Must-Have Pieces Every Guy Needs For Fall

With fall just around the corner, everyone will begin the transition from summer wardrobes to their fall/winter wardrobes. When it comes to women’s clothing for fall, the transition tends to be a lot easier than it is for men’s. Often, men’s wardrobe options for fall are just an uninspired extension of the trends offered for spring/summer. However, menswear designers have taken hold of the industry and have begun to produce collections that differ and better represent each season.

Here at Novella, we value the beauty and importance of seasonal change. And to help our male readers out, here’s a list of the must have menswear pieces for fall.

The Reworked Denim Jacket

It’s no surprise that denim has been a go-to in fashion for a few seasons now, but it wasn’t until last season that denim truly exploded on the scene. This fall, denim is in full force and finding the perfect denim jacket is exactly what every fashionable guy in the city needs. But simply choosing a regular denim jacket isn’t enough this time around. This season calls for a denim jacket that is equal parts classic and out of this world. Look for tassels, motorcycle silhouettes, two-tone colours, patches, and exaggerated tears.

The Graphic Pullover

Although it’s been around for quite some time, the graphic pull over crew-neck has become one of the most profitable and in-demand garments in the fashion world today. Now crewnecks may not be the pinnacle fashion in their original state, but if you find the perfect graphic crew-neck, make sure it has something extremely high fashion woven into its design. Look for either sleek art school chic designs, oversized athletic silhouettes, or elongated and exaggerated sleeves.

The Punk Rock Trouser

Punk rock has been at the heart of fashion since its birth back in the ’70s. However, this season’s punk pieces seem to have focused on everything below the waist. Rather than creating a head to toe look, this season calls for punk rock bottoms above all, with countless brand emulating the severity and cacophonous nature of authentic punk rock clothing. To pull the look off right, look for pants with harsh colour combinations, heavy patchwork, plaids, leather and faux leather, and extreme wear and tear.

The Double Breast

Once thought to be severely out of style, the double breasted blazer and coat are once again back in style and as in demand as ever. Having been injected with a fresh dose of modern flare, the new double breasted garment aims to add a relaxed and vintage aspect to men’s everyday suiting and tailoring. However, it’s best to not trust this look if it’s a little too vintage looking. You may end up looking passé, rather than modern and in the now. When attempting this look, make sure to look for trendy and modern materials, boxier and more relaxed silhouettes, severe shoulders, and pop colours to avoid looking like the chorus line of Guys and Dolls.

The Quilted Puffer

It comes as no surprise that puffer jackets have once again come back into style for another season. However, this time around, the puffer jacket has transformed from its oversized and overstuffed debut to a leaner and thinner version of its former self. Instead of embracing the former ’90s puffer style jackets, designers are now opting for thinner quilted puffers that fit tighter to the body and offer more modern shapes. Instead of a voluminous, oversized puffer, opt for one that’s either cropped or waist length, double breasted, a caplet, a blazer, or features and avant-garde silhouette to avoid weighing down your look.

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Trend Report: New York and Paris Men’s Fashion Weeks

New York Men’s Fashion Week and Paris Men’s Fashion Week have had contrast for quite some time. While Paris is known to host some of the most infamous designers such as Louis Vuitton, Dior and Balmain, New York is more likely to showcase designers that are breaking out into the fashion world. However, Paris and New York, European and American— there are still some common grounds on what is on trend for Spring 2018. Here are some trends that rocked both the Paris and New York Men’s Fashion Weeks


Forget about shedding the layers this spring as designers show how to add texture and depth to a style by use of drapery. Whether it’s a sweater, t-shirt, or jacket, layering is what is on trend this season! Designers, Raf Simons, Louis Vuitton, and Juun. J, and more place beautiful pieces on top of one another to create alternative ways of seeing symmetry and proportions in fashion.

 Patterned Button-Ups

A definite statement look is achieved when wearing a patterned button-up t-shirt on top of a solid piece. Lucien Pellat-Finet, Descendant of Thieves, and Louis Vuitton play homage to the 90’s while emphasising the care-free nature of this look! The patterned button-up is not only for vacations as when worn with attention to detail,  it can emphasize the unique and playful nature of one’s style.


