Fashion is not about what you where, but about the way you wear it. We all have that story about someone who wears an incredible piece in an unflattering way.

Sometimes I feel like people are trying their best to ruin their own outfits. They either don’t choose the right shoes or the right jacket or something else entirely and make things off. And the same thing goes for celebrities and their styles.

For this edition of Slays and Nays, let’s find out how our favorite stars made or failed to make the fall fashion trends their own!


Slay: Gizele Olivera. Nay: Rihanna

Years ago, wearing white boots was a shameful thing… This fall they are back!

If I say super mini denim shorts, white shirt, and white boots, who comes to mind? Probably Britney Spears, right? And if I add the American flag behind, you picture a cowgirl for sure! Well, look how beautiful this cowgirl is. Gizele is wearing these boots the easiest way you could wear them, but she looks stunning and fashionable.

Rihanna again went too far… Why do people think that being fashionable = being dressed up? With white boots, the shorter the better.


Slay: Bella hadid. Nay: Chiara Ferragni

How difficult it is to wear orange… However, it’s one of this fall’s colors. While Bella is killing it, Ciara looks like she is going to a Halloween party. Even though the shape of Ciara’s jacket is really interesting, this orange is too flashy for her skin tone.


Slay: Jeanne Damas. Nay: Gigi Hadid

Silk pyjamas shirts were already trendy last fall, and, guess what? Get ready to see them again this season.

The French it-girl Jeanne Damas looks fabulous in this outfit. The print could have been too much but it’s not. No big handbag, no jacket, and we barely see the shoes, which is a good thing.

Gigi is showing us what we shouldn’t do if we want to make this trend ours. First, the pants are too short, it’s more elegant to wear them really long. Second, never tuck the shirt in the pants. And finally, it’s better to go up one size for a loose fit.


Slay: Rihanna. Nay: Cara Delevingne

Whether we like it or not, the beret is a huge trend this fall and we won’t be able to escape it.

While Rihanna is just stunning in this all black everything outfit, Cara looks too retro in this dress and red beret. Her outfit is so cliché. Maybe a little bit of finesse would have brought more elegance.


Slay: Kendall (left). Nay: Kendall (right)

Ok, let’s make this a Kendall vs. Kendall. She obviously loves wearing metallic jackets more than everyone else, so let’s see when she slays and when she nays.

The aviator jacket is perfection… the shape is perfect, the gold not too aggressive, and the black details go very well with the overall outfit.

The puffer jacket is very cool to wear, too, but the material looks maybe a little bit too fake. The jacket goes really well with this scarf and the grey t-shirt she wears, but not that much with the pants, which accentuate this shiny material too much.

Fall Fashion Picks for your Sign

If you are into horoscopes like I am, you know that there is an essential forecast every year, month, season, and day that shares new insights on your personal relationships, finances, travelling, and more. I am not one for reading my daily horoscope but I do think there is something to be said for how my own personality and those around me largely reflect the character traits that define each astrological sign. Like trends and seasons, situations change, and it is interesting to see how each horoscope deals with day-to-day happenings. What is missed in these seasonal forecasts is what trends are best suited for each sign. Novella has put together this season’s best fall trends and which sign should give them a go based off of their sign’s overall personality traits, and what Your Tango says is in store for them in Your Horoscope For The Last 4 Months Of 2017 For All Zodiac Signs!

Aries- March 21-April 19

Glitter Boots — Lately, things have not been as exciting as what a spontaneous Aries is used to! Whether your social life is lacking, you’re stuck in a rut at work, there has just not been enough adventure in your life. Adding a new signature item to your wardrobe is always a good way to shake things up. Glitter boots were huge on the runway this season. And this trend is making even the most basic fall looks sparkle on the street. Aries, add this to your wardrobe-must-haves for fall because you deserve to shine!

Taurus- April 20-May 21

’70s Plaid — For someone who is used to being relied on and known as the ‘practical’ friend, this kind of pressure can be too much for even a Taurus. Your fall forecast calls for a serious re-evaluation of what ties need to be cut in order to make you feel like your best self again. Fashion wise, the ’70s plaid look is practical and versatile enough for you, but still gives off a look of confidence that will give you the energy to get things back to normal this season.


