Top 10 Urban Photography/Architecture Instagram Moments in 2017

I scoured the internet to find the ten best urban photography/architecture Instagram moments of this year so far. Here are the results:











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5 Cosplayers to Follow on Instagram

Most of us only dress up in costumes for Halloween, but cosplayers do it all year around, investing time and money to create the perfect costumes and accessories so they can perfectly match their favorite characters. If you’re new to the world of cosplay and feel intimidated and in need of inspiration, here are five cosplayers to follow on Instagram to get you started.

Dax Exclamationpoint

Dax Exlamation (photo by @jondeanphoto)

daxclamation: You may recognize Dax Exclamationpoint as a competitor on season eight of Rupaul’s Drag Race (she arrived in cosplay as Storm from X-Men). While she did not win that season, she has kept up an active Instagram account where she cosplays as everyone from Cordelia Chase from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Wonder Woman. With her nerdy knowledge and love of makeup, Dax is the perfect bridge between the worlds of fandom and fierceness.

Mica Burton

Mica Burton

micaburton: Mica Burton is a relatively well-known member of the production company Rooster Teeth, and she works as an actress, voice actress, and podcast host. She’s also a pretty great cosplayer, and shows up at conventions dressed in a variety of characters (many from anime) including Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon, Toujou Nozomi from Love Live!, and Va from Overwatch.

Kiera Please

Kiera Please as Audrey Ramirez from Atlantis

kieraplease: At just 21, Keira Please has already been written up in The Huffington Post, Seventeen, and Marie Claire for both her incredible style (she’s been noticed for her outfits at the Afropunk festival in Brooklyn, her multitudes of hair colors, and her beautiful flower afro) as well as her numerous cosplays. She’s dressed up as everyone from Kiki in Kiki’s Delivery Service, Numbah 5 from Codename: Kids Next Door, and Audrey Ramirez from Atlantis.

Artemis Faye aka ghettodragon

Artemis Faye as Daenerys Targaryenmic conventions.

ghettodragonArtemis Faye first gained attention in 2015 when she posted a few selfies on her Tumblr and people quickly noticed her uncanny resemblance to Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. Since then she’s been working steadily mostly as a model, displaying styles of fairies and warriors, but she’s also been posting her cosplay and making appearances at various conventions.

D Piddy

D Piddy as Deadpool

_dpiddy: Most cosplayers tend to stick to pictures and photoshoots and focus on looking the part. That’s what sets D Piddy apart. While his main muse Deadpool means that you can’t tell him apart under his mask from other cosplayers, his hilarious antics around cons show he’s also an actor. You might have seen one of the viral videos of him running around interacting with other cosplayers on his YouTube channel.

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5 Designer Instagrams you should be following!

Since the birth of social media, designers have been looking to online communications as one of their most important tools in their arsenal for reaching a desired audience and clientele in real time. Unlike traditional runway and print formats, social media allows fans of the designer and brand to see collections, personal photos, and designer inspirations as they move through their day to day lives, creating the feeling of a more personal experience for the viewer. However, sometimes brands can, unfortunately, fall into the bad habit of using their social media accounts as a static means of showcasing their products and nothing else, taking away from the intimacy and personal connection that apps like Instagram can offer their fans. Luckily, we’ve found 5 designers whose Instagrams go way beyond the realm of merely showcasing their collection and give a glimpse into their lives for all of their fans and followers to admire and partake in. Here are the 5 designer Instagram accounts you need to be following!


Photo: @jacquemus

If there’s one thing designer Simon Porte Jacquemus does best, is finding beauty in the everyday. With his signature triple posts, this French designer has found the perfect formula for keeping his Instagram account looking sharp, interesting, and personal. Rather than just showcasing images of his collections or celebrities who’ve worn his creations. Jacquemus instead posts triple images all relating to the same thing to achieve one of the most visually appealing Instagram accounts out there. These triptychs range anywhere from posts thanking magazines for using his work in their editorials, branded content, thanking celebrities for wearing his creations, editorial work, collection previews, and best of all, personal images from the designer’s everyday life. Which perfectly showcase the joie de vivre that the south of France (his home and muse) is so well known for.

