Trend Defying Timeless Fashion Looks

When it comes to fashion, the topics almost always have to do with trends. We ask, “What patterns are in this season? What hemlines should we expect? And what’s on its way out?” Designers work to shape trends and to keep the consumer guessing and posit new ways to bend the rules. However, some looks have no expiration dates — some are safely detached from ever being labeled unstylish. Whether you are a fashion risk taker or someone who likes to work within the rules, here are some timeless looks that have been, still are, and most likely still be stylish for years to come.


The blazer has been a power look for years. Whether it’s fitted, loose, padded, or long, it has been a staple in completing and strengthening one’s outfit. Today, the blazer can be seen in typical suit form or even paired with jeans as a casual layering option. What is great about this look is that the structure of it allows for versatility, which justifies making a bit of an investment when purchasing, as it is sure to go with many other trends as they evolve and change.


This classic men’s look was originally developed with practicality in mind, as a staple for someone in trades where multiple pockets are an asset. However, as utilitarian fashion has developed over time, the extra pockets along the sides give an edgier feel to anyone’s look. Men’s fashion repeatedly shows this trend through the seasons to achieve casual street-style. Though the cargo pant have evolved through trends by changing up fabric and colours, its structure remains intact.


Skinny-jeans, bell-bottoms, high-waisted pants have alternated throughout seasons with usually one or two in the reigning position. While these pants have their times to shine and times to be packed up, the straight-leg pants remain consistently supreme. This look shows sophistication and class, and has been credited as a statement piece for years.


Spending cash on sunglasses can be a tough pill to swallow when considering the risk of breaking or losing them as well as the reality that your style of sunglasses might not be ‘trendy’ for much longer than two years. The Aviator, however, abides. It has been a trend for both men and women for years and is definitely an accessory that can safely remain in your collection without becoming outdated.


Whether you are 85 or 18, the cardigan can be a staple in any man’s wardrobe. The cardigan creates a relaxed yet elevated feel and can be worn in both casual and formal settings. It is a great way to reflect one’s personal style as it can be worn in many different sizes, textures, and alongside styling techniques.


If any pattern has survived the seasonal fashion police, it’s plaid. For some years it’s been seen in casual wear and sometimes it makes its mark on a suit, but the fact is, it is always somewhere. We all have our favourite plaid somewhere that will always stumble back into our outfit rotation.


What is sexier than a clean button-down white blouse? Anyone? Something so simple always says so much about the wearer: the sophistication and confidence in not being afraid to shine in the bright crisp white (extra points if you keep the coffee stains to a minimum). No matter the trends of the season, you cannot go wrong with it. It is forever a staple, forever a fabulous piece.


Seoul Fashion Week Fall 2017: The Highlights

Seoul is one of the best-kept fashion gems in the world. Like Japan and Sao Paulo, Seoul keeps itself pristine and pure. It rarely wanders into the realm of knock off fashion trends. And if it does resemble something we’ve seen on the runway before, chances are that the trend may have just originated there and not come in after the fact. The beauty of Korean fashion comes from its authenticity. Nothing really seems forced and that’s a horribly difficult thing to come by in today’s fashion industry. This season came with some of the freshest collections to date. The authenticity is there, the style is there, and that’s what makes Seoul Fashion Week such a joy to review — Here are its biggest stunners for fall.

Miss Gee Collection

Photo: Seoul Design Foundation

Have you ever wondered what Blair Waldorf would have looked like if she would have gone back to her old stomping grounds and became dean of Constance? Well here is your chance. At Miss Gee Collection, a clear private school influence was seen. With streamlined pantsuits accented with coloured trims and mock school crests and emblems. This collection screams Upper East Side private school couture, which, for one, I am in love with. There’s something so functional yet whimsical about collections that are based on school uniforms. It paints a story for you. You can almost see the Ivy covered walls of an elite private school neatly tucked away behind a set of giant elms and wrought iron fence when you see this collection.