Gemini- May 22- June 21

Sexy Power Suit — It’s sometimes difficult to dress the two-toned Gemini. The shift in personality change can often lead to not knowing how you want to dress. However, your ambition seems to be paying off this season as Geminis this fall are supposed to be at a peak in terms of work! To celebrate this success and to dress for it, a power suit is great for all occasions. At work, this look can be paired with a button up or graphic tee, and taking it into the evening, it is great with a silk camisole.

Cancer- June 22- July 22

Power Colour — Cancer is known to be the most family-friend oriented among all the signs. While this can be a great thing, sometimes this close focus takes away from you. This fall, Cancer is expected to take time for themselves. Take a class, go to dinner, and treat yourself to a new fashion look. Statement head-to-toe colours are huge this season. This trend is a great option for Cancers so that they can standout and have some attention to themselves!

Leo- July 23- August 22

Sweat Suit — In classic Leo form, keeping busy and staying on your heavy work schedule has been a priority this season. While this hard-work will surely pay off, taking time to relax is an important thing to keep in mind during all the hustle. Sweatsuits have been seen on all the major street-style looks and is great for you so that you can be comfortable taking on your daily goals while still looking cute/comfy.

Virgo- August 23- September 22

Vintage Tees and Jeans — The carefulness and kindness that a Virgo takes with them each day usually go hand in hand with their well-rounded talents and close-knit friend group. However, the analytical side of a Virgo can sometimes lead to too much worry. This season, it seems you are somewhat spiritually disconnected from things that are important. That’s why wearing something as classic as a favourite pair of jeans and digging up one of your favourite tee is the best fashion option this season for feeling like your old self again!

Libra September 23- October 22

Athleisure — Keeping up with a balanced lifestyle is always important to a Libra. This sign is well-known for their ability to juggle multiple things with grace! This fall, a huge focus for a Libra is on health and wellness. While you are getting your diet and workout routine on track, the most practical fashion trend for you is athleisure! Combine a cute running outfit with your favourite pair of sneakers for a look that is convenient for your daily routine and cute!

Scorpio- October 23- November 22

Body Con — The bravery and ambition that a Scorpio thrives on through every challenge is certainly the reason why things are going so well for them this season. It’s important to keep in mind this fall that you need to take time to enjoy your success. Body-con dresses are perfect for this weather as they can be easily layered with and they are equally perfect for a Scorpio: the empowering silhouette is a great way to celebrate your confidence!

Sagittarius- November 23- December 21

Western Front — Your natural curiosity and willingness to explore new things will not be missed this season. While everyday is a new adventure for a Sagittarius, this fall you will shine best taking strides with your artsy side. If there is a project you’ve been wanting to start, a song to write, or a new outfit idea to try, now is the time! Western inspired fashion has been a beloved trend this season that will be perfect for an artsy Sagittarius to rock!

Capricorn- December 22- January 20

Crushed Velvet — It is a Capricorn’s claim to fame to be able to accomplish anything they set their mind on. This fall, your mind has been focused on your love-life whether its a new relationship or a long-term one — you’ve definitely been taking time to prioritize your heart. An outfit for date night is a must for a Capricorn this fall. Try a formal velvet piece to have a classic and romantic look.

Aquarius- January 21- February 18

Classic Long Coat — An Aquarius’s truthfulness is a quality that is cherished in all of their relationships. This fall calls for time with friends, especially new ones as your imagination leads to a want for new experiences. Of course with all of the outings you’ll be going on, it’s important to keep warm in style. That is why the classic long coat trend is perfect for a sociable Aquarius this season.

Pisces- February 19- March 20

Victorian Collar — Being selfless is always a good thing and when it comes to a Pisces it is extremely important for their caring nature to come through. While this is often recognized, a Pisces’s own needs will get lost in the mix of things. That’s why this season your focus is on simplicity — take a step away from all the craziness and work to better structure your own life. In terms of fashion, a trend that voices both simplicity and structure is the Victorian neckline blouse. Try this look to give off elegance.


