Fashion Trend Report: New York and London Spring 2018

After a grueling few seasons, it’s good to see how New York and London have finally started to batten down the hatches and weather the storm that’s been pummeling the industry for quite some time now. With so many of the world’s most talked about brands closing doors or downsizing dramatically, it’s reassuring to finally see these fashion capitals reinvent themselves to push forward. And luckily for the fashion loving crowds of the world, with innovation and change come new trends that will paint the market and influence what the everyday retail fashion will see for the rest of the year. Here are some of New York and Londons best trends for Spring!

Tomato Soup & Lemonade

Bright colours reigned this Spring season. But above all the jewel tones and pastel that walked the runway, it was tomato red and lemon yellow that reigned supreme. New York seemed to have started the trend, with more than a handful of designers sending bright tomato red pieces down the runway with a ton of success. Across the pond, Londoners were treated to a healthy dose of vitamin C, with designers opting for bright and tart lemon yellow instead of red as their statement colour. The great thing about having warm pop colours for this spring is that fashion can now move away from the pastel trend that’s taken hold of Spring the last few seasons. Giving fashion lovers a bright alternative to whispy delicate spring hues when the warmer weather arrives once again.


To no one’s surprise, last year’s biggest trend was carried over to this season. Sheer clothing managed to sweep the runways once again this season, with almost every designer incorporating sheer garments into their collections. Both London and New York had their fair share of sheer frocks and two pieces, with designers choosing either sheer fabric or lace to create an alluring silhouette that oozes sensuality and delicateness. Now what you can get away with on the runway v.s. what’s practical for everyday can sometimes be two very different things. Fortunately, wearing the sheer trend doesn’t have to mean wearing a head to toe sheer dress or a translucent jumpsuit. Instead, opt for a sheer lace blazer or sheer silk blouse to create the same effect for a more everyday look.

Power Shoulder, Power Sleeve

Call them what you want (puff sleeves are probably the easiest generalization) but the dramatic ’80s sleeve and shoulder are back and stronger than ever, and they graced the runways of New York and London’s runways this season. The choice to bring the puff sleeves back from the dead most likely stemmed from last year’s high and fast fashion industries’ obsession with bell sleeves and elongated sleeves. However, the addition of puff sleeves to the extravagant sleeve family adds a touch of vintage glamour, straight out of the mid-80s’s most popular girl’s wardrobe.


For the past two years, denim has been the be-all-end-all in popular fashion. During London and New York, denim took a more decorative turn with destroyed and reworked denim. In London, elongated denim jackets created a beautifully elegant silhouette with an alternative and modern twist; in New York, ripped denim was paired with elegant evening outfits, creating a new wave of eveningwear that’s sure to end up as the go-to night-out outfit for many of the fashion world’s social media elites.

Fairytale Eleganza

Every season has its fair share of over the top, highly stylized gowns. However, this season seemed to up the ruffle factor by creating fairytale gowns fit for any princess. Many of the gowns featured this season’s hottest colours, while others featured stunning floral patterns and beautifully sheer fabrics, which all fell in line with the season’s trends. The gowns recreate the old-world fairytale silhouettes that feel as though they’ve come straight out of the world’s greatest stories. In New York, designers opted for more romantic stylings, trading in modern flair for a more vintage and sheer alternative to evening gowns; London chose to feature more contemporary versions of old-world looks, featuring brighter colours and far more modern silhouettes, while still adhering to the aesthetics of the inspiration.

Trend Defying Timeless Fashion Looks

When it comes to fashion, the topics almost always have to do with trends. We ask, “What patterns are in this season? What hemlines should we expect? And what’s on its way out?” Designers work to shape trends and to keep the consumer guessing and posit new ways to bend the rules. However, some looks have no expiration dates — some are safely detached from ever being labeled unstylish. Whether you are a fashion risk taker or someone who likes to work within the rules, here are some timeless looks that have been, still are, and most likely still be stylish for years to come.


The blazer has been a power look for years. Whether it’s fitted, loose, padded, or long, it has been a staple in completing and strengthening one’s outfit. Today, the blazer can be seen in typical suit form or even paired with jeans as a casual layering option. What is great about this look is that the structure of it allows for versatility, which justifies making a bit of an investment when purchasing, as it is sure to go with many other trends as they evolve and change.