If only athlete’s actually looked this good! Sports uniform designers should take notes as the world of athletics is evolving into a place where not everyone needs to be athletic, but we can all enjoy the perks of looking like we are! Gustav Von Aschenbach, Valentino, and Wood House celebrate athleisure by pairing comfortable looking, and matching pieces together to create a sense of uniformity and also individualism as these looks are certainly made for the accessibility needed on the street.


A great scarf is always a good way to add drama to an outfit. However, there is no denying that this accessory goes through periods of being strictly on trend and not. Descendant of Thieves, Valentino, and Dior Homme not only exemplify this look as being on trend for the upcoming season but also show that there is really no way to go wrong when adding this accessory to your look. As a bandana, a hidden piece worn under your outfit, or as a statement thin scarf, there are endless opportunities when thinking of how to wear this accessory!

High-waisted Pants

It seems like every season there is a gratifying nod to past centuries as looks such as shoulder pads, fringe, and bell-bottoms grace the runway. This year, the 80’s were definitely celebrated, which was evident when seeing the designers who showed a statement, high-waisted pant. The look has been a statement in most women’s wardrobes for years now, but designers Issey Miyake, Bode, and Raun Larose feature this piece in menswear. The look adds a masculine-chic layer to your outfit when paired with a solid button-up or t-shirt!


Recap: Fashion Week Beauty Trends

Fashion Weeks have come and gone, but we often forget the ingenuity of many designers within the presentation of their lines. A lot of work goes into presenting a product, with specific hair and make-up designs to accompany each model. We have pieced together some of our favourite beauty trends from New York, London, Paris, and Milan Fashion Weeks to inspire you through the coming months and set you on the right track.




Perhaps the most talked about beauty trend from NYFW, Prabal Gurung’s monochromatic cat-eye left us reminiscing on the days when we first attempted to recreate scenic visions of model makeup from the catwalk. While Diane Kendal has more precision with her styling, we reminisce on the early days we once spent in front of the mirror, playing with bold colours and patterns, hoping to copy the handiwork of industry professionals. Not only are we obsessed with the shape of this look, we are consumed by hues of sky blue, green, and orange. The models wore sleeked back hairstyles to accentuate this beauty trend. Gurung’s line was inspired by powerful women within his life and emphasized messages such as “We will not be silenced.” Not only did Gurung manage to present an ethereal physical beauty within his Fall 2017 line, he also inspired an inclusiveness and empowerment for women everywhere.                  



A major trend of New York Fashion week was found through shorter hairstyles ranging from precise bobs to buzz cuts. Alexander Wang beautifully displayed this trend and proved that women can rock boy cuts better than men. This display brought a nostalgia for the early 90’s and proved its timelessness. While long, luxurious hair has certainly been a desired trend for women everywhere, we often forget the power behind a bold, short haircut. For all those inspired to finally take their scissors and complete their long-awaited desire for a shorter do’ — we salute you.




For all the times you have unsuccessfully or incorrectly applied your lipstick, you can now think of it as a style choice, rather than an unfortunate run-in with your applicator. For those who have spent a long night out on the town and caught a glimpse of yourself in the window of the McDonalds you often frequent in the early morning, this is for you. For women who are on-the-go and have daringly applied dark shades of lipstick on a moving subway car, or quickly in the back of a cab before a “chance” run in with your ex and his new boo, this is for you. Preen by Thornton Bregazzi makes “accidental make-up” a way of the future and celebrates cherry red lips with an indirect application.          


Emily Wickstead artistically reinvents the black ribbon within a half-up, half-down hair style. Also seen during Marchesa, the black velvet ribbon is a 2017 style trend that we can get behind. A staple to any collection, the ribbon brings a sophistication to a quick and easy hairstyle choice. The ribbon can be used as a ponytail, or, alternatively, it can be restyled as a choker.