Christopher Shannon

Photo: @christopher_shannon

Oh, honey! The shade, the shade of it all! Not many designers working in the world’s great fashion capitals are brave enough to call it like it is out of fear of creating negative press. But not Christopher Shannon. The menswear designer’s Instagram account is on one hand, beautiful to look at, chock full of bright images that showcase his creations. But on the other hand, Shannon’s Instagram account has an indiscreet sprinkling of posts where he posts little comments on the fashion industry. Most are up for interpretation because they tastefully comment on current situations without naming names, while some others speak directly about some of the shady and underhanded moments in fashion that we’re all thinking about, yet too scared to talk about. This makes Christopher Shannon’s Instagram the perfect little sip of industry tea that we’ve all been waiting for.

Jonathan Anderson

Photo: @jonathan.anderson

Loaded to the brim with personal influences and inspiration, fashion’s beloved Brit designer, Jonathan Anderson has managed to put together one of the most genuine and pretty to look at social media accounts on the internet to date. Boasting a plethora of soft black and white nude images, vintage photography, art, and work from his J.W Anderson and Loewe collections, Jonathan creates a sensual atmosphere that pulses with raw sexuality, art, and brand content that really is a pleasure to behold. Unfortunately, Mr Anderson rarely posts pictures of himself, but that’s all the more reason to follow his stunning account. You never know when a surprise selfie might pop and sweep you clean off of your feet.

Gareth Pugh

Photo: @garethpughstudio

Gareth Pugh is one of those designers that the fashion industry has sadly typecast. Since his designs are all relatively avant-garde and futuristic and push the limit on what the rest of the fashion industry considers fashion, Pugh has been labelled a “gothic” designer, which is all well and good. But here’s the interesting part. What Pugh presents on the runway is only a facet of who he is as a designer and as a person. A quick look at his Instagram page shows that the dark and serious side of him that’s seen on the London runway is merely one part of who he is as a person. Countless posts about everyday happy moments, life in London, and political protests paint a multifaceted picture of the brilliant designer. Recently, Pugh sent a collection down the runway during London Fashion week which accurately portrayed the current US government as a hellish fascist regime, creating conversation over whether or not designers should take the chance and protest current political climates around the world. But Pugh made it clear, his collection wasn’t merely a stunt to grab attention during fashion week. His feelings toward the US government extended to his personal life and countless of his posts on his Instagram are there to show it.

Mary Kate & Ashley Olson / The Row

Photo: @therow

Twin sisters Mary-Kate & Ashley Olson have had lives completely dominated by the media since their early childhoods and we would imagine that they’ve done everything they humanly can to break free from the image their childhood work has cast on them. Fast forward a decade later and the Olson sisters are now the driving force behind one of New York’s most innovative and well-respected fashion powerhouses. The Row represents artistic simplicity and raw power, all tied neatly into one beautifully designed package. And it’s safe to say that they’re Instagram page is one of the most beautifully curated profiles on the internet. With not a selfie in sight, the Olsons perfectly translate their quiet and put together private lives as designers into the digital world. With a mix of their work sprinkled about countless pieces of artwork and day to day inspiration, The Row’s Instagram page looks as if it could be printed out and hung in the MoMA itself.

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Female Photographers You Should Probably be Following on Instagram

As social media grows, the art of the blemish-free curated life is perfected. Gaining followers and likes has been broken down to a science. Although we now have the power to represent ourselves in ways we want, more and more people opt for a social media feed that will give them a larger online presence. The aesthetics of popularity on Instagram follows the same values of mainstream media and conventional beauty. It’s made Instagram a pretty boring place, so we’ve put together a list of female photographers to follow to keep your feeds interesting.

Parker Day                   

Parker Day is a Los Angeles-based photographer who explores the tension between our real identities and the ones we create for ourselves. Through wild costumes, exaggerated expressions, makeup, and color, she creates a hyper-reality loaded with fantasy. She is particularly interested in how our constructed selves are tied to gender. Her images are the perfect place for the selfie generation to question who they really are.

