Tried and Tested: Paige Denim

Denim jeans are by far the most widely used and appreciated articles of clothing that people have in their closests. It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular Joe or a self proclaimed foshionista, chances are you own a pair of jeans, and among them the perfect pair of jeans. Now finding the perfect pair of jeans can sometimes be tricky – everything from fit to dye has to be absolutely perfect for denim lovers to fall in love with the denim they’re about to purchase. Which is bound to cause some frustration for those who can never seem to find the perfect pair. Luckily, Paige has a wonderfully unique and perfectly wearable collection of denim that’ll have even the most discerning of denim connoisseurs falling in love over and over again. Here are just a few example of how versatile Paige’s collection of amazing jeans are!

Drew Brown, Editor-in-Chief

The idea of spending a lot of money on a pair jeans never appealed to me, so I had very little expectations when given the chance to try and test a pair of Paige denim. I selected the men’s Croft-Langdon super skinny jeans and had a change of heart as soon as I put them on. The super soft and comfortable fit gave me everything that I ever wanted in a pair of jeans. Being somewhat vertically challenged, skinny jeans have always been my go-to when wanting to appear taller. But after wearing them a few times, they often don’t fit the same. I packed the Paige for my trip to New York for fashion week and wore them a couple times and each time the jeans fit perfectly; its as if they made were made for me.

What I love the most is the ability to dress them up or down. I can pair them with a studded moto-jacket for a night on the town or I can wear them with a white button-down and a blazer for work. Either way, these jeans are now my new favourite.

Meg Summers, Contributor

I have to admit, the straight leg pant has been a little intimidating for me for a while since I’m used to living in/styling my clothes with either super tight skinny jeans or over-the-top baggy men jeans. There hasn’t been an in-between. Until now! I went with the Julia Straight because I loved the slits at the bottom and wanted something unique to shake up my wardrobe. These jeans feel like the softest denim I’ve ever worn but still give me the satisfaction that I look stylish and put-together. The jeans’ claim to fame is that they do not lose their shape (we all know the rush to throw your jeans in the dryer last minute so that they snap back to their original fit). After wearing these out to run errands and, a few days later, to go dancing, I can say that the jeans have kept their promise to stay the way I found them! An absolute favorite that I will continue to try new looks with, no other pair could’ve cured my fear of the straight leg pants like these.

Chris Zaghi, Fashion Editor

Jeans, above all else, should be comfortable. If you’re squeezing into a pair that makes you feel like your lower half might just necrotize, or you might be wearing one that makes you look like you have a wet diaper hanging out from your backside. Luckily, Paige denim is the complete opposite of that. The fit of the jeans I chose, the Lennox, is arguably one of the most comfortable pair of denims I’ve ever worn. From what I can deduce, the extremely comfortable fit must come from the soft material, which has an amazing amount of stretch, making it feel as if you’re wearing a pair of soft sweats rather than a pair of heavy and thick jeans. Another great aspect of Paige jeans is their dye and wash. A simple pair of black jeans are all well and good, but it’s always fun to have a super interesting pair of ‘off-black’ jeans that add a little bit of oomph to your everyday look.

Michelle Cheung, Social Media Coordinator 

I selected the Hoxton Ankle Black Fog Coating from Paige Jeans. At first, I was hesitant to get a pair of wax jeans, thinking the coating would feel tacky and wouldn’t last over time. I chose the pair because it was unlike other items in my wardrobe. When I tried them on, they were very comfortable and yet form fitting. Although it is just a wax coating, the jeans look like leather without feeling tacky or uncomfortable like pleather. I’ve worn them a couple of times and even washed them, yet these jeans fit and feel the same. I’ve been wearing them non-stop, and I can say with confidence that these Paige Jeans definitely replaced my usual black skinny jeans. They are very versatile and I can wear them from day to night, pairing them with a basic white tee or a blazer for an effortless look. I especially love wearing them with my black-heeled boots. These jeans are my newest and most versatile fashion favourite. Try them and you’ll be wearing them all year round!

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Get High Fashion Fall Ready With Levi’s!

Levi’s has long been the leader in denim clothing and denim innovation. Which is why it’s been able to not only climb to the top of the denim industry over its long illustrious history, but also remain the most trustworthy staple brand within it. This season, Levi’s has introduced an extensive collection of the brand’s classic silhouettes, new innovative altered collections, and customizable jackets that are sure to impress and inspire the people around you.

