Hair Trends to Try in 2018

Your 2018 horoscopes probably told you that this year is the year to take risks, am I right? Well what’s a bigger risk than a fresh look. And what’s fresher than a new haircut or hair color? With help from Toronto based hair stylist and  Kelsie McNamara, we’ve rounded up the most trending hair cuts, colors and styles in 2018.


Long Haircuts

Layers are back, baby! This year ask your stylist for a 70’s inspired haircut. Kelsie says this year is all about adding movement back into hair .

Short Haircuts

Scroll through your Instagram feed, and all you’ll see are celebrities and models chopping their locks. Rock a bob in 2018 ladies! Keslie says this year’s bob is French girl inspired, adding “sophistication and versatility.” Also, this cut is currently the it-girl look, so don’t miss out. Chop it now and grow it out to a lob just in time for summer.

Low Maintenance Haircuts

If you’re looking for a curt that transitions smoothly from winter, to spring (and maybe summer) with little maintenance , Kelsie has a fix for you. She advises, “ask your stylist if your hair is a good candidate for interior texturizing to allow some movement and an awesome air dry.” If you’re always in a rush to get out the door, this trick will come in handy in the warmer seasons.

Daring Haircuts

Kelsie warns that you might cringe at this suggestion, but the most outrageous trend this year: bowl cuts – a short crop with a bold, full body fringe, but nothing frigid or blunt.


Hair Color Treatments

In the last few years we witnessed the popularity of Olaplex, and with that many more “bond builders” are being used. Kelsie is currently loving Smart Bond by L’Oreal Professionel and not only for her blonde clients. The two-step at home treatment adds strength to colored hair as well.

Hair Color Trends

Leave the Ash and Silver in 2017! “Gold can be a soft hue, not brassy as some can fear,” says Kelsie. Honey tones are less maintenance, and will help to add radiance to your face for an all natural look.


Low Maintenance Color

“Balayage isn’t going anywhere!” It will add a little something to your hair without absolute commitment and constant care. Kelsie comments that her clients visit her 2-3 times a year. Ask your colorist to recommend a tone that wears longer and complements your complexion.

Daring Hair Colors

Pastels are still in but instead of a full blown rich color , opt for a “blonde with a slight rose, peach, or lavender hue” suggests Kelsie. This look is perfect for those who want to take a risk with their hair color but need it to be work appropriate. Celebrities like Kate Hudson and Julianne Hough were seen rocking this trend.


Long Hair 

Beachy waves are here to stay! The best way to achieve this is air drying ft. some really good curling iron action. Kelsie’s directions: “instead of the tradition wrap method, turn it horizontal, and lightly ‘pinch’ the section of hair , alternating ways, to add a ‘wavy’ bend, instead of a curly finish.”

Short Hair

Short hair can be harder to style than long hair, and the same two ways: straight or wavy can get repetitive. Kelsie suggests playing around with hair accessories such as metallic and pins ponytail cuffs. Her favorite hair accessories at the moment are Chloe and Isabelle (soft gold, brass, and bronze hair rings, over sized pins, and ponytail accessories). Be bold: style your hair with a deep side part, tuck the shallow side behind your ear and secure it with visible pins. It’s a look! Seen this year on the models from the Sally LaPointe runway.

Third Day Hair

Choose a style that will benefit from that those third day oils. Maybe a low middle parted sleek bun. Keslie’s tip: use this opportunity to add some nourishing hair oil to your dehydrated ends.

No Heat Required

For those who want to give their hair a break from styling in 2018, turn to air drying your hair this spring and summer. Towel dry your hair and use a sea salt spray, curl cream or a leave in moisturizing balm. Kelsie’s advice for a last minute fix if you need more volume and bend is to “sprits dried hair with some setting spray, and style in loose pulled out dutch braids. Let it set while you finish getting ready, then release, lightly shaking out the braid with your finger tips (don’t brush!)”



Kelsie McNamara is a hair stylist specializing in hair cutting and Balayage and has been in the business for ten years. She co-owns a private studio in Leslieville and is a Portfolio Artist for L’Oreal Professional Canada. Follow her journey on Instagram @kelsiemariexo


How to be fashionable during winter?

