Fragrances you’ll love all year around

Choosing the perfect year around fragrance can sometimes be the most difficult beauty decision one has to make. Feminine fragrances tend to be too sweet for everyone’s tastes, men’s fragrances tend to be far too spicy or woody, and unisex fragrances tend to underwhelm. However, there are a few fragrances that stand out as not only interesting, but they also perfectly move from summer to winter without creating a jarring wall of scent.


Maison Margiela: Replica Soul of the Forrest

Photo: Sephora

$200.00  @ Sephora | Soul of the Forest encapsulates the strength and severity of strong woods and leafy forest greens. Many fragrances claim to encompass the fresh and familiar scent of a walk in the forest, but Maison Margiela‘s Replica fragrance perfectly recreates the smell of a dense forest that glistens with the faint sparkling of a sun shower’s remnants. It is packed with strong notes of balsam fir, cedar, and incense, creating an intoxicating masculine scent that edges ever so slightly into gender neutral territory.

Atelier Cologne: Sud Magnolia

Photo: Sephora

$145.00 @ Sephora | Atelier Cologne‘s Sud Magnolia may not be the first for a masculine fragrance at first glance, however, the light Magnolia scent is wrapped beautifully in tart citrus notes of pomelo and bitter orange, giving the scent a sweet yet hard bite that meshes perfectly with the elegant and warm scent of southern Magnolia. Perfect for cold winter days that need a warm pick me up or warm summer days that require a familiar summer sweetness.


Gender Neutral

CLEAN: Cool Cotton

Photo: Sephora

$95. 00 @ Sephora | One of the most pleasing scents available on the market is the unisex fragrance CLEAN Cool Cotton, which boasts a beautifully pure and impressive aroma of clean countryside cotton. Imagine leaving your house like the freshest breeze of the wind you’ve ever smelt; like a sweeping hillside cinematic moment captured in a small glass flacon. That’s the beauty of this lemon peel, cotton, and mint concoction. It’s also slightly more cost effective than many other options on this list!

Tom Ford: Mandarino Di Amalfi

Photo: Sephora

$172.00 @ Sephora | One of Tom Ford‘s best selling and most appreciated sscents is Mandarino Di Amalfi. It conjures up images of the fresh Mediterranean coast. An image of inviting sea water, white sailed sail boats, tan bodies, and the freshness of a citrus orchard under the sun all come crashing together in this stunning confection. The absolutely fresh unisex is made possible by the presence of grapefruit, lemon, and orange blossom.



L’Artisan Parfumeur: Les Chasse Aux Papillons

Photo: Sephora

$170.00 @ Sephora | Florals are a sure fire way of capturing a soft and feminine scent that isn’t overly sweet or childish. The playfully elegant and entrancing Les Chasse Aux Pipillons by L’Artisan Parfumeur aims at bottling a memory rather than a scent. Instead of bottling the literal, Papillons is a blend of tuberose, linden blossom, and jasmine, which carries a memory rather than just a fixed scent. Unlike other florals, Papillons’s transports the wearer back to their childhood of butterfly chasing in a lush fragrant meadow bathed in sunlight.

Guerlain: Aqua Allegoria Pera Granita

Photo: Sephora

$78.00 @ Sephora | Guerlains Pera Granita is a scent built on the more light and effervescent side of the fragrance spectrum. With sparkling grapefruit, pear, and lemon, this tart scent perfectly compliments high summer and adds an aromatic and invigorating zest to the winter months. However, this can be a tad bit sweet depending on personal preference, but nothing compares to the tarty bitterness of grapefruit in the morning. Think of it as breakfast for your body!

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Natasha’s Toronto: Exploring The PR Maven’s TIFF Plans

Natasha Koifman: is there anything she can’t do? As the matron of NKPR and Toronto’s IT Lounge, a celebrity lounge for TIFF, not to mention her events and fundraisers she puts on during the Toronto International Film Festival, it seems that Natasha is unstoppable. We had a chance to sit down with the Queen of PR to discuss all things TIFF, including her last twenty years in the scene, and share her professional take on how this festival season will play out.

After moving back to Toronto from New York, Natasha worked for Liberty Entertainment Group and helped host a lot of the Festival after parties at this time. She had a huge involvement with these festivities and when she started her own agency thirteen years ago, Visa Canada became one of her first clients, who were a major sponsor of the festival. Whether it was independently, with Liberty Entrainment Group, or with NKPR, Natasha has always worked with the festival. Ten years later, the IT Lounge came to fruition.


“TIFF came to us with the initial idea for the IT Lounge. We are neighbours, and they thought how it would be interesting for both parties. We came together and it just made sense, because it’s their 40th year and our 10th year anniversary, so it really was the coming together of the decades,” Natasha said. “At the end of the day, we are a PR agency, so it’s all about telling the story, and it made sense to us because it was a cool story to be able to talk about.”

As for fashion on the red carpet, Natasha believes we will see a lot of black, and potentially many jumpsuits, mimicking Naomi Watt’s stellar plunging neckline black jumpsuit from last year’s festival; as well she predicts that there will be a lot of mid-length dresses, hitting mid calf under the knee, from designers like Pucci, Anthony Vaccarello, and Zuhair Murad. In terms of accessories, she is a purveyor of delicate pieces by Jacquie Aiche.

In the lounge, Natasha did curate the products and brands she believes are the essentials in her, with her overall mission for the celebrities, publicists, managers, and media of the IT Lounge to have a fun experience and get through the Festival. From the tote bags provided to in the IT Lounge, including products by European clothing brand Tom Tailor, Saje Natural Wellness, Barilla Pasta, Cross Pens, and Goody, to the Natasha’s own fragrance TWENTY-SIX, in collaboration with Aromachology, the actors, film makers and industry delegates in attendance at the Festival will be given a piece of Natasha’s Toronto to take with them.

Haiti 2

All the proceeds from Natasha’s new perfume will go back to her charity of choice, Paul Haggis’ Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ), which supports build schools, drive healthcare, and support dignity initiatives in Haiti. Her perfume is handcrafted with Haitian vetiver, a fragrant grass that grows along the coast of Haiti, and combines twenty-six ingredients to inspire, including peony, rose, patchouli, and sandalwood. The collaboration was a natural fit, as both Natasha and Aromachology wanted to design a gift that gives back, and with 100% of the proceeds going back to APJ, this was a perfect marriage. This past weekend, Natasha and the NKPR team hosted the seventh the APJ Festival Gala at Casa Loma, which celebrated the APJ Community and honoured Susan Sarandon for her long-time commitment, dedication, and support for the organization’s work in Haiti.

“This is the year of the woman. At the festival, we have Jane Fonda, Kate Winslet, Natalie Portman and Helen Mirren, who are amazing, icons and we as a city have an opportunity to celebrate them,” Natasha explained enthusiastically.

Keep up with everything Natasha is doing for TIFF and beyond by following her @natashankpr on Instagram and Twitter.