Haunted Houses and Broken Houses and Other News

photo by William Christenberry


Happy Halloween, Novella readers! With the end of October, we hope your month has been filled with ghouls, goblins, and other hellish creatures that relentlessly delight the strange masochist in all of you horror buffs. Keeping in spirit with the season for one last day is a new track from Toronto indie outfit Blitz// Berlin, premiering a stunning video that features a motley crew of atrocious creatures banding together to give a funeral worthy of a witch of Salem. Amidst the backdrop of the gorgeous cinematography is the new single “Jesus Shoes”; a chilly, airy track that is reminiscent of The Weeknd’s early days mixed with a hazy, house-ier version of Health.

As the year continues, we hope to hear more from Blitz // Berlin. After composing the critically acclaimed score for the 2014 feature horror film, Extraterrestrial, the band is set to release their debut album Distance, out on Wax Records later this year.

Spin Jesus Shoes below and have yourself a spooky, scary evening filled with booze, masked men, and terrifying midnight rituals!