At Issey Miyake, hair is multidimensional, and once you add temporary hair-dye, greatness is achieved through it. Taking inspiration from the Northern Lights, Pecis created a hair headband on his models by adding blue, purple and green hues. This style choice reflects different colours when the model walks the runway as the colour will shift in the light. Our childhood fantasies of having bright, shimmery hair have been envisioned into a precise hairstyle that is as beautiful as it is bold. For those looking for an edge this year, or if you are simply looking for a way to keep your hair out of your eyes, take note.               


A major trend throughout all fashion weeks was found in the “no-makeup, make-up look.” MUAs, designers, and models ditched their plentiful products and sought out a more natural, minimalistic canvas on their faces. Lanvin took note of this trend and brilliantly executed a fresh-faced design to his runway. While there are times in which we find solace in our layers of foundation, concealer, contour, and highlight, the “no make-up” trend is telling us to love the skin we are in.




Gucci inspired an unexpected beauty trend that reinvents the way we see lipstick. Shying away from a staple red or pink lip, Gucci took a step in the right direction by inspiring a dark lip that compliments its Fall 2017 line. With an exaggerated cupid’s bow and an edge of glitter, Gucci makes our gothic dreams to a beautiful reality.


Designers like Bottega Veneta and Salvatore Ferragamo took inspiration from a deep side part. Within Veneta’s collection, models were layered with jeweled hair pieces to accompany their perfectly styled hair. This classic hairstyle goes a long way with subtle accessories. Whether you decide to dress it up with an accessory or keep it simple, you can’t go wrong with this hairstyle.

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Novella Editors Summarize Their Style Using SS17 Runway Looks

Inspired by Vogue, we loved the idea of summarizing our style in three runway looks. Because sometimes we feel like designers can see inside our heads and hearts and feel exactly what we need and throw it on the runway, the fashion team at Novella decided to mood board our style using Spring ’17 runway looks.

Isabel Mundigo-Moore, Fashion Editor

L to R: Creatures of Comfort (Luca Tombolini, Indigital), Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Rejina Pyo

I love a muted colour palette, loose silhouettes, and pieces that hold their structure and shape. Because I don’t wear too much colour, I like to play around with volume, shape, and layering. I love minimalist pieces with interesting design details–extra large pockets, tiny collars, long sleeves–or pieces that evoke a moment from the past. My style is centred on the idea of investing in pieces that will last forever, pieces that I will want to mend over and over, that are timeless (pardon the cliché). Above everything, I feel most confident when I comfortable.

Drew Brown, Editor-in-Chief 

L to R: Gucci, Raf Simons, Robert Geller | Photos: Vogue

My style changes daily based on mood. I am not a morning person, so picking out what to wear can be cumbersome. It’s important that each outfit can easily take me from day to night if needed. I choose looks from Gucci, Raf Simons, and Robert Geller spring ’17 collections. Each look to me feels effortless but still very fashionable.  I tend to buy and gravitate towards pieces that are interchangeable rather than the current trend.

Celia Fernandez, Fashion Features Editor

L to R: Beaufille, Valentino, J.Crew

Ever since culottes came back (around three or four seasons ago), I’ve been completely in love/obsessed with them. For the past two seasons I believe I bought around eight, and I’m not planning to stop. Culottes are cool in any format or version, but if we add a high waist and kick flare to the equation, the result is explosive. Given that my body type isn’t necessary curvy, when it comes to dresses, I love clean lines and simple shapes. However, I like the dress to have some character so, if I find an original fabric or a fun color combination, I’m sold! Finally, I have to talk about my dearest denim. Besides oxygen and water, the third element I need to survive is denim – and chocolate, probably -. I will never get enough of jeans and if you are wondering what I’ll keep buying till 2074, the answer is simple: high-waisted and cropped.

Claire Ball, Editorial Contributor

L to R: Saint Laurent, Band of Outsiders, Yeezy | Photos: Vogue

I tend to stick with what I know, so my style is very repetitive. I often purchase the same item in multiple colours because I know I like it. Overall my style is pretty casual, and I usually go for things that are easily interchangeable with other outfits. I like plain, basic t-shirts, tank tops, and dresses paired with some kind of layer on top, like a jacket or vest. I am really into outwear and layering. Layering oversized shirts (I’m a sucker for plaid), and dresses with hoodies, or leather, jean, or bomber jackets are my go-to. I love wearing all black. Nothing makes me feel more confident and on my game than wearing all black everything.