If you think you cannot be fashionable during winter, you are wrong. Fall-winter is probably the best season to look trendy. Just think about it, how many items do you have in your wardrobe during winter? Way more than in summer right?! If you count jackets, coat, boots, scarf and other accessories, I am sure you have at least twice more items to play with. So, what will make you look gorgeous this season? Here is a list of tricks and items which will help you.

  1. Get a big puffer jacket

If you want to look cool no water what, the puffer jacket is always a good idea. You can easily wear it off-the-shoulder during fall or over a big jumper during winter. The other good thing with a big coat is that you can wear it with sneakers to be casual or with fancy boots to look fancy.

  1. Choose your boots with attention

Whatever you prefer high or ankle boots, you need a pair which matches with almost everything. They don’t need to be black –excepted if you only go black – but they have to match with most of your clothes AND your favorite coat.

  1. Find an oversize roll-neck sweater

At that time of the year you should forget low-cut-neckline. At the contrary, roll-neck will cover your neck perfectly and will make you look super fancy. If your sweater is also oversize or has big sleeves, it will give you a perfect fashion week street style look.

  1. Style it up

It’s not because you wear big sweaters and long sleeves that you have to look boring. Get a printed jacket, wear accessories and have fun! Getting accessories is also a good way to turn your casual outfit to a fashionable one. Find big earrings, colored sunglasses and a big hat and you will look perfect.

  1. Layer is the key

This is the season to layer so let’s go for it! You want to wear your favorite tee-shirt? No problem put a wool cardigan on it and your big coat. You want to look good arriving at work wearing your summer denim jacket? Do it! Just put layers on to protect yourself from pneumonia.

Brighten Your Winter Wardrobe

Since we had some warmer days lately, the first snow caught us unprepared. It is time to bring out those winter clothes that will take you through the long and harsh winter season. Whether you like it or not, one thing is for sure — you can still be stylish even with the winter layers. We tend to associate winter with frumpy coats, heavy-duty rubber sole boots, and chunky accessories in melancholy dark hues. While this is true, there are still some layering tricks and trendy pieces that will help you put together a stylish winter look, while staying warm and cozy.

Photo: Victoria Adamson

First Impression

The winter coat is a wardrobe saviour, so it pays to invest in a quality and fashionable one. The good news is that this season we are flooded with so many choices that you might even wish for snow so you can wear yours. From parkas and puffers to tailored wool coats, there is something out there to suit your style. Own at least one bold coat. It’s all about the first impression and making a statement. The waxed ski jacket in green and blue from Balenciaga is a great pick. It is guaranteed to add a boost of colour to your wardrobe, without compromising your coziness. You can also choose the flashy option such as the Vivenne Westwood’s metallic puffer jackets or make a dramatic impact with an oversized fur coat like Burberry Prorsum.

Photos: Vivienne Westwood, Balenciaga, Burberry FW16

Layers, layers, layers

Take inspiration from New Yorker fashionistas, who know how to master the cool-girl even in the frigid cold. Start by picking out the base layer. Wool is on top of our the list. This fabric will not only keep you warm but, as a breathable insulator, it will also allow you to sweat without getting your other clothes wet. For another layering example, wear a turtleneck with a silk camisole on top or a cashmere cardigan with a wool coat. A blanket scarf or poncho with unique prints can also jazz up your look, so don’t be afraid to load on the layers and play up with different textures.

Photo: Harpers Bazaar

It’s all in the (BOLD) details

As much as we love wearing blacks and greys during the cold season, it can be boring after a while. Incorporating bold accessories into your winter ensemble will elevate a simple look and will even bring new life to the most redundant winter clothes. Experiment with bright toned and fun statement pieces like scarves that can be worn in various ways and will push you to think outside the box. You can fold your scarf in a triangle knot or even wear it as a belt on top of a jacket. Another option is to add a dash of luxe to your appearance with fur details, such as fur collars or fur mittens. Pom-pom beanies and printed socks (oh, the power of socks to change an outfit!) will also spice up your outfit in a cheerful way.

