Whom would you invite to a dinner party?

Art work by Michelle Cheung for Novella Magazine

You’re having a dinner party or you’re invited to one or you’re just at the right place at the right time and a perfunctory dinner extends into a leisurely span of sitting and talking or into a bass-heavy dancing and occasional nibbling: Whom — I think whom is right — would you want to be with? Yes, yes, family, friends, partners, etc. But fantasize a little. Which celebrity, writer, director, president? I’m sure everyone’s at one point imagined having dinner — and post-dinner activities that may lead to breakfast — with their middle school celebrity crushes. Even now, you only need a bit of prompt to fall into that rabbit hole of fantasy. Here are Novella’s choices.

Kimberley, Contributor

It’s not a hard answer really — who would you want to spend a leisurely evening with, basked in moonlight and the flickering of a single candle on your beautifully decorated table? For me, it would be a literal dream, (and I’m saying this literally because I have had this dream many times) to spend an evening, sharing a meal with Frank Ocean. Ever since 2011, when Frank dropped his first mixtape, Nostalgia Ultra, I immediately became a super fan. Who wouldn’t want to know what goes on in his mind? The opportunity to spend a night, picking his brain — or listening to anything he would want to say — is something that I wouldn’t be able to pass up on. Frank’s lyrics are beautifully written, and combined with the soft velvet of his voice, he creates an aura of mystery that one can’t help wanting to unravel.

Adina Heisler, Contributor

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’ve become a cable news junkie. I used to be totally uninterested in it (back in the more innocent time of two years ago), but that was before we entered the upside-down of politics and “covfefe”. I’ll be the first to admit they can get a little sensational and sometimes spend more time debating tweets or obvious facts, but when you cut out the noise and the partisan-ness, you can find some actual journalism. So I’d invite Jake Tapper (I’m just a tiny bit obsessed with him), Chris HayesRachel MaddowLester Holt, and Anderson Cooper. I’d probably be a little too intimidated to say much, but honestly I’d be happy enough just to listen to the five of them talk. If I did ever pluck up the courage to talk to them, I’d probably ask if they could give me some advice or encouragement to me, since I’m hoping to be a journalist some day.

Drew Brown, Editor-in Chief 

Besides great food, dinner conversation is key, so having the right mix of people at a dinner party can make or break your event. I have been in love with Grace Jones since she first asked us to pull up to her bumper. After reading her book I’ll never write my Memoirs, my love for Grace Jones grew even more. Not only would she have plenty of stories to tell, but I might be able to convince her to sing after a few bottles of wine.

I would also add Diane von Furstenberg, who I think is the epitome of style and grace. Diane would also have great stories about her life, fashion, and, of course, Studio 54. Both Titus Burgess and Andre Leon Tally would have all of us in stitches, and I would love to pick the brain of Grace Coddington, whom I adore.

Natasha Grodzinski, Contributor

Sade. Photo source.

It has been a long-standing dream of mine to host a dinner party with famous folks in attendance, so you can bet I’ve given this some thought before. To start with, I’d need to invite my ladies Georgia O’Keefe  and Frida Kahlo. Both were fantastically talented artists and fiercely independent women. I would love the opportunity just to hear them speak and share ideas. Obviously I would need to invite Jane Birkin simply because she’s everything and I’ve got a feeling she would know which wine to bring. There’s no way I wouldn’t invite Trevor Noah who 1) I love and 2) is absolutely brilliant. My final, and very coveted, invitation would probably have to go to Sade Adu, an unbelievably beautiful and talented woman. Would this be the wildest dinner party? Probably not, but I think some fascinating conversations could come out of it.

Hoon, Managing Editor

Erika Weihs, Virginia Eggleston, Grace Paley, Molly Wilson, and Sybil Claiborne at the weekly Greenwich Village Peace Center vigil. Photo by Ruth Sondak, sourced from War Resisters League.