The Perfect Fall Trucker

With unisex and all-gender clothing becoming one of the biggest trends in the last few seasons, it’s definitely the perfect time to pick up one of Levi’s stunning and functional trucker jackets. The lined Sherpa coats are perfect for the fall months — its warm lining will keep you comfy right up until the snow starts falling. However, the best part of the new collection is the customizable embroidery one can have done on them, and it’s available at any of Levi’s new Tailor Shops in the GTA. Anything from patchwork to hem distressing is available through the skilled hands of Levi’s ateliers.

The Perfect Fall Skinny

Skinny jeans and tight fighting trousers are practically a basic clothing item in anyone’s wardrobe these days, with not much change in their look and style. But Levi’s is out to change that this season. With a wide variety 700, 300, and 500 series, as well as various seasonal fit style skinny jeans available for fall, there is no doubt that anyone can find a pair of skinny jeans with the right style, length, and fit for their wardrobe. From mile high high-waisted skinnies to distressed and richly coloured jeans, Levi’s offers silhouettes that are relevant and fashion forward. For a complete look, try a pair a light Sherpa trucker with a dark coloured skinny or a black trucker with a light coloured jean for extra pop and colour play!

The Perfect Fall Showstopper

One of the most exciting collections Levi’s is offering this season is its Altered collection, which features expertly tailored and reworked denim pieces that add a lot of high fashion flair to the everyday denim piece. All of the pieces in the collection are made from either vintage Levi’s or contemporary collections that have essentially been taken apart and put back together in innovative and stylish ways. Think Margiela deconstruction for the everyday denim piece. And who wouldn’t want a one-of-a-kind Canadian Tuxedo for fall?

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Denim has been around for ages. People have been rocking it way back in the 1800’s. What started out as jeans, and slowly emerged into denim tops, denim skirts, and even denim hats. A perfect example of denim on denim would be Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, at the 2001 American Music Awards. As unusual that may have seemed at the time, it’s as if the trend is now coming back. People are starting to be more fashion forward and pushing the limit with their outfits. If you want to be a denim trendsetter, then take a look at these denim pieces that will help get you started.

Photo Credit: J.Crew
Photo Credit: J.Crew

We are going to start from the top and work our way down. Lately, I have been all about the bucket hats. Not only do they look really good, but they also shield you from the bright sun. This denim bucket hat from J.Crew can be paired with your denim on denim outfit, or with your everyday wear. It’s versatile, and will be fun to mix it up with different tops and bottoms.

Where To Buy:

Photo Credit: Forever21
Photo Credit: Forever21

Everyone should have at least one denim top in their wardrobe. Whether you are going out to a posh restaurant, or catching a movie with friends, many denim tops can simply be dressed up or down. This pocket denim shirt from Forever 21 is cute for any occasion and is a perfect match with your favourite pair of jeans.

Where To Buy:


Photo Credit: Faulhaber Communications
Photo Credit: Faulhaber Communications

Now that we are at the most popular item, I would like to introduce to you the Verdugo Ultra Skinny Jean with patchwork in Clancey Destructed. This pant will be released in one week by Paige Denim, and Yorkville based retailer, Over the Rainbow. The two teams came together to create this stylish, ripped jean to celebrate the retailer’s 40th year anniversary. This limited edition item can too be dressed up or down, with a simple pair of heels or comfortable flats.

Where To Buy:

Photo Credit: Levi's
Photo Credit: Zappos

Last but most certainly not least, the shoes. I know what you’re thinking, denim shoes are hideous, but trust me on this one. The Jordy Buck Denim shoe by Levi’s are not only a perfect wear for women, but it can also be worn by men. This shoe is stylish, unique and will have your feet looking fresh for the entire night.

Where To Buy:

One on One with Naked & Famous Designer Brandon Svarc

Article by Anthony O’Dell

Denim, it’s the only thing we wear everyday but has yet to see any real innovation since its inception in America over a century ago. Naked & Famous is breathing new life into this category by using Japanese fabrics to create blends with linen & silk denim and quirky styles such as the Glow in the Dark and 32 ounce Selvage Jeans. Over the Rainbow recently collaborated with Naked & Famous for their 40th anniversary on a special Kimono Capsule Series that consists of one pair of jeans, one jacket and two pocket tees. I got a chance to chat with Brandon Svarc (Head Designer) about how the collaboration came about, how they plan to expand their denim vision and finally settles the debate on how to clean your denim.

