Fashion is not about what you where, but about the way you wear it. We all have that story about someone who wears an incredible piece in an unflattering way.

Sometimes I feel like people are trying their best to ruin their own outfits. They either don’t choose the right shoes or the right jacket or something else entirely and make things off. And the same thing goes for celebrities and their styles.

For this edition of Slays and Nays, let’s find out how our favorite stars made or failed to make the fall fashion trends their own!


Slay: Gizele Olivera. Nay: Rihanna

Years ago, wearing white boots was a shameful thing… This fall they are back!

If I say super mini denim shorts, white shirt, and white boots, who comes to mind? Probably Britney Spears, right? And if I add the American flag behind, you picture a cowgirl for sure! Well, look how beautiful this cowgirl is. Gizele is wearing these boots the easiest way you could wear them, but she looks stunning and fashionable.

Rihanna again went too far… Why do people think that being fashionable = being dressed up? With white boots, the shorter the better.


Slay: Bella hadid. Nay: Chiara Ferragni

How difficult it is to wear orange… However, it’s one of this fall’s colors. While Bella is killing it, Ciara looks like she is going to a Halloween party. Even though the shape of Ciara’s jacket is really interesting, this orange is too flashy for her skin tone.


Slay: Jeanne Damas. Nay: Gigi Hadid

Silk pyjamas shirts were already trendy last fall, and, guess what? Get ready to see them again this season.

The French it-girl Jeanne Damas looks fabulous in this outfit. The print could have been too much but it’s not. No big handbag, no jacket, and we barely see the shoes, which is a good thing.

Gigi is showing us what we shouldn’t do if we want to make this trend ours. First, the pants are too short, it’s more elegant to wear them really long. Second, never tuck the shirt in the pants. And finally, it’s better to go up one size for a loose fit.


Slay: Rihanna. Nay: Cara Delevingne

Whether we like it or not, the beret is a huge trend this fall and we won’t be able to escape it.

While Rihanna is just stunning in this all black everything outfit, Cara looks too retro in this dress and red beret. Her outfit is so cliché. Maybe a little bit of finesse would have brought more elegance.


Slay: Kendall (left). Nay: Kendall (right)

Ok, let’s make this a Kendall vs. Kendall. She obviously loves wearing metallic jackets more than everyone else, so let’s see when she slays and when she nays.

The aviator jacket is perfection… the shape is perfect, the gold not too aggressive, and the black details go very well with the overall outfit.

The puffer jacket is very cool to wear, too, but the material looks maybe a little bit too fake. The jacket goes really well with this scarf and the grey t-shirt she wears, but not that much with the pants, which accentuate this shiny material too much.

Fall Fashion Picks for your Sign

If you are into horoscopes like I am, you know that there is an essential forecast every year, month, season, and day that shares new insights on your personal relationships, finances, travelling, and more. I am not one for reading my daily horoscope but I do think there is something to be said for how my own personality and those around me largely reflect the character traits that define each astrological sign. Like trends and seasons, situations change, and it is interesting to see how each horoscope deals with day-to-day happenings. What is missed in these seasonal forecasts is what trends are best suited for each sign. Novella has put together this season’s best fall trends and which sign should give them a go based off of their sign’s overall personality traits, and what Your Tango says is in store for them in Your Horoscope For The Last 4 Months Of 2017 For All Zodiac Signs!

Aries- March 21-April 19

Glitter Boots — Lately, things have not been as exciting as what a spontaneous Aries is used to! Whether your social life is lacking, you’re stuck in a rut at work, there has just not been enough adventure in your life. Adding a new signature item to your wardrobe is always a good way to shake things up. Glitter boots were huge on the runway this season. And this trend is making even the most basic fall looks sparkle on the street. Aries, add this to your wardrobe-must-haves for fall because you deserve to shine!

Taurus- April 20-May 21

’70s Plaid — For someone who is used to being relied on and known as the ‘practical’ friend, this kind of pressure can be too much for even a Taurus. Your fall forecast calls for a serious re-evaluation of what ties need to be cut in order to make you feel like your best self again. Fashion wise, the ’70s plaid look is practical and versatile enough for you, but still gives off a look of confidence that will give you the energy to get things back to normal this season.