Party of five, Robert B. SilversElizabeth HardwickLore SegalGrace Paley, and yours truly, at hardwood tables and comfortable booth kind of a bistro, well lit enough to read the menu but dim enough to be unselfconscious. Talk about politics and books with plates of porterhouse, salad, and cheese going cold and limp late into the night. Talk about food. Talk about sex and New Jersey. Talk about gentrification. Talk about newspapers. Talk about music and movies. Talk about Hollywood. Grace (Paley) might want to make posters. I might need Kleenex from tears. Elizabeth (Hardwick) might want another glass of wine. Robert (B. Silvers) might need a cigarette, might want to go out on a boat. Lore (Segal) might take notes. Talk about traveling. Talk shit about neighbors. Talk shit about writers. Talk shit about readers. The fun stuff. That’d be nice, getting to befriend some of my favorite writers and editors, all of them, except Lore (thank God), dead. They would still have things to say.

Claire Ball, Contributor

In all honesty, I have never thought about who I would invite to my dream dinner party before, so trying to make a decision and think about this question was difficult for me. My invitees are fairly predictable, especially if you know me, and not very under the radar. Let’s just say my dinner party would very much be a ridiculous A-list affair. To start, I think I would absolutely have to invite my number one crushes, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jake Gyllenhaal. I think Jennifer and Jake would both be super cool, down to earth people to have at a dinner party. I think they’re great actors. I also find Jennifer hilarious because we share the same sense of humour. She is basically my spirit animal.

I would also invite Chelsea Handler because I love how brash and honest she is about everything she talks about, and Ellen Degeneres (I don’t feel the need to explain why). I am also a not-so-low-key Harry Styles fan so I would obviously have to throw him an invite and, ideally, the cast of Game of Thrones would be fun.

Chris Zaghi, Fashion Editor

From left to right: Her Majesty, The Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, Leigh Bowery, Naomi Campbell, The Divine David, and Isabela Blow

Just try to imagine this scenario with me: A majestic set of wrought iron gates open up to a winding gravel road; the driveway is lined with nothing but cherry blossom trees; the wind blows them past your car as you drive up to a gorgeous manor tucked away amidst giant oaks and elms; the staircase leading up to the entrance seems to get longer and higher as you walk up; the doors lead to a gilded hallway covered in portraits of royalty; you come to a set of large mirrored doors and the doors swing open and reveal a beautiful room, gold leafing on the walls, pastel pinks and blues are woven throughout, Baccarat crystal chandeliers bathe it in light; as your eyes focus, you notice a beautiful round antique mirror table with 6 people sitting around it; there are cakes and pastries scattered across its surface, champagne bottles pop in a continuous rhythm; the riotous laughing and cheering is almost contagious, but you dare not interrupt the party you’ve just stumbled into. You focus on the guests. You quickly notice me, proposing a toast to my 5 extraordinary guests. Beside me, Marie Antoinette yells “Let us eat cake!” as she stuffs a kiwi tart in her mouth. Across from her, Naomi Campbell calmly says “I can tell you’ve had your fair share already.” And the table bursts into laughter. Beside her, Isabella Blow sends a text message to her pal McQueen — “you‘re missing out darling!” while Leigh Bowery does his best impression of Sasha Velour’s “art-drag” shtick. The room once again breaks into laughter, but something catches the Divine Davids eye. He tilts his head in confusion and says “Well, that’s not very lovely…” We all turn to look at you, standing there, silently watching this marvelous kiki unfold. Congratulations. You’ve just ruined our night.

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De-Glamourizing the Term “Stylist”

When asked in an interview with Vogue what she was most surprised with when becoming an actress, Nicole Kidman’s response is, “99 percent hard work, one percent glamour”. This is a common misconception that we make when seeing those in positions that require them to assume a sense of fabulousness attached to whatever job they have. When distracted by beauty, artistry and images of people in amazing lives, in careers that they seem genuinely happy in, it is difficult to imagine these career choices to be hard and even at times, dull.

I have always adored fashion, as most of my friends did as well. However, as I got older I became more aware of style and how to individualize myself based off of what I was wearing. Of course this influenced my eye for noticing other people’s styles and I (to my friends demise) became the ultimate critic of fashion choices. It didn’t strike me until a few years ago when stumbling across celebrity stylists like Kate Young, Monica Rose, and Jessica Paster that this interest— no— obsession I have for finding cool pieces and making outfits out of them can actually be a career.. a glamorous, meaningful and perfect career.  Images of me attending cool events, sharing with a talk show host my ultimate looks for spring and posting Instagram photos of celebrities that I had dressed consumed me.

