Designer Fall Collabs Every Fashion Lover Should Be Excited For

Looking to revamp your fall wardrobe without having to spend time digging through your local H&M and Zara for something entirely original and 100% you? Well, you’re in luck: Never has there been such an influx of designer collaborations for fashion lovers to get their wanting hands on before now. Fall seems to be the go-to season for collaborations among some of the world’s most relevant and in demand fashion designers. And with designer collabs now transitioning into every aspect of the consumer market, fashion lovers around the world get first pick on some of the most exclusive designer brands for a fair price.

L’Oreal Paris x Balmain

Photo: L’Oreal Paris

Coming this fall is one of the most anticipated designer collabs to have come out in a while. Iconic Parisian makeup mega brand L’Oreal is teaming up with Balmain Paris to create an exclusive line of three lipsticks that double up as jewelry. The three jewel tone lipsticks come in brilliant and rich sapphire, emerald, and onyx hues that are sure to look as stunning on the lips as they do in their casing.

Erdem x H&M

Photo: H&M

H&M has a long standing history of collaborating with some of the world’s most important brands. With the likes of VersaceLanvin, and Balmain on their roster, H&M is no stranger to sourcing out the world’s most in-demand brands to collaborate with. This fall, H&M is set to release its much-anticipated collection with Turkish-Canadian designer Erdem, whose last few collections have stirred up an astounding amount of buzz for the brand, catapulting it into the fashion spotlight this year.

Jeremy Scott x UGG

Photo: UGG

Say what you will about the current creative head at Moschino, but the man has a knack for knowing exactly where to place his eggs, and it’s almost never in one fashion basket. Launching September 13th, Jeremy Scott’s collaboration with UGG Australia is bound to have lovers of his flashy and garish designs as well as lovers of the comfy boot flocking to stores for a chance at scooping up the limited edition boots.

Moschino x Sephora

Photo: Moschino

Set to makes its official launch in Canada in just a few days (August 25th to be exact) Sephora’s limited edition Moschino collaboration has already sold out in the U.S.. And that comes as no surprise, as the collab comes complete with an adorable “This is not a Moschino toy” teddy bear that opens up to become an eyeshadow palette and an array of pretty lip glosses that encompass everything Moschino stands for.

J.W Anderson x Uniqlo

Photo: Uniqlo

One of the most highly anticipated designer collaborations for fall is undoubtedly the collab between Japanese mega brand Uniqlo and, arguably the most important young designer of our times, Jonathan Anderson. The collab is bound to be the single most fought over collection of the year, with predictions of pre-sales and opening day sales to sell out within minutes.

Superga x Charlotte Simone

Photo: Superga

Italian shoe brand Superga is teaming up with accessories brand Charlotte Simone for a bright and uber girly collab that perfectly mirrors fashion’s current obsession with faux fur. The shoes themselves balance Superga’s iconic tennis shoe style with Simone’s keen eye for bright sherbet coloured faux furs. And best of all, most of the shoes come in a perfectly sweet platform style that’s sure to excite the modern club kids of the world.

Ashish x River Island

Photo: River Island

This is definitely going to be a good year for British brands River Island and Ashish, who are teaming up to launch an affordable collection at London fashion week this fall. The 15 piece limited edition collection seems to be Ashish’s first foray into the mainstream fashion market, but the buzz is already building up, and his colourful and often outspoken designs are bound to sell out worldwide. The collab will open new doors for those who’ve never heard of the designer outside of the global high fashion circle.

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Queer Couture! 5 Designers Ready To Give You A Fashionable Pride Parade Extravaganza

The category is high fashion gay pride eleganza extravaganza! Pride month is in full swing, and with it come countless pride parades and marches around the world. Now, most pride attendees tend to dress for the weather rather than the event, so the visual representation of what it means to be queer in the modern world is unfortunately left to those walking in the parade rather than those strolling down the street. And even then, most mainstream brands don’t offer up outfit choices that have the gusto needed to catch the attention of parade onlookers. However, all is not lost! The world of high fashion has always been the playground of the queer and non-conformist artists of the world, especially over the past few seasons; and with so much negativity and backlash being aimed at the LGBTQ+ in recent months. It’s wonderful to see designers around the world taking aim at queer oppressors and calling for resistance through their designs. And what better place to showcase your truest self than at Pride? Even if your outfit doesn’t directly call for the heads of those who aim at taking your freedom, you can always represent your queerness with some of these fabulously extravagant ensembles straight from the runways of the world.


