Valentine’s Day Outfits

Are you one of those who think that Valentine’s Day is overrated? Indeed, society makes us feel pressured about the day, especially if you are a  man. You have to concentrate all your efforts to make your sweetheart feel loved more than on any other day, find the best place (usually a super fancy restaurant you can’t afford), and get the best gift. But, fortunately, things are changing and, when it comes to finding the best V-Day gift, more people are looking for gifts for their friends more than for a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Whether you are in a relationship or not, you should do something that night, something special that will make you feel good. If you are in a relationship, you probably already have plans. But if not, just get together with your friends and go grab drinks. Or stay home. Whatever you do, just have fun.

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a day where couples celebrate their love. It should be one where we get to celebrate love in general. Self-love included!

Because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and because every occasion is a good excuse to go shopping, it’s time to think about your outfit. Here is a selection of pieces you could wear depending on your plans for the day.

A date with your new boyfriend

Let’s say you just met someone and you really like the person but it’s so brand new that you don’t want to be too “natural” for that occasion. Having a date for Valentine’s Day after only few days/weeks ointo a relationship is not easy to handle. At least with this outfit you will be confident enough to seduce him/her properly. It will be more like a game than a real serious date. Find this dress on Missguided website.

No date at all

If you are in the opposite situation and you don’t have any date at all well, at least this super sweet jumpsuit will make you feel less desperate. At home, yes, but like a sexy housewife. Find this cute piece at H&M.

A date with your long-relationship boyfriend

You have been dating this guy for years, you know everything about him, his mom… and you even live with him. Maybe that night will be the one he is going to propose… Valentine’s Day is actually a good occasion for a proposal because no need to be extra romantic, the situation is doing the job for you. Well, because you never know, don’t go too “sexy” that night. You want to remember that day as the one he proposed and don’t want to show the pictures of the moment at your wedding, wearing the Missguided red dress we were just talking about. Get this beautiful dress at H&M.

A night out with your girls

Who cares about having a date for Valentine’s Day when you have a bunch of best friends ready to go party with you. As Charlotte from Sex & the City said, why can’t we be soulmates with our girlfriends? Don’t you think it’s a healthier way of thinking? Get this cosmo dress at H&M.

A date with your best friend

This item is one of our favorites for several reasons. First, both the shape and the color of the jumpsuit make us think about the ’70s — a really good decade in terms of fashion. Also, we really like the ribbed knit pull-on effect on the kinds of items that makes it even cozier and perfect for a lunch or dinner with a friend. We finally like the fact that you can style it up the way you want, for example with a belt and a moto jacket like on the picture. Find this jumpsuit at Urban Outfitters.

A date with your mom

For those who don’t care about Valentine’s Day and just plan on grabbing a dinner with their moms as usual, this super cute outfit can be an option. This pale pink is perfect for the occasion and the frills on the crop top makes the look really fashionable. It could also be a good way to send the subliminal message to your mom that she doesn’t have to worry about your single life: It’s a choice and not something you put up with. Like really… Look how gorgeous you are in this outfit! Find it at Urban Outfitters.

Vanessa Paradis: From Baby Star to Fashion Icon

There is no beauty like hers. 30 years after the beginning of her career Vanessa Paradis continues to impress the public. Singer, model, actress, and fashion icon, Paradis remains one of the favorite celebrities in France.

How could we describe her style? In the late ’80s, people discovered a 14-year-old “lolita” with a cute voice and a pretty face. Paradis singing “Joe le taxi” in a white crop top and a pair of jeans was far from the elegant woman she is now but it captivated people in the music and the fashion industry.

In 1991 she became the face of the Coco for Chanel perfume. Since then, she stayed close to the Maison de Haute Couture and then became Karl Lagerfeld’s muse.

In 1994, she met Johnny Depp and their love story helped her garner international recognition. Growing up, she continued to captivate us thanks to her style and her mesmerizing beauty.

Paradis doesn’t need tricks to shine and that’s why we love her. She is the perfect mix between a romantic bohemian and a boyish girl. Really elegant and feminine on the red carpet wearing long dresses, white and nude colors, her hair and makeup remind those she wore as a teenager — her looks are always clean, no bling bling or extravagant outfits.

In her personal life, she likes wearing casual outfits but styles them up with androgynous pieces. We usually see her in washed denim, white t-shirts, and blazers. Like Karl Lagerfeld said: “What’s impressive about Vanessa is not what she does but the way she does it.”… and we agree!