Best Fall Fashion Ads… So Far

To some, the outlandish tactics used to garner attention within the fashion industry may seem like ridiculous attempts to either shock or put out confusing jumbles and present them as art. And though that may be true to a certain extent, there is one area where designers, film makers, photographers, and artists all agree: that bigger and bolder is always better. Fashion ad campaigns are one of the most important things that brands put out throughout the year, second only to the products made by the brand itself. They showcase the created message that may not have reached its audience during the initial runway show. Here, the entire creative team can create a fantasy world based on the collection, fragrance, cosmetic, or accessory that the ad is based on, taking whatever unanswered questions the collection left behind and filling in the blank spots on the canvas.

Christian Dior Fall 2017-18

Although some may say that Maria Grazia Chiuri’s work at the iconic house of Dior is lacklustre, it’s undeniable that this ad campaign injects brute strength that may have been missing during the show. With Dior favourites like Ruth Bell and Fernanda Ly, the original idea of outfitting a strong and unapologetic woman in Dior is completely evident in this campaign. The pulsing, industrial music and stark black and white create an air of strength that follows each model as they twirl, stomp, and pose in their black leather berets.

Valentino Menswear Fall 2017-18

Menswear sometimes gets a bad rep of being the less inspired and completely out of touch brother to high fashion womenswear. However, many brands are starting to take notice on how important the men’s fashion has become. Valentino is definitely one of those brands. In recent years, Valentino has made amazing strides in taking their brand from luxury tailoring to here and now men’s fashion. Valentino is no longer your rich grandfather’s go-to suit, and their campaign for fall proves just that. Placing their models in a modernized version of punk London, the ad pushes the idea that Valentino is a brand that’s as fresh and as new as the millennials it wants to attract.

Gucci Fall 2017-18

Gucci‘s creative head, Alessandro Michelle, is no stranger to transforming a brand into a contemporary go-to. Not long after joining the brand, Michelle was able to turn the ever increasingly forgettable brand into the most talked about and coveted Italian name in the fashion industry today. For their Fall campaign, Gucci not only channelled the same cacophonic parade of colour and texture that’s brought it back to life, but also channelled something that’s become a staple in millennial style; nostalgia for times far before their childhood. The ad features the all too familiar setting of a psychedelic ’70s like space adventure that mirrors the bright rainbow of colour, texture, and inspiration that Gucci is all about.

Oscar De La Renta Fall 2018-17

Since taking the helm at Oscar De La Renta almost a year ago, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia have thrust the brand into an interesting place. Hovering delicately between modern edge and old world glamour, the brand that has dressed the likes of Laura Bush and Sarah Jessica Parker is eagerly awaiting to see whether the fashion world buys into its new image. One key element in helping its audience understand the new De La Renta image is fashion icon Mariacarla Boscono who was the face of Renta’s fall campaign. Her strikingly alien face and sharp gaze helped sew together the contemporary edge that Kim and Garcia wish to bring to the brand with the grace and glamour that Oscar established years ago.

Miu Miu Fall 2017-18

Miuccia Prada is a fashion genius. No one is able to reinvent two brands simultaneously every season and keep the look and the ideas of the brands fresh and exciting the way she does. So it comes as no surprise that her brilliant collection for Miu Miu now comes with a brilliant ad campaign. Borrowing heavily from the collections fuzzy bubblegum-60s mod fusion, the ad takes its viewer through a pastel coloured journey that takes place in an old movie theatre where models (including Kate Moss!) all sit and watch a grainy Lousiana Bayou short film featuring the models themselves. And if seeing Kate Moss decked out it groovy Miu Miu is not enough, then seeing Adwoah Aboah and other stunning models of colour dominate the ad should be more than enough incentive to fall in love with this light hearted ad!

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4 Anti-Modeling Agencies that are changing the face of fashion

In recent years, the fashion industry has grown leaps and bound to become more inclusive and accepting of visible minorities and gender nonconforming individuals. This has led to an insurgency against what is seen as normal and acceptable within the industry. It’s especially evident within the modeling industry. It seems that the rise in cultural, racial, and sexual acceptance has encouraged countless casting agents and modeling agencies to branch off and create boutique agencies that cater to specific subcultures, races, and peoples. This has made it easier for designers to find alternative models who fit perfectly into their campaigns and runway shows.

