Father’s Day Cocktail Recipes

There are many reasons to make a cocktail on Father’s Day. Maybe you’re cooking the father in your life a steak dinner and need a last bit of panache to make it really special. Maybe you need a delicious thing of liquid courage to call  him and say, Happy Father’s Day. Or maybe you’re yourself a father and want to celebrate your parental responsibilities. Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: the cocktail should not take more than a couple of minutes and a few ingredients to whip up fresh as needed. Whether you’re playing catch with your son with a drink in hand or whether you’re imagining the impact of never having played catch with your dad, Novella’s Torontonian bartender connects got you covered.

Figures’s Mixologist James Bailey’s ‘Dad and Jokey’


1.5oz Monkey Shoulder Scotch

.75oz Lemon Juice

.75oz Rosemary Syrup

1oz Orange Juice

Ginger Beer to top

Garnish: Lemon or lime wheel, fresh rosemary

Pour all liquid ingredients into a Collins glass, filled with ice. Stir and garnish with a fresh rosemary sprig and lemon or lime wheel. Serve immediately.

Parts and Labour’s Chantelle Gabino-inspired Simple — No Muddling of Sugar Cubes – Classic Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned made with Bulleit Whiskey


2oz rye, bourbon, or peated scotch, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous

1/2 oz of simple syrup

Dashes of aromatic bitters — Bittered Sling’s Kensington Bitter, if you can get it, and Angostura, if you can’t.

One large cube of good, cold ice.

Before starting the drink itself, make sure you have good ice. Keep the ice away from frozen meats and vegetables, because the ice will otherwise take on their odors, which may very well ruin the cocktail. Keep in mind, simple is best but simple takes good quality ingredients to truly shine. Now, let’s make that drink. Make sure the receptacle — an Old Fashioned glass, if possible — is cold. Combine simple syrup and dashes of bitters in the glass. Add one large cube of ice — or enough ice to fill the glass – and stir to mix. Add whiskey and stir until the liquid levels with the ice cube. Before serving, add a small splash of oil from an orange zest and, if you’re so inclined, throw in the zest. (Less is more here as many people find the pith of the orange to be entirely distasteful.)

What I Wear To Work: Michael Motamedi and Ayman Hbeichi, Baffi

The traditional working wardrobe for men has changed over the years.  Whether your work environment is casual and creative, or buttoned-up and sophisticated, getting dressed in the morning doesn’t automatically have to mean putting on a suit and tie.


Name: Michael Motamedi

Occupation: Cofounder of Baffi

Wardrobe Essentials: White collared shirts, and more white collared shirts. I have been on this movement to wear as much white as possible, it feels fresh and it feels like a new beginning. I guess that says a lot of about what’s been going on in my life over the past couple years.

Uniform: Casual chic. I do not have anyone telling me what I can and cannot wear. That being said, I don’t want to look like I don’t care about my style when I go about my day. It’s that whole Tom Ford thing about dressing well is a form of good manners. It usually consists of a white shirt and a pair of colourful shorts or a nice pair of khakis with boat shoes. Comfort is key.

Favourite item from your closet: Right now I would have to say my Brimz black felt hat ‘The Duke’. It has the amazing quality to elevate any outfit. Problem is; if you wear it too much you turn into that “hat guy”.


Name: Ayman Hbeichi

Occupation: Cofounder of Baffi

Wardrobe Essentials: Being in the men’s accessory business, the list of staple items never seems to run out. If I had to narrow it down to a few, I would have to say number one is a very well fitted, year-round, blue tone jacket. Something timeless and with the right options to dress up or dress down for a more casual daytime look.

Second would have to be a brown oxford (preferably a cap toe). I just find that this shoe is so versatile with virtually any outfit and can be dressed as casual or formal as you need it to be without batting an eye. Lastly, it would have to be sunglasses (in the spirit of summer and all). I mean who wants to walk out the door on a nice sunny day and not have a nice pair of sunglasses to show off?

