The Novella team picks their fave trends for spring!

Fashion, like all forms of art, is about self-expression. It’s about taking colour, pattern, texture, shape, and style and making it all your own. This season saw some of the freshest and newest collections to date. Giving all of us here at Novella a reason to cheer over. There was no shortage of extremely wondering and eye-catching pieces. From beautiful coats to soft ruffles and baby pinks, our picks for best spring trends are sure to get yours and our spring wardrobes feeling as fresh as the springtime scenery that’s to come.


Chris Zaghi, Fashion Editor

Photos: L’Uomo Vogue | From L to R: Louis Vuitton, Angelos Frentzos, Juun. J


Berets are happening and they’re happening in a big way. They’ve been everywhere for spring/summer and fall/winter. Every designer under the sun, from Louis Vuitton to Christian Dior, gave the fashion world its take on the iconic Parisian staple. After having witnessed season after season of floppy hats and wide brim felt hats, the understated beret uses its touch of whimsical flair and elegance to add a special touch to casual looks, while giving more formal looks an ease of wear that only the french can pull off.

Shades of Icy Blue

My absolute favourite colour is slowly, but surely, making its way into a slew of designers collections this season. And with perfect timing too. Spring is the season of pastels. Light pinks and soft yellows dance with mints and orange sherbets in the most delicate dance. Spring is the season of floral blooms and all the colours that come with them. So it comes as no surprise that with the softness spring’s blooms come with their softest colours. At Angelos Frentzos, icy powder blues add a calming and luxe appeal to heavy streetwear looks. Giving the harshest of streetwear scrutinisers a reason to praise.

Extreme Trenches

The trench has been a rainy day springtime staple since its inception back in the 1800s, remaining unchained for centuries until today. The new trench now comes in whatever colour, shape, and style you can imagine (and desire) This season’s trend for extreme trenches came during Juun. J‘s fall collection. Where extreme duster lengths and avant-garde proportions are perfectly balanced with one another to create a modern yet classic silhouette that’s only sure to grow and evolve as time goes on.

Liat Neuman, Fashion Contributor

Bright colours

Super bright colours were playing a bold part in the capital fashion cities of the world, from Balenciaga to Celine and Phillip Lim, all brought a lot of energy to the runway, with a collection that contains all the shocking shades we can think of. There is no doubt that these rainbow colours bring your outfit to live – For me it’s much needed after all these gloomy days we were dealing with.

See-Through Garments

I am so fascinated over this big trend, that is also the most risqué one. See-through garments like tulle skirt and dresses, which were taken from the ballet world, has been seen in Dior, Rochas and Valentino and are very popular among the Londoner’s fashionistas. I adore the way it can blur the line between party outfit and a casual day look, evoking a romantic feeling blend with an edgy touch.


The ruffles continue to be a major hit this season and the bolder the better. I love how the ruffles creating a fierce statement. Well appreciated designers have included ruffles in a sophisticated way in their current collection, create unexpected layers, like ruffles with lace or with asymmetrical and voluminous pieces. The layer upon layers of this frilly fabric provides feminine flair to any springy look.

Natasha Grodzinski, Arts & Culture Contributor

Photos: Vogue Runway | From L to R: Tory Burch, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga.

Stripes on Stripes

In the past few seasons, we’ve occasionally seen a bit of pattern-on-paten action. While certain houses like Dolce & Gabbana still put out here combinations, the new buzz for Spring 2017 is about matching striped suits. I’m always interested in borrowing from menswear and a striped suit is a real classic. I love the idea of making it contemporary through feminine tailoring and fresh colour. Spring uniform? I think so.

Statement Tees

A good t-shirt has always gone a long way, but lately they’ve been at the forefront of trends. Aside from the slew of vintage band tees gracing almost every street style blog, multiple designers put out statement t-shirts, from Dior‘s feminism tees to the “No leather” number seen at Stella McCartney. In our current social and political climate, designers are taking notice of the importance of self-expression and individuality. If fashion is an introduction without words, a statement tee is an introduction and the opener of a debate.

Big Shoulders

I mean. I mean. I’m in love with the amount of 80s inspiration seen on the spring runways. As mentioned before, I like to borrow from the boys, and a good shoulder padding can cut such a crisp, strong look. (I’m thinking specifically of the looks in Working Girl.) Since I am somebody with naturally broad shoulders, I was often told to steer clear of added shoulder padding. But what if I went the other way, and drew a bit more attention to it? I’ll likely not be at the Balenciaga level, but I’m ready to play around with a padded jacket or two.

Drew Brown, Editor-in-Chief

Photo Credit: L to R: Wooyoungmi (Vogue Runway), Gucci loafer (GQ UK), Haider Ackerman (Vogue Runway)

Check Mate

Squares and checks were all over the runways this season. One of my favourite brands Wooyoungmi paired widowpane  checks of varying sizes together and gives men more options to play with other than the standard pinstripe staple. I will definitely be rocking this trend this spring.

