Most Fashionable Video Game Characters Of All Time

Video games have long been associated with nerd culture, which is often seen as the opposite of fashion. However, if one were to look past what was on the surface, they’d realize that both industries and worlds are deeply rooted in design, and visual and emotional stimulation. While one stimulates by using technology, interaction, and visual stimulus to immerse players into a dream world separate from their own, the other uses visual stimulus, texture, and the promise of luxury and exclusivity to take fashion lovers into a different world. Yet, even though these two worlds are far apart, many designers, both game and fashion, are coming to realize how important one another’s industries are. Nicholas Ghesquiere realized this a few seasons back when he had Louis Vuitton collaborate with legendary video game developer Square Enix for a Final Fantasy themed ad campaign, which was the first ever fashion & video game crossover and opened the doors to an entirely new niche market where video games and fashion come together.

Ivy Valentine — Soul Calibur

Photos: Wikia | Vogue Runway

Soul Calibur’s voluptuous English femme fatale is as deadly as she is stunning. Having been a staple character within the Soul Calibur universe, Countess Isabella Valentine has been featured in all of Soul Calibur’s cannon games as well as many of the game’s spinoffs. And for good reason. Ivy is one of the most easily recognizable characters within the game’s universe, not just for her iconic whip sword or bra size, but for stunningly designed outfits that are equal parts dominatrix and regal, perfectly matching her dominant and savage personality. Emulating Ivy’s look is simple: Look for something with equal parts sex appeal and regal dominance like Redemption.

Dante — Devil May Cry

Photos: Wikia | Vogue Runway

Being born to a demon father and a human mother may come with plenty of struggles, but dressing well isn’t one of them. Since the release of the first Devil May Cry game, Dante has been the spitting image of a rock and roll badass. Now many other video game heroes have donned the go-to leather jacket and combat boot combo, but none have done it with hellish flare like Dante. In his newest incarnation, Dante sports his usual leather get up, but adds some runway flare by making his look less costumey and more realistic, mimicking what’s been seen on the runway time and time again. Recreating Dante’s iconic look is pretty easy, opt for something with nods to rock and roll like John Varvatos.

Bayonetta — Bayonetta

Photos: Wikia | Vogue Runway

Being a witch comes with its perks. Sure mastering gunplay and demonic witchcraft may sound cool at first, but when you realize that Bayonetta uses a portion of her magic to manipulate her own hair into turning itself into an outfit, you realize just how amazing being a witch can be. Imagine never having to buy clothes again. Instead, you can create any outfit your heart desires, from Dior gowns to Alexander Wang jeans — the options are endless when your hair is as malleable as silly putty. To best emulate Bayonetta’s style, look for designers who use heavy weaving and tassels, like Julien Macdonald.

Alucard Tepes — Castlevania

Photos: Wikia | Vogue Runway

What happens when you’re the son of Dracula? Well, you end up with an astounding taste for vintage clothing and gothic romanticism. Alucard Tepes main claim to fame may be his endless fight against his villainous father in the Castlevania universe. However, his historic bloodline shouldn’t be the only thing he’s known for. His character design is among one of the most fashionable and charming within the world of video games. Taking direct inspiration from all things gothic, Alucard emulates the perfect vampire, equal parts handsome and stoic, dark yet inviting. To recreate Alucard’s iconic style, try opting for vintage John Galliano.

Princess Peach — Super Mario

Photos: Wikia | Vogue Runway

You don’t become the single most recognizable female video game character in the world by riding on the coattails of a man. No, you grab him by his coat tails and throw him off the arena. And you do it all with style, grace, and a healthy amount of pink! That’s what’s kept Princess Peach from the Super Mario universe so relevant throughout the many decades she’s graced screens around the world. Not only is she badass in the sweetest way possible, having gone from damsel in distress to racecar driving and fry pan wielding heroine, she’s managed to do it all in her iconic pink ball gown and pointy red pumps. Without dropping her jewelled crown even once! For her look, you’ll have to take a flight to Paris, because this princess’s personal style goes hand in hand with Galliano era Christian Dior. How glamorous is that?

