Queer Boy Costumes 101: Your Guide to Wearing Whatever the Hell You Want this Halloween

Halloween can sometimes be a distressing time for queer men. What may seem like a particularly fun time of year where anyone can dress up and have a great time can sometimes turn into a month-long battle between what you’d like to dress up as, and what the world fins acceptable for you to dress up as. This vortex of making yourself happy vs making the people around you comfortable often times seem completely suffocating. But the reality of the situation is that almost every recently out queer man, both young and mature,  will find themselves centred in the middle of a tug and war between your own feelings and the assumed feelings of those around you. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In all reality, dressing up for Halloween should be something amazing and freeing. It shouldn’t make one feel as if they have to choose between personal happiness and the level of acceptance or tolerance that those around you may have. It’s your night and you should be able to wear whatever you want. You should be able to dress as masculine and as feminine as you want. As outrageous or as tame as you’d like (just as long as it isn’t socially insensitive and offensive) In reality, the only stress one should feel during the spookiest time of the year is the stress of choosing just one costume out of all the great ideas floating around out there. Hopefully, this article will help you put your brain into overdrive during these last few days leading up to Halloween and help you put together the most amazing queer boy costume this year.

When in Doubt, Pastel Out

Whether you opt for femme boy extraordinaire or super masc gym rat chic. Pastels are always a great way to keep things fun for Halloween. Forget bright colours and all black ensembles. Pastels manage to give you a hint of softness with any costume you wear. Wearing an entire pastel outfit, or certain pastel elements can often time give you a sugary sweet and often times funny contrast; especially if you’re fusing something scary or overly masculine with your pastel look. You’re bound to be the centre of attention in your ice cream coloured party outfit if you opt for a pastel gig. Options for your pastel costume are endless. Some super fun ideas are The Chanels, Almost any kind of dessert, The quintessential fairy costume, cheer captain, and Anime Lolita.

A Gay Staple: The Unicorn

Now, this may seem like a no-brainer, lgbtqa+ folks have been associating themselves with the mythological creature for decades now. And for good measure. The unicorn is one of those majestic creatures yields great importance in the world of myth for its power, dominance, and strength. However, the reason the unicorn should be a go-to Halloween costume for queer kids over something like a dragon (not to say that dragons are badass) is that it doesn’t present its strength through overt masculinity, instead, it presents an image of strength through the balance of graceful femininity and brute masculinity. It’s a perfect balance between the two.Now the fun thing about a unicorn costume is that you can make it as feminine or masculine as you’d like and as sexy or tame as you’d like. The possibilities are endless. Imagine dressing up as a fetish unicorn, a space unicorn, a ridiculously hilarious blow-up unicorn or a sexy boudoir unicorn.

Your Favourite Drag Race Alumni

It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, bi, queer, or everything in between. If you’ve had the pleasure of becoming a Rupaul’s Drag Race fan, then you’ll know how sickening some of the girls that have walked through the workroom are. And you know deep down inside (like Madonna said) you want to know what it feels like for a girl. So here’s your chance. With over 100 different queens to choose from. Drag race has a plethora of queens to chose from. Even if your favourite queen’s look is too hard to achieve, you can pick any of the other queens who’s looks are easier to achieve. However, when attempting to recreating a queens look, be aware that there may be more work you can commit to last minute. Nails, makeup, tucking, and wigs are all part of the processes, but you don’t have to go full on drag. Remember, it’s your choice. Some good example of gag-worthy queens is Valentina, Alaska, and Trixie Mattel.

Video Gay-mes

Here’s where you can really start to get creative and have fun. The possibilities could be endless. Whether you want to gender bend your favourite character or recreate their entire look. Video game characters are an amazing option for a queer boy to celebrate Halloween in. The world of video games has countless iconic characters to one can emulate or borrow from. Form Square Enix and their Final Fantasy series to Nintendo’s huge game roster. In all fairness, of all the costume ideas on this list. Video games are by far the easiest to recreate since there are most likely plenty of costume stores that sell video games costumes, but there are hundreds of tutorials online on how to DIY your favourite characters looks. Some good bets could be Princess Peach, Payne, Ash Ketchum, Ivy Valentine.

