Frank And Oak presents the other 9 to 5 with Tegan and Sara

Inspired by classic menswear tailoring, Frank and Oak’s  women’s suiting collection was designed to reinvent the familiar 9 to 5 office aesthetic. Canadian musicians and face of the collection,Tegan and Sara, know a thing or two about breaking away from mainstream fashion standards. “We believe that mixing and matching feminine and masculine silhouettes is for anybody,” says the indie pop duo. “We aren’t afraid to look pretty or be styled in a feminine way, however the gender juxtaposition of this collection is very important to us.” Starting their careers in an era of rigid societal expectations, Tegan and Sara thrived on the support and respect they received from their fans, which empowered them to embrace their unique, androgynous style and rectify conventional fashion norms.

The 5 sku line features modern silhouettes, constructed in a stretch-wool flannel-blend fabric for a sophisticated, yet edgy look. Pair the pieces for a polished head-to-toe uniform or mix and match with wardrobe basics and put your own personal spin on it. Each style was created for day-to-night versatility, whether that be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or in the case of Tegan and Sara,9 p.m. to 5 a.m.!

Frank and Oak’s New Collection Brings Pyjama’s from Night to Day

As someone who spends more time, money, and attention on the perfect outfit for going out than one would like to admit, I have certainly not viewed what I wear at home as top priority. Even when I try to buy a cute pyjama set, most of it goes missing or gets ruined by a coffee stain. This is why when I think of pyjamas, I feel that, unless you are a very put together, chic, 30 year-old lady, or a four year old in a flannel princess onesie, a giant t shirt and sweats will do for most. However, there is no denying that owning a cute pyjama set can make one feel as stylish as a chic jumpsuit. It’s just that when you are wearing this cute item in your own home, some might ask, “What’s the point?”

Fashion brands are responding to that questions with beautifully designed pyjamas that can be worn out of the house. The Canadian brand Frank and Oak has released a new line of pyjamas that can be worn during the day, night, and at bedtime, and basically anywhere one would like to be comfortable and stylish all at once. Fortunately, Novella got our hands on some of these pieces and can show you different ways of wearing night wear as day wear! A review and description of these pieces below!

THE NIGHTIE (Pyjama Dress)

What is normally thought of as a popular item in your grandmother’s wardrobe is actually being recognized now as a statement piece. The fabric used by Frank and Oak for the collection is extremely breathable and leaves room for endless layering opportunities. I am loving how they styled this as a set to accomplish an entire look, and I can also see this being a great evening piece, paired with the right heels and belt. However, summer over-pieces have been a huge staple of mine recently, which is why I went for a more relaxed look when wearing this over a classic denim and crop-top outfit. It was 34 degrees in New York on this day and the dress was pleasantly light and added an added detail to an otherwise simple outfit. When fall comes, I’m definitely excited to try this piece out over a turtle neck!


I have to admit that before wearing this look out on the street, I definitely wore the set to bed a few times. Not only is the shirt-shorts combo extremely breathable and light, it also brings a sense of togetherness when waking up and looking at myself in the fanciest outfit my bed has ever seen! I ditched the shorts for a mix and match look, wearing the button-up with a pair of navy denim shorts. I have been loving the pyjama shirt look lately, and this piece was no exception. The cut of the shirt is still fitted enough to look put-together during the day but the pyjama-esque detailing gives the look the relaxed feel. To dress this look up a little more, I think I will pair it with some black wide-legged dress pants!
Final Thoughts: The Frank and Oak pyjama collection embodies versatility and embraces a fashion forward lifestyle. The three pieces that I have tried can be worn in multiple ways for multiple weather conditions. The pyjama day trend is going strong and to check out some of these pieces and more visit Frank and Oak Pyjama Collection here.

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