Like many things fueled by social trends, countless agencies are now popping up with claims on being unique enterprises geared to providing the fashion industry with alternative models who are worth talking about. However, the majority of such agencies being introduced as alternative boutique modeling agencies are merely ploys designed to get as much hype and social media attention as possible. Their main focus is not to encourage change and originality.

Despite that, there have been a few that have risen to the occasion to help redefine what a modeling agency can be. They’ve changed the tides and have truly contributed to the shifts seen in the modeling industry in recent years. Here are four agencies that have completely revolutionized the modern modeling agency.


Los Angeles-based modeling agency SLAY has quickly become a front-runner within the world of anti-modeling agencies. Their uniqueness can be accredited to their exclusive representation of transgender models in LA. Unlike traditional modeling agencies, SLAY aims to provide a safe space where transgender models can grow and become successful in today’s cutthroat modeling industry. With such a distinctive call to action, some may speculate that SLAY’s main goal is to nurture their models to become as feminine or “passing” as possible.

SLAY specifically states that their aim is not to quantify the model’s gender. Rather, the agency’s aim is to help each model become the best possible model they can be. Apart from their groundbreaking work for transgender individuals within the modeling industry, SLAY has also introduced the beauty and uniqueness of trans models to the global stage by being the star agency in new reality TV show, Strut, which aims to shed light on what it means and feels like to be a transgender model in a world that is slowly coming to understand and accept transpeople.

Tomorrow Is Another Day

Tomorrow Is Another Day or TIAD for short, is a boutique agency that started in 2010. TIAD, which focuses on discovering new talent on the streets of the world’s major cities, has become one of the leading representers of in-demand male talent within the fashion industry. But don’t expect your typical run of the mill muscle head to grace the agency’s model lineup. TIAD instead showcases models who are far more delicate looking than one would come to expect from a traditional men’s agency.

However, delicate does not mean what it used to in today’s fashion world. The models at TIAD represent a growing trend within the fashion industry to prefer softer, lankier, and skinnier men to walk runway shows as opposed to the traditional muscular models. This is where TIAD’s appeal lies. Although some of the biggest names in the male modeling are represented by more traditional agencies, TIAD represents a wide range of the freshest and most in demand faces the fashion industry has to offer.


As the name suggests, Anti-Agency was the agency that started it all. Having a vast repertoire of models that don’t fit the bill, Anti-Agency prides itself on representing models who have aspirations aside from modeling. DJs, artists, writers, and future fashion industry heavyweights are available in Anti’s extensive roster. Apart from interesting career goals, Anti-Agency specifically looks for models who have unique and interesting personalities. The agency’s goal is to provide the fashion industry with as much free thinking and lively individuals as possible. On top of all of that, the biggest differentiator that brought Anti-Agency into the spotlight is their appreciation for what’s inside. Rather than retaining strict height, weight, and measurement rules, Anti focuses their efforts on finding models who not only have interesting personalities but interesting bodies and personal styles as well.

IMG Models

IMG Models is most likely the most recognizable name on this list for its illustrious history in the fashion industry, but IMG has now become far better known for changing the modeling game within a short period of time. What was once the agency of fashion heavyweights like Kate Moss, Anja Rubik, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Gisele Bündchen, has now become the shining beacon of hope for Instagram models worldwide. IMG has catapulted the world’s obsession with Instagram famous models by launching and nurturing the careers of models like Gigi Hadid, Hayley Baldwin, and Cameron Dallas. This led the industry to turn to models who boast impressive number of followers on social media from street or casting call scouted models.

The rise in social media models’ popularity also adds a strategic edge to a fashion house’s runway show or ad campaign. With hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers, Instagram models and social media models are able to create a massive amount of exposure for a brand, as the models’ fans and followers tune in to see what they’re doing and who they’re associated with.

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The old is the new trend

The theory that history tends to repeat itself can’t be denied when it comes to fashion. Think about all the pieces that you used to wear in your youth that are currently having their glory moments again. Appreciated designers and coveted brands have already seen the potential in bringing back successful pieces that have proved themselves in the past. This strategy is also known as retro marketing, and it’s all about taking advantage of nostalgia for the past to make current items more attractive and meaningful to the customer.

For Fall 2o16, it will come as no surprise that observing the new collections will feel like déjà vu. Be prepared to let your youth memories cycle back into your life again. Here’s a list of the old pieces that become new again:

Photo: Denzil McNeelance (1993)

Levi’s Mom jeans

One of the biggest  trends of the season is “mom jeans,” those high waisted denim jean with the back pockets, embodied by the the iconic Levi’s 505These jeans were a huge success during the 80s and early 90s and considered a must-have staple.

As a current fashion staple, “mom jeans” got a fashion forward update. Levi’s released a new collection of vintage inspired jeans, called the Wedgie Jean, which showcase all the assets of the feminine body- waist and hips- and balances between the cool attitude and sex appeal vibe. Levi’s made these jeans from a low-stretch denim, promising to highlight all your best assets.

Photo: Nicole Alyse, ASOS

Gazelle sneakers

Another item that you probably cherished in your childhood was the tri-striped, suede Gazelle which was recently brought back by Adidas. The leading sportswear brand evaluated the potential of the nostalgic style and decided to relaunch the Gazelle heritage sneaker with legendary model and Gazelle-lover, Kate Moss.

The sneakers were originally made in 1963 as professional soccer shoes. Their popularity grew high during the 90s and we surely believe that they will instantly be adopted by all street style lovers and  fashionistas.

Photo: J.Crew, Michael Adams

Dr. Martens

Dr Martens, the iconic grungy shoes with the heavy sole boots and the yellow stitching, are returning back directly from the 90s. Whether they’re seen on the Prada and LouisVuitton runways, or on the streets, Dr. Martens allows you to channel your Seattle neo-grunge spirit. We highly recommended giving them a lady-like twist (think feminine skirt or dresses) so blurring the line between masculinity and femininity will be done perfectly.

Urban Outfitters

 Cavin Klein slip dress

Riding on the 90s wave, another throwback piece is having a fashion revival: the slip dress. Kate Moss in her silver Calvin Klein slip dress will remain forever etched in our memory, so no wonder the silky feminine piece has emerged back into our wardrobe without a blink.

In our modern life, the slip dress lends itself enormously well to the art of layering. You can simply wear it in any way or style. Our suggestion, for the cooler days ahead, is to balance between coziness and femininity by layering it with a t-shirt underneath and a bomber jacket on top, or pairing the silky fabric with a soft oversized cardigan.

Photos: Vogue Italy 1995, Journelles, Calvin-Klein SS16

Tracksuits by Juicy couture

Get ready for a big comeback directly from the 2000s, the tracksuits. The velour athletic set has a serious style statement this season and has already been seen on the catwalks of fashion houses like ChloeBurberry, Gucci and Loewe. The tracksuit originally appeared with Juicy Couture as part of their signature style and it was only a matter of time until the tracksuits made their way back into our lives. Celebrities were caught wearing them off duty back in the 2000s. Britney Spears and Paris Hilton owned one in every colour, while Jennifer Lopez showed up with the bright pink short version in her music video.

You can embrace the sporty look however you choose: with loafers, trainers, ankle boots, or even with strappy heels. Tracksuits also look amazingly stylish with tailored pieces, but keep in mind that  confidence and a cool attitude are fully required here.

Numero Mag, Chloe, Cosmopolitan, Juicy Couture

What Novella Loves This Week


Drew Brown – Editor-in-Chief

Absolutely Fabulous : The Movie

Sweetie darling! Patsy and Edina return in ‘Absolutely Fabulous: The movie’. I have loved following the antics of Edina and Patsy since the very beginning, so you can only imagine how excited I am about movie which will be released on this side of pond on July 22nd. In the movie, Kate Moss is presumed dead after Edina accidentally bumps into her, causing her to fall off the balcony into the Thames forcing our fab duo to be on the run. That’s enough for me to head to the theatre!

