Photo Credit: The Body Shop
Photo Credit: The Body Shop

Dry hands are extremely common and annoying around this time of the year. It seems as if the winter weather is finally in full gear, and with that, we must pay the unfortunate consequence. There are many different moisturizers on the market that targets dry and dull skin. Some may not give you the lasting results you were hoping for because of the watery consistency of the formula. So the moment you step outside in this frigid weather, your hands are back to looking problematic. But luckily for you, I have a solution.

The Body Shop is known for having some of the best moisturizers and body butters, that gives your skin a beautiful, bright glow. But one in particular is sure to give your hands a complete makeover. CHANGE Hemp Hand Protector is a cream that actually does protect your skin. It is super thick, and heavy duty, so it is sure to get the job done. This new limited edition hand protector contains 950 hemp seeds in every 100ml tube. These seeds contain fatty acids, which aids as the solution for nourished hands. Since the formula is also very thick, it gives your hands those long lasting results you have been searching for.

The Body Shop has teamed up with the well renowned street artist, Ben Eine, to not only give their customers satisfaction from the product, but to also give the eyes a unique vision to look at. The re-design of the tubes are made with Eine’s famous typography and distinctive packaging. The Body Shop is also very popular for their charitable work, and consistently giving to good causes. So with every purchase of one tube of Hemp Hand Protector, $3.00 will be donated to The Body Shop Foundation. This foundation is on a mission to reaching their goal of $600,000, to protect the planet, the oceans, animals, and people. So go ahead and grab yourself a tube of this amazing cream. Not only will you be helping your hands, but you will also be helping others in the process.

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