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Resort 2018 trends you’ll be itching to try

Resort season is one of the most overlooked seasons in the fashion world. While fashion lovers around the world pine for spring, pre-fall, and fall collections, resort seems to fall behind in the eyes of the fashion community year in and year out. Luckily, this season, it seems that designers around the globe were bitten by a creative bug and produced some of the most successful and innovative resort collections to date. And the best thing about fresh and innovative design is that it pushes new trends forward, giving fashion aficionados around the world new inspiration that breathes life into their cold weather wardrobes.

The Printed Knee-High

Photo: Vogue Runway – Prada, Thom Browne, Gucci

Now, to some (I’m talking to you private and Catholic school girls), knee-high socks are the bane of humanity. They’re fussy, tend to always fall or roll down. and generally come in either black, navy, grey, or whatever ridiculous hue of maroon or mustard your school colours were. But don’t dismiss this posh staple just yet. This season’s knee-high stocking was more than just an accessory. Unlike their academic sisters, the knee-highs at high fashion houses Prada, Thom Browne, and Gucci came in printed patterns and interesting hues. Marrying the traditional sock with blogger-it-girl street style, they transformed the good old scholastic knee-high sock into one of the most in-demand accessories of the season.

Shades of (Navy) Blue

Photos: Vogue Runway – Pringle of Scotland, Delpozo, Versace

Resort and cruise collections are created with the sole purpose of giving high-fashion clientele luxurious options for their jet-set vacations. Instead of throwing on a gauzy sarong, resort collections offer up the option of opting for luxe ensembles made especially for the warm summer months, the yacht, or the country estate. And it seems as if the designers visited the same luxurious and exotic locations as their clients when they designed their collections. No colour seems to have popped up during resort season more than deep ocean blue and nowhere else was it used better than at Pringle of ScotlandDelpozo, and Versace. Rich and luxurious shades of indigo and navy dominated the design landscape, creating daydreams of the deep blue oceans that surround the world’s most heavenly rivieras.

Mix and Match Rock & Roll

Photos: Mugler, I’M Isola Marras, Acne Studio

Back in the days before rock music began influencing fashion, one could be called out or even ousted from social circles if they chose to sport a particular rock clique attire for the sake of style. It was a rock & roll travesty to merely wear a studded leather jacket for the sake of looking punk or a Slayer t-shirt because you wanted to look like a metalhead. Fast forward a few decades and the walls of music (and fashion) have come down. It’s no longer a sin to want to mix and match styles from the various eras and genres of rock music around the world. Designers took that notion into full account this season. At MuglerI’M Isola Marras, and Acne Studio, rock saw its various style meshed with one another to create a perfect cacophony of textures, layers, and colours. Punk mesh was mixed with grungy florals, while oversized blazers were paired with pop rock hoodies and eyeliner, and goth trenches were paired with clean Bowie-esque slacks, giving a new look to the traditional rock ensemble.

Green With Envy

Photos: Vogue Runway – Vivetta, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Vionnet

Emerald, pea green, evergreen, mint, lime, avocado: It doesn’t matter what your favourite colour of green is because you don’t have to choose this season. From the look of it, green seems to be the next big trend in colour right after navy blue. At VivettaPhilosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, and Vionnet, green played a vital role and added a fresh and crisp summer look to many of the garments in the collections. Taking the designers’ resort wear from regular vacation attire to bright and exotic à la Jennifer Lopez at the Grammy’s in Versace. And what woman wouldn’t want to have her own JLo moment?

Rock & Roll Florals

Photos: Vogue Runway – Badgley Mischka, Preen by Thorton Bergazzi, MSGM

Resort 2018 seemed to be the season of turning tradition on its head. At Badgley MischkaPreen by Thorton Bergazzi, and MSGM, florals were placed front and centre. But these weren’t your average florals. This season’s floral called for something a little out of the box. Instead of having the same old soft and summery pastel florals, the designers opted for prints that brought a little edge into the mix. Dark background colours added to the pops of crimson, teal, and gold that wound around one another to create florals that were a little more ’80s glam rock than garden party pristine. Making these prints the perfect mould breaker for a fashion lover who wants to go somewhere a little darker and a little harder with their pretty petaled prints.