Liat Neuman – Fashion & Trends Writer

Red Sunnies by Céline

Summer is the right time of year to upgrade your sunglasses selection. Bold and bright colours are the perfect way to evoke the joyful of summer days. Recently I came across with these amazing Céline red sunglass, made from plastic frame. The futuristic and the modern shape along with the vibrant red can definitely make a statement and show off your playful side.

Chantelle Lee – Arts & Culture Writer

World’s Best Cities by National Geographic

World’s Best Cities is a photographic travel book created by National Geographic. The book displays stunning photographs of 220 cities around the world, and includes historical facts and must-see attractions in each location. Flip through this book to plan your next vacation, learn about different cultures, and admire beautiful photography.

Snigdha Koirala – Arts & Culture Writer

Penguin Clothbound Classics

Penguin Clothbound Classics are every bookworm’s dream. A curation of classics bound in cloth designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith, the collection ranges from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice to Jean Rhys’ Wide Sagrasso Sea. So in addition to being riveting reads, these books make a unique feature in any bookshelf or coffee table!

Joyce Li – Social Media Analyst

Defining Mascara by MAKE Beauty

Most of the mascara I’ve used often smudges or leaves prints on my under eye. I decided to try this brand that was recommended from a New York blogger. I am absolutely in love with it, the best part about this mascara is that it’s smudge-proof while hydrating and nourishes the lashes.

Ryan Wohlgemut – Men’s Fashion Writer

Embroidered Chuck Taylor All Star

As we all know white sneakers are a fan fave for everyone, especially in the summer. Myself being a fan of the trend, have been debating whether or not to expand my collection of white sneakers or not for a couple months and cannot decide. I recently stumbled across this pair of embroidered white high top chuck taylor’s and fell in love. I love the idea of personalizing or customizing clothing to make them fit accordingly to your own personal style. So this week my pick is the rose embroidered chuck taylor’s pictured above.

How to balance motherhood, career and remain stylish

Mario Testino Vogue
Photo Credit: Mario Testino – VOGUE Magazine

Every single woman in the world who is a mom agree on one thing: once you become a mother, you start developing your juggling skills. Just as a visual example of how motherhood feels like, try to imagine that you are in the circus, everybody is staring at your acrobatic ability, and you are trying not to fall off the thin rope.

Being a mother, and pursuing a career while remaining stylish involves wearing as many – fashionable – hats as possible. Motherhood is a full-time job, which requires you to be able to deal with many challenging missions. You are a mom before anything else, but you are also a professional woman and a wife. That means there are so many tasks to accomplish, but never enough time. However, I have to say that being a mom doesn’t mean you need to lose yourself as a person. Yes, multi-tasking ability is required to be able to balance all the aspects of your life, but you don’t need to give up on your dream.

These are my top life mantras to rock the mom’s status while remaining fashionable and chic.

Functionality never goes out of style

Build a functional and timeless wardrobe. Shirt-dresses, sneakers and, of course, few flattering jeans should be an integral part of your closet, and then you can add some trendy seasonal pieces that will keep you up-to-date.

Think out of the box

Running after your kids in the park can be perfectly done with a flowy skirt and pair of classy sneakers, so don’t be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone, from time to time. You can never go wrong with a little black dress, or you can also try a more creative look such as a denim dress.

Positive attitude

Start your day with a positive attitude, and try to put the feelings of guilt away. My tip here, is to surround yourself with great people that will support you and help you pursuing your career.


Aligning your limitations and goals is crucial. Come up with a flexible schedule that allows you combine both your professional and personal life. Once you know your plan, the chaos will fade away.

Live the moment

Enjoying the little things in life is vital as they bring to us the most joy and fulfillment moments. Even the simplest things such as playing with your kids in the park while wearing a flirty maxi dress will be enough to boost your mood.