Photo from ‘The Devil Wears Prada’

In an attempt to get the ball rolling on my pursuit, I began a certificate in fashion styling. Each class brings in a new industry expert to teach us what we need to know about taking this role on. While I initially thought I’d be learning how to put garments together and tricks on buying and fitting (which I can confirm I did learn), the information on the industry itself was all together humbling and a rude awakening as to how difficult it will actually be to get even remotely close to where I envisioned myself prior to these lessons. For those of you who are at all interested in pursuing this career, here is my summary of the most valuable lessons I have learned while studying fashion styling…

1. During shoots, you are a modern handmaid

One of my first experiences in styling taught me this. The models cannot touch the clothing due to makeup, hair, etc. Because of this, it is your job to do everything. I was prepared for this to some extent but not for how demanding of a job this is when trying to get multiple looks shot in very little time. Imagine getting dressed and undressed 10 times- now imagine having to do this to someone else while stressing about getting makeup on the clothing, ruining the hair or accidentally piercing a new hole into your models ear because you need to change the accessories in under 10 seconds. After coming home from a four hour shoot, I slept  as if I had worked a labour job for a day and a half (it certainly felt that way).

2.  No one cares if you can do one thing really well

This is a problem in not only the fashion world but the working world in general. Those starting out in any industry are expected to do more than what they are initially asked. It’s the classic bang for your buck scenario, where employers want to hire one person to do multiple jobs for the price of one. In the fashion world if you are a stylist, some components that you need in order to be respected include (but are not limited to) sketching, designing, photography, writing, photoshop, editing, blogging and social media. Even if your passion is dressing other people, this will simply not cut it on it’s own if you’re trying to get a job.

3. You have to appear to be ‘somebody’ before you can dress a ‘somebody’

Most of the time, a stylist does not get hired simply off of a Craigslist ad. There is a reason why celebrities, influencers and more decide to hire specific people to create looks for them, the biggest reasons being their reputation and recognition. Without a social media handle, a client cannot take notice of your abilities and want you to dress them. Because of this, half of the job with fashion styling is staying relevant and building your following so that people want to work with you. This takes time and creativity to do but is ultimately a huge priority if you want to build your network.

4. Contrary to what you thought, your opinion does not matter

You can have the best idea for a shoot with the most fabulous styling, but if your employer does not like it then it does not matter. Did anybody else watch The September Issue when Grace Coddington produced some of the most amazing looks and Anna Wintour nixed nearly half of them? If Miss Coddington is getting rejected, you can bet that your looks will be too. If your client does not like something, it does not matter how hard you worked to get the garments and put it together, your opinion is not what matters because in the end you are being hired to recreate someone else’s vision — not to produce your own vision on someone else.

5. You have to work for free. You have to work for free a lot. 

A general consensus that was repeated in every class by different people.  There are a ton of people trying to achieve the same things that you are and the only way you can get to where you want to be is by doing it as much as you can. You need to practice and build a portfolio before being taken seriously enough to be hired in a paid position. Many people think they have skills in styling. Many people like to take their best friend or mom shopping and call it “styling”. Just because you like clothes and like to help people with clothes does not make you a stylist. This is the definitive difference between those who deserve to be paid and  those who do not want to stick around long enough to make it actually happen. A stylist will work for free simply because they need to practice their art as well as working with other people. Instead of being bitter about it you have to accept the process and let it inspire you to do as much as possible.

Photo from askmissa.com

It may sound like what I have learned in my short time studying fashion styling has been discouraging to what I want to do. However, I can assure you that it has done the complete opposite. Nothing worth it ever comes easily. Seeing the hard work and patience that is required to achieve what I want makes me excited for not only the final goal but everything in between. Process is important. Hard work and sweat is vital to anything remotely glamorous or else you cannot recognize the true bliss behind the end product — this is ultimately what I have learned.

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Great Holiday Gifts for Fashion Lovers

The Holiday Season is lurking just around the corner and stores are now beefing up their stock to introduce new and exciting products for the rush of holiday shoppers who will be charging stores in the next few weeks. But even with all the gift ideas being put forth this season, it can still be an extremely frustrating task to find the perfect gift for your loved ones — especially the picky ones. With that said, Novella is here to help! We’ve compiled a gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for the fashion lover on your list.