Two-in-one Shoes

With the growing popularity of  Alessandro Michelle‘s new Gucci, the two-in-one shoes are a must-have this season. The fold down back feature flattens underneath your foot to make the shoe into a mule. You don’t have to have be rich to rock a pair. Zara‘s has more a more affordable pair for any budget.

A Touch of Pink

Pink is always one of my go to colors during the spring/summer season and it was spotted on many runways. From light pink at Haider Ackerman to dusty rose at Gucci, each designer offered many ways to add a burst of pink to your wardrobe. 

Claire Ball, Editorial Contributor

Photo Credit: L to R: DKNY (Vogue), Yeezy (Vogue), Rag & Bone (Vogue)

White dresses

I’m not usually one to wear white. It takes a special piece of clothing to make me want to be that risky. But I find this trend to be so enticing because it’s almost romantic in such a chill and casual way. Since I’m already a big fan of shirt dresses, I love that the right shape and hemline can turn a rather boring white dress into a spring essential.


Thanks to the many designers that tackled the look on the runway, I have recently developed a new appreciation for the utilitarian look. I don’t have an explanation why, but thankfully I no longer associate khaki with my dad’s wardrobe.

New Athleisure

GIVE ME ALL THE ATHLEISURE! I am seriously obsessed with this trend (shocker). The welcoming of sweatshirts into the fashion world has now opened the door for all facets of sporting style to be acceptable (#blessed). I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy, and I grew up playing sports, so I L-O-V-E that all my casual athletic wear is chic now. Time to get in the game, it’s officially warm up season folks!


The hunt for the perfect party dress during the holiday season can take lots of efforts, mentally and physically. It can get somewhat stressful, trying to find the time to spoil yourself with a new dress (or more…), while taking care of shopping for gifts, attending parties, or planning parties for your own friends and family.

For most of us, it’s the busiest time of the year, so to make things easy for you, I went on a pilgrimage to Nordstrom, searching for the one of a kind dress that will hang off the body just the right way, make one feel special from head to toe. Like in a fairy tale, I used three magic words: fancy, comfortable, and confident. And they were the key to finding a dress’s way into my heart and hopefully into my budget, too. To help you see through the festive period, here are some of the options for the endless parties you are bound to attend.

The LBD Update

You can never go wrong with the little black dress, this is one of the wardrobe essentials that always does the trick. The key is to glam up your LBD so it will look festive and fun. Either dig through your own accessories for some golden assembles that resemble the Christmas and New Year’s eve spirit or find a dress with dedicated metallic details that gives it a glamorous touch. These two dresses are a great way to kick off the party season: Just swap out flats for heels and choose a statement clutch before making your fashionable entrance.

Dresses: Ted Baker

Rock the Ruffles

Here is another playful take on the little black dress — ruffles and frills. They are two of the biggest trends this season and will add drama and elegance to your outfit in a charming way. And that what makes an ultimate evening look. Afraid of looking too tacky? Opt for a structured lace dress or slip on an off-the-shoulder dress that embraces your inner femininity. Pair it with classic heels and minimal jewelry for a sophisticated appearance.

Dress: Cinq à Sept

Shine Bright

Turn up the fun factor with a shiny material that defines the holiday season: Sequins! For all the fashionistas out there, this is the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone and dress up big time with one statement piece that scream pure fun. I chose this colorful wrap dress because it’s a perfect match for parties. For starters, simply pair the exotic texture with a chunky cardigan or leather sports jacket and avoid wearing it with stilettos.

Dress: Kate Spade

Dare to Wear Pink

Even though red is the signal that the holiday season is upon us, in my opinion pink is the refreshing version of red. Since holiday fashion is all about celebrating the joy of life, I choose fuchsia as the best candidate for the season. Beside the fact that pink has been a dominant colour on the Fall/Winter 2016-2017 catwalk, there is something about this colour that speaks of a desire for the carefree days of childhood. I picked this easy breezy dress because I love how it’s full of movement. It’s a perfect piece that can take you from day to night and it can easily accommodate accessories depending on the event you are aiming for. To give it an edgy touch, pair it with ankle boots and solid colour tights.

Dress: Kate Spade

The Funky Way

If you consider yourself as a fashion forward girl, this dress might be the ideal dress for you. While browsing the women’s department, this dress immediately caught my eyesThe structured party dress, in an hourglass silhouette, with lipstick & mascara cosmetics prints is a good reason to jump out of bed for a night out. Just put on your dancing dress and get into the celebratory mood. There’s a truth to the statement that fashion doesn’t need to take itself too seriously and this is the proof that a sense of humour never hurt anybody, even when it comes to high-end fashion.