Gemini- May 22- June 21

Sexy Power Suit — It’s sometimes difficult to dress the two-toned Gemini. The shift in personality change can often lead to not knowing how you want to dress. However, your ambition seems to be paying off this season as Geminis this fall are supposed to be at a peak in terms of work! To celebrate this success and to dress for it, a power suit is great for all occasions. At work, this look can be paired with a button up or graphic tee, and taking it into the evening, it is great with a silk camisole.

Cancer- June 22- July 22

Power Colour — Cancer is known to be the most family-friend oriented among all the signs. While this can be a great thing, sometimes this close focus takes away from you. This fall, Cancer is expected to take time for themselves. Take a class, go to dinner, and treat yourself to a new fashion look. Statement head-to-toe colours are huge this season. This trend is a great option for Cancers so that they can standout and have some attention to themselves!

Leo- July 23- August 22

Sweat Suit — In classic Leo form, keeping busy and staying on your heavy work schedule has been a priority this season. While this hard-work will surely pay off, taking time to relax is an important thing to keep in mind during all the hustle. Sweatsuits have been seen on all the major street-style looks and is great for you so that you can be comfortable taking on your daily goals while still looking cute/comfy.

Virgo- August 23- September 22

Vintage Tees and Jeans — The carefulness and kindness that a Virgo takes with them each day usually go hand in hand with their well-rounded talents and close-knit friend group. However, the analytical side of a Virgo can sometimes lead to too much worry. This season, it seems you are somewhat spiritually disconnected from things that are important. That’s why wearing something as classic as a favourite pair of jeans and digging up one of your favourite tee is the best fashion option this season for feeling like your old self again!

Libra September 23- October 22

Athleisure — Keeping up with a balanced lifestyle is always important to a Libra. This sign is well-known for their ability to juggle multiple things with grace! This fall, a huge focus for a Libra is on health and wellness. While you are getting your diet and workout routine on track, the most practical fashion trend for you is athleisure! Combine a cute running outfit with your favourite pair of sneakers for a look that is convenient for your daily routine and cute!

Scorpio- October 23- November 22

Body Con — The bravery and ambition that a Scorpio thrives on through every challenge is certainly the reason why things are going so well for them this season. It’s important to keep in mind this fall that you need to take time to enjoy your success. Body-con dresses are perfect for this weather as they can be easily layered with and they are equally perfect for a Scorpio: the empowering silhouette is a great way to celebrate your confidence!

Sagittarius- November 23- December 21

Western Front — Your natural curiosity and willingness to explore new things will not be missed this season. While everyday is a new adventure for a Sagittarius, this fall you will shine best taking strides with your artsy side. If there is a project you’ve been wanting to start, a song to write, or a new outfit idea to try, now is the time! Western inspired fashion has been a beloved trend this season that will be perfect for an artsy Sagittarius to rock!

Capricorn- December 22- January 20

Crushed Velvet — It is a Capricorn’s claim to fame to be able to accomplish anything they set their mind on. This fall, your mind has been focused on your love-life whether its a new relationship or a long-term one — you’ve definitely been taking time to prioritize your heart. An outfit for date night is a must for a Capricorn this fall. Try a formal velvet piece to have a classic and romantic look.

Aquarius- January 21- February 18

Classic Long Coat — An Aquarius’s truthfulness is a quality that is cherished in all of their relationships. This fall calls for time with friends, especially new ones as your imagination leads to a want for new experiences. Of course with all of the outings you’ll be going on, it’s important to keep warm in style. That is why the classic long coat trend is perfect for a sociable Aquarius this season.

Pisces- February 19- March 20

Victorian Collar — Being selfless is always a good thing and when it comes to a Pisces it is extremely important for their caring nature to come through. While this is often recognized, a Pisces’s own needs will get lost in the mix of things. That’s why this season your focus is on simplicity — take a step away from all the craziness and work to better structure your own life. In terms of fashion, a trend that voices both simplicity and structure is the Victorian neckline blouse. Try this look to give off elegance.


One Month, One Style: Nothing But Velvet

Photo: Bergdorf-Goodman Catalogue

For many, November signals the beginning of winter. As the days get shorter, heralding in the rainy and snowy season, we tend to look for rich textures and elegant uses of colour to glam up our gloomy days.

It is only natural then that velvet is the fabric of the month. Whether you are on your way to work or attending a festive event, velvet can elevate both your everyday style and your evening look. That’s why we are so excited to welcome back this major 90’s trend.

As you’ve probably noticed, velvet is everywhere. Balmain, Stella McCartney, Givenchy, Bottega Veneta, and many more designers have introduced their interpretation of the luxe fabric. We believe that now is the perfect time to embrace the trend in full force.

