Holiday Playlist Suggestions to Make Sure Your Party Doesn’t Totally Suck

The Holidays are stressful. Did you get the right presents for your extended family and all their annoying children? Will Diana from Accounting like the scarf you got her for Secret Santa? Is your new boo going to bail before your family Christmas party even though they promised they’re coming? We hear you, and we understand.

If it’s your turn to DJ the office holiday party, or if you are deciding to throw a festive bash, you’ve come to the right place. While you stress about decorations, drinks, and food, we’ve got your back with some playlist suggestions to keep you Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.

Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You

I couldn’t start off this list without putting the Queen of Christmas herself at the top. I’ve heard a rumour that Mariah Carey disappears for most of the year until we reach the Holidays, when she emerges stronger than ever, whistle tones and all.

The Jackson 5 – Christmas Album

Add a little Motown into your playlist with The Jackson 5 holiday album. This album plays all the classics that we know and love with flair.

Ariana Grande – Christmas & Chill Album

Queen of pop, Ariana Grande, brings us perhaps the most lit Christmas album ever. This album is so good that you can listen to it all year round but it will especially have your party guests throwing it back on the dance floor during the holidays.

*NSYNC – Home For Christmas

Let’s take it back to the ’90s. If you miss JT’s ramen noodle looking hair as much as I do, then you’re going to want to revisit *NSYNC’S Home For Christmas album. This album is certified platinum and will have everybody up on their feet.

TLC – Sleigh Ride

There’s nothing quite like ’90s Christmas R&B. TLC is iconic and of course we are going to do all we can to include it in this list. This tune is an underrated Christmas classic.

Sia – Everyday Is Christmas

Sia has released her first Christmas album and it shouldn’t go unnoticed. This album includes some fun, up-tempo songs, and a few savoury ballads that will be the perfect background noise.


Destiny’s Child – 8 Days of Christmas

I do whatever I can to include Destiny’s Child into many areas of my life. This throwback album will be the perfect start to your Christmas season.

RUN-DMC – Christmas In Hollis

This song is a Christmas classic. It would be impossible to create a holiday party playlist without including RUN-DMC.

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Tried and tested- holiday party outfit (anything but a dress)

As we get closer to the holiday season, we find ourselves looking for the prefect glam outfit to go with the holiday spirit. Normally, we associate the festive season with the Little Black Dress and, sure, there is no doubt that the LBD will always be a safe choice. But what if we feel the urge to pull off something bold and experiment with colors and textures. I believe the LBD deserves a little break once in a while. So I decided to find creative ways of putting together an outfit with ensembles that feature anything but a dress. Whether it’s a fancy jumpsuit, a metallic pleated skirt, or a tuxedo-inspired look, the following 5 pieces will not only get you into the festive mood, but also let you shine at any holiday cocktail parties.

Glitz and glam

Shiny pieces and metallics define the holiday season. They can definitely function as the ultimate neutral at any holiday party. For a festive punch, I opted for a pair of bold pants with a luxurious damask jacquard prints, which evoke a sophisticated feel. I paired it with a silky blouse with a metallic sheen and ruffle details along the neck and sleeves. This statement piece adds a touch of glam and gives a feminine twist to the holiday dress code.

Blouse and pants: Alice And Olivia (Nordstrom)

The velvet suit

This menswear-inspired look offers and alternative way to mix things up. Simply trade in your classic tuxedo suit with a velvet one. I chose this set because the shimmering kimono-like jacket paired with matching pants keep everything sleek and sexy. Velvet is my favorite formal fabric during the holiday season because it provides a warm sense of luxury. For those that fear an all-velvet look, you can break things up with a silky top, a contrasting texture.

Jacket and pants: Zara

The ultimate jumpsuit

I always feel drawn to jumpsuits for some reason. The overall is an unexpected option when you need to look instantly put-together on casual days. It’s not only an easy to wear piece, but also one appropriate for special events. Choose a tailored and formal-esque jumpsuit — look for a balanced fit and avoid silhouettes that are too baggy. I love the idea of a monochrome jumpsuit that can flatter any body type. So I chose this burgundy piece and paired it with a statement necklace and a tailored coat with subtly metallic details.

