Must-Have Pieces Every Guy Needs For Fall

With fall just around the corner, everyone will begin the transition from summer wardrobes to their fall/winter wardrobes. When it comes to women’s clothing for fall, the transition tends to be a lot easier than it is for men’s. Often, men’s wardrobe options for fall are just an uninspired extension of the trends offered for spring/summer. However, menswear designers have taken hold of the industry and have begun to produce collections that differ and better represent each season.

Here at Novella, we value the beauty and importance of seasonal change. And to help our male readers out, here’s a list of the must have menswear pieces for fall.

The Reworked Denim Jacket

It’s no surprise that denim has been a go-to in fashion for a few seasons now, but it wasn’t until last season that denim truly exploded on the scene. This fall, denim is in full force and finding the perfect denim jacket is exactly what every fashionable guy in the city needs. But simply choosing a regular denim jacket isn’t enough this time around. This season calls for a denim jacket that is equal parts classic and out of this world. Look for tassels, motorcycle silhouettes, two-tone colours, patches, and exaggerated tears.

The Graphic Pullover

Although it’s been around for quite some time, the graphic pull over crew-neck has become one of the most profitable and in-demand garments in the fashion world today. Now crewnecks may not be the pinnacle fashion in their original state, but if you find the perfect graphic crew-neck, make sure it has something extremely high fashion woven into its design. Look for either sleek art school chic designs, oversized athletic silhouettes, or elongated and exaggerated sleeves.

The Punk Rock Trouser

Punk rock has been at the heart of fashion since its birth back in the ’70s. However, this season’s punk pieces seem to have focused on everything below the waist. Rather than creating a head to toe look, this season calls for punk rock bottoms above all, with countless brand emulating the severity and cacophonous nature of authentic punk rock clothing. To pull the look off right, look for pants with harsh colour combinations, heavy patchwork, plaids, leather and faux leather, and extreme wear and tear.

The Double Breast

Once thought to be severely out of style, the double breasted blazer and coat are once again back in style and as in demand as ever. Having been injected with a fresh dose of modern flare, the new double breasted garment aims to add a relaxed and vintage aspect to men’s everyday suiting and tailoring. However, it’s best to not trust this look if it’s a little too vintage looking. You may end up looking passé, rather than modern and in the now. When attempting this look, make sure to look for trendy and modern materials, boxier and more relaxed silhouettes, severe shoulders, and pop colours to avoid looking like the chorus line of Guys and Dolls.

The Quilted Puffer

It comes as no surprise that puffer jackets have once again come back into style for another season. However, this time around, the puffer jacket has transformed from its oversized and overstuffed debut to a leaner and thinner version of its former self. Instead of embracing the former ’90s puffer style jackets, designers are now opting for thinner quilted puffers that fit tighter to the body and offer more modern shapes. Instead of a voluminous, oversized puffer, opt for one that’s either cropped or waist length, double breasted, a caplet, a blazer, or features and avant-garde silhouette to avoid weighing down your look.

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Milan Men’s Fashion Week Recap

Milan is the name and graphics are the game! This spring, designers brought the same precision to classic, tailored looks that we expected. However, graphics distinguished their pieces this year. While these details allude to fun and vibrancy for the coming fall and winter months, what they also do is indicate a theme or attitude that the brand is trying to convey aside from the pieces themselves. Here are the highlights from Milan Men’s Fashion Week!


Prada’s futuristic theme paid homage to old and recent comic books. The setting had a comic strip mural wrapped around the venue. The models sported multiple looks, each one showing a unique way of showcasing the theme. A truly unexpected show from the brand and definitely a main standout from Milan this season.


Fendi is known to use small, random style graphics in their pieces. This season, a desk light was repeatedly seen. The random embellishment placed over muted colour stories and and oversized pieces added depth to the looks and brought playful detailing to what could otherwise could have been seen as a more understated collection from the brand.


The use of graphics and patterns was nothing short of what’s expected from Versace. Nevertheless, the collection had a superb mixture of patterns and pieces with colourful images that looked exceptionally vibrant against the dark and edgy, black pieces. The use of graphics added an element of fierce confidence.