Photo: ResidentLuxe.com
Photo: ResidentLuxe.com

CHANEL: Collections And Creations

For the fashion lover, coffee table books are some of the most coveted and cherished items on their wishlist. This coffee table book is a must have for the Chanel lover on your list. With a breakdown on the 5 cornerstones of the Chanel house (the suit, the Camellia, Chanel Joaillerie, Chanel Parfum, and the little black dress) this book is bound to have every Chanel enthusiast falling in love all over again with the iconic brand.

Photo: Joblo.com
Photo: Joblo.com

Marie Antoinette

Sofia Coppola’s iconic retelling of the young French queen’s tragic time at Versailles is as saddening as it is glamorous. With shining moments of happiness and heartbreaking ones of sadness, and topped off with Oscar-winning costumes by Milena Canonero, this gem is sure to please any die-hard fashion lover on your list.

Photo: myjourneywithaudreyhepburn.wordpress.com
Photo: myjourneywithaudreyhepburn.wordpress.com

Funny Face

A musical comedy where Audrey Hepburn is swept away by Fred Astaire and turned into a larger than life fashion model. Enough said.

Photo: Journelles
Photo: Journelles

Louis Vuitton Twist cross body bag – Cruise 2016

Louis Vuitton is known for making some of the most amazing — and the most expensive — bags in the fashion industry. So it’s no surprise that one of the most coveted bags comes from this years Louis Vuitton Cruise Show. Nicolas Ghesquiere took the already coveted Louis Vuitton twist and injected a fresh aquatic spirit into the bag, making it all the more desirable for this coming summer.

Photo: Kastler & Oehler
Photo: Kastler & Oehler

The Little Dictionary of Fashion: A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman By Christian Dior

Filled with tips straight from the iconic couturier himself, the Little Dictionary of Fashion is the fashion lifestyle guide that every fashion aficionado needs this holiday season. Whether you need tips on what to wear to certain events or how to walk with poise and grace, Monsieur Dior has you covered from A to Z in this fantastic pocket guide.

Photo: Vogue
Photo: Vogue

GRACE: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue

As one of the fashion world’s most beloved icons, Grace Coddington has captured the hearts and inspirations of fashion lovers around the world for decades. In this coffee table book by Phaidon, Grace fans can indulged in the many dreamlike fantasies she has created throughout her illustrious 30 year career at Vogue and Vogue UK. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend a cold winter day tucked into bed, reminiscing on the best that Grace and the fashion industry has to offer?

Photo: Christie’s

La Dolce Vita

Nothing says glamour like a Fellini film. In this iconic black and white movie, fashion lovers can watch as a tabloid reporter falls in love in midst of the rich and the wealthy of Rome. Packed full of romance and drama, this film is sure to have the fashionista on your list re-enacting all the glamorous moments from this iconic blockbuster.

Photo: L'Occitane En Provence
Photo: L’Occitane En Provence

L’Occitane En Provence: Cherry Blossom

Sometimes designer isn’t always the way to go if you’d like a unique gift for the holiday season. If you’re looking for a particular fragrance that isn’t already sitting on everyone’s beauty vanity, it’s often better to aim for more niche perfumeries as opposed to the big names. Cherry Blossom by l’Occitane En Provence is the perfect scent to accompany a chilly winter day. With the soft and delicate aroma of cherry blossom, freesia, lily of the valley, and more, this scent manages to combine the sweetness of spring, with the delicateness of a soft winter snowfall.

Photo: Joss & Main
Photo: Joss & Main

The Fashion Book

As one of the most iconic and beloved coffee table books in fashion, the Fashion Book is the perfect gift for the curious fashionista. Filled to the brim with information regarding the best designers and brands in the industry, it’s no wonder this book has been dubbed “the fashion bible” by Vogue magazine.

Photo: BIS Publishers
Photo: BIS Publishers

Fashion Makers Fashion Shapers: The Essential Guide to Fashion by Those in the Know by Anee-Celine Jaeger

The perfect gift for the entrepreneurial fashion lover on your list. With page after page of interviews and bios on some of the high fashion and retail world’s most successful designers, this book is sure to inspire any would-be designer to pursue their dreams!

Photo: comingsoon.net
Photo: comingsoon.net

The Neon Demon

If you happen to have a lover of horror and fashion on your list, this is the movie for them. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, the man behind the widely praised movie Drive, the Neon Demon takes viewers on a wild ride where the glamorous lives of fashion models meet with the horrors that lie behind the cameras. Be careful though — this movie isn’t particularly meant for the faint of heart!

