Diet and Fitness: Look Great At Any Age

TEXT: Alexander Sauve

Every decade has its own set of hidden surprises and you have to be ready for them both physically and mentally. Watching your diet and taking care of your health are great ways to ensure you will have longevity and strength in the decades to come. Check out these five easy tips to help ensure you look great at every age.

Moderation Is Key

After basically trying every fad diet out there (and there are many, trust me), I realized that to a degree it’s not what you eat, but how much and when. It’s all about moderation. You can still enjoy your favorite high-calorie drinks and foods, but they should be limited. Some would argue eating small meals multiple times a day, while others would counter and say you should eat less. The trick is to a find your balance. Everyone is different, and your diet and lifestyle choices should reflect these differences.

Your Metabolism is NOT Working Against You

There is a big misconception that with age comes a sluggish metabolism. This is only partly true. According to an article published in the National Library of Medicine (NIH), although our metabolisms are far slower then they were when we were kids, much of the weight gain we experience as we age is due to becoming less active. Priorities and habits begin to change. Instead of heading out to a hottest party or a club opening, you opt to Netflix and chill. Careers and family will begin to take center stage, and so will pizza and ice cream.

Exercise Like the Beast You Were Born to Be

Similar to the body needing the appropriate fuel to keep it running; it also needs a moderate amount of exercise to maintain its strength, muscle tone, and flexibility. According to Men’s Fitness, a light to moderate fitness plan (with the appropriate diet) four times a week will keep your body lean and in good working condition. A few minor changes to any diet or exercise plan can make a world of difference. What’s important here is you don’t have to become a hardcore gym goer if you want to remain fit and healthy. It’s all about making the appropriate decisions.

Watch Out For Hidden Calories

If you’re on the right path to eating well and getting enough exercise, but still haven’t seen the results you were hoping for, the answer may lie hidden somewhere within your daily diet — juices, coffees, and sodas often have an alarming amount of hidden calories. These delicious treats are jammed packed with sugars, carbs and saturated fats. A Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino for example (my personal favorite) will set you back a whopping 550 calories. Adding an extra 500 or so calories doesn’t seem to be all that much, but with everything else consumed during the day it can add up quite quickly.

Waist Not, Want Not

There is no magical pill or potion to weight loss at any age. Yes, you can lose a ton of weight by dieting —cutting out this food, or that food — but what you’re looking for is long-term results and sustainability. When you really get down to it, and manage your way through all the fluff, a sensible diet and a moderate amount of exercise is the only way to maintain your health over a long period of time. But don’t forget to enjoy life a long the way. It can be rather dull otherwise.

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