Beyond Closet

Photo: Seoul Design Foundation

Now you can’t have ladies varsity style without throwing some men’s looks as well. For this season’s Beyond Closet show, models were sent out in outfits that would definitely put your local private school bad boy to shame. The great thing about this collection is that it refrains from solely showing uniform clothing; instead, a great mix of streetwear is woven in and out of the collection, giving the show a very relaxed and New York feel which works with the fashion industries’ current love for athleisure streetwear.


Photo: Seoul Design Foundation

Berets have been everywhere this season from Paris to New York, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the world is following suit. At Kiok, berets, Parisian flare, and strong deconstruction are all tied together in a neat little package. Many of the denim looks are outstanding and very relevant to today’s fashion trends. However, the best looks came in the form of polka dot print dresses, blouses, and blazers. The polka dots give the collection a comedic freshness that is sadly avoided in the fashion industry. Another really interesting thing about the collection is how well it’s styled. The layering between outerwear, formalwear, and sportswear perfectly mirrors what’s going on in the fashion world today.

J Koo

Photo: Seoul Design Foundation

Formalwear and evening wear are some of the most difficult pieces to design because they usually follow certain guidelines. For example, you can design a tuxedo made out of jersey, but it still wouldn’t be considered formalwear. At J Koo, the notion of formalwear and evening wear is revisited and reworked with knits and trenches. Giving the collection a very soft and casual feel without actually taking away from its elegance. Chiffon is sprinkled throughout and mossy greens break up the neutrals seen throughout the collection, allowing the evening wear to go beyond the realm of black, white, and jewel tones.

Kumann Yoo Hye Jin

Photo: Seoul Design Foundation

Herringbone is one of the greatest patterns ever invented. It’s fun, it’s bright, it’s eye-catching, and it’s elegant in its own right. So it came as no surprise when it showed up on the runway at Kumann Yoo Hye Jin. The beautiful citrine stone green pairs beautifully with the soft wool texture of the outerwear in the collection. However, herringbone isn’t the only pattern available in the collection. A great majority of the show’s outerwear is presented in sumptuous plaid wools that hark back to a more retro idea of outerwear. Denim and velvet also made spectacular appearances in the form of separates and dresses, which helped break up the various plaids and neutral tones throughout the show. Giving its would-be shoppers a wide variety of choices to mix and match with, which is a plus in anyone’s books.

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The Best of NYFW Street Style

Since New York Fashion Week has come and gone, it’s time to reflect on the edgy street style New York had to offer this season. My absolute favourite part about fashion weeks around the world, and especially when it comes to NYFW, is the street style. One thing is for sure, New York knows how to bring it. Outerwear and layering were key factors in nailing your street style game during NYFW where street style is no joke — even the snow, sleet, slush, and the wind can’t stop the people of New York from bringing their A-game to the streets. From camouflage to kitten heels and puffer jackets, New York’s style is still as cool and sophisticated as ever.


It seems like camouflage is equally on the runway — from Yeezy Season 5 and Coach to Alice + Olivia — and on the streets of New York. But it still speaks volumes and is sure to make you stand out.

Trench Coats

New York brought a more chill and relaxed vibe to the classic trench. A hint of layering and cuffed sleeves gives a disheveled yet sophisticated look.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels were popping up all over the streets. Pairing them with denim is the perfect way to achieve a balanced chill and feminine look.

Oversized Puffer

The go-to way to stay warm during NYFW was definitely the puffer jacket. It was hard to keep track of just how many there were. Regardless what you think about puffers, oversized puffers are statements that keep you warm.

Shades of Yellow

There were more yellow on the streets of New York than the usual flow of taxi cabs flowing through. From bright jackets and purses to more subtle yellow accessories like yellow-tinted sunglasses, the yellow accent was a favourite during this season.


The shearling lined jacket was seen left, right, and center on those who were braving the cold during NYFW. It’s the epitome of warm, badass outerwear. If you’re not into the idea of a full fur coat, this is a happy medium. A classic and fashionable look but with a little more edge.


Crowds turned to plaid in all different shapes, styles, and colours. Pairing it with anything and everything, New York brought out the classic in its quintessentially unique ways.

Faux Fur

Nothing says winter is here like fur and the faux-fur game was definitely strong this season. It dominated the street style runway in a variety of styles,  colors, and cuts.

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