Uniform: For work, I’m a little all over the place. Sometimes I’ll wear a two-toned three-piece suit and other days a pair of ankle high chinos with a Breton and sport jacket. I like to dress for work based not only the mood I’m in, but also the type of energy and day I want to attract. I never think about it the night before unless I have an important meeting first thing and for the sake of time, need to have it narrowed down to at least two options. When you don’t have hair to worry about, you can afford a little more time to spend on the wardrobe.

Favourite item from your closet: My favourite item is always the newest thing I just bought. Right now I’m loving my new cork umbrella believe it or not. It’s actually really cool to carry around, durable in the wind and looks damn cool in my opinion. Love it. Got a fedora to match!

Be sure and check out Baffi’s pop-up shop at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel located at 100 Front Street West (avenues level- underneath the spiral staircase) in Toronto until June 19th. Shop Hours: Mon – Sat: 10am – 7pm // Sun: 12-6pm // Appts. Available after hours 


Shop All Weekend: Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day – that one time of the year when all dads are celebrated for being the witty, brisk and fun loving dads we all adore. With Fathers Day right around the corner, wives, daughters and sons are scrambling around to get dad the perfect last minute gift. But, you don’t want to buy him the typical card and sock combo. This year you want to spruce it up a bit. We want to give him that wow-factor and make him go from ordinary to extraordinary. With so many options and so little time, what would be the absolute perfect gift for the number one dad? We have created a quick go-to list of a few ideal last minute ideas that will make any father smile from ear to ear.

 Harry’s Winston Set

Harry's Winston Shave Set
Photo Credit: Harry’s

Getting your father something that has to do with shaving is a little stereotypical, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be great gift. If you have ever shaved with a manual razor, it’s safe to assume that you’ve come to terms with purchasing overpriced blades that often having you feel a tad bitter after purchasing them. Harry’s is looking to change the way men purchase their razors and shaving experience, by offering quality razors replacements and shaving creams for a much lower price. Simply sign up and Harry’s will send you a certain amount of razors per month, depending on how often you shave. To get dad started, the Harry’s Set is a great introduction to the brand, which includes the high quality Winston Razor, foaming shave gel and three German engineered blade cartridges. For an extra personal touch, you could also get the razor engraved with you dad’s name.

Where To Buy: www.harrys.com

 Bather Trunk Company Swim Trunks – Grey Hex Surf

Bather Trunk Co
Photo Credit: Bather Truck Company

One item that rarely gets updated in a man’s wardrobe is a pair of swim trunks. If your father either sports swim trunks that either look like a speedo or look like a pair of baggy shorts, he definitely needs a modern upgrade. If you know your dad will be enjoying the hot summer weather by a pool or lake, these Bather Trunk Company swim trunks should be an ideal gift. These shorts hit right above the knee for a modern fit and are well made by 100% quick dry nylon, that’s double lined, and has a back pocket with a snap enclosure.

Where to Buy: Lost and Found

 Keurig Coffee Maker

Keurig Coffee Maker
Photo Credit: keurig

The Keurig coffee maker is great for the on-the-run dad. It makes mornings extremely fast with its easy functions. With three different brewing systems, and a variety of subtle colours, dad will wake up every morning excited to make himself a hot cup of coffee. There are thirty beverage brands that are compatible with the Keurig and multiple flavours that can be tested out. If he needs a pick me up, he can make himself a quick cup of joe and be ready for anything that comes his way. Or if he’s in the mood to kick back and relax, then he can calm down by pouring himself a hot cuppa. The Keurig is an excellent gift for any father this year and since dads are awesome, they won’t have any problem sharing it with the rest of the family.

