At Home with Amy Sedaris Review

Who doesn’t love Amy Sedaris? Maybe you love the show she co-created with Stephen Colbert and Paul Dinello back in the day, Strangers With Candy. Maybe you love her book Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People. Maybe you love her voice work for BoJack Horseman. Or maybe you just like her, period. And if you haven’t heard of her, what are you doing with your life?

Either way, you should start watching her amazing new show, At Home with Amy Sedaris. Sedaris plays various types of people and characters. The show’s premise is to teach the audience about crafts and cooking of all kinds for all occasions. In actuality, Sedaris delivers us her hilarious dark comedy, with a small slice of actual crafting/cooking advice. The show is a marvelous parody of other types of cooking/crafting shows and their overly cheerful hosts (think Martha Stewart or Ina Garten), and has several comedian guest stars, including Jane Krakowski, John Early, and Stephen Colbert, who play themselves and also a variety of roles.

Amy’s characters on the show include neighbor Patty Hogg (who Amy plays against herself), who requests to use space in Amy’s freezer to store her recently deceased dog, which, according to an interview with Stephen Colbert, may be based in real life as Sedaris once stored her dead bunny rabbit in her freezer.

Other segments include Sedaris learning about acting from John Early (who just insults Sedaris the whole time), and discussing knives and how to sharpen a dull knife with her “knife man”, who seems just a bit off, and Amy describing finding love with her…stair bannister, before showing us how to make spanakopita.

At Home With Amy Sedaris is wickedly funny, totally absurd, and, oddly enough, does actually have some good tips on crafting and cooking. If you like Amy Sedaris already, I don’t need to tell you twice to go watch her show right now. And if you don’t, then go watch her show right now.

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