This classic men’s look was originally developed with practicality in mind, as a staple for someone in trades where multiple pockets are an asset. However, as utilitarian fashion has developed over time, the extra pockets along the sides give an edgier feel to anyone’s look. Men’s fashion repeatedly shows this trend through the seasons to achieve casual street-style. Though the cargo pant have evolved through trends by changing up fabric and colours, its structure remains intact.


Skinny-jeans, bell-bottoms, high-waisted pants have alternated throughout seasons with usually one or two in the reigning position. While these pants have their times to shine and times to be packed up, the straight-leg pants remain consistently supreme. This look shows sophistication and class, and has been credited as a statement piece for years.


Spending cash on sunglasses can be a tough pill to swallow when considering the risk of breaking or losing them as well as the reality that your style of sunglasses might not be ‘trendy’ for much longer than two years. The Aviator, however, abides. It has been a trend for both men and women for years and is definitely an accessory that can safely remain in your collection without becoming outdated.


Whether you are 85 or 18, the cardigan can be a staple in any man’s wardrobe. The cardigan creates a relaxed yet elevated feel and can be worn in both casual and formal settings. It is a great way to reflect one’s personal style as it can be worn in many different sizes, textures, and alongside styling techniques.


If any pattern has survived the seasonal fashion police, it’s plaid. For some years it’s been seen in casual wear and sometimes it makes its mark on a suit, but the fact is, it is always somewhere. We all have our favourite plaid somewhere that will always stumble back into our outfit rotation.


What is sexier than a clean button-down white blouse? Anyone? Something so simple always says so much about the wearer: the sophistication and confidence in not being afraid to shine in the bright crisp white (extra points if you keep the coffee stains to a minimum). No matter the trends of the season, you cannot go wrong with it. It is forever a staple, forever a fabulous piece.


5 Spring Trends We Are In Love With In Spain

One of the greatest perks of living in Spain is that you get to enjoy sunny weather almost all year round. When April arrives, spring has sprung and the city is an explosion of color and joy. The temperature is warm enough to even wear full-on summer clothes, but in cities like Madrid, where it gets chilly in the first and last hours of the day, throwing on a jacket is a must — plus, it adds an extra fashion touch to our look. Here are my 5 favorite spring items that we are already styling here in Spain.


Transitioning from cold and dark winter to warm and sunny spring might not be easy for one reason: we are not yet ready to show some flesh. If you feel like you need more time to get rid of the winter layers, there is no hurry to wear mini dresses this season. Maxi lengths, inspired by Coachella’s festive spirit, are flattering and elegant and at the same time allow you to gradually adapt to higher temperatures. If you want to add an extra sexy vibe to the look, slits that go up your leg are a good choice.

Model: Claudia Peris | Credit: Lucía Peris


Denim never goes out of style, and it is a must-have in every wardrobe. For the past seasons, we’ve witnessed an evolution in classical denim pieces — playing with hems, cutouts, and lengths that surprise both the wearer and the viewer. This spring, embroidery has blossomed as the favourite trend, and it takes form as beautiful flowers that recreate a magical garden in denim pieces from jeans to jackets.

Model: Claudia Peris | Credit: Lucía Peris


When we think about our spring looks, florals come to mind. Although this always will be the print of the season (we’ll talk about it later), stars are actually the ones that are going to brighten up our spring and summer looks. They mostly come in gold, as on this bomber jacket, and grey, and some of them even have an extra sparkly touch with glitter. The perfect print to shine with this season!

Model: Claudia Peris | Credit: Lucía Peris


This is one of favourite items for the season. The classic aviator style comes back this spring but with an unexpected shift: see-through lenses in bright yellow. It automatically upgrades any look, giving an extra cool vibe to the overall outfit. It matches with everything — colors, textures, and styles — but the winning combo is a total white look like this one.

Model: Claudia Peris | Credit: Lucía Peris


As Miranda Priestly would say, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” However, there is no other print that has conquered everyone’s wardrobe and that keeps coming back every spring — from small and colorful flowers against bright backgrounds such as yellow or green, to big ones that dramatically blossom in every piece you can imagine.

Model: Claudia Peris | Credit: Lucía Peris

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LFW – Haizhen Wang prepares us for continual transfer


In times when the immigration crises are dramatically growing across the world, designers’ voices become more inspiring than ever. Fashion is a reflection of the times that we live in, and yesterday Haizhen Wang nailed the message.

‘In Transit’ was the name of the AW17 collection that the young designer presented at the Swiss Church during London Fashion Week. The whole presentation embodied a philosophical view on the idea of fashion as a product of transition. Nothing new, but something worth a word, or an image in this case.