Where To Buy: http://www.keurig.ca

 Polo Red Intense Cologne

Polo Red Intense
Photo Credit: Polo

You can never go wrong with choosing nice cologne. Have dad smelling great this Father’s Day with the award winning fragrance of the Consumer Choice Awards, Polo Red Intense. The Polo brand is known to never disappoint with their assortment of colognes that they put on the market. If you want to really impress your dad this year, instead of buying only the cologne, go one step further and get him the gift set. The three-piece set includes, a 4.2oz eau de toilette spray, a 1.4oz travel size eau de toilette spray and a 3.4oz aftershave balm. This gift set will give any father the perfect excuse to go out to dinner, just so he can try out his new fragrance.

Where To Buy: http://www.ralphlauren.com

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day
Photo Credit: Amazon

Unlike Mother’s Day, where you can’t really go wrong with whatever you give Mom,  Father’s Day is a little trickier when it comes to giving a solid gift to your old man — one that doesn’t involve the typical ideas (some sort of graphic tie, a bottle of whisky, a gift card). So here’s a rundown of some of the best Father’s Day gifts that can be purchased throughout the city.

Buy Dad a New Wallet

Photo Credit: Park & Province

For some reason, Dads don’t often upgrade their wallets. They let the contents of their wallets accumulate until it begins to wear out and look more like a club sandwich. Wallets are often one of the last things to get upgraded in their range of accessories, so if you notice Dad’s is looking a little too worn out, the Il Bussetto Bi Fold wallet is a great little gift. It’s handmade in Italy using artisanal craftsmanship techniques, is able to hold eight cards and is crafted from hand painted, natural leather. Normally an Italian accessory of this nature would cost in the hundreds, but Park & Province has this available for a very cool 120.00.

Where To Buy: Park & Province

Upgrade Your Dad’s Suit at Suitsupply

Suitsupply Toronto
Photo Credit: Toronto Life

I’m just going to say what we’re all thinking: while walking around Bay St. on the weekdays, you can see that there are a lot of baggy, improperly worn suits roaming around the city. If your father’s job requires him to be suited up, and you notice his suit looks like it’s a few sizes too big, or that he simply doesn’t look like that confident when he’s wearing his, it’s time to get him an upgrade. Ever since Dutch suit makers Suitsupply landed in Toronto, they’ve slowly begun to educate city-dwelling men on how their suits should fit. The beauty of Suitsupply is their variety — they have tons of choices no matter what your budget is. The suits start at 399.00, and could go all the way up to a custom made-to-measure suit. All of the fabrics used are from Europe’s finest fabric mills, and the construction of a Suitsupply suit follows traditional tailoring techniques. If buying a suit is out of your budget, the store houses more than enough accessories such as shirts, ties, shoes and pocket squares that can also be gifted to Dad.

Where To Buy: Suitsupply 9-11 Hazelton Ave

Take Dad on a Beer Tasting/Walking Tour

Toronto Beer Walking Tour
Photo Credit: Steam Whistle

Craft beer and breweries in the city have been gaining in popularity over the past few years. Many thirsty drinkers have been slowly moving away from the multi-billion dollar industry of stale brews for something that’s better tasting and local. If you’re dad is a beer connoisseur, there is no better present than the Beer Lovers Tour Company Old Toronto Beer Tour. The walking, drinking and eating tour is a great gift if you want to spend a day with pop drinking some of the best local lagers and ales while exploring the city. The tour takes you to the likes of Steam Whistle, Mill Street, Izumi Sake and Amsterdam Brewery, plus on a walking tour of some of the city’s historic neighbourhoods like the Distillery District and Fort York.

Where to Buy: Beer Lovers Tour

Take Dad out for Dinner at The Craft Brasserie

The Craft Brasserie
Photo Credit: Toronto Life

Keeping with the beer theme, if Dad can’t get enough of local craft beers, maybe it’s time to take him out to an entire restaurant devoted to them. The Craft Brasserie, a new restaurant located in Liberty Village. The restaurant offers over 120 different craft beers on tap, with 80 taps that are devoted to Ontario craft beers. Plus there’s their delicious menu offering perfect pairings to your drink choices — I’m talking steak frites, a unique spin on poutine, cider glazed pork chops, a green chili cheeseburger… yum.

