have aspirations aside from modeling. DJs, artists, writers, and future fashion industry heavyweights are available in Anti’s extensive roster. Apart from interesting career goals, Anti-Agency specifically looks for models who have unique and interesting personalities. The agency’s goal is to provide the fashion industry with as much free thinking and lively individuals as possible. On top of all of that, the biggest differentiator that brought Anti-Agency into the spotlight is their appreciation for what’s inside. Rather than retaining strict height, weight, and measurement rules, Anti focuses their efforts on finding models who not only have interesting personalities but interesting bodies and personal styles as well.

IMG Models

IMG Models is most likely the most recognizable name on this list for its illustrious history in the fashion industry, but IMG has now become far better known for changing the modeling game within a short period of time. What was once the agency of fashion heavyweights like Kate Moss, Anja Rubik, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Gisele Bündchen, has now become the shining beacon of hope for Instagram models worldwide. IMG has catapulted the world’s obsession with Instagram famous models by launching and nurturing the careers of models like Gigi Hadid, Hayley Baldwin, and Cameron Dallas. This led the industry to turn to models who boast impressive number of followers on social media from street or casting call scouted models.

The rise in social media models’ popularity also adds a strategic edge to a fashion house’s runway show or ad campaign. With hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers, Instagram models and social media models are able to create a massive amount of exposure for a brand, as the models’ fans and followers tune in to see what they’re doing and who they’re associated with.

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