Everyday Icon — Saucony Originals

The ever-polarizing sneaker trend has been wondrous in its staying power.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen front-row-fashion plates showing up in their freshest kicks. It is the best example of mixing highs and lows: a two-piece Chanel suit with a running shoe; a vintage Balenciaga dress with a pair of well worn sneakers.

Shadow Original CL Polka Dot, Saucony Originals

It’s no wonder why this is such a tenacious trend. We’re busy. We need to sprint to get from point A, to B, to C. Comfortable footwear is more necessity than choice. And let the naysayers be — the vanguard is for the light footed, not the irresolute.

We need to be comfortable, but we want to look good. And if there is ever a need to look good, it’s while breaking rules.

“Know the rules well, so that you can break them effectively.” — Dalai Lama. “Break the Rules” Saucony Originals.

Which is why we teamed up with Saucony, the iconic shoe brand, to model some of their latest kicks. Here in Toronto, we’re passionate about our arch support and matching your shoes to your overall look. We don’t want our style mug shots to look amiss — we want them to look as ungodly and beautiful as any proper rule breaking should look.

Grid 9000 HT Jersey, Saucony Originals

Visit Saucony Originals for details regarding size and fit. You can order online here. 

Spring/Summer 2016 Active Wear Brands to Watch

Now that spring is in full swing means that summer isn’t too far behind, and that also means it’s time to breakout the workout gear and get ready for running season! Warmer weather, roller blading and overall getting active is ahead of us ladies and we need to not only look our best while getting trim and fit, but also wear the best fitting clothes to support our bodies before we start to hit the pavement.

From shorts, to leggings, and of course the much needed sport bras, it all doesn’t matter if the flashy apparel doesn’t fit the body comfortably. But do not panic! We are here to give you what’s hot on the fashion market, Novella has a list of four workout items from innovative brands that will be sure to get your body in its comfort zone as you begin your summer workout plan. These four items will be your go-to as you shop for the latest and greatest in athletic wear.

Anita Active

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This intimates and swimwear brand offers the best when it comes to athletic wear as the premise of the brand is comfort and breathability. The German brand offers their range of Momentum Maximum Support Bras where the sports bra has additional coverage around the bust, and made from a breathable material that instantly dries sweat. And even better, along with the sports bras are the matching underwear! Made with the same breathable material, the accompanying bottom is seamless and is great to be worn under workout shorts and leggings and doesn’t show that irritating panty line. Also, no bunching means no wedgies as you workout!


Adidas T-shirts and Long-sleeves


Not only is the iconic Adidas brand known for their trademark three stripe shell-toed sneakers and remarkable celebrity and designer collaborations, but the brand is revamping their take on active wear by making the apparel not only trendy but breathable and comfortable. Identifying more as an athleisure brand – apparel that can double as active and casual wear – Adidas offers this seasons Spring/Summer 2016 collection on a variety of choices that range from what people do throughout their day. Activities such as running the longest mile, to stretching and collecting yourself in a yoga class can able dressed comfortably in the seasons newest active threads. Their newest collection features floral designs on T-shirts, joggers and hats; putting their own spin on the class “Hawaiian Shirt,” the use of rose, gold, and salmon colours exudes the essence of a beach get-away.


Ivy Park


Stemmed from wanting to create clothing that was suitable for her background dancers and herself, Beyoncé brings her take on active wear with her collaboration brand Ivy Park. One of the staples of the brand are the I-V-Y leggings that range from high, to mid, and low waist cut leggings. Wanting the body to stay in place and not have that reverb effect when in motion, the leggings are made of durable, thick yet breathable material that is meant to hold your thighs and buttocks into place as you move throughout your day. Which means it’s a perfect staple piece when running that 5k marathon this summer!


 Adidas Climacool Runner


Making sure your feet are also supported while you workout and get active this Spring/Summer 2016, Adidas introduces their Climacool Sneaker that has a cushioned foam insole that helps with the bounce back action that happens at the heel of your foot as you walk. The cushioned foam is great as it acts as a memory foam for your foot and makes your feet comfortable every time you slip them on. Also, with the breathable material, your feet won’t be muddled in its own sweat for the duration of your workout as your feet move throughout the day.