Jennifer Lee, Marketing Coordinator

L to R: Fendi, Isabel Marant, Christian Dior
L to R: Fendi, Isabel Marant, Christian Dior | Photo: Vogue

I’m often in one outfit from early in the morning until past midnight. Rather than taking too many factors like occasion or practicality into consideration, I try to get through my long days by wearing what best reflects my style. I’m happiest this way. Religiously gravitating towards romantic silhouettes, I find myself pairing blouses and denim or structured shorts like a uniform. If I could mix in all these details to any daily fits, they’d be: ruffles, bows, beaded details, silky PJs, and oversized sleeves. Oh, and all the looks I adore from Zimmermann, Chloe, and Isabel Marant runways.

I am currently layering camisoles and bralette tops over every single piece I pick up from my closet (everyday- it’s become a little obssessive). There are definitely some outfits that make me feel more like “me”, and I’m constantly reaching out to find more of these. My favourite thing to hear is, “you are wearing a very Jen outfit”. It’s one thing to put on clothes for the sake of walking out the door, but there is a distinctive narrative to one’s style, which I believe radiates naturally once one is  comfortable with their worldview towards fashion and the varying ways of portrayal. I remind myself to stay true to my own style, because I really believe in the power of connecting with others using outfits as the medium of message- like the time I wore the same shoes as Celia during my Novella interview!

Christopher Zaghi, Fashion Writer

L to R: Issey Miyake ss17, Comme Des Garcons Shirt ss17, Hopman Design ss17 / Photos: Vogue
L to R: Issey Miyake ss17, Comme Des Garcons Shirt ss17, Topman Design ss17 | Photos: Vogue

In my opinion, personal style is probably one of, if not the most important thing a person must discover if they’d like to work within the fashion industry. Anyone can wear trends as they’re put together by designers, but it’s personal style shows adaptability and freedom. It allows you to put your own personal touch into what’s being sent down the runway, rather than just wearing it straight off of the runway. However, building your own sense of personal style is a difficult talent to learn. Being able to pull things apart to make them your own is a skill that I’m always learning and developing. Often times, it’s hard for me to express my personal style; it’s something that’s ever changing. It’s almost liquid in a sense. One day I may lean towards something a tad bit gothic, other times I’ll lean towards softer, more effervescent looks, while other times it’s athletic wear that catches my eye. It’s this simple mish mash of style choices that truly defines me as a person. That’s why I chose three distinct looks that blend the light and airy colour pallet at Issey Miyake, the gothic elements at Comme Des Garcons Shirt, and a touch of sportswear from the Topman Design collection to truly showcase how flexible my personal style is.

Another aspect of my personal that plays a big part in how I dress is the fact that I’ve never really liked formal wear, so I tend to avoid it at all costs. Luckily, the ss17 collections for men seemed to separate themselves from traditional formal wear for men, and in turn, introduced a new idea for what can be considered luxurious and formal for a man. In the end, It’s really all of these elements that make me who I am style wise. I guess i’m just your average run-of-the-mill 80’s workout wear, suit hating, pastel loving, classic goth appreciating style icon – In my own mind that is!

Liat Neuman, Fashion Writer

L To R: Chloe, Rochas, Proenza Schouler

During the spring time, I love to wear easy breezy pieces and I also have a weakness to a pop of colour, which I know can add a fresh and playful touch to my appearance.

Chloe: The bohemian and free-spirited hippie vibes always inspired me. I love the delicate pieces, such as the airy maxi dress and  I admire the silhouettes that are voluminous yet relaxed.

Rochas: You can’t go wrong with a slip dress worn over a light sweater in shades of beige and the peplum details on top are instantly adding an edgy sophistication to the feminine springy look.

I adore this cool look from Proenza Schouler spring/summer 2017 collection. The bold colours, statement earrings, and the way they play with proportions are all things on my personal style checklist. This asymmetrical skirt paired with oversize sweatshirt is a great pick for an everyday look.