The all-American Ralph Lauren shook things up (slightly) in his Ralph Lauren Purple Label as he played up the Tour De Ralph theme, while still staying true to his red, white, and blue combinations. Graphics were used to play on the athleisure theme, which was placed on some very tailored and old-school varsity type pieces.


Dsquared2 is always known to have standout, fashion-forward pieces. This season, they did not disappoint and played up contrasting pieces to create a shocking and unique look. The brand contrasted the very edgy leather pieces theme by adding Hawaiian, floral, and colourful graphics, which allowed each individual piece to standalone. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the brand took inspiration from envisioning Edward Scissor Hands going on a beach day!

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Milan Fashion Week SS17 Trend Report

Photo: Soren Jepsen/ The Locals

This season, Milan Fashion Week continued its legacy of bringing sensuality and glamour to the fashion world. Italy’s fashion capital echoed the trends of London and New York in that there is a nostalgia still present, yet also brought its own trends to the table.

The 80s

Dolce & Gabbana | Photo: Indigital

No doubt now that the 80s are the decade of the moment.

Bold Colour

Gucci | Photo: Indigital

Both pink and yellow are the favourites, but going monochrome in any bold colour will be great next season.

Shoulders (again)

DSquared | Photo: Indigital

 Yes, fashion is still obsessed with shoulders. Wear yours proud. Loud and proud!

Structured Jackets

Bottega Venetta | Photo: Indigital

 With the 80s in full force, it is no wonder that a structured jacket will be your go-to item.


Versace | Photo: Indigital

 Again, 80s! Hard to escape!

Summary from Milan then, go 80s. Full 80s. Be it the glamorous side or the Jane Fonda aerobics side, you can’t really go wrong with a nod to the era of George Michael and leg warmers. Also, cheers for shoulder pads!

Going For Gold: Olympic Uniforms 2016

Photo: Hudson's Bay
Photo: Hudson’s Bay

The Rio Olympics have quickly snuck up on us, with the Opening Ceremony happening tonight for us in Toronto. While this year’s Olympics has been surrounded by different issues, the one thing we can always rely on is the fun of the Olympic uniforms. Who will look the coolest coming out the gate and into the stadium? Who will look the most ridiculous? And, most importantly, how will Canada compare to the rest?


This year, Canada charged our favourite design twins Dsquared2 with the task of dressing our elite athletes. And quite honestly, they ROCKED the job. Check out these equestrian blazer-style jackets!

Photo: Hudson's Bay
Photo: Hudson’s Bay

They have athletic coat tails!!

Photo: Lucas Oleniuk via Getty Images

The rest of the collection features relaxed t-shirts, quarter zips, hoodies, and classic sweatpants (these clothes are for athletes, remember). The decision to keep to classic colours and symbols, something that worked brilliantly for the Vancouver 2012 uniforms, is a great one.


Photo: Vogue UK

Team G.B. chose Stella McCartney to carry her collaborative design efforts with Adidas over to their Olympic uniforms. Tom Daley, not only talented as a diver or at wearing teeny Speedos, helped McCartney through the design process. The result is very cool. Streamlined halters, thick bands, and bomber jackets give Great Britain’s athletes an edge.

Photo: Vogue UK


Photo: Matt King via Getty Images

Bless these kitschy little outfits! Harkening back to the Los Angeles games, these uniforms are quite frankly so adorable, but not necessarily intimidatingly cool. They look like they should be on the cover of True Prep. Each jacket has the name of every Australian medalist in history inscribed on the inside.


Photo: Dominique Maitre

Um, how do you describe these uniforms, designed by heritage brand Lacoste, as anything other than so French? Tennis whites, polo shirts, and silk scarves. Wow.


Photo: H&M

Proudly, and maybe obviously, wearing H&M-designed looks, Swedish athletes will be hard to miss walking around the Athletes Village.


Photo: Chung Sung-Jun via Getty Images

South Korea went for practicality this year as they apparently made their uniforms mosquito repellent due to Zika virus concerns. Hard to tell how those fedoras are going to do the job, but stay safe!


Photo: Dennis Gromekowski via Getty Images

I think it’s the shades, but I just don’t really know what to say about this Adidas look.

As you can see, with no bias at all, Dsquared2 TAKES THE GOLD for Olympic uniforms.