The models walking in between cardboard boxes showed slogan badges reading ‘fragile,’ ‘handle with care,’ ‘priority,’ and ‘air eligible.’ A statement of, not only the underrated sense of stability in the fashion industry but also behind human transit.

Ever since he graduated from Central Saint Martins with an MA in Womenswear and established is own brand in 2010, in London, Haizhen Wang has been mastering the art of deconstruction in fashion design. Raw edges and gender fluidity – or ‘masculine femininity’ in his words – are the essence of his work.

Oversized peplum corsets wrapped the waistlines with extra long seat belts, as we would tie up our luggage. Another hint to the idea of transition that reflects the talent of Haizhen Wang as a designer, and as a communicator.

The key elements of his AW17 collection: warm earth tones such as dark blues, red, black, ochre and khaki, and flat double wools as the star fabric. The cut? Sharp tailored pieces to dress an incredibly self-confident woman, almost, as strong as Haizhen’s voice.

Photography courtesy of Haizhen Wang

One Month One Style: Pure Sheer

Get ready to show off a hint of skin as this season — as was Spring 2016 — is all about sheer. On the runway, see-through fabrics ranged from the mild to daring. Givenchy, Dior, Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, and others introduced their interpretations of how to play with transparency and peekaboo cuts, and all of them have different ways to inject the trend into our lives.

The good news is that the holiday party season offers a great excuse to play with feminine appearances and to reveal a little skin. Therefore, we chose to feature sheer for the month of December. Sheer details can add sweetness and sexuality to your appearance — it all depends on how you wear it. Ahead, we break down how to incorporate the sheer trend during the festive season.

Photo Credit: Harpers Bazaar

When in Doubt, Wear Black

Embellished sheer can give your party outfit an instant upgrade, whether it is a dress, sleeves on a shirt, or a skirt. In order to increase the dramatic effect, consider wearing black from head to toe. Keeping your layers monochrome is definitely a great way to turn heads while playing it safe. Not only is it incredibly elongating, the sheer will bring your sex appeal to a new level. Evoke you flirty side by wearing a mid-length, black skirt with sheer panel details, or choose the romantic approach with a floor length dress and some flashed skin.

Photo: Vera Wang

Sheer Overlays

Obviously one of the season’s essentials is layering, so here comes the fresh take. The biggest cities in the fashion scene, such as New York and London, have proven that layering sheer is an innovative way to play with transparency. So let your imagination run wild with each piece of sheer that slowly build up a unique outfit like a petal. The holiday season is the perfect time to elevate your creativity level, by mixing the lightweight fabric with different see-through garments or with basic silhouettes that will evoke your coolness. Other than that, it’s much easier to control the amount of skin you are willing to reveal. Being brave or conservative, it’s all in your hands.

Photo: Mother of Pearl

Lingerie Out

If you have no issue revealing the beauty of the body, you will probably love this trend that’s coming on strong once again this season. Lingerie-inspired slip dresses and sheer nightshirts that leave nothing to the imagination were hitting the runways and were sending us a clear message: You have to let go of all your inhibitions and rely on your sexy undergarment to speak for you. Attending a fancy New Year’s party? Don’t hesitate to give a glam treatment to your chiffon shirt with a black bra or a slip for extra coverage. Our suggestion is to pick a loose-fit top that will inject more sophistication into the boudoir trend.

Photo: Sharon Wauchob

Don’t Mesh with the Lady

Mesh is another way to evoke your fashion forward-thinking attitude. When it comes to mesh, the peekaboo effect is more futuristic with its gothic-meets-punk vibe. Mesh details can appear as part of the design or as a panel, like in a boxy dress or at the button of the skirt. On the catwalk we spotted the sporty, see-through fabric in a variety of forms, but with the same purpose — showcasing just the right amount of skin for a striking bold look. You can have fun with the trend by incorporating vibrant hues or metallics into the outfit for a modern twist.

Photo: Anthony Vaccarello

I See Through You

If you are fearful of overexposure, there is another way to show off your fashionista wild side. A transparent piece of outerwear will give you an innovative attitude that can match perfectly with any evening look. From a ladylike jacket to futuristic trenches or bomber jackets, you can find the style that fits your needs. The good news is that this piece can take you into spring. Choosing a translucent silk outerwear in a pastel shade can highlight your stylish outfit underneath and provide you with a nonchalant cool-yet-sweet vibe. This is the ultimate way to play with transparency while making a statement.

Photo: Stella McCartney

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