Highlights From Pitti Uomo’s Biannual Trade Show

Featuring highlights from the Tim Coppens guest show to veteran designer Tommy Hilfiger’s Fall/Winter 2017 presentation, Pitti Uomo continues to be one of the world’s most important platforms for men’s clothing and accessory collections. Designers, along with fashion reporters, gather at the biannual menswear trade show held in Florence to launch new collections or projects and to flaunt their best street style. The shift from traditional menswear to more eclectic offerings was most evident this season. Here is a roundup of some of the collections:

Photo Credit: Tommy Hilfiger


After a successful collaboration with Gigi Hadid and his See Now, Buy Now showing at New York Fashion Week, veteran American designer Tommy Hilfiger hosted an exclusive presentation during Pitti Uomo to showcase the Fall 2017 Hilfiger Edition collection on January 10th, 2017.

“I am very proud to be presenting my menswear collections at Pitti Immagine Uomo,” said Tommy Hilfiger. “Since I first launched my brand in 1985, menswear has been a key part of the Tommy Hilfiger brand. Men’s fashion is really having a moment right now, and it’s great to be here at Pitti — one of the greatest platforms in the world for menswear designers — to celebrate the growth and achievements of the men’s fashion world.”

Hilfiger Edition pays homage to Tommy Hilfiger’s storied menswear heritage, with time-honoured classics reimagined for today. The designer also showcased looks from Tommy Hilfiger Tailored and the Tommy Hilfiger sportswear collections all under one roof.

Photo Credit: Luca Tombolini / Indigital.tv


Tim Coppens showed his namesake label’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection at Pitti Uomo.  The American designer displayed both men’s and women’s looks on the runway. These included everything from plaid and functional sportswear to a sneak peak at his sneakers for the Under Armour UAS line, of which he is executive creative director.

Z Zegna 

The game of fashion musical chairs last year included designer Alessandro Sartori back at the helm of the Italian luxury giant Ermenegildo Zegna Group as Artistic Director. For his Z Zegna F/W ’17 presentation at Pitti, the designer looked to the ski-slopes for inspiration. The collection included skiwear, shearling jackets, and other sportswear staples.

Photo Credit: F.Y!

Ordinary People 

Ordinary People, launched in 2011, is designed by Korean designer Jang Hyeong-Cheol, who brought his label to Pitti Uomo and took part of the Concept Korea event. We recently featured The Best Of Seoul Fashion Week ss 17 and it helped to introduce us to the many talented designers Korea has to offer. Jang Hyeong-Cheol has now been added to the list.

This collection featured many coats that I am now coveting and have begun saving for. Jang Hyeong-Cheol showcased a layering of edgy and luxury pieces that were done to perfection for Fall/Winter 2017. There was nothing ordinary about this collection.

Photo Credit: Vogue Runway

Sansovino 6

Another brand designed by an American that generated a lot of buzz during Pitti is Ohio native Edward Buchanan’s knitwear brand, Sansovino 6. For his runway show, which featured our friend and first issue cover model Stacey McKenzie, the designer served up the many possibilities of knitwear.

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Style Lessons to Learn From Pitti Uomo


If you follow the fashion calendar carefully, the month of June is a time to get excited for. Things kick off with London Collections Men, followed by Paris and Milan Fashion week.

The next spring/summer collections will be shown, and everything that comes with Fashion Weeks, all the instagramming, tweeting, and snapchatting about what collections and trends to look for the next season will be in high gear for the next few weeks.

Even with the sheer amount of collections that will be shown off, one single event stands out from the prominent fashion capitals of London, Paris and Milan, and that’s Pitti Uomo. Twice a year the menswear illuminati all come together in Florence and put on a hell of a trade show that is everything menswear. One of the highlights of Pitti is the street style that comes out of the convention.

Some of the most fashion savvy men all in one city trying to outduel each other with outfits, peacocking at it’s finest. To get you ready for this season’s batch of Pitti street style, we looked back to the past years and put together some style lessons you can learn from the men attending one of the most refined men’s fashion events.

Dressing Down Your Suit


One thing that the Italians and other Europeans have almost perfected but we lack here in North America is how to dress down a suit. Here we only associate a suit and trousers with the corporate world and nine to five work hours.

A suit can be one of the most versatile things in your wardrobe and can also be worn when you’re not on the work grind. Swapping out a stiff dress shirt and replacing it one with a basic tee is a simple yet effective style move.

White Jeans and Chino’s


A few seasons ago white jeans made a comeback in menswear. You had the early adopters flock to them, but now you could make the argument that they should be embraced by all men.

I understand that when it’s winter you don’t want to take that risk, but now is the time to try white jeans. When men think of white jeans, they only think of this nautical vibe, but it doesn’t have to be only ships and sailing when you wear them. They pair and work great with classic tailoring.

Just look at that squad of stylish gents all decked out in white jeans and a variety of blazers and sport-coats.

Carrying a Bag Instead of Over stuffing your Pockets


We all live very busy lives, and as a result, we need to carry quite a few things all-day-long. Therefore, one cringe-worthy mistake that often goes under the radar is how we overstuff our pockets. As great of an outfit you are wearing, it has the potential of going completely in the gutter if you see a huge bulge from your smartphone or thick ass wallet.

Unlike fall and winter where we can use our outerwear pockets for additional storage, we don’t have that luxury when the temperature is scorching. A tote bag or backpack are two investment pieces that go a long way for summer style. You’ll be able to carry more of your personal belongings and still look good.

It’s Not All About the Slim Suits


Here in North America we only see the two extremes when it comes to tailoring. We get both men wearing their suits so tight that they look like they can barely breathe, or on the other hand, men wearing suits so loose that look like they can swim in them. Suiting does not have to involve extremes. The Europeans have always been ahead of the curve and have found that sweet spot where a suit fits just right.

Know Your Limits


‘Peacocking’ is a regular thing during Pitti. Men often wear some outlandish colour and silhouettes to try and outdo one another.  As much as I would like to wear a bright coloured blazer, it does not work for me. When it comes to the style game, it is crucial to know your limits. Coloured socks, bright loafers, and sport-coats don’t work for everyone. If you can pull them off, all the credit to you, but sometimes it is good just to stick with the tried-and-true and tested.

When All Else Fails Stick to Navy, and Lot’s of It


Every season there is always a shade that get’s handpicked by designers and editors, and gets countlessly mentioned as the one colour to wear for the season.

As tempting as it is to reinvent your wardrobe with that colour, I would recommend you to stay with the classics. Browsing through tons of street style photos from past Pitti show’s the one colour that stood the test of time was Navy. It is a shade that looks great on everyone, and that we can all adopt and wear, from experienced menswear enthusiasts and menswear newcomers.