Photo: Gucci
Photo: Gucci

Gucci Metallic Leather Pumps in Platinum

Every holiday outfit calls for the perfect shoe, and this year Gucci delivered. This platinum leather fringed pump is the perfect shoe for the holiday season. Whether you need a subtle pop of bling for the office or a bright flash of sparkle for a night out, this pump will surely have you covered.

Photo: Taschen
Photo: Taschen

Fashion Designers A-Z

The most expensive of the fashion books on this list does come with its perks. Filled with information on the most celebrated pieces from the Fashion Institute of Technology’s permanent museum and the iconic designers who created them, this book is perfect for the die-hard fashion historian on your list.

Photo: CineParadise
Photo: CineParadise


Starring a young Angelina Jolie, this biopic about 80’s supermodel Gia Caragni is a drastic change from the fashion related movies we’re used to. Following her iconic rise and fall within the fashion industry, Gia dives deeper into the world of fashion and asks some very serious questions regarding fame, love, and success.

Photo: Sephora
Photo: Sephora

Pat McGrath Labs: Metalmorphosis 005 Everything Kit

After years of begging and pleading, fashion heavyweight Pat McGrath has released an opulent makeup collection inspired by all things shiny and excessive. With colours ranging from gold to copper, McGrath has created an eyeshadow so rich and pigmented that it takes on a life of its own.

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Style Profile: Ryan Wohlgemut

Ryan Wohlgemut is a Canadian-German aspiring fashion editor who graduated from The University of Guelph and studied Sociology and Business. After university Ryan moved to Toronto, Ontario to begin pursuing his dreams of becoming part of the international fashion industry. We had the pleasure of chatting with Ryan and discussed all things fashion, and also found out what he could not live without.

1. How would you describe your personal style?

RW: As we are in sort of a transitional period right now with the weather finally beginning to become a bit warmer, the same is happening with fashion. Specific to my own style, winter brings out a more sophisticated character. It tends to involve darker colours and larger garments (jackets, boots, cardigans etc.). This past winter I went for the “sporty-grandpa” look. I wore a lot of dress pants, usually pinstriped, oversized or cropped and crew neck sweaters, and also turtle necks paired with a sporty or more casual footwear such as my personalized Stan Smiths or my all white Nike Air Max sneakers.

I think that menswear is really at a turning point right now and with summer approaching I am really beginning to see myself take a more exciting approach to my style. One of my biggest goals right now is to always strive to present some sort of loudness within my outfits and I think colour is a subtle way to do so.Though out winter I was – and still am – really into the colour red. I think it is a bold and a strong shade that can make a statement but as summer approaches I want to incorporate more yellow and possibly green.

Another way to incorporate loudness is through print. A trend I personally am excited to indulge into this season is animal print. As we saw in many Spring/Summer 2016 shows – Saint Laurent and Burberry to name a few – men are finally beginning to support this trend. Animal print is often a seen within the womenswear sector of fashion but now we are finally seeing it on the runway for males.

This brings me to the next aspect of my personal, femininity. I think one of the most subversive actions as a male that you can play with in terms of style, is simply paying attention to womenswear trends. Throughout the Spring/Summer 2016 show season we were seeing femininity all over the menswear runways. With Gucci mastering the pussy bow and the flared pant, Louis Vuitton making the Japanese souvenir sukajan jacket and neck tie omni present, and Burberry redefining classic menswear pieces with typically feminine fabrics such as lace, it’s pretty clear this season that the menswear industry is beginning to soften gender lines. I think mixing femininity and masculinity is something I have recently started to enjoy playing with. This past season of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week I sported a pussy bow, a neck tie and an Asian-inspired souvenir style bomber jacket.

Finally, the last aspect of would like to speak about is mixing kitsch with “high fashion”. I think since the streetwear trend is finally beginning to diminish on the runways, designers are moving back towards more “high fashion” risk taking yet still looking for ways to present themselves in a less serious way. Demma Gvasalia of Vetement is an absolute expert of this. As I am always interested in incorporating an exciting “fun” aspect to a “serious” outfit, this is also something I am beginning to experiment with. For example, to the Novella Magazine Launch Party I wore my Thrasher Magazine flame font t-shirt – one of my favourite tee’s right now – paired with a black blazer, oversized Polo Ralph Lauren caramel corduroy pants and my Stan Smiths. Mixing both the fun sort of joke Thrasher flames tee with a classic black blazer known for being serious and sophisticated, is a clever approach to incorporate a sense of confusion amongst ones audience which is ultimately the best thing you can do.