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Milan & Paris fall 2017 trend report!

Trends are often hard to mimic, (and even harder to distinguish from one season to another these days) which has always been a drag. Fortunately for all of us, this season’s Paris and Milan fall 2017 shows have brought out what are some of the best (and most wearable) trends in fashion for a very long time. There is something trending on the runway this season that almost anyone can get into, which is really something to be excited about. Whether your personal taste revolves around wearing sweet pastels or sharply refined shoulders, Paris and Milan had you covered with a plethora of pieces geared perfectly to fit your favourite look. Here are Novella’s favourite trends from Paris and Milan fall/winter 2017!

Metallic Sheen

Photos: Vogue Runway | From L to R: Dries Van Noten, Louis Vuitton, Max Mara

Metallic’s popped back into style this season once again, with various designers opting to showcase looks that shone just as bright as the spotlights that bathed the runway. But this season’s metallic hues came with a twist. Rather than going for the traditional gold, silver, and copper. Designers instead chose to use fabrics that used fabrics that not only had interesting colours choices, they also gleamed with a silvery sheen that added a youthful spark to every look. For example, Dries Van Noten chose to showcase oil slick metallics instead of the traditional metallic colour choices to add a chic and modern twist to his throwback collection.

Navy Blue

Photos: Vogue Runway | From L to R: Christian Dior, Chanel, Aquiliano. Rimondi

Not very many colours can provide you with the elegance and freshness that navy blue does. Luckily, designer’s this season were busy getting inspired by the countless various of midnight blue there are in the world. Collection after collection sprang up in Milan and Paris showcasing the regal colour in all of its dark sapphire beauty. At Chanel and Dior, classic silhouettes were constructed in navy fabrics to give the outfits a crisp and clean look that transitions perfectly with between spring/summer nights and fall/winter days. One great way to pull off the perfect navy outfit is to pair it with a crisp white grounding piece like a white buttoned down shirt or a white turtleneck and beret.

Black Leather / Vinyl

Photos: Vogue Runway | From L to R: Saint Laurent, Hermes, Haider Ackermann

Black leather and vinyl dominated the runway on this season’s Milan and Paris runways, giving hardcore 80’s fans and excuse to rock those vintage leather pieces they’ve been hiding away in the back of their closets. Houses like Saint Laurent and Hermes relied on the full 80’s rundown to create the perfect all black leather and vinyl looks, while Haider Ackermann chose to create a leather look that more closely resembled a high-speed motorcycle chase outfit Trinity would have worn in the matrix. Now leather may seem like a daunting material to wear. But the look doesn’t necessarily have to look exactly as it does on the runway for you to achieve this at home. A simple faux leather outfit and leather pant with a band shirt or bright coloured dress shirt can create the perfect throwback look for your wardrobe this fall.


Photos: Vogue Runway | From L to R: Miu Miu, Gucci, Alberta Ferretti

Pastels have always been a staple of spring fashion no matter what city you go to. But fashion movers and shakers around the world have felt that some rearranging had to be done in recent years. Thus, we now have the ability to wear whatever we’d like during whatever time of the season. This spells good news for brands like Gucci, who’s eccentric patterns and colours help the brand hark back to a different time where fashion seemed so effortlessly quirky and chic. At Alberta Ferretti, pastels took a more regal appearance in the form of paintings by various famed artists. This ethereal take on pastels conjures up images of the Rococo, a time period where pastels were used for everything from room paint, to ladies ball gowns.