Denim Jacket
Photo Credit: Ashlee Hutchinson

You got your start in marketing and you had your own PR Company. How did that translate to a denim company?

Brandon: The PR Company was a springboard for me, I was getting articles and features for different fashion brands and I was like shit, I want my own brand. It was very concept and story based so that’s why I built Naked & Famous Denim.

Your family has been in the denim business for generations. What’s the one thing that you’ve learned from that to help you build Naked & Famous?

Brandon: The one thing my grandfather told me is just make a better jean than your competitors at a better price. To offer product value instead of celebrity and advertising value, we don’t do any of that we just make a badass jean.

How did you start working with Over the Rainbow?

Brandon: I was 24 and just got into selvage jeans. I decided to come to Toronto and knock on some doors. I went to a guy named Hershey Weinberg. I showed him all the jeans, we did an 18-ounce Big Slub denim the first season and he’s looking at it like WTF is this! He said I can’t sell this jean gut I’m going to call up the owner of Over the Rainbow and see if he can meet you. Joel (Over the Rainbow owner) wasn’t available at the time but he left a message. An hour later, Joel calls and says, “Where are you? Be here in 15 minutes and I’ll give you five minutes”. I drive as fast as I can over and he takes me upstairs to the office. I give him the hundred mile an hour pitch and eventually he said, “Brandon I think you’re fucking crazy and that’s why I’m going to buy it”.

Kimono Print
Photo Credit: Ashlee Hutchinson

Do you remember the first styles you sold to them?

Brandon: Our entire first collection was six styles, the Skinny Guy Black Powder Stretch, which we still have, the Skinny Guy Silk-Blend denim, as well as the Weird Guy Indigo Selvage, The Weird Guy Rigid Blue, The Slim-Guy 18 Ounce Denim and a Black Selvage Straight fit.

Can you tell us a bit more about the collaboration with Over the Rainbow?

Brandon: They came to us wanting something unique and something that ties everything in. We decided on a Kimono print, which is seen on the pocket tee, the yoke on the denim jacket and the yoke & coin pocket of the jeans too. It ties everything together with the Japanese theme but is also perfect for the summer time release.

Kimono Pockets
Photo Credit: Ashlee Hutchinson

You’re known for not only having a high quality product but a reasonable price point compared to other brands. What do you think separates a $100 pair of jeans to a $300 pair?

Brandon: We’ve done $1500 jeans but they’ve been 100% cashmere so if you’re going to make expensive jeans it should be worth it. William Rast for example has admitted that they’re selling glamour, so that’s why some jeans are $300 & ours are $140. We make it in Canada and use some of the most expensive fabrics in the world but we don’t rip anyone off. We also don’t have any agents or distributors; it’s me, my sister, my sales manager and my other sales staff that do all the sales so there’s no distributor taking a mark-up. When we import the fabric from Japan we pay 0% duty because there’s no one in Canada that makes denim fabric but when you bring in a fabric from Italy or China that’s 18% import duty. So that’s one of the ways we can offer the best product value.

Denim is a commodity that can traditionally be stagnant but you’re known for having eccentric styles such as the reflective and scratch n’ sniff denim. What’s your thought process when designing a collection?

Brandon: I just want to do things that are fun! I just try to tap into being a kid, when your imagination goes wild. When I was a kid I had these glow in the dark stickers and the little scratch n sniff book, so that’s what we did. That’s what we try to do make stuff that’s fun and full of imagination.

How do you wash denim?

Brandon: The rule is there are no rules. Some guys may be extreme and never wash their jeans and there’s another guy that washes his jeans every time and they’re both right. If you want a really nice, contrasted fade jean, hold out for as long as you can. Or this other crazy concept to wash them when they get dirty!

Denim is a very personal fabric as it’s one of the only items people wear 7 days a week. Can you tell us a bit about your favourite pair of jeans?

Brandon: Personally, I wear the more basic stuff. If someone asked what’s my favourite creation, it’s probably this one (32 Ounce Denim), which is the heaviest pair of jeans in the world. It took two years to develop it; it’s really the Mount Everest of jeans.

You guys are in apparel as well, are there any other categories you’re looking to branch out too?

Brandon: I was thinking of making suits, we made suits a while ago but the factory we were using closed down. I think it would be really awesome to make some suiting. I found this beautiful supplier of wool-denim so if we could make some beautiful wool-denim suits I think that would be awesome! We’re going to do some Canadian fleece stuff (sweats, hoodies etc.) all made in Canada.