Sets You Don’t Want to Miss at WayHome 2017

With WayHome Music Festival right around the corner, we have all been prepping our bodies, minds, and bank accounts for the big weekend ahead. If you’re anything like me, you’re not excited to be camping for three days, but there is nothing like the motivation one gets from seeing their favourite artist’s name printed on a lineup. I will run the risk of not having a hot shower (or a shower at all for the matter) for three days, just for the opportunity to be 10 feet away from Frank Ocean’s feet.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it will be a long 72 hours, but together, we can make things work. Below I have compiled a list of must-see sets at this year’s WayHome, along with the details of where each artist will be playing. You can thank me now, or later, but don’t forget to see these talented individuals in all their glory under the beaming sun.

FRIDAY, JULY 28th 2017

Photo by Bryan Allen Lamb

NONAME [WayHome Stage @ 3:45-4:15 PM]

Noname, otherwise known to her parents and childhood friends as Fatima Warner, is a Chicago MC first known for her cameos on Chance the Rapper’s “Acid Rap”, as well as Mick Jenkin’s mixtape, “The Waters”. Following this debut, Noname took her time and carefully detailed and executed her breakout project, Telefone, which provided hungry fans with a body of work. Noname is an up-and-comer with melodic soundscapes and lyrics that weave into poetry.

Photo by Zack Vitiello

ALLAN RAYMAN [WayBright Stage @ 4:30-5:00 PM]

Toronto native, Allan Rayman is an enigma. Fairly new to the scene, Rayman has managed to steer clear of the spotlight and keep his identity something of a mystery. His first ever interview was released in February of 2017 with Billboard. He is currently signed to Communion Records and has released two albums, Hotel Allen” and “Roadhouse 01” as well as two singles, “Much Too Much” and “All at Once“. Rayman’s vocal style is gritty and soulful, and his music crosses boundaries between genres.

Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

DANNY BROWN [WayAway Stage @ 12:15-1:00 PM]

For those looking to end the WayHome Friday with a bang, attend Danny Brown’s closing set. This Detroit-native is no stranger to the festival circuit; he delivers high-energy through his performances without missing a beat. Danny’s shows are known for getting quite rowdy and #NSFW, to say the least, but that certainly doesn’t take away from his big finish.


Cover of Charlotte Cardin’s Big Boy EP

CHARLOTTE CARDIN [WayBright Stage @ 2:00-2:30 PM]

Charlotte Cardin is a pop/electro singer from Montréal who is best known for her single, “Like It Doesn’t Hurt, featuring Husser. Her smooth vocals compliment any backdrop, while her lyrics sing truths about tales of lost loves and relationships. Charlotte released her solo debut EP, “Big Boy“, in 2016 with Cult Nation Records with songs in both English and French.

Photo by Carlotta Guerrero

SOLANGE [WayBright Stage @ 8:30-9:30 PM]

One simply cannot leave out this beauty while highlighting the best-of-the-best at WayHome. Without Solange, there would be no list, and, frankly, if you take anything away from this article, let it be this one suggestion: do not miss her set.

Photo by Steven Taylor

RUSS [WayAway Stage @ 12:15-1:00 PM]

Russ is not only a singer-songwriter, but a producer, a beat-maker, and an artist who never stops grinding for his dream. Over the past decade, Russ has put out consistent singles and videos, making him a rising-star from Atlanta. Russ has released eleven “unofficial” albums before eventually signing to Columbia records and releasing his newest project, “There’s Really A Wolf“.


Photo by Ebru Yildiz

MITSKI [WayBright Stage @ 6:00-6:45 PM]

In 2016, Mitski released her fourth studio album, “Puberty 2” through Dead Oceans Records. The whole world applauded Mitski’s vulnerable and complex songwriting, whose subjects include love, depression, self-alienation, and racial identity. The New York Times describes “Puberty 2” as “an impressive collection of D.I.Y punk and indie rock.”

Photo by Liam MacRae & Sean Brown

DANIEL CAESAR [ WayAway Stage @ 6:45-7:30 PM]

Daniel Caesar is a singer-songwriter making waves in the Toronto music scene. Transcending the frameworks of R&B/Soul, Daniel’s music resonates with his audience and creates a moments of self-examination through his lyrics. The 21-year old Toronto native debuted in 2014 with his EP “Praise Break” and has since received attention from major music publications across the country. Daniel speaks directly to a millennial generation through ballads of love, lust, and faith.