The 80’s

Photos: Vogue Runway | From L to R: Mugler, Moschino, Stella McCartney

The 1980’s are one of those time periods that is constantly coming back into fashion in one way or another. This season, it seems that designers are strongly leaning towards gaudy prints and elongated shoulders to create the perfect 80’s silhouette. At Moschino, party dresses were made using a fabric whose print looked like the decorated school notebooks of an 80’s high school student, while Mugler and Stella McCartney chose to express their love for the 80’s through the use of statement shoulders a la Dame Joan Collins in Dynasty. Unfortunately, hardcore 80’s inspired looks aren’t the easiest to wear day to day (and are often times highly unrecommended to wear during the day) but fret not. You can still rock the 80’s trend by taking the most lavish and extravagant 80’s inspired looks to the club or a fancy party; just to turn heads.

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The Best of MFW Street Style

As fashion week has moved on and descended upon Paris, it is time to say, ‘Ciao Milano!’ The Italian streets were blessed with tailored excellence. While some trends, like fur coats, camouflage, stripes, mixed prints, and puffy outerwear, did seem to carry over from NYFW and LWF, Milan was full of fresh trends strictly made for the streets of Italy to see. Italian ready-to-wear style was keen on flared jeans, sculpted shoulders, animal prints, puffy sleeves, and in true Italian fashion, the colour red. No matter what the style, Italians were not hesitant to remind people that they are true fashion trendsetters. Here are some of the best street styles from Milan Fashion Week.

Flared Pants

Various lengths of flared trousers made appearances on the streets of Milan once again. We saw the return of the flare during MFW last February, but it seems like the 70s continue to live on. Street goers channeled the 70s-inspired look in a variety of colours, textures, and lengths.

All Black Everything

Nothing feels better than wearing all black. It’s a fact. You can never go wrong wearing all black. Black will always be timeless, classic, sophisticated and trendy. It may be the colour of mourning, but it seemed to be the unofficial uniform for Milan Fashion Week.

Classic Chanel

Let’s be real, if there is one bag that will never go out of style, it’s a Chanel. Everyone seemed to rekindle their love for old-fashioned, classic Chanel handbags. It seems fitting, considering this season is already filled with vintage style references. Now, Chanel is being paired with an edgier and worn-in style. 


A contrast to some of the glamour that comes with the high fashion in Milan, comfort was taken as a priority to many show-goers. Comfy, logo-heavy athletic wear was commonly used as a statement piece or an entire ensemble.

The Colour Red

There was no short supply of red on the streets of Milan. Like the hints of yellow we saw on the streets in New York,  Milan’s colour of choice was red. Red was popping up everywhere! From complete head-to-toe ensembles to subtle accessories. Red was the colour of the streets, making enough of an appearance to accentuate prints, textures, and styles. Red was by far the biggest street style trend of the week.


Another powerful trend on the street during MFW was pinstripes. Show-goers brought the class and showed everyone the modern way to rock pinstripes. The previous go-to workwear pattern was seen on all kinds of jackets, blazers, and blouses. The pinstripe is back — and more versatile than ever!


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Iconic Moments in Fashion: Jil Sander f/w 2012

Photo: Bloginity
Photo: Bloginity

Since the birth of contemporary fashion, many designers have stunned the fashion world with collections that push the boundaries of fashion and exceed the expectations of those within the fashion world. Their contributions not only solidify them as them as fashion geniuses, but also as artists in the rawest form, able to take inspirations from everyday life and turn them into moments of pure magic.

When it was announced that Belgian designer Raf Simons would not be returning as creative director for Jil Sander after the house’s fall / winter 2012 collection, the fashion world was left aghast. After having spent 7 successful years at the helm of Jil Sander, Raf and the fashion world were thrown into a flurry over the ordeal. Ultimately, Raf’s future within the fashion industry was placed into question. Where would he go? Why was he leaving? Would her lose his touch at another house? Soon after, rumours began to swirl that Simons was at the top of the list to receive the newly opened position at Dior after the unfortunate events that led to John Galliano’s termination at the historic house.