2. What is your favourite item in your closet and why?

RW: It would definitely have to be my AMI crewneck sweater. When in doubt this sweater is just perfect as it can be dressed up or down and is extremely comfortable!

3. Have you ever had a “What was I thinking” moment about something you have worn?

RW: Yes of course! I have had many “What was I thinking” moments. I look back on my past wardrobe in general and the word “plain” comes to mind. I am not sure if that is just a result of my current desire to present a sense of “loudness” or what has inspired me to spice things up but I definitely look back on my elementary school days and often wonder “what I was thinking?”. Specifically, in grade six I was really into the shiny “soccer shorts” as they used to call them. I had them in almost every colour.

4. What is your first fashion memory?

RW: On my first day of kindergarten, I believe I was 5 years old my brother and I had matching beige polo’s from The Gap. Before I went to school that day I went to my aunt and told her that I needed to come home at lunch and change my outfit for the afternoon. I was insisting that an outfit change was necessary on my first day of school! Looking back on that memory I have realized that was the moment I knew fashion was something really special to me.

5. What is your favourite fashion era and why?

RW: The 70’s, I like to reference this era within my wardrobe. I think this is due to the fact that through out the 90’s, 70’s clothing was widely referenced, so growing up being a 90’s baby the 70’s brings back memories and has that nostalgic feel to it that we all love!


6. Where do you shop?

RW: I would say most of my clothing is from Hudson’s Bay. Its become one of my favourite spots for sure. I think The Bay does well at providing the consumer with many different brands and an array of styles as well as price.

7. What would be your theme song and why?

RW: I think it would have to be Confessions Part Two by Usher. It was my favourite song growing up and still to this day would consider it one of my favourites. The song is about how Usher cheated on his lover and is now having a baby with someone he barely knows. The song is basically his message to his lover about finally being honest and letting her know what has been happening while he had been away “for work”. This is my theme song because honesty is something I take very seriously and something that I really value.

8. What are you currently coveting?

RW: I have been on the hunt for month’s now to find the perfect pair of silk pyjama’s. I think this trend tends to confuse people because they aren’t being worn in their literal context but I think that is what makes them so interesting and I think it was very clever of fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabbana to embrace this trend. I’m also on the hunt for a Japanese inspired souvenir sukajan silk bomber. I have been searching for a while now but have yet to come across the perfect one.

9. Whose closet would you want to raid?

RW: For sure fashion icon Simone Marchetti. He is the Fashion editor for La Repubblica, an Italian newspaper. His style and bravery is something that really inspires me. Simone is someone that is not afraid to take risks with his wardrobe,which I find really admirable. Simone loves to experiment with neck ties, lace, colour, femininity and his most recent obsession pyjama’s.

10. What fashion trend would you like to see go away?

RW: I think the “streetwear” trend has had its time. Long or round hemlines, Joggers, skinny jeans – most of the time involving some sort of knee detailing such as a single tear or padding – , Chelsea boots, brim hats have all become huge fashion trends over the past couple years and I personally think it’s time for something knew to take its place. Thankfully, we are seeing it slowly diminish on the runway and big house brands are steering back towards more serious fashion but still attempting to make it enjoyable for everyone.

11. Who are a few of your fashion icons?

RW: Simone Marchetti, Alex Badia, Anna Wintour, Alessandro Michele and Grace Coddington.

12. Fill in the Blank: I could not live without _________________

RW: Friendship.


13. What is your secret obsession?

RW: Lately, I think its been the colour red. I am not sure thats a secret though.

14. What is your fashion mantra?

RW: “First they laugh, then they copy”

15. Who are a few of your favourite designers?

Ricardo Tisici – Givenchy
Alexandre Mattiussi – AMI
Alessandro Michele – Gucci
Demma Gvasalia – Vetement / Balenciaga
Nicola Formichetti – Diesel / Nico Panda

16. What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

RW: Always be honest.