Dress: Alice + Olivia

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Dressing Like Your Granny Is Actually Quite Cool Now


Well perhaps your grandma might be very cool in her own way and is still rocking normcore, but in general, grandmothers are associated with styles from the 1950s: ruffled blouses, pie crust collars, brooches and full skirts. For some reason it looks as though designers this year looked to the restrained style of Boomer generation ladies for their collections, drawing perhaps on the structure of the ’50s to find some sort of sense during this bewildering year, or perhaps to add to it. Whatever their reasons, designers have deemed these four trends as very cool and you can borrow them all from your grandmother.



Brooches are no longer just for the kitsch-inclined! Gucci loved the brooch for their FW16 collection, likewise Prada and Balenciaga. The lovely thing about brooches is that you can buy them in any vintage shop and stick them just about anywhere you please. Need to tie a scarf? Brooch. Need to excite an all-black ensemble? Brooch. See? Easy.

Trademark Ruffle Dress | Photo: Net-a-Porter


Ruffles can also be incorporated in a number of ways. They can be at the centre of a dress, like this gorgeous number from Trademark, or they can be a small detail on the sleeve of your blouse. I say go full fun with a ruffled skirt or a ruffled shirt (yes, like Jerry’s pirate shirt).

Etro Pre-Fall 2016
Etro Pre-Fall 2016 | Photo: WWD

Neck Ties

This is a trend that Alexa Chung could always pull off, but the rest of us were tentative about. Of course, Chung had it right, It-girl that she is. A neck tie, like a brooch, simply elevates an outfit. Think about jeans and a t-shirt. Now add a pink neck tie. Voilà!

Alexander McQueen Silk Blouse €489 | Photo: Shopbop
Alexander McQueen Silk Blouse €489 | Photo: Shopbop

Pie Crust Collars

We’ve already mentioned the pie crust collar trend in its own exclusive article, but this trend is so great it is worth mentioning twice. First of all, pie crust blouses are available in every high street shop, from Zara to H&M. Second, it’s a frilly alternative to a turtleneck. What’s not to love?

Feauture Image: Gucci

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One month One style: Falling For Ruffles  

It’s the frilly season, so for the month of October, we chose to feature ruffles. From the catwalks, red carpets, and the streets, this trend is everywhere. Designers like Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Chloe, Fendi, and Miu Miu have already showed their fashion-forward interpretation of the childlike details with voluminous and architectural ruffles. Ruffled details can add drama to your fall / winter wardrobe. We love the fact that it comes in any shape or size, in clean lines or disarrayed cuts this season. The flirty details can highlight your features, add volume to a boyish figure, and also boost your curves, giving it an ultra feminine effect. It only makes sense that we are feeling the urge to add some ruffles into our lives.

Here are six bold ways to wear ruffles that can easily be worn during the month of October.

Dondup autumn-winter 2016

Photo credit:

Ring my bell

The new way to wear ruffles for fall is on your sleeves- it’s a statement piece that screams drama. The exaggerated ruffle details are having their moment- the bigger the better! Deconstructed ruffles and extra large flared sleeves have been presented on the runways in all different ways, but all with the same goal: standing out.

Olivia Palermo– first collaboration with Nordstrom

Photo Credit: Harper’s Bazaar, Club Monaco

Mini flirt

Get ready to embrace your femininity in a flirty way. Ruffle details can sweeten up a mini skirt when they are attached to the bottom of the garment. The trick of pulling off this look without looking too girly is to transform it into something more refined. Consider adding a contrast element,  such as a boyfriend blazer or slouchy top that will bring your sophistication to an all-new level.

Photo credit: Getty Images (Isabel-marant)

It’s on my shoulders

Fun and exaggerated ruffles add edginess to not only a classic blouse, but also a knitted cape and sweater. Gucci AW16 collection totally proved this look is anything but boring. Other designers like John Galliano and Chanel took the traditional shoulder top and upgraded it with some ruffle details. Since the ruffles act as their own accessories, no jewels are needed in this case.

Photo Credit:

Not ordinary pants

While we could not live without our favourite classic black pants, we must admit it, we all need at least one pair of unique trousers that will make our appearance during the chilly days of October, cooler. We used to see ruffles on tops, dresses and skirt, but this fall they slide down to the bottom of your cropped pants.

Photo Credit: Vouge Italia (Shiatzy Chen)

The new bohemian dress

Go all out feminine with extra trimmings of ruffles to evoke a romantic atmosphere that blends with a sensual vibe. This season unlike the previous one, the dress appears to be more dramatic with rich fabrics and a lot of textures. Our favourite pick is the soft chiffon ruffles gown by Alexander McQueen that brings out gothic tones.

Photo credit: Vogue China (Alexander McQueen)

Bag of ruffles

The ruffle mania has spread into the bag category too. If you are not ready to step out of your comfort zone, consider adding some ruffles to a classic bag for a refreshing touch. The 3-D frilly embellishments  gives the handbag an innovative approach, but will not make you look over the top.

lanvin AW16
Photo credit: