Sets You Don’t Want to Miss at WayHome 2017

With WayHome Music Festival right around the corner, we have all been prepping our bodies, minds, and bank accounts for the big weekend ahead. If you’re anything like me, you’re not excited to be camping for three days, but there is nothing like the motivation one gets from seeing their favourite artist’s name printed on a lineup. I will run the risk of not having a hot shower (or a shower at all for the matter) for three days, just for the opportunity to be 10 feet away from Frank Ocean’s feet.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it will be a long 72 hours, but together, we can make things work. Below I have compiled a list of must-see sets at this year’s WayHome, along with the details of where each artist will be playing. You can thank me now, or later, but don’t forget to see these talented individuals in all their glory under the beaming sun.

FRIDAY, JULY 28th 2017

Photo by Bryan Allen Lamb

NONAME [WayHome Stage @ 3:45-4:15 PM]

Noname, otherwise known to her parents and childhood friends as Fatima Warner, is a Chicago MC first known for her cameos on Chance the Rapper’s “Acid Rap”, as well as Mick Jenkin’s mixtape, “The Waters”. Following this debut, Noname took her time and carefully detailed and executed her breakout project, Telefone, which provided hungry fans with a body of work. Noname is an up-and-comer with melodic soundscapes and lyrics that weave into poetry.

Photo by Zack Vitiello

ALLAN RAYMAN [WayBright Stage @ 4:30-5:00 PM]

Toronto native, Allan Rayman is an enigma. Fairly new to the scene, Rayman has managed to steer clear of the spotlight and keep his identity something of a mystery. His first ever interview was released in February of 2017 with Billboard. He is currently signed to Communion Records and has released two albums, Hotel Allen” and “Roadhouse 01” as well as two singles, “Much Too Much” and “All at Once“. Rayman’s vocal style is gritty and soulful, and his music crosses boundaries between genres.

Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

DANNY BROWN [WayAway Stage @ 12:15-1:00 PM]

For those looking to end the WayHome Friday with a bang, attend Danny Brown’s closing set. This Detroit-native is no stranger to the festival circuit; he delivers high-energy through his performances without missing a beat. Danny’s shows are known for getting quite rowdy and #NSFW, to say the least, but that certainly doesn’t take away from his big finish.


Cover of Charlotte Cardin’s Big Boy EP

CHARLOTTE CARDIN [WayBright Stage @ 2:00-2:30 PM]

Charlotte Cardin is a pop/electro singer from Montréal who is best known for her single, “Like It Doesn’t Hurt, featuring Husser. Her smooth vocals compliment any backdrop, while her lyrics sing truths about tales of lost loves and relationships. Charlotte released her solo debut EP, “Big Boy“, in 2016 with Cult Nation Records with songs in both English and French.

Photo by Carlotta Guerrero

SOLANGE [WayBright Stage @ 8:30-9:30 PM]

One simply cannot leave out this beauty while highlighting the best-of-the-best at WayHome. Without Solange, there would be no list, and, frankly, if you take anything away from this article, let it be this one suggestion: do not miss her set.

Photo by Steven Taylor

RUSS [WayAway Stage @ 12:15-1:00 PM]

Russ is not only a singer-songwriter, but a producer, a beat-maker, and an artist who never stops grinding for his dream. Over the past decade, Russ has put out consistent singles and videos, making him a rising-star from Atlanta. Russ has released eleven “unofficial” albums before eventually signing to Columbia records and releasing his newest project, “There’s Really A Wolf“.


Photo by Ebru Yildiz

MITSKI [WayBright Stage @ 6:00-6:45 PM]

In 2016, Mitski released her fourth studio album, “Puberty 2” through Dead Oceans Records. The whole world applauded Mitski’s vulnerable and complex songwriting, whose subjects include love, depression, self-alienation, and racial identity. The New York Times describes “Puberty 2” as “an impressive collection of D.I.Y punk and indie rock.”

Photo by Liam MacRae & Sean Brown

DANIEL CAESAR [ WayAway Stage @ 6:45-7:30 PM]

Daniel Caesar is a singer-songwriter making waves in the Toronto music scene. Transcending the frameworks of R&B/Soul, Daniel’s music resonates with his audience and creates a moments of self-examination through his lyrics. The 21-year old Toronto native debuted in 2014 with his EP “Praise Break” and has since received attention from major music publications across the country. Daniel speaks directly to a millennial generation through ballads of love, lust, and faith.

Source: The Independent

FRANK OCEAN [WayHome Stage @ 9:45-11:15 PM]

I don’t think there is a combination of words or sentences that I can string together to explain the excitement I feel to finally see Frank Ocean live at WayHome. After a four-year hiatus, Frank has delivered with Blonde, Endless, and consistent singles we will cherish for decades to come. *cough* “Lens” *cough.* This angel sent from above needs no backstory or convincing. See his show, fall in love, and dance slowly under the moonlight, drifting away with his voice.

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WayHome Festival 2016 – Street Style by Chris Smart


Glastonbury in Somerset UK, Governors Ball in New York, Golden Plains in Victoria Australia and, of course, Coachella in Southern California. All the music festivals around the world aren’t just about music anymore. Each one of them has a distinctive personality, yet all share the same purpose: bringing interesting people together with a passion for music but also for art, culture, and why not, fashion.

This past weekend, in Barrie, Ontario, just north of Toronto took place Canada’s latest music festival adventure, WayHome Music & Arts which is produced by Republic Live and AC Entertainment, the same organizers behind major US festival Bonnaroo. The lineup included LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire, The Killers, Major Lazer, among others. Like any other festival, WayHome was about music, but also about something else. In their own words: ‘This is not the music festival you think it is. And we’re making it a place for people who love one or all of those things to come together to make a kaleidoscope of sound, smell, colour, and spectacle.’

These events have become the perfect excuse to celebrate the inner hippie spirit that we all have deep inside. Freedom and joy are the central mantras of such hedonistic pilgrimage, and the dress code is now more dress code than ever. Don’t you dare even to show up if you aren’t in possession of either a pair of mirrored sunglasses, a fringed item – vest, crossbody bag or booties -, a bandana, or gladiator sandals if not all of them.

Was, indeed, a fashion kaleidoscope what Chris Smart captured with his camera. Spontaneous, fresh, and natural looks were spotted all over the place. Attendees’ style was eclectic, but they all projected a sense of community. Everybody is welcome to join and celebrate life together. Isn’t that supposed to be the whole point of it anyways? No matter where we come from, we are all part of it. Maybe, that explains why every year we look forward to attending this festival and share that strange yet magical feeling that we are all on our way home.

These are our TOP 4 favourite trends from WayHome 2016:

Denim Short Shorts

IMG_8746IMG_8763 IMG_8818 IMG_9335

The Romper

IMG_8789IMG_8834 IMG_8921 IMG_9228

It’s All About The Braids

IMG_8804IMG_8766 IMG_8793 IMG_9058
No Without My Choker

IMG_8738-Edit IMG_9006 IMG_9158 IMG_9268

For the best street style visit

WayHome Day 2


The second day of WayHome was as exciting and busy as the first, with some major artists like Timbre Timbre, Sza, Modest Mouse, Kendrick Lamar, Odesza, and Run The Jewels performing unreal sets. Between little bouts of sun showers and the perfect temperature on the sunny day, the Saturday festival was unreal. These are our top three performances from last night.

G-Eazy sauntered onto the stage in a bomber jacket to an explosion of cheers at WayBold, with his drummer Blake pumping up the crowd as he smashed the kit in perfect time. The Chicago-born rapper played his hit FRIED RICE, as well as TAKE ME DOWN, to a full audience. After playing for a full hour, he took the time to tell the audience that Toronto has become a second home to him. While he has been busy on tour for the last year, he always makes time to come to Toronto, as he loves the city and he has a massive following in Toronto.

Kendrick Lamar was perfection. Besides the fact that he played KING KUNTA, off his new album, along with some of his new bangers, he mixed in his classics. And speaking of classics, he was decked out in his Reebok Classics runners, as ambassador for the brand, and a majority of the audience was also wearing their Classics, generously provided by Reebok to hype the show. Kendrick had the most elaborate set up at the festival thus far, with the amazing light work and sounds, as well as the fireworks display at the end. And after playing for seventy-five minutes, he came back and did an encore. The concert was everything one could have hoped it would be and more, and the fandom surrounding Kendrick only grew as he progressed through his set.

Bassnectar had a hard act to follow, after Girl Talk rocked WayBold the previous night, but fans were not disappointed. The bass was so strong you could feel it in your chest, and the audience was enveloped by the deep trance sounds created by him. The venue was packed to the brim, with people flooding outside WayBold almost to the limits of the ground to be able to hear Bassnectar’s unique sound. Closing down the night and keeping the energy right until 2 a.m. is a feat, but Bassnectar delivered with radical rhythms in his heavy set.

‘Kaytranada’ & ‘Girl Talk’ At WayHome


Photo Credit: ‘Huh What & Where’

Kaytranada exploded on the WayBright stage to a barrage of deep purple, black and white lights illuminating the crowd. As he began to spin and the crowd swayed in beat to his words and beats, the bass encompassed us and we moved as one. As he coasted through his fifty-minute set, he played  classics like ALL WE DO, as well as some of his newer stuff. Mixing new and old sounds together and blending them together by incorporating a beat of his own is what makes Kaytranada one of our stand out acts of Day One.

Photo Credit:

Closing down the night was Girl Talk at WayBold, who played an explosive and engaging set. Utilizing call and response from the crowd with his mixes, Girl Talk, also known as Gregg Gillis, is famous for his mashups and samplings, and as the closer of last night, he absolutely brought down the house as confetti, vibrant lights, and smoke machines covered his audience, as they jumped and danced around the venue until the last minute of the evening.

WayHome Day 1


Day one of WayHome left us sweaty, exhausted, yet craving more of the anticipated performances WayHome has to offer. After some of the biggest acts including Hozier, Girl Talk and folk legend Neil Young, we have been blown away by the energy from the crowd and performances. Here are some of our highlights from day one.

Photo Credit: The Guardian

Hozier – The crowd slowly started approaching the main stage as the sun continued to beam down. People were lying down on the grass trying to cool off anyway they knew how. Then, in comes Hozier and everyone stood up cheering from the top of their lungs. The sun was finally starting to set and Hozier began singing using his soulful vocals. He was better than anticipated. It was as though we were listening to his album  instead instead of live. Of course he ended the show with “Take Me To Church”, which had the the entire audience singing along.

Neil Young
Photo Credit: The Guardian

Neil Young – The folk legend was definitely one of the most talked about performers of WayHome. He played a mix of some classics with some new stuff, which really highlighted his protests against big corporations and GMOs. He even had a mini performance with men dressed in masks spraying chemicals on the flowers showing the harm it induces. The legend lives on.