Photos: Kirk Mckoy

Viva Las Gay-vas! Jeremy Scott has had a whirlwind career, having taken his namesake brand from alternative indie label to New York fashion powerhouse. Recently, Scott’s design endeavours have taken him from his home base in New York to Milan, where he now mans the helm at Moschino. For his Spring 2018 collection at the iconic Italian anti-fashion house, Scott delved into the glamorous and excessive world that is Las Vegas. Feather boa headdresses, pinstripe flames, and bold rainbows ran rampant throughout the collection. Taking what could have been an overdrawn Wayne Newton-Mr. Las Vegas trainwreck, into a fun and boisterous look into the more queer side of Sin City.


Photos: Kim Weston Arnold

If you lean towards the more political when it comes to making a fashion statement. Ashish has you covered. For his Fall 2017 collection, designer Ashish Gupta created a collection based aimed at knocking those who feel it’s okay to judge and discriminate against minorities (especially queer minorities) off of their pedestals. The collection, which features gay-themed cartoons, rainbow flag patterns, and slogan shirts all focused on the resistance the gay community should be aiming at those who want nothing more than to make their lives a living hell. With slogans like “Nasty Woman, Fall In Love And Be More Tender, and Why Be Blue When You Can Be Gay?” Ashish’s Fall 2017 collection is sure to have the perfect war cry for any queer activists tastes.

Mary Katrantzou

Photos: Yannis Vlamos

Mary Katrantzou catapulted her career through the use of bold and graphic prints. So it came as no surprise when the British designer sent a wonderfully prim, yet cartoonishly sweet collection down the runway for her Fall 2017 season. The outfits, which were directly inspired by Disney’s Fantasia, which bombards its viewers a plethora of colour and fairytale imagery that would make even the most masc of men twirl with childhood excitement. What’s interesting about this collection isn’t that it directly references queer culture, instead, it conjures up imagery peaceful whimsy and fabulously glittery scenes that look like they came straight of a magical queer utopia.

Romance Was Born

Photos: Yannis Vlamos

The category is O.P.U.L.E.N.C.E! Imagine a world where disco never happened? Where the flash of the 70s and 80s played no role in influencing what modern queer culture would look like. Some of the greatest LGBTQ+ icons came from the eras of platform shoes and peroxide hair. SO why not wear something that pays homage to heydeys of Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Madonna, and Annie Lennox? Your choices are simple. Feminine ruffles and bows, or fringe and sequins. (And trust me, nothing is more exciting than twirling in a fringe ensemble. Nothing)


Photos: Shutterstock

Alejandro Gomez Palomo Of Palomo Spain started his brand with a clear motive in mind. To provide the modern gentleman with a chance of exploring the vast spectrum that is gender identity through clothing. Since his debut collection, it was clear that Palomo’s views on clothing and male dressing were really unlike anything that had been seen in the past. In his eyes, dresses, ruffles, high heels, feminine patterns, and soft gender bending silhouettes were no longer off limits. This comes at a perfect time when the notions of gender and what it is to be human are being examined by society. In Palomo’s world, a man can wear a wedding dress or a sheer blouse and feel as confident and comfortable as his female counterpart would feel in it. Since the brand and the collection really have no clear assigned gender, wearing one of Palomo’s creations to a pride event would so impactful and important to those who have struggled with the acceptance of their gender identities by others and it could even inspire those who wish to show the world their truest self. This collection, along with Pride month itself, are really is about expressing the beauty of the gender spectrum. They call for the acceptance and embracing of human fluidity and being able to chose who you want to be for the sake of you happiness.