Photo: Victoria Adamson

These Boots Are Made For Snow

No need to neglect your favourite skirt or dress during winter, you just need to invest in a thigh-high classy boots. Pair them with a midi skirt that falls below the top of the boot, or with a shorter skirt to reveal a flash of bare skin. Practical footwear doesn’t necessarily have to be unappealing. In frigid weather when you are forced to wear snow boots, you can opt for unique details such as colour blocking, neon accents, or colourful texture that can bring together a  cool outfit. Or try wearing track sole boots and loafers for an androgynous style. To make a fashion forward statement, match these chunky platforms with super feminine elements like a romantic lace dress.

Photo: Fendi, MSGM, Diesel FW16

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5 Tips to Master Your Between-Seasons Look

When the weather is changing drastically on a daily basis, where you experience all four seasons in one week, your wardrobe is dealing with serious shaking. All of a sudden, your old parka seems to be the best candidate to deal with the chilly temperature that has arrived as a surprise, but when the sunny days come, they send another message to your closet: don’t get ride of your white lace summer dress just yet. Confused? So are we.

The seasonal changes during autumn–winter also known by name ‘swinter,’  you need a variegated blend of easy breezy summer pieces and cozy winter appeal, so it just makes sense to feel like you are losing your mind due to the awkward temperatures.

Transitional weather requires a lot of flexible thinking and creativity when putting an outfit together, so we are here to help you master your between seasons look seamlessly. Clever layering is the key for these crazy fall days and it’s also a great way to add new life into your wardrobe that you got fed up with, so don’t hesitate to mix staples summer pieces with new season goodies.

Photo credit: Getty image

1. Dress over pants

The 90s inspired trend blended perfectly as a “swinter” piece. This is the best time to combine your favourite summer dress and a pair of classic pants. It’s also a cool way to update your look by giving it a “new life.” For a street style edge, you can choose a longer hem that sits above the knee or even longer, for an extra fashion forward look. Choose pants that don’t have too many belt loops or pockets, or simply pair it with legging-like pants, for a smoother overall look. Another recommendation is to pick a shift or tailored-silhouette dress . Keep in mind that full bottom dress with a lot of draping details may be unflattering.

Photo credit: Style du monde

 2. Texture Mix-Up

The fall-winter months are a perfect time to experiment with textures. Consider a velvet jacket, which is one of the fall’s dominant trends. The rich texture cover-up can look great with contrasting textures like pleated chiffon or silk. Another option is to wear an oversized chunky sweater layered over a lightweight flowy skirt that peeks out from underneath.

Photo credit: Getty Image

3. The One and Only: Trench Coat

A stylish trench coat is the pick of all fall shopping goals, it’s ideal for unpredictable temperatures and allow room for a bit of a strip-down as the sun comes out. This is definitely one of the most versatile staples in between seasons. The timeless piece is appropriate for any look throughout the day and it will make an outfit look tailored without any effort. One of the trends that caught our attention is the leather coat that adds a sex appeal and sophistication to your appearance.

Photo credit: Burberry

4. Brighter Days, Brighter Outerwear

If you’re not ready to let go of summer just yet, you might like this trend. Well-known designers blur the line between summer and winter and gave their coat a refreshing summer twist that lifts our spirits. Who needs another black coat during the winter season? The catwalk was packed with brightly coloured outerwear in variety of eye popping shades like bubblegum pink, airy blue and citrus yellow. The vibrant palette will help you to head out into winter wonderland in a joyful spirit, and bring a youthful tone to these gloomy months.

Missoni Pre-Fall 2016
Photo credit: Missoni

5. Slip Into This

It’s hard to neglect your favourite summer wardrobe and get settled into the winter season that is just around the corner. Luckily, the slip dress is one of these multi-seasonal items that will make your transition from summer to fall, and onto winter easy. All it takes is a little bit of creativity. The slip dress is an essential for “swinter” layering because you can layer it in various ways. With a turtleneck or a silky tank underneath, layering the slip over a pair of pants or jeans, wearing it with a blazer as a cover up for these chilly nights are just a few of the wonderful ways to incorporate this summer staple.

Photo credit: W Magazine, Nili Lotan