Super Bowl for People Who Don’t Care

Super Bowl is this Sunday. Huddled up in front of the screen are the ones who’ve watched the whole season, placed bets, and waited for the kickoff. Then there’s people like me, who don’t actually care. I’m there for the Halftime show and guacamole. Luckily, you don’t have to be into the game to get into the Super Bowl spirit! Here are a few tips to host a Super Bowl party for the uninterested, and impress the fanatics.


1. Set up a Photo Booth

Who doesn’t love a corny photo booth? Holding chalkboard signs and wearing stupid hats make for happy times. For a basic DIY photo booth, just cover the wall with a black sheet. Then give your photo booth a Super Bowl spin using football props. This includes football helmets, pom-poms in team colours, life size cutouts of your favourite players, etc. Photo booths are always guaranteed fun.

Photo: mydomaine.com/superbowl-party-ideas/slide10

2. Make a Chilli Spread

Photo: http://catchmyparty.com/photos/2178579

People love making their own variations of food. Having a chilli bar is an interactive way of serving food to your guests and everyone’s happy with their own customized chilli bowl. The first thing you need is of course, the chilli. It’s simple enough to make and is a versatile, hearty food made to satisfy everyone. You can lay out base ingredients such as tortilla chips, french fries and even hotdogs. Toppings include shredded cheese, sour cream, green onions, diced tomatoes, jalepenos, olives, guacamole- the list goes on. Don’t forget the condiments for the hotdogs if you choose to have them! You’ll end up with a massive spread that will look impressive, but took hardly any effort.

3. Decorate- A Little Goes a Long Way.

Photo: organizeyourstuffnow.com/football-banner

It’s the little things that make up the entire atmosphere of your party. Hanging garlands and bundting are a party staple that’s sure to get you in the spirit. It can be as simple as cutting triangles out of construction paper in team colours and stringing them together.

Photo: www.countryliving.com

You can get crafty at the snack table also. It’s amazing how 4 pieces of white washi tape can turn anything into a football. Stick one long piece of tape down one side of a mason jar or clear plastic cup. Then stick three other shorter pieces of tape horizontally under each other so it looks like the stitching on a football. You can pretty much do this to anything, including the jars you can use to hold utensils.


4. DIY Your Own Concession Stand


This is a cute idea, especially if you’ve got a sweet tooth. Chocolate covered strawberries never get old. Dipping strawberries in melted chocolate is simple enough. Super Bowl them up by making them look like footballs by drawing on football stitching with melted white chocolate or white candy wafers. Use a piping bag with a really small tip or just cut a tiny hole at the end of a Ziploc bag to draw the lines. You can do this to brownies, cake pops, pretzels the tops of cupcakes, etc.

Photo: www.redbookmag.com

If you’re tired of the white, green and brown and looking to add a bit of colour, make Rice Krispie balls in team colours (learn how to make them here). You can also make some gourmet looking popcorn using sugar, corn syrup and food colouring- recipe here. These are all extra touches that will make your party delicious for the eyes and mouth.



Whether you love the game, or the only thing you’re watching are the commercials, time spent together with family and friends is always a good time. Hopefully these ideas will give all of you Martha Stewart wannabes (including me) some inspiration. Happy Super Bowl-ing!

Holiday Outfits Inspired by Movie Characters

The holidays are always a stressful time of year and with holiday party season right around the corner, it’s time to start planning your perfect party looks (on top of everything else you need to do). From family dinner parties to work soirées, there is no doubt that your closet is bound to need some new holiday style inspiration. So if you’re running low on party looks this season, put your time spent watching holiday movies on Netflix to good use as your newest fashion inspiration. To help you finish off the year in style, here is a list of holiday outfits inspired by movie characters for every occasion this season.


Amanda Woods (Cameron Diaz) – “The Holiday”

Cameron Diaz’s wardrobe in this movie is great to kickstart your holiday fashion inspiration. With turtlenecks and knits making a comeback in the cold, this holiday inspired look (pun intended) is perfect for a low-key family gathering. Pair a light coloured knit turtleneck with some leather pants and a pair of ankle boots for a more edgy, updated version of Amanda Woods’ warm and chic look. Who doesn’t want to take fashion inspiration from Cameron Diaz?