Source: The Independent

FRANK OCEAN [WayHome Stage @ 9:45-11:15 PM]

I don’t think there is a combination of words or sentences that I can string together to explain the excitement I feel to finally see Frank Ocean live at WayHome. After a four-year hiatus, Frank has delivered with Blonde, Endless, and consistent singles we will cherish for decades to come. *cough* “Lens” *cough.* This angel sent from above needs no backstory or convincing. See his show, fall in love, and dance slowly under the moonlight, drifting away with his voice.

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Bojana & Marina’s Guide to WayHome: Unique Accessories

Article by Bojana Duric & Marina Koslock

When you think of music festivals, what’s the first image that pops in your mind? Is it the floral crowns? Green-lensed aviators? Floppy hats? Or maybe it’s arms covered in metallic flash tattoos? Whatever it may be, there’s no question that music festivals have been branded with a certain style and aura. Since WayHome is going to be a different experience from other music festivals Torontonians are used to, try out some unique and creative fashion trends that will have you stand out from the rest.

Here are some of our picks for WayHome accessories that we think are stylish and have a unique flare.

Lose the fedora & floppy hats

Wilfred Arabesque Hat from Aritzia

Yes we all love our fair share of fedoras and floppy hats, but why not rock a stylish baseball hat instead? It has a more laid back vibe and it’s easy to pair with many summer outfits. With the right cap, there’s no doubt that your hat game will be on point for WayHome. We are obsessed with the Wilfred Arabesque Hat, which exudes a summer vibe like a fedora but also brings a sporty element to your wardrobe.

Where to buy: Aritzia

Retro Sunglasses


So everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses. It’s an absolute must, especially when you are in the sun for every waking hour three days straight. You want something chic but different and definitely not a style you will see repeated on every other person. Our secret place is Lab Consignment, hosting some of the best sunnies we’ve seen in a while. We have our eyes on the RETROSUPERFUTURE Lucia Deco Black, with beautiful delicate form and intricate detailing that will surely have festivalgoers wondering where you copped that vintage piece.

Where to buy: Lab Consignment

Trade in your Flash tattoos for inkbox


Last year, you could spot a metallic silver or gold flash tattoo from a mile away. If you’ve always wanted a tattoo but think it’s too permanent, instead of covering your arms with flash tattoos, opt for some real-looking tats provided by inkbox – a company that uses fruit dye that’s safe for all ages, pain free, certified organic and lasts 12-15 days. You can choose from a variety of amazing designs and if you really want to have something that no one else has, they do custom designs as well. Check out and order some stellar tattoos that will have you festival ready.

Where to buy: inbox website

The Festival Pant

You need to pack a festival pant that gives you coverage when and you need it, yet is still airy enough that you aren’t regretting wearing them. For us, we love a textured print to balance off a basic crop top or a fitted tank top. Boho chic meets high-waist cut is our favourite style.

Where to buy: POSHSQUARE

Platform Sandals/Boots


You want stylish festival booties but you don’t want to be heartbroken if or, more aptly, when they are ruined by mud, grass and other gifts from Mother Nature. Lucky for you, LAMODA has a massive selection of great platform boots and sandals, from suede to leather to jelly, and a majority of them are under £20 (40 CDN).

Where to buy: LAMODA 

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Bojana & Marina’s Guide to WayHome: Survival Guide

Article by Bojana Duric & Marina Koslock

Image found on Pinterest

WayHome is just under three weeks away, so it’s time to start planning for one wild weekend campout. There’s no doubt it’ll be a weekend filled with amazing performances but seeing as though it’s the festival’s first year in Ontario, there’s bound to be some things that you need to prepare yourself for physically and mentally. Plus many people aren’t used to the whole camping thing – sleeping every night in an uncomfortable tent shared with 50 people and having to wake up in the middle of the night to walk a long way to use the not-so-clean restrooms. Sounds great right? Well, since we know it might be a culture shock for some of you, we’ve compiled a few tips that won’t just have you conquer WayHome but it’ll also help embrace the inner hippie in all of us.

Things Will Get Dirty

If you don’t have a shower pass, we suggest you get one stat. How else are you going to wash away all that dirt and sweat off? With our unpredictable weather, there’s a good chance that rain showers will hit the campgrounds, which means, “There Will be Mud” – did you get the reference? We suggest bringing some rain boots like the Hunter boots we mentioned in our Summer Festival Essentials list so you can frolic around the muddy puddles without a worry in sight. Also, it might be smart to bring toilet paper and hand sanitizer because you just never know…

Smart Wardrobe Choice

Obviously, you want to have a great outfit for the actual concerts. Just remember, you have to be prepared for the weather, from blistering heat to the chance of rain and cold breezes. Make sure you are bringing light coloured, breathable clothing for the warm days, and don’t be afraid to pack a bulky sweater and sweat pants for the night because once the sun goes down, it will get cold. And don’t forget to bring proper footwear. Yes, gladiator sandals are a must, but runners with socks and rain boots for the muddy areas are a necessity. Check out our 5 Music Festival Essentials for clothing/accessories inspiration for women and men!

Stay Hydrated

With a day full of drinking and soaking in some sun, hydration is key. You don’t want to be the one that gets swarmed by paramedics because you’ve passed out. Plus the benefit of having your own campsite is that you can actually stock up on several cases of water.

Get Ready to Be Annoyed & Be Annoying

A weekend full of crowds and drunken people means you’re bound to bump into someone that’s just blatantly rude and annoying. If you go in with a mindset that there’s going to be loads of people and over the top drunkenness shenanigans, it might make it easier for you to handle. Plus, you might end up being one of those people too, so might as well accept the fact that we will all be annoying all in the name of music.

If you don’t have a ticket yet, what are you waiting for? Buy them today HERE.

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5 Music Festival Essentials for Men & Women

Very soon, the city will be booming with amazing music with some of the hottest music festivals in town including Field Trip, WayHome, NXNE, VELD and if you’re venturing outside of Toronto, then Osheaga never disappoints as well. With a weekend full of stellar performances, drinking and fashion, we’ve rounded up our top 5 fashion essentials for both ladies and gents, which will guarantee comfort all while looking as if you are a part of the band.

Stylish Hat

Because a hat can be the ultimate accessory to ‘make’ the outfit and more importantly it’ll protect your head from the long sunny days.


For her: This classic braided straw sunhat – The Fedora Holly Hat – from Lilliput Hats is a staple piece for any outdoor event, especially for these occasions where we want to look casual yet stylish.  For him: If you want to rep Toronto at whichever music festival you’re attending this summer, you can’t go wrong with the Capsule X New Era Toronto Snapback.

Where to buy: Lilliput Hats-462 College St & Capsule-#104 Yorkville Ave.


You can definitely make a fashion statement by rocking the perfect pair of sunnies.


For her: These pair of Raspberry sunglasses from Cutler & Gross are handmade in Italian acetate with a hand-polished finish, and are fitted with 100% UV400 absorbing lenses. For him: To stand out of the crowd of un-aesthetically pleasing shades, opt for something more classic such as Bailey Nelson Strauss aviators. At $145.00 their well made, affordable and you won’t have a broken heart if you lose them while having too much fun.

Where to buy: Cutler & Gross-758 Queen St. West & Bailey Nelson-387 Queen St. West.

Flowy Dress/Shorts

When you’re going to a music festival this summer, comfort is going to play a big factor in what you wear.


For her: The ‘Niort Dress’ by Wilfred from Aritzia is a minimalist and delicate design. This simple piece will definitely add an elegant vibe to your festival look.  For him: You can’t go wrong with these Nike Tech Fleece shorts. The stretch waist & extra front bonded slit pocket will ensure your comfort all weekend plus the pockets will allow you to carry your essentials with you at all times. The all over dot print strikes the perfect balance between subtlety and standing out.

Where to buy: Aritzia-280 Queen St. West & Livestock-116 Spadina.


The biggest essential to any music festival is having a bag with you, one that can carry all of your essentials including a battery pack for your smart phone, water, towel, etc.


For her: The Amaya Striped Crossbody Bag by Vincent Pradier from Anthropologie is handmade out of woven raffia straw. The adjustable strap tailors to your comfort so you’re only worry will be about enjoying the music! For him: The Cote et Ciel Meuse was designed for ultimate comfort, as the bag was designed to fold around your body. There is more than enough space with pockets and slits, so you won’t have to make several trips back to your campsite.

Where to buy: Anthropologie-78 Yorkville Avenue & Zane 753 Queen St. West.


The most important thing to have with you at a music festival is a comfortable pair of shoes. A pair that you can wear comfortably all day long  walking from stage to stage and getting ‘jiggy’ with it once the music starts.


For her: Hunter Original Short Gloss Rain Boots in Dark Ruby from Get Outside Shoes. Hunter boots are not only a timeless piece but also the perfect pair of shoes to fight the rain and muddy grounds. For him: The Ransom Field Lite Classic is a stylish answer to a comfortable pair of sneakers but still sleek enough that people at the festival will be asking you where you bought them. The upper part of the shoe is made from a breathable ventilated mesh, which is perfect for a hot summer’s day at the festivals.

Where to buy: Get Outside Shoes-437 Queen St. West & Stussy-1000 Queen St. West.

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