With such a sombre scenario, one would assume that Simons would try to go out with an extravagant bang a la Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton or an extremely dark and moody atmosphere like the one seen during Christian Lacroix’s final collection. Instead, Raf created a world where clothing seemed to caress the models in the simplest and most sensual way. A collection which grounded in the softest pastels and neutrals, was offset by striking flashes of metallics, daring cuts, and tasteful glimpses of nudity.

Photo: Marcus Tondo
Photo: Marcus Tondo

The first thing one notices when looking at the collection, is the sense of purity and refinement it creates. Simons sent models down the runway elegantly holding their oversized coats together. This simple gesture creates an air of mystery about the woman Raf is showcasing. She’s fresh faced, pure, and angelic on the surface, but is she hiding more behind her first impressions? Is she hinting that she isn’t as one dimensional as the sweet pastels make her seem? This is the important question Raf Simons poses throughout the collection. His woman isn’t here or there, she isn’t this or the other, she’s a woman with many facets and isn’t going to hesitate to let those facets gleam. This is evident as the opening look, a delicately held together blush pink coat transitions into a warm chocolate brown variant, then navy (no longer held open), and finally entering a stage of sensual sheer numbers that help continue Raf’s theme.

Photo: Marcus Tondo
Photo: Marcus Tondo

After having digested Raf’s initial idea of soft, reserved, and mysterious femininity, he introduces the next facet of his Jil Sander woman. Models began walking out in dresses and ensembles that were bathed in different shades of nude. The nude outfits, which more often than not came complete with sheer panels, created a sense of sensuality. His woman was still the same as she was when she walked out in her plush coat, she’s just revealed a little bit more about herself with time. The idea of female sensuality ran rampant throughout the collection, however, it wasn’t shown in an exploitative way, rather, the complete opposite; she was empowered. Simons’ vision for his Jil Sander woman was clear. She’s a woman in charge of her own sexuality, she can choose to wear sheer panels across her breasts if she likes, she can expose parts of her body in a sensual way rather than a vulgar, because she knows who she is and what she wants from others. One key piece in this section of the collection is the first sheer strapless dress that’s seen after the first initial coats are introduced. The dress is magical in its own way. It manages to encompass the softness and delicacy of the the female body whilst simultaneously introducing an underlying sense of sexuality, where the line between demure and dominant are blurred.

Photo: Marcus Tondo
Photo: Marcus Tondo

Once the nude tones finish telling their story, Raf Simons continues to his glorious finale. Soft pastels and neutrals are replaced with deep shades of navy, red, black, and various metallics. His woman has finally revealed the extent of herself, she’s unmasked herself and peeled back every layer. You can finally see the raw sensuality in Raf’s designs through the navy dresses, expertly tailored with just the right amount of bare skin showing on the shoulders and chest. His jolts of metallic peeking through the neutral coats add a sense of flirtiness to the final looks; allowing the collection to continue feeling light, even in it’s darkest shades. The finale is then introduced by a symphonic boom brought to you by none other than the Smashing Pumpkins song “Tonight, Tonight,” which builds the level of emotions in the room to a breaking point. Seeing the collection end with 5 black dresses that all feature varying amounts of shiny black leather, some parts almost looking lacquered, while simultaneously hearing Corgan sing “we’ll crucify the insincere tonight” neatly wraps the entire collection together. These dresses tell the final chapter of Raf’s story, where his soft spoken woman tricked the world into thinking she could only be demure, yet she transformed into a dominant lioness right before our very eyes.

Photo: Marcus Tondo
Photo: Marcus Tondo

In the end, no one would have guessed that Simons greatest collection would come from a time of uncertainty. With so much at stake, the collection manages to stun and awe. Perfectly encapsulating his work for Jil Sander, all the while giving his audience a taste for what was to come at Dior. His mastery of tailoring and his play on volume show us why Monsieur Simons is held in such high regard among the fashion world and this, his greatest collection, was just stepping stone to greater things.

Look at this way, how many times has a designer and a collection brought a model to tears? Exactly.

Photo: The Fashion Spot
Photo: The Fashion Spot