Front Women Fashion Icons

When hearing of a front man (or woman), fashion should be synonymous with this term. Fashion and music have gone hand in hand for years and the person at the front of the stage, with all eyes on them will set the tone not only vocally or with performance, but also by showing off their esthetical perception of what the act should be seen as. Take the Beatles for instance, the matching suits were indication of their polite sound at the time. Enter the infamous album, “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and the bands fashion completely changed to be edgier and more theatrical. Clothes matter- they create a sense of wonder and additional artistic value that sends out the idea that the audience is not just viewing a musical concert, but a full out visual performance. Here are some front ladies throughout the years who display exceptional tones and clothes alike.

Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin has always been a favourite of the 60’s with her eclectic attitude, vocal tone and the look to match. Feathers,bell sleeves, embroidery and velvet are all looks that the modern “boho chic” girl can thank Janis (one of the pioneers of this hippie-style look) for today! What is especially interesting in her onstage outfits, is her ability to create a care-free attitude while still showing off her creativity in attention to details.

Debbie Harry (Blondie)

A sensation in not only punk/new wave music of the 1970’s, but also in experimental fashion. Throughout her many years of performing, Blondie has managed to change her look with the times while still keeping key signature pieces in order to stay true to her image (this sparks my existential question asking exactly, WHO would Blondie be if she had brown hair?).She is the strangest and most wonderful mix of tough girl meets sophistication and maintains this standard today while she still rocks the stage.

Siouxsie Sioux

Another staple to the punk scene of the 1970’s is Siouxsie Sioux of “Siouxsie and the Banshees”. The English singer  stirred up quite a following for not only her shameless rebel behaviour but also for her looks that embody both punk and gothic backgrounds. Her bondage clothing and signature cat-eye makeup either left her audiences in fear or in envy.


Having made famous numerous looks throughout the years (including the mid-drift), Cher has inspired performers and fashion lovers alike to take risks and to be celebratory of the female body. Her outfits have been so iconic throughout the years that while many will wonder what a performer will play during their concert, a fan of Cher’s will be equally as curious when dreaming of what she will wear on stage. Just this year, Cher proved to all that she has not lost her fashion influence when she rocked it in a leather outfit at the Billboard Music Awards!

Tina Turner

Diva, Tina Turner has always been a performer that designers such as Giorgio Armani, Versace and Bob Mackie have loved to dress. This is likely due to her ability to showcase confidence and radiating appreciation for the masterpieces in which she has worn on stage. From mini dresses, plunging necklines and lingerie- nothing is too high or too low for Tina Turner to rock during a performance!

Gwen Stefani

A perfect blend between masculine patterns and items with feminine twists is how Gwen Stefani has made her look famous. Her constant plaid and Doc Martens have been a continuous way of giving a nod to her punk roots with her original band “No Doubt”, while her evolving makeup, hair, and flashy touches show off her desire to play with fashion and femininity!

Solange Knowles

Call me crazy, but given the choice between raiding any Knowles sister’s wardrobe, and Solange always wins. Her performance attire is always fashion forward and vibrant making her overall esthetic on stage truly something worth seeing. It’s as if the singer takes inspiration by whatever fabulous outfit she has on and allows it to fuel her powerful performances!

Lady Gaga

Of course the modern artist deserves recognition as one of the most fashionable performers of this age as well as of all time. This is because, Lady Gaga puts as much thought and effort into her wardrobe as she does with her carefully written out  musical pieces, and amazing performances. To Gaga,no show will be played without careful attention to her outfit matching the theme that she is setting. Each outfit that the singer wears, carefully embodies the message of her songs of the time as well as the feelings that should be conveyed while watching her.

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One month, One Style – Bras Out

Its finally starting to feel like spring and we are more then ready to refresh our wardrobe for the warmer season ahead. Now is the time to say goodbye to all the heavy layers and be prepared to reveal some great amount of skin. Or, in other words, sun out, bras out.

The old days when you had to hide your bra from peeking out from your shirt is over. One of the seasonal highlight this spring summer included bringing out our intimate garments into the spotlight. Surprisingly there are several ways to wear the bra as part of your outfit without feeling too out there. It all depends on how you wear it. It is quite challenging to draw the line between the fashionable and the jarring. To help you find the right balance, here are five cool options:

Over Your Shirt

If you are still not ready to wear undergarment on its own, there is another way to rock this bold trend. Bralettes and bras, which have been seen everywhere lately, can be worn on top of your favourite t-shirt or, on colder days, on top of a light weight turtleneck. For a fashion forward statement, pair it with a strong-shouldered blouse. This is also a great way to show off your new bra in public without feeling that you went too far with this fashion forward trendy piece.

Photo: Kenzo, Vouge

With a transparent shirt

The sheer trend is still going strong this season, so here is your chance to combine between these two hot trends together and create a daring statement. There is no doubt that this trend is undeniably sexy and therefore we suggest to reserve it for off-duty hours. To make things more interesting and to create a bold statement, simply choose a colourful bra underneath any delicately transparent shirt.

Photo: Carven, Vogue

The power suit

One of the unforgettable moments of the ’90s fashion is when Madonna showed off her pinstripe suit with the iconic cone bra in her Blond Ambition tour. Well, nowadays this look is no longer guarded only for the stage or for the runway. It has been seen on the streets among fashion bloggers and celebs. alike. We all agree that a power suit creates a strong and powerful appearance, so to soften up the sharp look, a full coverage bra that peekaboos underneath is the perfect solution. We suggest to pair it with a waist-high trousers and a fitted blazer or with a silky suit for a feminine appeal.

Photo: Les Compains, Vouge

Just a hint

Bralettes can be visibly hidden under a low cut blouse, a buttoned-down shirt, or with a deep v neck sweater. Every kind of bralette is welcome here, from lacy bras to satin, corset or even frilly patterned ones as long as you don’t expose too much skin. Otherwise you are taking the  risk of looking inappropriate (too cheap). To make the look daytime acceptable, keep the rest of the styling minimal.

Nina Ricci – Vogue

Sporty spice 

Exploring the current street style leads us to one conclusion: the ’90s trend is as relevant as ever. The nostalgic references taken from the fashion icons of the ’90s like Spice Girls, Gwen Stefani, or TLC are proving that the sports bra is having a moment and that it’s a must have item to embrace the urban sporty look. The athletic bra is definitely less boudoir and therefore you should treat it as you would a crop top. To complete the effortless look, simply pair it with sweatpants and accessorize with cool sneakers, a statement clutch, or even with an oversized kimono in order to give your outfit a fashion-forward vibe.

Photo: Etro, Vouge

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