Maisie Cousins         

Maisie Cousins has no interest in creating typically pretty pictures drowning in vapid conventional beauty. The photographer from London likes to create images that focus on the visceral and the grotesque. She uses pastels, nature, sticky substances, makeup, and other things you’d find lying around your home to highlight all the things society shames us for: female body hair, stretch marks, pimples, and other ‘imperfections.’ Her gross yet beautiful pictures give viewers easement with their own insecurities.

Shelby Sells                   

Shelby Sells is on a mission to end slut shaming and create an open and safe dialogue around sex. Her blog, Perv On The Go, is a platform she created to share her ideas, interviews, videos and photos which focus on love, sex, and relationships. She’s conducted interviews and photographed artists like Sita Abellán, Abra, Yunglita, Roman Future and Father. Due to the open discussion and safe space she has created with her blog, her subjects always come off as empowered although they are highly sexualized. The New York based photographer is making the internet a more tolerant place.

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Cris Ortiz, the model influencer everybody is talking about

Credit: Cris Ortiz

A beautiful soul in a beautiful body — this is probably the best way to describe Cris Ortiz, Spanish fashion influencer and model. It’s not been easy to find the right words to describe her because she wears many hats and a relentlessly positive attitude that passes onto everyone around her, and it wouldn’t be fair to categorize her in just one role.

She epitomizes the perfect influencer: smart, talented, and, of course, stylish. But there is so much more to her that makes this hardworking social media sensation unique.

Credit: Cris Ortiz

She works as a model, a graphic designer for fashion magazines, and as part of the PR team of two big e-commerce companies. Needless to say, she is no stranger to the fashion business, but she “never saw herself writing her very own personal blog.”

In fact, it took a little bit of insistence from friends and colleagues, who spotted her style, to persuade Ortiz to finally launch Cris Ortiz Blog in September 2015 in which she shares her adventures in the fashion industry, records her daily outfits, and posts curated editorial content worthy of a high-quality magazine. A year and a half later, she couldn’t be happier with her decision and admits that had she known how much joy the blog was going to bring her, she “would have done it way early.”

Credit: Cris Ortiz

Her first posts already showcased a very elegant and sophisticated way of dressing, and soon caught the attention of both fashion lovers and Spanish magazines. “I love playing with and mixing up different items, but I’m loyal to my style, with a touch of rock ‘n’ roll,” which spices up her looks, she explains.

If you scroll down her Instagram account and her blog, you can tell there is something special in her pictures — the movement that the camera captures when she walks. She owes this to ballet, a dance that has been a part of her life for so many years and has influenced not only the way she graciously moves but also how she harmonically understands and wears fashion. “It is not only about the clothes, but about how you wear them,” she explains.

Ortiz cites as her references super chic and stylish Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Olivia Palermo, and for a more cowboy-casual style, she gets inspirations from Erin Wasson. But when she has one of those days when she has no clue what to wear, Ortiz goes for her favourite combo: “high-waisted jeans, black ankle boots, and a leather jacket.” If the event requires a fancier outfit? She dresses up the look with accessories.

Credit: Cris Ortiz

If her sense of style is drumming up a huge interest in her, the way Ortiz engages in genuine conversations with her followers — both on her blog and her Instagram account — has contributed to her success. She answers questions, comments on others’ photos, and gives advice when asked. This sweet and kind attitude definitely resonates with her fans and is making her stand out from the crowd in a world where thousands of Youtubers, Instagrammers, bloggers, and the likes are trying to find their own voice.

She feels very fortunate to be part of the fashion industry, because it gives her “the opportunity to work with talented and incredible people every day,” and in different projects that are unique and special. Not one single day is the same in the life of Cris Ortiz. And that is definitely the most exciting part of it since it never gets boring, especially because, as what happened to us with her, “you always meet someone interesting to learn from.”


Credit: Cris Ortiz

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