Fall TV Guide

Since we’re already heading into July (how did that happen so quickly?), it’s time to take a look at this fall’s upcoming lineup of new, must watch TV.

  • The Gifted — Set in the X-Men Universe, this Sci-Fi Action series was created by Matt Nix and produced by Bryan Singer, the director of several X-Men Universe films. It stars Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker as Reed and Caitilin Strucker, the parents of two “gifted” children, along with Jamie Chung, Emma Durmont, and Blair Redford as the comic mutant superheroes and noted X-Men Blink, Polaris, and Thunderbird, respectively.
  • Ghosted — Starring Craig Robinson and Adam Scott, this spooky comedy follows a skeptical cop (Robinson) and a man who thinks his wife has been taken by aliens (Scott); they are kidnapped and made to work for a mysterious agency investigating the paranormal. Based on the trailer, it seems the two leads have excellent comedic chemistry and get to work with some good writing and direction.
  • Rise — Based on the nonfiction book Drama High by Michael Sokolove, this series tells the story of a high school drama teacher whose presence in a small, working-class Pennsylvania town changes the lives of both his students and its other citizens, starts a world-class drama program attended by several theatre professionals. Josh Radnor stars as the teacher, Lou Mazzuchelli, in the show, and Moana star Auli’i Cravalho also has a starring role.
  • AP Bio — This comedy stars Glenn Howerton as a failed philosophy scholar who finds a job teaching AP Biology to a group of high school students and decides to use them for his own benefit. Truthfully, the most interesting part of this is just that it stars the marvelous and hilarious Patton Oswalt. It’s also being executive-produced by several former and current writers for SNL, including Lorne Michaels, Seth Meyers, and Mike O’Brien.
  • Me, Myself, and I — Bobby Moynihan (formerly a longtime cast member on SNL), Jack Dylan Grazer, and John Larroquette are all starring as Alex Riley in different stages of his life. The unique premise itself is certainly interesting enough, and I appreciate that it’s been labeled a comedy, meaning it doesn’t need to take itself too seriously or force itself to be full of drama and angst. Or at least I hope not.
  • For The People — I mean, this is a Shondaland show, so I think that’s all the pitch you really need, right? Ok, so technically this courtroom drama following the beginning careers of both defense attorneys and prosecutors in the Southern District of New York Federal Court wasn’t actually created by Shonda Rhimes herself (it was created by Paul William Davies), but she is an executive producer, and the show seems to promise all the mysterious intrigue, twisted plots, and social commentary like any of her shows.
  • Alex, Inc — If I just gave you the plot summary of this show based on the real life and work of Alex Blumberg and his podcast startup company, Gimlet Media, you might shrug. But what if I told you that Zach Braff was involved? Well, it got my attention. And if the involvement of one of my favorite former Scrubs stars/indie directors doesn’t entice you, the trailer is pretty funny and charming.
  • The Mayor — Premise: a non-politician runs for public office mostly for publicity and somehow wins, and is lost about what to do with their newfound power. Sound familiar? Luckily, that’s about where the similarities end between a certain President and this show. Brandon Michael Hall stars as a struggling California rapper who, after running for mayor and accidentally winning, decides to actually try and make changes with help from his mother (played by Yvette Nicole Brown) and his former opponent’s campaign manager (played by Lea Michele)
  • Star Trek: Discovery — I’m obsessed with all things Star Trek. It’s one of those great and rare franchises that can survive for many decades with entirely different issues and ideas, and always feel relevant and fresh. This latest spinoff actually takes place prior to the original series, and includes a big, diverse cast (in true Star Trek tradition). Plus, this version will focus on the first officer, Michael Burnham (played by Sonequa Martin-Green) instead of the captain, Phillipa Georgiou (played by Michelle Yeoh), and will be told in a serialized narrative instead of the weekly adventures used in most Star Trek.
  • The Deuce — What do you get when you combine HBO, a 1970s period piece about the early days of pornography, James Franco starring as two identical twins, and Maggie Gyllenhal starring as a sex worker? Apparently, you get The Deuce. Look, HBO is known for having some of the best TV out there, and this definitely looks pretty intriguing. I’m excited for all of it (even the disco-mustaches), and I really hope this turns out well.