There are plenty of ways to wear this sensual material: the only rule is to wear it wisely and to avoid looking over the top. Incorporate it with unexpected styles and keep it sophisticated by avoiding velvet over-layering.

Velvet all the way


Head-to-toe velvet can be intimidating, but it can look incredibly cool if you know how to pull it off. Velvet suits look amazing in deep colours, so go for blazers and pants in burgundy, navy blue, bottle green, or black. Also, it’s better to choose a sleek suit in an architectural silhouette with clean lines. To execute the look perfectly, pair it with sheer top underneath and stiletto heels. This look evokes vintage elegance, so no wonder we crave the rich fabric more and more.

Killing it softly

Photo: (Valentino FW16)

Velvet dresses are a great option when the weather is slightly warmer. It’s also the classy choice for those of us who want to play it safe. Opt for a long slip dress, which is having a major moment, and wear it over a tight long-sleeved tee

For a fashion forward statement, choose cobalt over navy, ochre instead of green, and raspberry instead of red; these vibrant colours will take velvet to the next level. A high quality fabric will keep you safe from looking cheap.

On the edge

Dries Van Noten FW16 | Photo:

Those of us who grew up in the 90’s probably remember the velvet choker, the epitome of cool. If you haven’t had the chance then, now is the time to try it. We’ve already seen it among the It-girl squads like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin as part of their off-duty street style looks, but this trend is only getting stronger. Without a doubt, this simple velvet ribbon is a cool accent that will give your appearance a little edgy boost without interfering with your outfit.

Walking On Velvet

Philip Lim FW16 | Photo: Imaxtree

Take a break from your favourite old black boots as the other must have on our list are velvet booties. This is the year of the plushy fabric and we think that every girl should definitely own at least one trendy pair of this retro inspired accessory. From platform boots to stilettos, or even in a cowboy look, the rich fabric will elevate a casual look and will add a touch of glamour to your life.

Drama Queen

Vetements FW16 | Photo: 

We know there is no substitute for a puffy warm parka, but our winter wardrobe isn’t complete without an overly dramatic velvet coat that will literally feed every fashionista’s soul. The velvety effect already present in the coats department is the best way to add some vintage avant-garde glam to your outfit. But don’t say we didn’t warn you: this look requires a lot of attitude and confidence. Otherwise, it’s not going to work.



5 Tips to Master Your Between-Seasons Look

When the weather is changing drastically on a daily basis, where you experience all four seasons in one week, your wardrobe is dealing with serious shaking. All of a sudden, your old parka seems to be the best candidate to deal with the chilly temperature that has arrived as a surprise, but when the sunny days come, they send another message to your closet: don’t get ride of your white lace summer dress just yet. Confused? So are we.

The seasonal changes during autumn–winter also known by name ‘swinter,’  you need a variegated blend of easy breezy summer pieces and cozy winter appeal, so it just makes sense to feel like you are losing your mind due to the awkward temperatures.

Transitional weather requires a lot of flexible thinking and creativity when putting an outfit together, so we are here to help you master your between seasons look seamlessly. Clever layering is the key for these crazy fall days and it’s also a great way to add new life into your wardrobe that you got fed up with, so don’t hesitate to mix staples summer pieces with new season goodies.

Photo credit: Getty image

1. Dress over pants

The 90s inspired trend blended perfectly as a “swinter” piece. This is the best time to combine your favourite summer dress and a pair of classic pants. It’s also a cool way to update your look by giving it a “new life.” For a street style edge, you can choose a longer hem that sits above the knee or even longer, for an extra fashion forward look. Choose pants that don’t have too many belt loops or pockets, or simply pair it with legging-like pants, for a smoother overall look. Another recommendation is to pick a shift or tailored-silhouette dress . Keep in mind that full bottom dress with a lot of draping details may be unflattering.

Photo credit: Style du monde

 2. Texture Mix-Up

The fall-winter months are a perfect time to experiment with textures. Consider a velvet jacket, which is one of the fall’s dominant trends. The rich texture cover-up can look great with contrasting textures like pleated chiffon or silk. Another option is to wear an oversized chunky sweater layered over a lightweight flowy skirt that peeks out from underneath.