Why I Will Kill Whomever Tries to Steal This Kenzo x H&M Piece


Do you remember Jeremy Scott’s statement, ‘I don’t speak Italian, but I do speak Moschino’? We don’t speak Italian either. Nor do we Japanese or French, but luckily we don’t really need any of those languages to understand fashion. And to understand fashion, you would know that the upcoming Kenzo and H&M collaboration is a big deal.

With this year’s upcoming release of the KENZO x H&M collection, it’s safe to say that everyone is going to be talking about Kenzo Takada’s iconic brand. Now headed by creative duo Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, Kenzo has continued its reign as being a brand that’s slightly off centre, yet completely anchored in fashion.

On October 19th, the ‘KENZO X H&M’ opening show took place at Pier 36 in New York where models shared the catwalk with an army of dancers directed by Jean-Paul Goude, as well as the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band. Drums and extravagant dance moves took the stage, and the theatrical vibe was simply magical and contagious. Let’s just say that the already abundant anticipation for the collaboration hit the roof.

The historic house of KENZO holds many meanings. Daring, sassy, energetic, free, confident, unique, and self-expression are just a few words associated with the brand. There is not nearly enough room on this page to describe it all. The language of Kenzo is visual, but the message is clear: fashion is not just about having fun, but it is also–and more importantly– about not being afraid of doing so.

In anticipation of the official release on November 3rd, we wanted to share some of the pieces that we are willing to kill for, if anyone tries to steal them from our hands when the collection hits stores.

See? Strong feelings and emotions have already flourished among us. We now officially do speak KENZO.

Denim Down Jacket – Drew Brown, Editor-in-Chief 

Photo: KENZO x H&M

“I am really digging the denim puffer coat from the KENZO x H&M collection. This is a piece that I think will last long after the hype, long lines, and eBay sales have all dissipated. Also, it will be perfect to survive to colder winter temps and still look stylish. As a former employee, I have experienced the H&M designer collaboration madness first-hand; therefore, I would kill anyone from who tries to steal this piece from my hands because it’s all about survival.  People are going to go nuts, so it’s either kill or be killed!!”

Reversible Silk-blend Skirt – Celia Fernandez, Fashion Features Editor

Photo: KENZO x H&M

“Why did I pick the reversible silk-blend skirt from the KENZO X H&M collection? Seriously? Do you really need me to tell you why? For me it seems pretty obvious why I should kill whomever dares to steal this skirt from me next Thursday. It is just PERFECTION. This piece is everything I could aim for this season: sassy yet feminine and elegant (the midi length helps toning down the vibrancy of the pattern), and absolutely gorgeous and fun. Plus, clothes should also make us feel good and confident, and NOBODY will ever mess with someone wearing a pink & red zebra print flared skirt.”

Navy Silk Blouse – Isabel Mundigo-Moore, Fashion Editor

Photo: KENZO x H&M

“So this might be the most low-key item on the expansive list of expected pieces, but look at it. It’s heaven! Those subtle/not-so-subtle jungle cats of the collar, layered over a secondary, ruffled collar? Plus those cuffed, ruffled sleeves? I can’t get enough of it. The ruffles are absolutely on trend (thanks Barb from Stranger Things), but the blouse as a whole has a timeless quality to it. And while it may seem like a conservative choice compared to the rest of the collection, it will be a stand out piece in my wardrobe. I can already tell that my inner tigress will come out to snag it in the shop.”

Reversible Silk Kimono – Chris Zaghi, Fashion Contributor

Photo: KENZO x H&M
Photo: KENZO x H&M

“For me, the one piece in the KENZO x H&M collection I’d love to own is the Reversible Silk Kimono ($299). The selling point of this piece is its craftsmanship. The traditional Japanese silhouette is modernized by adding pops of bright floral appliqué and a reversible printed interior. The slight hint at modern sportswear also makes this an extremely versatile piece that I’d kill to add to my closet this winter. Make sure you check your surroundings when doors open at H&M’s Eaton Centre flagship on the 3rd, because I’ll definitely be football tackling anyone who thinks of evening laying a finger on this beautiful coat.”