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Iconic Moments in Fashion: John Galliano fw 2009

Before Disney set out to break box office records with their hit movie Frozen, John Galliano had the same idea in mind when he created the fall 2009 collection for his namesake brand. With a focus on Eastern European and Balkan folklore, Galliano was able to transport his audience into the world of an extraordinary ice princess whose icy gaze could stop an entire kingdom dead in its tracks, or fill an army with a fire bright enough to topple any enemy in its wake.

Photo: Marcio Madeira
Photo: Marcio Madeira

The first things one notices when looking at Galliano’s collection is the clear Eastern European influence; each garment is weighted with Balkan and Eastern European folklore and traditional costumes that give it a historic feel. With various mixes of traditional Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, and Belarusian garb, the collection takes on the life of a fairytale — like a frosty Ukrainian bride enduring the coldest of winter storms to reach her one true love.

Photo: Marcio Madeira
Photo: Marcio Madeira

The European handiwork is almost immediately visible in the knitwear Galliano presents at the beginning of the collection. The full embroidered skirts paired with the broad-shouldered coats and jackets create a sense of old world grandiosity that is seldom seen in today’s fashion world. The use of plush fabrics and heavy embroidery creates a sense of luxury that’s further enhanced by the gold coins and sheer fabrics in everything from pants and blouses to headdresses.

Photo: Marcio Madeira
Photo: Marcio Madeira

In retrospect, we can appreciate how truly ahead of the time the collection was. The pilgrim shirts and oversized puff sleeves are all quite the rage right now. While designers scramble to follow this year’s trend, years before pilgrim trend exploded, Galliano managed to put out a stupendous collection that infused the trend with a whimsical sense of history — something that is visibly lacking in today’s fashion industry. That same year, Galliano sent down panniers-esque skirts down the runway. Now, this season didn’t see full-skirted silhouettes become a very big trend, but what reflects Galliano’s 2009 season is the emergence of wide hips. Take Marni, for example: Castiglioni presented coat dresses and skirts adorned with side bags that resembled panniers. Or even Loewe, where designer Jonathan Anderson sent models down the runway wearing full skirts and corsets that were widened at the base.

Photo: Marcio Madeira
Photo: Marcio Madeira

Another example of Galliano’s amazing eye for design can be seen in the construction of his coats and blazers. Many of them feature exaggerated silhouettes and peaked shoulders along with nipped-in waists that call the now iconic “new look” — the one made famous by Dior decades ago — to mind. But that’s not the only reason the coats and blazers shine in this collection; the masterful use of colour blocking is instantly eye-catching. The shock of seeing pitch black and royal blue outerwear, accented with bright pops of crimson or bright flower embroidery, allows the eye to be drawn not only to the fine detail but also to the piece as a whole.

Photo: Marcio Madeira
Photo: Marcio Madeira

After he proved his understanding of craftsmanship through his clever use of knitwear, outerwear, and shirting, Galliano moved forward to what he does best — his diaphanous bias cut dresses. The knitwear gives way to soft and delicate dresses that begin with calf lengths in deep inky blue hues and end with floor length gowns in different shades of silver. Though most people wouldn’t be surprised that Galliano saved his go-to for the end, this wasn’t any ordinary finale for him. The designer knew that a collection this complex in theme deserves more than a few pretty little dresses as its finale. Galliano wasn’t going to let his fairytale Tsarinas just walk off into the cold night in some traditional bridal gown or something dainty and whimsical. He knew his final looks had to come with a bit of a bite. It’s at this point that he used the bias cut technique that he so famously put on the map to evoke a sensual expression of royalty and freedom. His ice princesses have now left the confines of their castles to enter snow-covered gardens of the castle grounds. The cascading silver dresses fell against the models’ bodies like smoke. The simple translucence of the sheer silver fabric was just enough to give off an air of sexiness while remaining tasteful and elegant. It ended the collection on a truly beautiful note.

