Resort 2018 trends you’ll be itching to try

Resort season is one of the most overlooked seasons in the fashion world. While fashion lovers around the world pine for spring, pre-fall, and fall collections, resort seems to fall behind in the eyes of the fashion community year in and year out. Luckily, this season, it seems that designers around the globe were bitten by a creative bug and produced some of the most successful and innovative resort collections to date. And the best thing about fresh and innovative design is that it pushes new trends forward, giving fashion aficionados around the world new inspiration that breathes life into their cold weather wardrobes.

The Printed Knee-High

Photo: Vogue Runway – Prada, Thom Browne, Gucci

Now, to some (I’m talking to you private and Catholic school girls), knee-high socks are the bane of humanity. They’re fussy, tend to always fall or roll down. and generally come in either black, navy, grey, or whatever ridiculous hue of maroon or mustard your school colours were. But don’t dismiss this posh staple just yet. This season’s knee-high stocking was more than just an accessory. Unlike their academic sisters, the knee-highs at high fashion houses Prada, Thom Browne, and Gucci came in printed patterns and interesting hues. Marrying the traditional sock with blogger-it-girl street style, they transformed the good old scholastic knee-high sock into one of the most in-demand accessories of the season.

Shades of (Navy) Blue

Photos: Vogue Runway – Pringle of Scotland, Delpozo, Versace

Resort and cruise collections are created with the sole purpose of giving high-fashion clientele luxurious options for their jet-set vacations. Instead of throwing on a gauzy sarong, resort collections offer up the option of opting for luxe ensembles made especially for the warm summer months, the yacht, or the country estate. And it seems as if the designers visited the same luxurious and exotic locations as their clients when they designed their collections. No colour seems to have popped up during resort season more than deep ocean blue and nowhere else was it used better than at Pringle of ScotlandDelpozo, and Versace. Rich and luxurious shades of indigo and navy dominated the design landscape, creating daydreams of the deep blue oceans that surround the world’s most heavenly rivieras.

Mix and Match Rock & Roll

Photos: Mugler, I’M Isola Marras, Acne Studio

Back in the days before rock music began influencing fashion, one could be called out or even ousted from social circles if they chose to sport a particular rock clique attire for the sake of style. It was a rock & roll travesty to merely wear a studded leather jacket for the sake of looking punk or a Slayer t-shirt because you wanted to look like a metalhead. Fast forward a few decades and the walls of music (and fashion) have come down. It’s no longer a sin to want to mix and match styles from the various eras and genres of rock music around the world. Designers took that notion into full account this season. At MuglerI’M Isola Marras, and Acne Studio, rock saw its various style meshed with one another to create a perfect cacophony of textures, layers, and colours. Punk mesh was mixed with grungy florals, while oversized blazers were paired with pop rock hoodies and eyeliner, and goth trenches were paired with clean Bowie-esque slacks, giving a new look to the traditional rock ensemble.

Green With Envy

Photos: Vogue Runway – Vivetta, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Vionnet

Emerald, pea green, evergreen, mint, lime, avocado: It doesn’t matter what your favourite colour of green is because you don’t have to choose this season. From the look of it, green seems to be the next big trend in colour right after navy blue. At VivettaPhilosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, and Vionnet, green played a vital role and added a fresh and crisp summer look to many of the garments in the collections. Taking the designers’ resort wear from regular vacation attire to bright and exotic à la Jennifer Lopez at the Grammy’s in Versace. And what woman wouldn’t want to have her own JLo moment?

Rock & Roll Florals

Photos: Vogue Runway – Badgley Mischka, Preen by Thorton Bergazzi, MSGM

Resort 2018 seemed to be the season of turning tradition on its head. At Badgley MischkaPreen by Thorton Bergazzi, and MSGM, florals were placed front and centre. But these weren’t your average florals. This season’s floral called for something a little out of the box. Instead of having the same old soft and summery pastel florals, the designers opted for prints that brought a little edge into the mix. Dark background colours added to the pops of crimson, teal, and gold that wound around one another to create florals that were a little more ’80s glam rock than garden party pristine. Making these prints the perfect mould breaker for a fashion lover who wants to go somewhere a little darker and a little harder with their pretty petaled prints.

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Australia Resort 2017 Highlights

Photos: Francesc Ten /

As Resort shows take place around the world — from Rio to Havana — we couldn’t help but focus our attention on the talent coming out from Down Under. From space adventures, to timeless classics, the diverse collections from this year’s Australia Resort shows were impressive and memorable, giving the country greater influence within the fashion industry.


Photos: Francesc Ten /
Photos: Francesc Ten /

For her Resort 2017 collection, Emma Mulholland invited her guests to the coolest intergalactic beach party. Featuring outlandish numbers like the Bowie-esque jumpsuit and cherry-shaped spaceship print coordinates, Mulholland’s loose silhouettes and relaxed separates gave the space oddity collection the perfect earthly vibe.

From denim shirts and shorts with alien patches (patch denim, yes!) to pop print t-shirts, Mulholland did not hold back on the theme as she paired each look aired with alien antennas, glitter stars and or vibrant cat-eye shades. Teasingly on the border of overly-kitsch, Mulholland manages to stay on the good side of cheeky and pulls it off brilliantly.


Photos: Francesc Ten /

Light fabrics and elegant tailoring are at the core of this excellent collection from Akira. How is it possible that white cotton shorts could steal a show? Attention to structure, which Japanese-born designer Akira Isogawa does acutely. The simplicity of the footwear, white sandals, matched perfectly with the light make-up and unkept hair.

While the red and white polka dot shirt dress made for a statement piece, likewise for the red maxi pants, Akira flourishes through his solid white looks, including loosely ruffled dresses and men’s shirts. Romantic and natural, this is a designer to keep a close eye on!


romance was born
Photos: Francesc Ten /

The Romance Was Born Resort 2017 collection featured pieces one might wear if travelling to a psychedelic dance party during La Belle Epoque in Paris — in the best way possible and inspired by Liberace (see the piano key mini dress) — the collection also alludes to John Galliano’s legacy of lavishness and theatrics. 

Highlights included the velvet suit with various embroidered limbs and the coordinated blue print smoking jacket and matching thigh-high boots. A visual feast and embodiment of fashion as art.