Sally Albright (Meg Ryan) – “When Harry Met Sally”

This may seem like an unconventional choice but with New York captured in all its holiday glory, Sally Albright’s tomboy style in “When Harry Met Sally” is perfect for the holiday season. Steal Sally’s style with an oversized blazer and a pair of Oxfords or trendy flats.


Elizabeth Lane (Barbra Stanwyck) – “Christmas in Connecticut”

Minimalist and classic — a white blouse and a black pencil skirt is never a bad idea. This is a look that can easily look office-ready instead of holiday-ready, so choose your blouse and skirt wisely and remember to properly accessorize. This look could also be paired with a trendy piece of outerwear to give it a more party-ready vibe.


Kate (Reese Witherspoon) – “Four Christmases”

Even though Reese’s style in “Four Christmases” is a little less colourful and a little more conservative, there is nothing wrong with pulling out your little black dress over the holidays. Put a twist on Reese’s holiday outfit by bringing the oversized trend to Christmas dinner and rocking an oversized LBD. Or pair your favourite LBD with a choker or a pair of knee-high boots instead.


Lucy – “Charlie Brown Christmas”

For someone who is a little bit more of a laid back tomboy, this look is perfect. Take some inspiration from everyone’s favourite Christmas cartoon, and wear a mustard yellow and black/navy colour scheme with a pair of black ankle boots. If you really want to complete the look, throw on a red hat.


Esther Smith (Judy Garland) – “Meet Me in St. Louis”

Judy Garland was a bombshell in her iconic red dress in this Christmas classic. Steal the scene at your next holiday soirée with a red dress of your own. Conveniently the puffy sleeve trend has begun to make a comeback in their own respect, so channeling this look shouldn’t be difficult. But since it’s not 1944 anymore, puffy sleeves aren’t for everyone, so you can give this look a 2016 twist with a velvet upgrade or some more delicate sleeves as an alternative.


Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) – “Sex and the City”

Even though Carrie is technically wearing pajamas in this scene of the movie, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should wear pj’s to your next holiday party. WWCD? What would Carrie do this holiday season? The key to channeling your inner Carrie Bradshaw during the holidays is by giving your ensemble a glamorous touch. Give your outfit a touch of Carrie with a faux fur coat and some sparkly accessories.

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Canada Day in TO: A Roundup of Fun

Tomorrow’s our nation’s birthday, and in true Canuck fashion, Torontonians are planning a smashing array of parties that will probably have us waking up the same colours as our national flag. If you don’t have Canada Day plans already, pencil in one or two of these fiestas to celebrate our home and native land in style!


Photo Courtesy of blog.caasco.com
Photo Courtesy of blog.caasco.com

T-Dot Foam Party

It’s foam party on a boat cruise, because why not? Note: it’s 19+ — if you couldn’t have guessed.

Electric Island

Every long weekend throughout the summer, EDM lovers flock to the Island for this mini festival. On July 1, Electric Island returns with Sasha, Marcel Dettmann, Lee Foss, Dennis Ferrer, Greg Gow, Jeff Button and Jonathan Rosa.

The Great Canadian Cruise with Indie88

This is possibly the most Canadian way to celebrate Canada’s big day. This cruise will put a complimentary Steamwhistle in your hand while you gaze at the Toronto skyline before you hit up the poutine bar, apology station and other fun stuff. (Note: this one’s a 19+ event.)

Canada Day Extravaganza at the Harbourfront Centre

A classic Torontonian July 1st experience. Stop by the Harbourfront Centre on Canada Day to take in a medley of visionary artists, ideas, Canadiana and communities — and, of course, fireworks.

Fun at Mel Lastman Square

Music, dance performances, family activities and fireworks are all going down at Mel Lastman on July 1st from 5 to 10 p.m. Admission is free, so bring your chums and spend the evening gawking at Zero Gravity Circus, basking in the music of a salsa band and getting your face painted.

Toronto Ribfest

Ribs! Come be gluttonous at this classic event, which runs 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. at Centennial Park.