Where To Eat: The Craft Brasserie 107 Atlantic Avenue

Take On Dad in Table Tennis

Spin Toronto
Photo Credit: Toronto Life

Gifting Dad something material is always a great plan, but if you can spend some quality time with Dad, you should do it. What better way than to take an afternoon or evening and challenge your old man to a fun and competitive game of ping pong. Spin Toronto provides a hip and comfortable atmosphere for you to get your game on. They take care of all the little annoyances when it comes to ping pong, having dedicated staff members roam around the premises and pick up the loose balls you whiffed on. Adding to the fun, Spin’s lounge is a fully licensed bar and boasts a recently revamped menu.

Where To Play & Eat: Spin Toronto

Buy Dad some Mad Men Style Old Fashioned Glasses

Mad Men Style Whisky Glasses
Photo Credit: BYOB

Was your dad a fan of the popular TV series Mad Men? Even though the show’s over, is he still trying to channel his inner Don Draper? If so, why not get him a set of  ‘60s inspired cocktail glasses that will make him feel like he’s actually back in the good old days. The glasses’ retro silver rim will make him feel like he’s the show’s creative director when’s he’s sipping his favourite scotch or cocktail.

Where to Buy: BYOB  972 Queen St. West

Buy Dad some Bootcamp Classes

Cross Fit TO
Photo Credit: Blog TO

Is he always complaining about being out of shape, but doesn’t have the motivation to get himself into the gym? Or maybe he’s been to the gym, but just hasn’t seen the results he wants?  Maybe this is the perfect time to get him a some bootcamp classes to switch things up. There are more than enough bootcamps across the city that will allow your dad a tough workout that will have him feeling good about himself again. It is Father’s Day after all, so we suggest to present him with his new fitness gift after you take him out for that cheat meal.

Where To Buy: Crossfit Toronto

Buying Dad a Nice Timepiece  

Uniform Wares Watches
Photo Credit: dezeenwatchstore.com

Call us old school, but even with the smartwatches catching all the headlines, we still feel there is something about gifting a beautifully designed, Swiss made timepiece. If you want to splurge on your father and get him something that can be worn on the daily, look no further than the Uniform Wares 104 series. The watch features a scratch resistant sapphire crystal and a PVD 37mm case that utilizes a 4 jewel Swiss movement. The strap is handcrafted from a family owned Italian factory.

Where to Buy: Uncle Otis 26 Bellair

Print Dad A framed Print/PhotoBook/Poster with Print Studio

Photo Studio
Photo Credit: Print Studio

With the rise of picture- and thought-sharing social media platforms like Instagram, we see tons of people posting pictures of their old man, confessing how much love they love them. There’s nothing wrong with confessing your love for your pops, but you have to wonder, did your dad even get a chance to see your heartfelt message? Does he even have an Instagram account? With Print Studios, you can put family Instagram shots to good use by bringing them into the flesh and creating framed photos, photo books or posters. This is the perfect gift if you’re looking to give something with more of a personal touch — just remember it takes some time for processing and shipping to Canada, normally about two weeks.

Where to Buy: Print Studio

Take Dad To the Jazz Festival

Toronto Jazz Festival
Photo Credit: Toronto Jazz Festival

If your dad’s into music, there is no better time than to spend a day with him during The Toronto Jazz Festival. Throughout the festival there will be more than 350 performances and over 1,500 musicians performing at 40 locations across the city (some shows require cover). Sometimes, no matter how posh and nice the gift is, it simply doesn’t equate to spending some quality time with your dad. So pick a date from June 18th to June 29th, and make a day out of spending time with your old man. Take advantage of the excellent Toronto weather during this time of year by exploring the city, dine at the plethora of awesome restaurants and enjoy some fine jazz!

Where To Listen: Toronto Jazz Festival