Printed Pyjama Top – Ryan Wohlgemut, Contributing Fashion Editor

Photo: KENZO x H&M

“If you know me, this choice goes without question. I’ll be honest and say I can’t deny the fact that I admire anything pyjama related. Already owning a few of my own pyjama inspired pieces, I find myself constantly on the hunt for anything even slightly sleepwear related (oversized hoodies/crewnecks, loafers, etc.) to add to my collection. That being said that is the reason why this red trim pyjama design top is definitely going to be the next addition to my closet! Although the piece may be right up my alley style wise, the print isn’t something I would typically desire, BUT leave it up to KENZO to take classic sleepwear and turn it into something electrifying!”

Introduction by Celia Fernandez and Chris Zaghi

Blogger Profile: Raya Shearer of Style Controversy

Bulgarian-native Raya T. Shearer is a rising gem of Toronto’s growing blogosphere. Influenced by a lifetime of experiences living in numerous countries across four continents, as well as her fond interest in urban culture, she demonstrates a true blend of personal adventures in her style and possesses an intriguing worldview. She describes herself as a “citizen of the world” growing up in Korea, South Africa, and Austria to name a few. With that, there is a strong message behind her brand Style Controversy mirroring her belief that “style is controversial, but you are not”. I learned that with every culture shock, came the next step in Raya’s style growth, and I am excited to see what she puts forward next.

“Style is controversial but you are not”

images via Style Controversy

Jennifer Lee: How would you describe your personal style, and what influences your style?
Raya Shearer: I’ve always loved fashion and my style is a reflection of my mood. I used to be a tomboy digging in my dad’s closet but when I moved to Korea, a feminine side of me surfaced. I would say my current style revolves around an urban lifestyle. I’ve also drawn inspiration from dance and hip hop culture and started to be more experimental with the way I dress while teaching dance in Korea. Korea is a fashion and music hub that’s been growing and the world is finally seeing that Seoul is a fashionable capital that really helped shape my style. When I was in South Africa, I embraced bright colours a lot more- I take note from every culture I dive into, and reinterpret it through style. Years ago when I wore sneakers with a dress I was considered to be committing a fashion suicide, but it’s about having an idea and expressing it, and that’s what I love. I see my style changing when I travel. I dress up for the culture, to embrace the culture and the environment around me. I find that fashion, and the things you do, when combined together can give me so much satisfaction.

JL: Tell me about your blog Style Controversy and the main message you’d like to put across to your readers.
RS: Around the time I was starting to develop my brand, my favourite artist Kanye West was talking about controversy and gave the message that it was cool to be controversial. The public opinion was negative, but I took a spin on it and created the slogan, “style is controversial but you are not”. There is conversation sparked around fashion and people often use the term “controversy” loosely, mostly because they don’t understand it. It’s an innate human quality to judge and keep distance from a topic where one does not fully align themselves with, and call it controversial. Every individual is unique and special, although the clothes you are wearing may spark controversy. You have the right to express yourself through style, but you as an individual, are not controversial. Even today, people don’t take bloggers or social media consultants seriously. I think my slogan also applies to the industry and helps me explain to people the importance of social media. The online sphere is a huge platform and gives people space to bully others, but instead we should focus on innovating creativity with positive support.


JL: What is your take on Toronto’s style and culture, and how do you stay engaged in it?
RS: I love that Toronto is made up of so many different cultures, and it’s hard to zoom into one culture- that’s our culture. It was the one place that gave me a culture shock. With the countless groups, there exists a Toronto style. I’ve seen it change a lot over the last six years in conjunction with the growth of social media, homegrown music talent like The Weeknd, and Drake. With constant development in our urban culture, we now have access to more brands and the city has become even more international focused.

JL: What is your favourite thing about Toronto’s fashion scene?
RS: I like how small it is. This can be a positive or negative thing, but I love that everybody is willing to help each other out. Since it’s so intimate, people are able to come together and create together to build the industry from bottom up. There is significant PR presence encouraging brands and social media influencers to take part in the fashion culture in Toronto as well. There’s a sense of unity.


JL: What is the most memorable fashion item you’ve seen overseas?
RS: I saw someone wearing one of Jeremy Scott’s sneakers in Seoul. He wore the shoes as the focal point of the outfit and from then on, I fell in love with menswear even more. The craziest fashion item I own is a clutch that looks like a chocolate milk box. I wear it as an accent piece paired with my monochrome outfits and it’s the best conversation starter. I’m a true believer in mixing high and low fashion- not huge on the price tag of an item, rather the impact it can have.

JL: How do you channel your passion for hip hop into your daily outfits?
RS: Sneakers are always present in my daily outfits. My husband used to be a hip hop DJ in Europe, and we have over 3500 records at home. Hip hop has such a powerful impact on my life so I naturally accessorize every outfit to channel that passion. I dress to mirror my mood and personality every single day. This isn’t to overdress or outdo anyone, but I believe that I can bond over an outfit with a stranger who has similar interests or visions as I do. An outfit has the power to take you further than you may think. It may sound superficial but I follow this Bulgarian saying that people greet you by the way you look, and send you off with the impression you’ve made on them.


JL: Who are some of your favourite designers or artists?
RS: I appreciate the designs Kanye is putting out into the world. He’s being very true to himself and delivering the simplest, but artistic pieces. He’s being criticized for it, but it’s what makes him unique. I also love Alexander Wang. He’s revolutionary when it comes to dressing in all-black. Public School NYC represent the true urban culture. When it comes to artists I’m drawn to those who’ve created a culture around fashion and music. Rihanna and Future have had a huge impact on me.

JL: Where are some of your favourite spots to shop in Toronto?
RS: Durumi, The Store on Queen, and Smoke + Ash on Queen Street are my favourites because there is attention to detail and they’ve created cultures around their stores. I also love the thrill of digging at vintage shops.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

JL: What inspires you?
RS: Everything. It can be anything from a flower I see, or a song that I listen to. I’ve been listening to the Gipsy Kings and with that inspiration I’ve started building a line of floral chokers and head pieces to elevate my monochrome outfits.

JL: Fill in the blank: “I could not live without___”
RS: Sneakers and tacos.

JL: What is your dream?
RS: To be my own boss, marry Style Controversy with hip hop, then work from all around the world. I’m in the works of partnering with some choreographers to mesh dance with Style Controversy’s audience to show that dance can be used as an exercise. I would love to create a culture around that here in Toronto. I wish to wake up everyday and know that I’m headed to something that makes me really happy. I’ll continue to create everyday to work towards this dream.


MADE Fashion Week


How do you describe Made Fashion Week other than a collection of the coolest, most interesting people in Los Angeles?


More like another smash party hosted by Jeremy Scott! Check out the collection of friends that either walked or attended his show, including Cindy Crawford (whose son, Presley Gerber, made his runway debut), Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, Hailey Baldwin, and Devon Aoki (!!!). The clothes themselves were a mix of festive prints on tight skirts and tiny tops, matched with psychedelic flare pants and groovy hats. As usual, Scott pushes boundaries using fun and a sense of humour.

Photo Courtesy of The Cobra Snake
Photo Courtesy of The Cobra Snake
Photo Courtesy of The Cobra Snake
Photo Courtesy of The Cobra Snake


Tyler, The Creator, made his runway debut featuring t-shirts he wished were already made, clothes in his favourite colour (Kelly Green), and a front-row collection of his closest friends–which means Kendall Jenner and Kanye West. The collection itself is entirely charming, including bold print tees, polka dot denim, and graphic hoodies. For someone who has “never been to a fashion show,” the presentation was very impressive.

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Boyle and Andy J. Scott
Photo Courtesy of Andrew Boyle and Andy J. Scott
Photo Courtesy of Andrew Boyle and Andy J. Scott
Photo Courtesy of Andrew Boyle and Andy J. Scott


Far from the bright colours and carefree attitude so present at the other shows was the collection and presentation of Hood by Air. Dark and moody, the clothes echoed that of favourite fashion Vetements: oversized hoodies, graphic print details, and sarcasm. Bloody-esque makeup and a live performance by Yves Tumor topped the cake.

Photo Courtesy of Pat Bombard and Andy J. Scott
Photo Courtesy of Pat Bombard and Andy J. Scott
Photo Courtesy of Pat Bombard and Andy J. Scott

For more about MADE visit here.