Photo: Marcio Madeira
Photo: Marcio Madeira

One aspect of the show that goes relatively unnoticed is the accessories. Galliano’s fall 2009 boasts some of the most interesting and beautifully designed shoes in the history of fashion. Models were sent down the runway in towering platform gladiator boots. The boots, which commanded attention from every angle, came adorned with fur pom-poms, exotic leathers, and a hollow platform that made the models look like warrior princesses ready for battle. With not a hint of practicality, the shoes ended up looking more like artworks than footwear. However, that did not hinder the excellence of the collection as a whole. It wasn’t meant to be the most easily worn or comfortable to begin with. The collection was just another page in Galliano’s storybook. Its aim wasn’t to create trends. Instead, it was meant to inspire and pull its viewers into a world of fantasy. It was a glimpse into the wonderland that thrives in Galliano’s mind.

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Face Forward: Fall’s Beauty Trends

The inevitability of changing seasons goes hand-in-hand with changing trends. With every change in temperature we like to shift our focus to something different, something apart from what we’ve found ourselves stuck in.

Summer is about ease. Ease of dress, ease of life, ease of beauty. The word “effortless” appears so often we inherently associate it with the hazy days of summer.

Then, the weather starts to turn colder. Nights grow a little longer. When autumn arrives, it comes not with a bang but with a flourish, striding out with a palette of new fall colours and trends. If summer is for ease, fall is for luxury. Lightness is exchanged for darkness, high drama romance is the new normal and glamour is in.

Like most seasons, the beauty trends of fall are sometimes repetitive, and many of them clash. Dark and fluorescent? Natural and unnatural? You decide what works best for you. While navigating these beauty ideas, it is important to remember that the overarching trend of the coming season is do to whatever you want.


Photo from
Burberry F/W 2016. Photo from

When we talk glamour, glitter seems to be a pretty good place to start. Summer welcomes neutrals and mattes, but those have been thrown over for bold, glittery shades. It can be a touch of glitter, spotted at Burberry Fall/Winter 2016, or an all-over dramatic eye, as seen on YouTube beauty blogger Kathleen Lights.

Photo from
Kathleen Lights. Photo from


Blogger Fiona Seha, photo from
Blogger Fiona Seha. Photo from

How about some more shimmer? Metallic lips first gained a lot of popularity back in the Spring, but they show no sign of going away. This is a trend that will definitely stick around in the fall. Whether it’s paired with an equally dramatic eye as done by Fiona Seah, or left on its own as a statement shade, metallic lips are sure to stand out.


Makeup at Kenzo F/W 2016. Photo from
Kenzo F/W 2016. Photo from

While hardly a new concept, the eyeliner seen on the fall runways brought a whole new meaning to graphic. Forget putting liner just on the lash line. Put it under the eyes, in your crease, anywhere and any how you want. Think artistic liner. This is a moment to test out your drawing skills, or just telcos your eyes and see how it goes. Either way, it’s sure to be unique.



Jeremy Scott F/W 2016. Photo from
Jeremy Scott F/W 2016. Photo from

Fluorescent makeup for fall? Groundbreaking. Devil Wears Prada references aside, this is something a bit different. This is where cyclical fall makeup looks meet a do-whatever-you-want attitude seen from designers like Jeremy Scott and Karl Lagerfeld at Fendi. A neon pick lip? Why not. A bright blue shadow? Go for it. Make up your own rules.



Rodarte F/W 2016. Photo from
Rodarte F/W 2016. Photo from

A true fall staple if there ever was. Rich, deep burgundy and inky black shades in glossy, matte, metallic or satin finishes. These lips are the epitome of autumn high drama. Think gothic romance, rocking one of these lips while wandering across a moor in an open waistcoat.


Balmain, Nini Ricci and Gabriele Colangelo F/W 2016. Photo from
Balmain, Nini Ricci and Gabriele Colangelo F/W 2016. Photo from

While hardly new, this is a trend that is enduring, and it’s a fabulous trend. Think, thin, smooth or bushy, wear your natural brows proudly. The time for over-plucking is over.