Jumpsuit and coat: COS

Rise and shine

Metallic skirts can be the go-to perfect option once the holiday party season is in full swing. You can wear it during the day in the office and at a cocktail party after work. Simply by switching to stiletto and adding a furry or a snakeskin clutch, you can elevate the look. I love how the shine factor is mixed with other textures and unexpected combinations. A black top with little frills was the first thing popped into my head. It’s delicate and feminine. Plus, you can layer it with a cool leather jacket for an edgy twist.

Skirt and top: BP (Nordstrom)

Fairy tale story

A maxi tulle skirt is a great substitute for a traditional dress. The luxurious fabric creates a fairy tale look and will help you stand out in a crowd. There are so many options when it comes to tulle. For a full glam effect, you can pair the voluminous skirt with an embellished or sequins top. For a classy look, pair it with a basic blouse an a statement accessory. I paired the tulle here with a silk fabric with dotted mesh and lace details, and finished the look with red pumps.

Skirt and top: MassimoDutti

Holiday Outfits Inspired by Movie Characters

The holidays are always a stressful time of year and with holiday party season right around the corner, it’s time to start planning your perfect party looks (on top of everything else you need to do). From family dinner parties to work soirées, there is no doubt that your closet is bound to need some new holiday style inspiration. So if you’re running low on party looks this season, put your time spent watching holiday movies on Netflix to good use as your newest fashion inspiration. To help you finish off the year in style, here is a list of holiday outfits inspired by movie characters for every occasion this season.


Amanda Woods (Cameron Diaz) – “The Holiday”

Cameron Diaz’s wardrobe in this movie is great to kickstart your holiday fashion inspiration. With turtlenecks and knits making a comeback in the cold, this holiday inspired look (pun intended) is perfect for a low-key family gathering. Pair a light coloured knit turtleneck with some leather pants and a pair of ankle boots for a more edgy, updated version of Amanda Woods’ warm and chic look. Who doesn’t want to take fashion inspiration from Cameron Diaz?


Sally Albright (Meg Ryan) – “When Harry Met Sally”

This may seem like an unconventional choice but with New York captured in all its holiday glory, Sally Albright’s tomboy style in “When Harry Met Sally” is perfect for the holiday season. Steal Sally’s style with an oversized blazer and a pair of Oxfords or trendy flats.


Elizabeth Lane (Barbra Stanwyck) – “Christmas in Connecticut”

Minimalist and classic — a white blouse and a black pencil skirt is never a bad idea. This is a look that can easily look office-ready instead of holiday-ready, so choose your blouse and skirt wisely and remember to properly accessorize. This look could also be paired with a trendy piece of outerwear to give it a more party-ready vibe.


Kate (Reese Witherspoon) – “Four Christmases”

Even though Reese’s style in “Four Christmases” is a little less colourful and a little more conservative, there is nothing wrong with pulling out your little black dress over the holidays. Put a twist on Reese’s holiday outfit by bringing the oversized trend to Christmas dinner and rocking an oversized LBD. Or pair your favourite LBD with a choker or a pair of knee-high boots instead.


Lucy – “Charlie Brown Christmas”

For someone who is a little bit more of a laid back tomboy, this look is perfect. Take some inspiration from everyone’s favourite Christmas cartoon, and wear a mustard yellow and black/navy colour scheme with a pair of black ankle boots. If you really want to complete the look, throw on a red hat.


Esther Smith (Judy Garland) – “Meet Me in St. Louis”

Judy Garland was a bombshell in her iconic red dress in this Christmas classic. Steal the scene at your next holiday soirée with a red dress of your own. Conveniently the puffy sleeve trend has begun to make a comeback in their own respect, so channeling this look shouldn’t be difficult. But since it’s not 1944 anymore, puffy sleeves aren’t for everyone, so you can give this look a 2016 twist with a velvet upgrade or some more delicate sleeves as an alternative.


Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) – “Sex and the City”

Even though Carrie is technically wearing pajamas in this scene of the movie, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should wear pj’s to your next holiday party. WWCD? What would Carrie do this holiday season? The key to channeling your inner Carrie Bradshaw during the holidays is by giving your ensemble a glamorous touch. Give your outfit a touch of Carrie with a faux fur coat and some sparkly accessories.

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