Photo credit: Getty Image

3. The One and Only: Trench Coat

A stylish trench coat is the pick of all fall shopping goals, it’s ideal for unpredictable temperatures and allow room for a bit of a strip-down as the sun comes out. This is definitely one of the most versatile staples in between seasons. The timeless piece is appropriate for any look throughout the day and it will make an outfit look tailored without any effort. One of the trends that caught our attention is the leather coat that adds a sex appeal and sophistication to your appearance.

Photo credit: Burberry

4. Brighter Days, Brighter Outerwear

If you’re not ready to let go of summer just yet, you might like this trend. Well-known designers blur the line between summer and winter and gave their coat a refreshing summer twist that lifts our spirits. Who needs another black coat during the winter season? The catwalk was packed with brightly coloured outerwear in variety of eye popping shades like bubblegum pink, airy blue and citrus yellow. The vibrant palette will help you to head out into winter wonderland in a joyful spirit, and bring a youthful tone to these gloomy months.

Missoni Pre-Fall 2016
Photo credit: Missoni

5. Slip Into This

It’s hard to neglect your favourite summer wardrobe and get settled into the winter season that is just around the corner. Luckily, the slip dress is one of these multi-seasonal items that will make your transition from summer to fall, and onto winter easy. All it takes is a little bit of creativity. The slip dress is an essential for “swinter” layering because you can layer it in various ways. With a turtleneck or a silky tank underneath, layering the slip over a pair of pants or jeans, wearing it with a blazer as a cover up for these chilly nights are just a few of the wonderful ways to incorporate this summer staple.

Photo credit: W Magazine, Nili Lotan

One month One style: Falling For Ruffles  

It’s the frilly season, so for the month of October, we chose to feature ruffles. From the catwalks, red carpets, and the streets, this trend is everywhere. Designers like Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Chloe, Fendi, and Miu Miu have already showed their fashion-forward interpretation of the childlike details with voluminous and architectural ruffles. Ruffled details can add drama to your fall / winter wardrobe. We love the fact that it comes in any shape or size, in clean lines or disarrayed cuts this season. The flirty details can highlight your features, add volume to a boyish figure, and also boost your curves, giving it an ultra feminine effect. It only makes sense that we are feeling the urge to add some ruffles into our lives.

Here are six bold ways to wear ruffles that can easily be worn during the month of October.

Dondup autumn-winter 2016

Photo credit:

Ring my bell

The new way to wear ruffles for fall is on your sleeves- it’s a statement piece that screams drama. The exaggerated ruffle details are having their moment- the bigger the better! Deconstructed ruffles and extra large flared sleeves have been presented on the runways in all different ways, but all with the same goal: standing out.

Olivia Palermo– first collaboration with Nordstrom

Photo Credit: Harper’s Bazaar, Club Monaco

Mini flirt

Get ready to embrace your femininity in a flirty way. Ruffle details can sweeten up a mini skirt when they are attached to the bottom of the garment. The trick of pulling off this look without looking too girly is to transform it into something more refined. Consider adding a contrast element,  such as a boyfriend blazer or slouchy top that will bring your sophistication to an all-new level.

Photo credit: Getty Images (Isabel-marant)

It’s on my shoulders

Fun and exaggerated ruffles add edginess to not only a classic blouse, but also a knitted cape and sweater. Gucci AW16 collection totally proved this look is anything but boring. Other designers like John Galliano and Chanel took the traditional shoulder top and upgraded it with some ruffle details. Since the ruffles act as their own accessories, no jewels are needed in this case.

Photo Credit:

Not ordinary pants

While we could not live without our favourite classic black pants, we must admit it, we all need at least one pair of unique trousers that will make our appearance during the chilly days of October, cooler. We used to see ruffles on tops, dresses and skirt, but this fall they slide down to the bottom of your cropped pants.

Photo Credit: Vouge Italia (Shiatzy Chen)

The new bohemian dress

Go all out feminine with extra trimmings of ruffles to evoke a romantic atmosphere that blends with a sensual vibe. This season unlike the previous one, the dress appears to be more dramatic with rich fabrics and a lot of textures. Our favourite pick is the soft chiffon ruffles gown by Alexander McQueen that brings out gothic tones.

Photo credit: Vogue China (Alexander McQueen)

Bag of ruffles

The ruffle mania has spread into the bag category too. If you are not ready to step out of your comfort zone, consider adding some ruffles to a classic bag for a refreshing touch. The 3-D frilly embellishments  gives the handbag an innovative approach, but will not make you look over the top.

lanvin AW16
Photo credit: